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Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1
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Author:  War'nak [ Sat Feb 14, 2015 4:05 am ]
Post subject:  Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren was always alone. He wandered from town to town, never staying longer than he had to. As a wolf shifter without a pack he was wary of entering pack territories. It always put him on edge. The packs always had one of two opinions of him. Out right hostility, or hopeful welcome. He preferred to stay on his own. He had given up on pack life years ago. Thanks to the much slower aging of shifters he had lived more years than he cared to count. He had many so-called friends that had left him invitations to join packs. He never answered. He didnt want to go through the same things again. The constant politics, fighting for positions, and jealousy. True a pack was a family, but it could be just as cruel as living with strangers in a bad town. He shuddered at some of his darker memories.

He was an outcast for a reason. As a mixed blood shifter he was scorned by many shifters. He was half Lynx, half Wolf. His wolf was an uncommon solid white. Even stranger he had the claws and thick fur of a Lynx. What really made him stand out was the brown Lynx patterns on his white fur. He smirked. What was funny was how many had underestimated him. He had many scars from fights. They always thought him weak because of his odd appearance and mixed blood. They were wrong. If anything he was stronger than most shifters he'd ever met. And larger. He was surprised the first time he saw his shifted form. He was every bit as large as many of the Alphas he had met over the years. He sighed. Alphas, Betas, it made no difference to him. He cared little for titles and politics.

He had been deceived by a pack once. Betrayed in the worst way by one he had truly trusted. But it didn't matter. He'd learned that lesson well. He was polite to any shifter he met. But he shut them down cold if they tried to get close to him. He wouldn't let it happen a second time. He sat in the diner and looked out at the lightly falling snow. he hadn't seen snow in a long time. He had finally decided to head north again just to feel the cool wind and hunt in the soft whiteness of winter. He turned back to his food and tensed as he scented another shifter nearby. He couldn't tell if the shifter was male or female. But it didn't matter. He sighed. Another welcoming committee and another town he'd seen for only a day. He shook his head and started eating as he planed where he would go next.

Author:  RainAzel [ Mon Feb 16, 2015 11:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

The second Liann swung open the door to the diner, the bell signalling her arrival, the air hit her across the face. It was hot, and the place smelled strongly of greasy food and men who worked a hard sweat during the day. She wasn't at all sure if she was comfortable but she preferred the heat of this diner compared to the freezing cold outside. Some time has also past since she had something warm to eat, so she'll have to bare the smell for now.

Without so much as a second glance to those scattered around the diner she took a seat at an empty table. Putting her bag between the wall and her, careful with her arrows and bows, Liann sighed as she started to remove her scarf trying to make an effort to relax for a bit.

A waiter came over to pass her a menu and was about to ask her if she had a preferred drink he could get her. But before the question could escape his throat, he paused as his eyes narrowed in onto the side of her cheek, where three lines started from the edge of her eye and down to her chin creating an ugly scar.

Used to this sort of reaction, Liann checked the menu quickly for the drinks. "I'll have a. . . I'll just have water thanks," Liann said turning her green eyes to the waiter.

"Uh, yes, alright," stuttered the waiter as he walked away.

Once the waiter left her, Liann shook her head with a sigh and looked back to the menu. It was then that she smelled someone different from the others, one that smelled of deep earth and fresh air. Unsure if she should check over her shoulder she started to wonder if it was just her, maybe it was her. Wiping the thoughts from her mind, she returned her attention back to the menu.

Author:  War'nak [ Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:08 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

warrens military training kicked in. So she was a hunter judging from the bow and quiver of arrows she carried. This being a small town not many even glanced at her gear as she sat down. She had and interesting scar on her face. He shrugged. It didnt matter so far as she had yet to notice him. That was fine. If he didnt have to confront her, then hed not have to worry about any pack dispute over him passing through. The waiter brought him a fresh coffee as he sat studying the shifter. The man was timid towards him. Most were. His military clothes and many scars on his face and arms threw people off. They never quite knew how to talk to him.

He thanked the waiter and started eating as he kept an eye on all the other patrons. 40 years of military service had ingrained many habits. His cats enhanced senses also helped with those skills. He wasnt paranoid parse, just extremely observant of his surroundings.

Author:  RainAzel [ Tue Feb 17, 2015 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

She may be used to being looked at, but that didn't mean she liked it. So it wasn't long before she felt a pair of eyes glancing her way. Then again this feeling didn't leave a threatening impression, so again she second guessed herself, wondering if she was just being too tensed. She had a reason to be, every area she crossed over, shifters intercept her and try to force mate with her. A painful smile played across her face. That was one of the bright sides to being her though, once they found out who she was, they avoided her like a plague. Other groups tried to kill her, thinking that she had something too evil within her to feel safe to let her leave alive.

