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Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer
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Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Thu Jul 16, 2020 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer

Even though it clearly felt like some kind of defeat to Harry, Draco appreciated that they were simply just going to go to bed. It wasn’t really the life that Draco thought that he would be living when he started dating Harry, in fact he had newer thought that a lot of things were going to come from them dating at all, but it seemed that he had gotten to be lucky like this.
It felt like a special kind of blessing to be this comfortable with someone, to how someone who just understood in way that Draco knew no one else ever would. There was a lot of shared history and he still couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been enough to completely and utterly destroy them before they had even started.
“You think that’s the trick?” Draco asked, a laugh in his voice, as he sat up properly on the couch, coming to the realisation that going to bed would mean getting ready for bed and that suddenly seemed like an insurmountable task.
“May be worth it then.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Fri Jul 17, 2020 4:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer

Harry hummed in vague agreement. When Draco sat up, Harry was felt feeling chilly, immediately missing the other's proximity. It, however, didn't mean Harry himself made any move to get up.
Instead, he only shifted far enough to reach the remote control of the television, laying on the coffee table. Once in his hand, he turned the tv off.
"We've outgrown this flat," he elaborated. His voice was blank, almost matter-of-factly and without any real infliction. While Harry himself offered no immediate solution, it was, after all, the truth. Harry and Teddy had lived in this apartment for years, but as Teddy grew older, Harry had more realocated office hours, and, most importantly, Draco was spending an increasing amount of time there with them, the small two-bed was no longer comfortable.
"Or at least this couch," Harry added, a final addition to his own train of thought. As if wanting to confirm that statement, Harry attempted to settle himself once again, no longer having Draco to share the seat with.
Running both hands through his hair, they settled at the nape of his neck. The living room had grown considerably darker having turned the screen off, and, reluctantly, Harry had to agree that he could do with calling it a night.
"I'm gonna mix up a dough." Harry's voice had softened, already tired at the prospect. He had to fight the urge to stretch a leg across Draco's lap; as if a compromise, Harry ended up only resting his shin against Draco's thigh. "For breakfast."

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Thu Jul 23, 2020 4:12 pm ]
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There was something a little too domestic in the way Harry seemed to naturally involve Draco in things that was about the flat and how they seemed to be sharing it. Sure, Draco knew that he was over a lot more often than he probably should be, yet he also didn’t want to see Harry any less than what he currently did, and it really didn’t seem like his boyfriend minded all that much, so he saw absolutely no reason to not.
Still, they were becoming very serious very quickly and Draco constantly had to think about how far he wanted this to go and just how entangled he could afford to become in Harry’s life. It seemed to late to fully consider that now, especially considering the fact that he had already labelled himself as Teddy’s stepdad, but it also dawned upon him that he didn’t want to be less involved.
“Sounds lovely,” he stated, finding it hard to find the will within himself to actually get up and get ready for bed, but he really was exhausted and thus felt that it was a good idea to call it a night.
“I’ll go get ready for bed then.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:33 am ]
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Harry had changed into pajamas before mixing the bread dough, leaving a fine dusting of flower cutting across his thigh where he had bumped the counter. Having done a final round of the flat, checking that Teddy was both asleep and covered by the comforter, Harry pushed the bedroom door open.
The sight that met him wasn't unexpected - Harry had heard Draco finish up in the bathroom while he was still puttering about in the kitchen - but it didn't mean Harry's breath didn't hitch all the same. Even if Draco had started spending the night more often than not, it still felt like a rare sight to see Draco make himself so comfortable. Harry could barely contain a smile.
Closing the door behind him, Harry felt the reassuring shift in pressure as the silencing charm around the room took force.
"Is it work?" Harry asked, referring to the parchment Draco was reading.
Harry's smile was still tugging at the corner of his mouth, too at ease for the question to sound accusing. He tugged the duvet aside, kneeling onto the mattress in order to peer over at the writing on the scroll, before eventually settling himself on his stomach.
Tenderly, though not necessarily insistingly, Harry wrapped an arm across Draco's midriff, doing what he could to get the other within reach. "You're not working tomorrow, are you?"

