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Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer
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Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Jul 09, 2017 2:04 pm ]
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Draco rolled his eyes at that, but the gesture was softened by the smile still on his lips. Draco found it impossible to not feel happy and at ease with the situation, blessed to get that kind of normalcy in his life, even after all they both went through. It was almost too good to be troo.
He stood up with Harry, turning his attention to Teddy instead, figuring that ice cream was a good way to go.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sat Jul 29, 2017 2:45 pm ]
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As Teddy made no real sign of wanting to get up and going, Harry crossed the remaining distance between them. Muttered in the quiet room, Teddy started talking, accompanying his words by pointing at newly made tallies on the page; Harry, in an attempt to get better visibility in the shifty blue light, squatted next to him.
The two of them exchanged another few muttered remarks, the interaction ending by Harry laughing. He placed a hand on Teddy's shoulders, before standing once again. Teddy remained on the floor for another few moments, grinning up at his godfather.
"Lets go, kid, the deal was one ice," Harry said, a bit louder this time, having already back turned towards Draco. Still grinning from ear to ear, he accompanied the comment with a wink.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:50 am ]
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Draco couldn't help but smile as he watched the two interact. It was obvious to anyone watching them that Harry and Teddy loved each other a lot and the warmth between the two of them almost filled the entire room. It was impossible not to feel good, simply from looking at them.
Draco got up from the bench as well, hoping that it would help to get Teddy going if he saw the both of them leaving.
"Come on, Teddy," he said in a soft voice as he joined the two of them. "Even tour guides need a break sometimes," he added with a grin.

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Sep 24, 2017 8:53 am ]
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Harry smiled at Draco's comment, gently reaching out to briefly touch the small of his back. Harry was beyond thrilled to be able to do this, and this excitement gathered as an itch in his fingertips that only seemed to go away when Draco was once again within reach.
Despite the tough, Harry's eyes remained on Teddy, who was still gathering his supplies by the tank. "Need a hand, buddy?"
"Nuh," the child responded as he stuffed the coloured pencils back into his backpack; the book however, he held in his hand as he got up. As Teddy crossed the floor, he reached the bag out towards Harry. "Can you get this?"
Harry snorted a laugh at that, inattentively glancing over at Draco as he did. "Sure," he answered, taking the backpack from Teddy, who in turn kept the book.
"Okay, let's go," Teddy declared, before confidently moving towards the exit, leaving a visibly humoured Harry.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Sep 25, 2017 1:54 pm ]
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There was something both comforting and exciting about getting to act in such a domestic manner around Teddy. It was difficult to him to be around the kid, so it was a relief that he seemed to be doing well. At least Harry didn't seem to think that he was completely awful and that was what really mattered to him after all. He wanted to get along with Teddy for Harry.
Smiling at their antics, Draco couldn't help but feel that this was the exactly right thing for him right now. He really likes Harry and Teddy was a good kid. He would be able to deal with whichever changes he would have to make to stay in their lives. It would be worth it in the end.
"Do you have a place in mind?"

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:56 pm ]
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Harry looked over at Draco as he asked him a question, and in that moment it almost looked like it managed to catch Harry by surprise. "Oh, I was just thinking the café they have here -"
Momentarily uncertain that he had understood Draco's tone right, a frown briefly flickered across Harry's features. There was, however, no harm in his voice as he countered: "Why, is it a bad time? Do you have somewhere to be?"
Harry had, more than anything, lost all sense of time and place, and he was suddenly faced with the possibility that time had gotten away from him and Draco was being too polite to say anything.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:00 am ]
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Draco quickly realised how his words must have sounded to Harry and that had not been what he had meant to convey at all. It was mostly because he didn't know if Harry and Teddy had some traditions or places they liked to go together, and he simply liked to know what was going on.
"Oh no, not at all," he said, not wanting to end his day with Harry and Teddy. He was having a good time together with the two of them and he wanted to show Harry that he was prepared to have Teddy be a part of his life as well. "I just know that there is an Italian gelato place close by, so if there was no plan I would offer it as a suggestion."