The waiter returned breaking her thoughts, she spared a few words placing her order. His eyes went to her scar before he nodded, turned and left. As she raised her cup to take a sip of water she felt the presence again, the one that continued to watch her. She turned towards the source refusing to believe that she was imagining it and made eye contact with a man in a military suit, two tables over. His face was decorated in a number of scars proving years of experiencing a hell she could only imagine. Still she refused to be intimidated, instead she narrowed her eyes at him, raising an eyebrow and asked, "Can I help you?"

Author:  War'nak [ Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren smiled. She was a spunky one he could tell right away.

"No my dear. I am sorry to be rude. I was just leaving." he released his magic and stood, leaving the money for his ticket on the table. He picked up a large green duffle and put on his worn jacket. He glanced over and noded. "Good day to you." With that he went out the front doors and turned left before stopping to look up at the sky and relax in the snow. He sighed and followed the side walk like the other humans that seemed to avoid him.

Author:  RainAzel [ Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:02 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Something changed in the air and the man that stood before her smelled like a shifter. Her head snapped back as if someone slapped her. Tensing, her eyes wide with shock, she watched as the man left the diner.

He was a shifter! How could she have missed that? It had to have been a spell he used, one that was never introduced to her. He had to know that she was a shifter too, that was why he was watching her. Thousands of questions stormed in Liann's mind. She didn't understand why she was more confused than scared though. Why wasn't he threatening? Why didn't he storm out of the diner to tell his pack about a new comer in the area? I am sorry to be rude? What did that mean?

Running her hands through her hair, Liann tried to gather her thoughts and calm down. After a couple of deep breaths, it hit her, the reason to why this shifter was different. He was a lone shifter. This wasn't his territory. It's the only explanation she could think of to why he didn't try to obtain her.

The storm in her mind calmed to curious thoughts. What was he doing here? Why was he alone? Liann wondered if maybe they could be traveling companions.

"Miss?" The waiter's voice broke through her thoughts as he stood there with her plate.

Giving a small thanks as the waiter placed her plate before her, Liann started to eat her food. Enough. She doesn't trust shifters and she didn't plan to start. Hopefully she'll never see him again. But even as she finished her food, paid, gathered her things, and left the diner. Her thoughts continued to go back to the lone shifter. Something even compelled her to turn left and head in the general direction the shifter went.

Author:  War'nak [ Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren walked through the towns few buildings and stopped at the small way-house. He had rented the only room for the next few days. He walked up the steps and entered the home and headed to his room. He placed the bag by the door and sat at the small desk. He opened the tattered jornal and began to write. He carried several old journals. Each filled with the tales of his long life. Over 150 years were recorded in those books. It was his way of keeping his past ad present in mind.

He finished it and then went out to sit on the porch. It was cold out, afterall it was snowing, but the porch was protected from the wind. He sat on a bench and pondered the strange shifter from the diner. He had sensed she was a loner, much like himself. But something about her grabbed his attention and held it. He supposed it diddnt matter. he was a mixed blood, and as such she wouldnt even acknowledge him unless it was to insult him.

Author:  RainAzel [ Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Following a shifter was the last thing she would have ever done, but here she was, standing at the corner of the street to find the shifter sitting on the porch. Again questions about who he was and why he was alone swirled in her mind. She hated to admit it, but she was curious. This is the first time that she possibly met a lone shifter. And she has been alone for so long that she wondered. . . Liann took in a breath and shook her head. No she won't approach this shifter, whether he was a loner or not. There was also something strange about him, something about his smell that made him different from other shifters, she couldn't put her finger on it.

Turning her eyes to the building it seemed to be where she could have rented a room for the night. Well, maybe not, the place was small. And seeing the shifter right there, she wasn't so sure if she should really try renting a room and being so close to him. Still, she wanted to relax and made no plans to find any means to sleep outside. The scent of other shifters met her nose as she traveled through the woods too, she really didn't want to bump into them. A shiver went up her spine and she wasn't sure if it was from the cold, she needed to start moving anyways. She hitched her bag higher and turned away, not really caring if the shifter noticed her or not. She needed to start planning to use the last hours of the day searching for another place to rent a room. Worst case scenario she'll have to sleep outside.