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Jul 28, 2020 1:18 pm ]
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It was a familiar dance for the two of them by now, Harry finishing his nightly routines while Draco was reading in bed. It felt comfortable and familiar in a way that Draco had never known that he had been craving. Once Harry joined him in bed, Draco smiled and gingerly put the parchment away such that he turn his entire attention towards his boyfriend.
“Of course it’s work,” he stated with a soft smile, leaning into the embrace and just enjoyed it. It wasn’t something new to them but that almost made it all the more exciting. They knew each other so well by now that Draco never felt that he had to worry about overstepping boundaries nor Harry overstepping his. It was just deeply comfortable.
“But no. Not working tomorrow so it can wait, now that you have grazed me with your company.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:33 pm ]
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Harry shifted his weight onto one side, allowing for Draco to settle into the embrace without the heavy weight of Harry's arm across him. When Draco relaxed, Harry did in part.
With a chuckle, Harry's arm resettled around Draco, pleased beyond word as his fingers once again caught the contour of Draco's waist through the covers.
"Lucky," Harry grinned, as he stretched to plant a kiss against Draco's exposed shoulder.
It was hard not to linger. They had taken a lot of big steps in a short amount of time, and yet, what seemed to made Harry's heart jump the most was the easy transition to Draco sleeping without a shirt on.
"Lucky you," he said when his lips left Draco's skin. Harry tipped his head, better meeting Draco's line of sight with a grin. "Lucky me."
Only then did Harry allow himself to properly relax back onto the mattress. Shifting to settle himself for the evening, he withdrew his arm around Draco, only to mirror the embrace all over, this time beneath the covers.
Harry doubted he would ever grow tired of the feeling of Draco's bare skin beneath his fingers. It was already painfully obvious just how quickly he had memorized the dips and points of Draco's ribs and hip, even just through a handful of sleepy embraced before bed.
Tonight, however, the feeling of Draco's bare skin made Harry's heart skip a beat all over.
Harry's eyes had already fluttered shut, yet found himself opening them once more, wanting to look at Draco as his fingers gingerly dipped from Draco's waist to the waistband cutting across his hip.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:38 pm ]
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Draco knew that he was never going to grow tired of the way that Harry was looking at him, the way that every time he got to touch Draco seemed like the first time, and it was like that to Draco too. It was exciting in a way that Draco had never really thought that domesticity would be, but there really was something about trusting someone the way he did Harry that made him feel giddy and excited.
“Lucky us indeed,” he stated, gently running his hand along Harry’s arm, finally allowing his hand to settle on Harry’s waist as well. It felt surreal to have someone touch him the way that Harry did and not feel any sense of panic or discomfort. In fact, Draco had come to enjoy their nightly embraces, liking how much safer he felt with Harry’s arm around him and what that meant to them.
“Tired, old man?” He asked with a crooked grin, as he leant in to place a soft kiss to Harry’s forehead.

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:36 pm ]
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Harry smiled, eyes blinking closed when Draco leaned in to kiss him. It was hard to distinguish whether the hairs on Harry's neck stood as a result of the tender caress or the repeated question.
Draco had asked Harry if he was tired less than half an hour ago. Then, Harry had answered earnestly that yeah, a little. As Draco leaned away, Harry found that the answer had changed.
"No," Harry admitted. His voice was soft in the closeness of their embrace, but Harry spoke truthfully.
Shifting his head against the pillow, Harry tipped his chin upwards to better meet Draco's line of sight. There was a shadow of a smile ghosting across his lips, pausing in consideration.
Something must have crossed his mind, manifesting itself into a proper grin. When he once again moved, he shifted another bit away from Draco, once again moving to better have him in his sight.
"Are you?"
The question, gentle as ever, was heavy with the unsaid. Harry's smile persisted, somewhere between boyish and adoring, yet his hand remained unmoving against Draco's hip. Whatever insinuation was in his voice, was not in his touch - not yet, at least.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Tue Aug 11, 2020 4:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer

Even though Draco had just, less than half an hour earlier, spoken about his desires to Harry in no uncertain terms, however now it seemed far too bold to put it in as many words. Instead, Draco quite like the soft implications of their conversation, not having to put anything in too many words because they knew what the other was talking about.
“No,” he said with a warm smile.
When he looked at Harry, as in really and properly looked at him, he was overwhelmed by just how boyish he still managed to look at times. There was something so juvenile about the way Harry smiled up at him, both of them knowing what the other wanted but neither of them saying it out loud. Not just yet.
“Have I told you that I love you lately?”