Author:  Nymeria [ Sun Nov 26, 2017 3:52 pm ]
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Harry nodded slightly as Draco spoke, somewhat expecting Draco's answer to be insincere; but, as the other suggested a near by ice cream parlour, a vaguely relieved smile appeared on his lips.
"That sounds nice," he answered, quickly thereafter turning to look at the child. "What do you think, do you wanna go to an ice cream shop instead of the cafe?"
It took Teddy no more than a couple of seconds to agree; Harry, in turn, turned to eye Draco, nodding encouraging towards the exit.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 3:35 pm ]
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It was a little risky to take Teddy with him out of the flat when Harry was sleeping, but they were both starving and figured that Harry could eat as well and would appreciate a warm meal once he woke up from his nap. That was how they had decided to go get thai food and hope that Harry wouldn't wake up and panic before they had the time to get back.
Once they entered the flat, it seemed like they had succeeded in their little mission. Harry was still splayed on the couch, a soft snore leaving him, which Draco couldn't help but find endearing. He grabbed the takeout bag from Teddy, so that the child could get off his jacket and his boots.
"Will you go set the table, honey?" He asked with a warm smile, knowing that Teddy usually enjoyed helping himself and Harry with domestic chores. Draco started taking off his own jacket and shoes, looking very much forward to get something to eat.

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:25 pm ]
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Though Harry hadn't had a particularly long day, he had found himself struggling to stay awake once he seated himself on the couch. It had been a long week, and as a result of not having slept more than 5 hours a night for the past several days, Harry had eventually drowsed off in the middle of reading a report.
The parchment roll had fallen out of his hand and now laid across his chest, while his left hand had done a poor job of keeping his head upright, and had instead managed to push his glasses askew.
Teddy took a moment to watch his sleeping godfather, who didn't seem to have moved at all since they left him. When urged to set the table, Teddy seemed to regain focus. "Is Haz eating too?"

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:57 pm ]
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Draco hummed softly at the question as he brought their food to the table, wanting it to look at least a little nice once they actually get around to eating it. Presentation was important to Draco, even if the food was just thai takeout.
"Yes, I am going to wake him up in a second," he said with a warm smile, figuring that he would give Harry a little longer to sleep before they eat. He knew that Harry tended to work himself way too hard and he wanted to take care of him, hence why he decided to take care of him as much as he could. He sat down on the edge of the couch, softly running his fingers through Harry's hair in an attempt to gently wake him up.
"Harry? Honey?" He said in a soft voice, not wanting to startle him. He leant down to place a gentle kiss on Harry's temple, not sure if it actually made a difference, but Harry was looking adorable and he wanted to kiss his boyfriend. "You fell asleep on the couch again. Time to wake up."

Author:  Nymeria [ Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:12 pm ]
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The sudden touch sent a shudder through Harry, effectively waking him from his sleep. He frowned deeply while repositioning his glasses and stretching as far as he could on the two person couch; as he did, he turned his head slightly to better meet Draco's kiss.
"No I didn't," he muttered half-heartedly, blindly fumbling with the unrolled parchment on his chest. It was first then that he opened his eyes, squinting into a room that was far brighter than expected. "What time is it?"

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 3:58 pm ]
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Draco smiled softly at the man in the couch, unable to stop the smile at Harry's almost childlike behaviour. It had happened before and Draco really didn't mind. He knew that Harry never got anywhere near enough sleep and he wanted him to get as much sleep as possible, even if it was on the couch in the middle of the day. Every little thing helped after all.
"Half past six," he said in a soft voice, knowing that Harry probably still weren't fully awake and he didn't want to make any too loud noises just yet. "Teddy is setting the table as we speak. We went out and got Thai for us all."

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:27 pm ]
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Upon hearing that, Harry tilted his head towards Draco, his eyes still trying to adjust to the light. As the realisation of what Draco had just said crept in, a smile appeared on his features.
"Really?" Harry's voice was soft and hoarse from the sleep, unable to distinguish this from a dream.
He was still grinning from ear to ear when Harry once again pushed his glasses onto his forehead to rub at his eyes, while blindly searching for Draco's hand with the other. Upon finally finding it, Harry intertwined his fingers with Draco's. "You're too good to me."