The town was smaller than she thought, there wasn't anywhere else for her to stay for the night. Pulling her grey hood over her vibrant red hair she turned for the woods. It took a couple hours as the weather picked up but her green eyes finally spied an entryway to a cave. Taking her bow out and stringing it, she sniffed the air to check if any shifters or wild wolves were recently around. Nope, for now the cave was vacant. Spreading her sleeping bag out, she settled in and tried to force herself to sleep.

Author:  War'nak [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren was intrigued by the shifter. She had followed him, but had decided not to stay near him obviously. he decided to follow her. there was something interesting about her that drew him to her. He followed her out of the town, using a spell he had learned to hide himself. She wandered for a few hours and he watched as she used her senses to hunt a place to bed down. The snow had slowly started getting worse. He sighed when she found a cave. He waited until it was dark before aproaching. It had been hours and his senses told him she was asleep. He silently knelt by her. He saw her almost imperceptible shivering. He sighed and laid a gentle hand on her and then used a strong spell.

They appeared in his room. He took her gear and sat it on the dresser. He left her bow and arrows beside the bed. He knew if she was like himself, her weapons would be the first thing she reached for when she woke up. He sat in a chair by the window and watched the snow outside. He pondered why he was so drawn to her. It was strange.... Most shifters just hated him. They scented him and instantly disliked the "Half-breed".

Half-breed shifters were rare few and far between. But they were persecuted. never accepted by most shifter communities. He was no different. So he just avoided shifter packs or groups. Each shifter species had their own 'pack' type groups, though under different names. he shook his head. It was late and he needed sleep. He rose and checked her before going out and sitting on the porch. He slept lightly, his senses still functioning even as he slept.

Author:  RainAzel [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Sunlight streamed through the thin curtains filling the room with a decent amount of light. Liann placed her hand under the pillow and pulled the blanket over her head as she snuggled into the bed. Wide awake she sat up wondering why she was in a bed in the first place. She looked to her left she found her bow and arrows at arms reach, her gear near the dresser. Whoever brought her hear didn't mean her harm, maybe. Checking her clothes she found that no one changed them, that gave her some but little relief.

Getting out of the bed she walked around, treading quietly. She smelled the shifter she met at the diner. Confusion swept through her mind and she found that he wasn't anywhere in the room. So she stepped outside to look for him and find out what he wanted from her.

Author:  War'nak [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren woke instantly as his senses indicated movement inside the house. He was leaned back in the porch chair and kept his eyes closed. It was early. he could tell the sun hadnt been up long. He sighed. The snow had stopped in the night. He tried to resettle. He was great at resting anywhere and whenever he could.

Author:  RainAzel [ Sat Feb 21, 2015 3:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Liann stepped out and spotted the shifter on the bench. He was asleep, or seemed to be. How could he be comfortable sleeping like that? Walking over Liann doubted that her presence wasn't known so she just stood there her arms crossed as she looked him over. The smell of him was clearer, stronger, and she was able to place another piece to the puzzle. He was a mixed-breed, part of him smelled of the wolf-shifter she was so used to, but there was a distinct smell of a cat coming off him. That's why he was alone, she heard about half-breeds, they were usually looked down upon, they were different and sometimes considered as something less than dirt. Unconsciously she touched her scar in thought.

She wasn't much of a cat person, but the idea of him being mixed for some reason didn't disgust her as most shifter would have reacted. Liann was actually intrigued and very curious to know more about him, what scared her was that she wasn't sure why she was so drawn to him. "Hey," Liann said her voice loud and forceful. "Are you up?"

Author:  War'nak [ Fri Feb 27, 2015 10:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren grunted and sat up opening his eyes. He looked at her and studied her a moment. She had that rested look one got after a good nights sleep after a hard days travel. He decided she was attractive. But his common sense told him it was a bad idea to think that. He had learned that lesson the hard way. He frowned slightly and looked down to clear the thought the cleared his face and looked back up.

"I am now. No need to use a loud voice. I can hear just as well as you can, better actually. Did you enjoy the bed?" He sat back and stretched and yawned the rest of his sleep away.

Author:  RainAzel [ Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

She did her best to keep her face emotionless as he stated that he had better hearing, he had no idea. "I slept fine, thanks," Liann confessed but she looked to the side refusing to show any signs of gratitude. She managed to fall asleep last night back in the cave, but there was no doubting the fact that it was still very cold out there.

Snapping her eyes back to the shifter, doing nothing to change the volume and tone of her voice, she demanded, "So why did you follow me and bring me here? Did you think I would feel like I owe you something now?" Upon closer inspection, he probably looked very handsome without the scares, he still did, and no doubt that he was a heart breaker whether he was aware of it or not. Curiosity crept into her mind but she kept it down, buried. She refused to trust any shifters, even this one.