Author:  Nymeria [ Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:31 pm ]
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Not having it in him to fully suppress a laugh, Harry let out a surprised little huff at Draco's question. Harry felt like he was overflowing with giddy happiness, finding that laughs and smiles came almost too easily.
"Yeah," Harry breathed, his smile still wide.
Harry spoke with no sense of urgency, and the same easiness translated to his touch. Having read the consent in Draco's smile, Harry's grip around Draco's hip once grew purposeful. Pushing at the other, Harry urged Draco back onto his back.
"You've said it a lot lately," Harry went on, shifting to fill the space he had created between them. He pushed himself up, almost seating upright on the mattress.
His hand had wandered from Draco's hip to his knee, gently but purposefully pushing at it. Slowly kneeling into the space created between Draco's thighs, Harry's smile finally wavered.
For a moment, it seemed apparent in the way Harry's lips had parted, that his mind had clouded. However, the expression didn't last long - in fact, it was only moment after replaced with another adoring and toothy smile.
It was a hard line to stay on, finding Draco to be so familiar yet moving to become intimate in a way they had yet to be. Harry's movements reflected that; a comfortable but slow pace, every touch gentle with adoration.
When he finally, almost lazily, leaned into the embrace, the feeling of Draco's hips slotted against Harry's own once again sent a shiver down his neck. While Draco was barely dressed, Harry was wearing both a shirt and heavy pajamas bottoms. Still every fiber in his being already felt wound up in anticipation.
"I think it bares repeating, though," Harry added with a grin, words spoken against Draco's jaw, before pressing a kiss beneath Draco's ear.

Author:  iamcrystalqueer [ Wed Aug 12, 2020 6:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer

Draco knew just how much he was telling Harry that he loved him lately, but it was as if now that he had said it once it was impossible to stop. He was so happy to be together with the man that he loved so dearly and that his feelings were reciprocated. It felt special and like a new kind of relationship to Draco and he was excited to explore every single aspect of this.
“I love you,” he said with a grin, feeling like he could never say it enough. They hadn’t even been together for that long, seen in the picture of things, yet it felt like Draco had never been with anyone but Harry for several years. They understood each other and Draco had never been more happy in his life than he was with Harry right now.
“I love you so much.”

Author:  Nymeria [ Thu Aug 13, 2020 11:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Drarry Roleplay - Nymeria and iamcrystalqueer

Harry didn't think he'd ever get used to hearing Draco confessing that he loved him. It had been something Harry understood; Harry knew that Draco loved him some time before Draco said it out loud. Primarily, Harry had seen it in the way Draco grew increasingly more comfortable around Harry.
Now, like this, Harry seemed struck by the sheer extent of Draco's trust. It wasn't that Harry had ever doubted the sincerity of Draco's spoken declarations of love, but Harry understood it tenfolds from the trust Draco expressed.
Unable to properly convey just how much he loved him, Harry turned his head to meet Draco's words with a kiss on the lips. The kiss was soft, overflowing with affection Harry couldn't say out loud.
"I know," Harry smiled, barely at a distance from Draco as he leaned out to speak.
The distance had been created as Harry shifted his weight, hands catching Draco's waist. Harry's hands trailed an inch upwards, thumbs lingering at the dip before Draco's ribs and for now, just relishing the feeling of Draco's bare skin beneath his hands.
"I love you, too," came the reply, delayed but genuine. Harry had barely allowed himself to finish the sentence, before his lips once again met Draco's.

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