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 12:54 am ]
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Draco smiled and intertwined his fingers with Harry's, fully revelling in how domestic it all felt. It used to scare him to get this close, but he was really enjoying being in a domestic relationship like this, even if there was a child involved. Teddy was awesome after all, so it wasn't all that hard to be enjoying himself with it. He smiled warmly at Harry's slightly slurred speech, happy to see him get some sleep and to be able to take care of him.
"I definitely am," he said with a crooked grin, softly running his thumb over Harry's knuckles. "Now come on, let's go get some food."

Author:  Nymeria [ Wed Nov 29, 2017 4:41 pm ]
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Harry just hummed at that, finally getting properly upright. He spent another moment rubbing at his eyes as if it would help them regain focus, but all without letting go of Draco's hands.
Once he finally felt awake enough to proceed with his day, Harry let go of Draco's hand just to plant it on the other's cheek. Casually, and without much though or grace, Harry lent in to plant a brief kiss on Draco's opposite cheek.
"I love you," he muttered fractions of an inch away from Draco's skin, feeling like this was a good opportunity to remind the other of this fact. Harry loved Draco so much it hurt, but he didn't allow either of them to linger upon it, as he, in a matter of just moments, completely let go of Draco in order to get off the couch.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:37 pm ]
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The mention of love still caught Draco aback. He really and honestly did love Harry, but he couldn't find it in himself to say it back. Last time he had simply been overwhelmed by emotions, so it had felt so easy, however there was nothing easy about it anymore. He doubted that it was going to be a problem, but it still felt a little childish about it.
It didn't help that Harry was so full of gratitude for something that simple. If Draco ever thought that he would be able to get out of this easily he would be very damn wrong. His life was too intertwined with Harry by now, but the truly scary part was the fact that he honestly didn't mind it all that much.
It took him a while, but finally he managed to get up from the couch as well and followed Harry to the table. "You better."

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:20 pm ]
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Harry circled the dining table before once again meeting Draco eye with a look that just confirmed Draco's statement. Harry most definitely did love Draco; so confidently, in fact, that he didn't give a second thought about Draco's answer. Harry enjoyed the teasing tone in Draco's word, and though Harry kept his mouth shut, the laughter was visible in his features.
This, however, was soon overshadowed as he placed a hand on the seated Teddy's shoulder as he lent down to plant a fatherly kiss on the boy's cheek.
"Now tell me," Harry exhaled, lightly theatrically, as he seated himself onto the chair by Teddy's side. "When did you get so old that you started going out to town without me?"
"I think I should go alone again," Teddy chirped, doing his best to look older than his age as he with a straight posture passed a napkin to Harry. "It really twasn't far at all."

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:26 am ]
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It was impossible not to smile widely at the display in front of him. Draco felt so blessed that he got to be a part of Harry and Teddy's life and he often felt like he didn't quite deserve to be there. One thing was how blessed he felt simply by being with Harry, but having Teddy be a part of it too was almost too much. While it did terrify Draco, then he was trying not to panic about the situation. It was a good thing and Draco wanted to feel like he actually deserved to have a good thing going for him.
"Teddy knows that he was only allowed because he has another adult with him, isn't that right, Teddy?" He asked with a soft smile, seeing as that was a conversation they had before leaving the flat. He wanted to make sure that Teddy knew that this was something they were doing simply because they wanted to do a nice thing for Harry together.

Author:  Nymeria [ Fri Dec 15, 2017 2:11 pm ]
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Harry glanced up at Draco, pleasantly surprised by that addition and unable to keep a wide grin off his face.
"That's exactly right," Harry joined, almost visibly falling deeper in love with Draco.

It was well past nine when Harry finally left Teddy's bedroom. He had been reading to Teddy until he finally fell asleep, and as Harry exited the room, Harry realized he had lost all track of time.
Harry wasn't used to having company at this time of day, and as he pulled the door closed behind him, Harry didn't even consider closing the door completely. The apartment was, after all, as calm as had he been alone.
As he turned towards the living room, Harry found himself unable to stop smiling. The sight of Draco, still seated on his couch, almost made Harry's heart skip a beat. He felt immensely blessed to have spend a day in Draco's company, and the mere prospect that there were bound to be more like this felt too good to be true.
Finally crossing the living room, Harry pulled down his sleeves, having previously pushed them up when washing Teddy's face.
"Getting any work done?" he asked softly, by the time he was close enough to feel certain that the conversation wouldn't disturb Teddy's sleep.

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