Author:  War'nak [ Sat Feb 28, 2015 12:06 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

He smiled and stood quicker than the eye could see. He stared into her eyes. They intrigued him as did everything about her. He shook his head.

"I dont expect gratitude. No shifter has ever shown me more than disgust and hate. I just let a woman who needed a bed have mine. I can sleep anywhere. Military life does that to you. Im glad you enjoyed the sleep. I will leave now. I paid for the room for another night. Youre welcome to it." He turned to the door and grabbed his bag before leaving the porch. He walked quickly away and was gone before she spoke again.

His cat was unhappy and wanted to go back to her. -Whats wrong with you? She wants nothing to do with us...... And even if she dd it would end the same as always. Shed leave after finding out what we are.- His cat was sullen and finally calmed down as he flexed his power and in seconds faster than a human could see, he was at the trees at the edge of town.

Author:  RainAzel [ Sun Mar 01, 2015 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Liann tensed as he got up quickly. His speed took her by surprise but she faced him. As he looked into her eyes, Liann couldn't bring herself to look away. She could get lost in those eyes for they were filled with years of experience, wisdom, but mostly pain. Liann decided that she didn't like seeing the pain in his eyes and preferred the idea of seeing him smile instead.

Before her mind could comprehend what to say back, the shifter quickly gathered his stuff and left her standing on the porch.

A moment past before her mind came back and she snapped to attention. She went back into the room not willing to stand outside like an idiot. After closing the door behind her, she leaned against it wondering what she was going to do. Something compelled her to go after him, but being who she was, she didn't stand a chance at catching up to him.

Figuring that her efforts would be wasted, she let out a frustrated sigh before she decided to just take a quick shower. The room was now her's to use, so might as well use it. Feeling refreshed and dressed in a cleaner set of clothes, Liann gathered her things and left. She didn't plan to stay longer than a day in this town and she liked to stick to that, so it was the shifter's fault for wasting his money one the room. Honestly, Liann hated to let things go to waste but she was in a hurry. There have been rumors of a safe haven for shifters. It is also believed that some of the shifters knew some of the oldest spells. Maybe they can help her.

Unsure if she was going the same route as that other shifter, Liann tried to keep her mind clear of him. Even if she did smell some traces of him as she made her own way through the forest. Checking her map she hoped that she'll make better time cutting through the forest than hitching a ride. The road made a wide circle around the forest. Even if hitching a ride may have been a little safer, she trusted humans with the same amount of trust she had for shifters. Still she believed that at the pace she was going, she'll make her destination within 3 to 4 days tops.

The wind shifted in a different direction, blowing her hair to whip at her face. But she hardly felt it, in fact she stopped dead in her tracks as something else caught her attention. Without waiting another second, she bolted and started to run, somewhere, anywhere. Whether it was her or the other shifter that gained their attention, it didn't matter, the pack of shifters that owned this territory was after her now. A howl echoed through the trees confirming Liann's fears. She took her bow in hand ready to face these shifters, for they will be upon her in a couple minutes.

Author:  War'nak [ Tue Mar 03, 2015 12:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren had stopped at the edge of the forest. For some reason he just didnt want to leave. He waited for a while and was surprised when the woman entered the forest. He decided to follow her. He didnt know what made him follow her or what it was that attracted him to her.

He stayed down wind and realized she was trying to follow a map. He knew insyantly what she was doing. She was searching for Haven. The shifter pack thay offered safety to wandering and outcast shifters. He cleared that thought as the wind shifted.
He bristled as he scented the wind. He flexed his power and made his things teleport to a safe location then shifted into his cat form. He was massive he knew.... And he had rare white fur with a brown pattern of a lynx mixed in. He ran after tge woman as she bolted through the trees. She was quick, but not as quick as most shifters.

He let her gain a distance as he followed her trail, drowning her scent with his own. It worked. The wolves howled in confusion as he led them slightly away from her. They followed and he stopped in a clearing to wait. He didnt have to wait long before they came. Eight of them entered the clearing snarling and growling as they circled him. He was easily twice as large as the largest one.

He growled menacingly and struck a paw out as one came to close. They went for him then. Tearing at him. He caught a neck in his jaes an snapped it quickly before lashing out and clawing another wolf so deep he yelped and fell away gushing blood from the wounds. He caught anothet and killed it quickly before two others landed on his back he roared in anger as they bit him and drew blood.

Author:  RainAzel [ Tue Mar 03, 2015 1:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Liann kept running expecting a pack to catch up to her. But as another minute went on, she slowed in her pace before coming to a complete stop, arrow ready. This wasn't right, she could run faster than a human but she couldn't outrun a shifter, her condition didn't allow that.

That was when she heard it, the growling and barking that came before a fight. But who were they fighting? The other shifter. Liann felt this in her gut that the pack was fighting the other shifter from the town. Instincts told her to run and leave for safety, if they were distracted by the other shifted now was her chance to get away.

"Damn it." She ran towards where she heard the fighting.

Making her way over the next hill, Liann abruptly stopped and gaped at the scene before her. The biggest shifter she's ever seen was fighting with eight wolves. The big shifter already took down three as they laid on the ground dead or dying, red blood coloring the pure white snow.

Liann watched in horror as two jumped and bit deeply into the big shifter's back causing him to roar loudly. A shiver ran up her spine but she raised her bow and shot at one of the wolves killing it before it landed on the ground. She reached for another arrow but stopped to face a wolf that came at her, she used her bow to block a massive jaw from biting her and pushed the wolf away from her. Liann worked quickly to notch an arrow and shot the wolf. It yelped before it fell to the ground, lifeless.

A growl sounded behind Liann. Turning she was only fast enough to place her bow between her and the wolf as she was pushed to the ground landing on her back as the wolf continued to scratch and bite her. Fumbling, she found her knife on her belt and she stabbed it into the wolf, feeling the warm blood cover her hand. Pushing the now dead wolf off her, she got back up. Breathing heavily, she pulled an arrow out ready to aim at the remaining shifters of the pack. She saw one running for the large shifter as he was already busy with the remaining two and she shot it down quickly.

Author:  War'nak [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Warren heard the yelp as a wolf fell from his back. He was too distracted to notice if it had been hit by another wolf or not. He thew off the second wolf and turned as a third jumped at him. He brought it down with a swing of his paw. It yelped and stayed down whining as he turned again.

He noticed several of the wolves down witharriws in them. Then he saw her.... The shifter from the town.... She held a bloody knife as sh looked at him. He took a step forward then he was hit as the last wolf bit into his neck. This one was larger than the others. He shook and tried to throw it off as it tore at his neck.

Finally he loosened its grip and ripped it off. It tore into his muscle deeply but he went after it and pinned it to the ground. He snapped its neck as it struggled to tear at him. He dropped it and sat as his wounds made him dizzy.

He shook his head and turned to leave. He had to leave before he lost conciseness .... He ran for a few minutes until he tripped. He couldn't get up so he lay there and tried to block the pain. His wounds wouldn't kill him.... But he was weakened... He passed out as he struggled to stand again.

Author:  RainAzel [ Thu Mar 05, 2015 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifter rp: War'nak x RainAzel 1x1

Liann watched as the shifter killed that last member of the pack. His wounds looked bad but he tried to run off anyways. Retrieving the arrows she used she ran after him only to find that he didn't get very far and actually lost consciousness. Sliding to a stop next to his body she check for signs of him still being alive. He was breathing and his wounds already stopped bleeding, his shifter magic healing him. With a sigh of relief she sat down in the snow trying to figure out what to do. Looking at the sky Liann assumed that no more than a few hours past and it was still early in the afternoon.

Getting back up Liann let out a frustrated huff and placed her hand on the wolf. The spell she was using took a lot of concentration and energy. Using the necessary words they were back in the room the shifter rented. Her shoulders sagged as a wave of exhaustion came over her, but she wasn't done. The shifter was huge in this small room, but at least there was enough space for him to sleep comfortably.

Going to the bathroom, she tossed her arrows and knife into the bathtub to wash later, she tossed her bloodied jacket in there too before she washed her hands and returned to the shifters side. His fur was white like snow with the exception to the brown stripes, but the pattern only drew her eyes in. Forcing herself to focus she checked his wounds.

The one on his neck was the worst. Liann frowned worried, she couldn't do anything to help heal him but allow his shifter magic take care of it, the effort of healing that wound might kill her. Thankfully the wound didn't seem life threatening. She spied two others on his back that weren't as bad. Nodding she placed her hands on the wounds and chanted out a spell, her hands glowing red. Within seconds the wounds disappeared but Liann winced and stumbled back, biting her lip to keep from making a sound as pain shot in her back. The injuries were transferred to her, and although her magic will heal them it'll take sometime, they may even scar. This was the least she could do for the shifter that saved her life, by sustaining these smaller wounds, the shifter's magic can focus on the wound on his neck. Using the wall for support she went back to the bathroom to clean up her gear.

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