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PostPosted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 10:25 pm 
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Hey everyone!

I know there aren’t as many people around as there used to be, but I just wanted to see if those of you that are might be interested in a RP! I have a few ideas I am wanting to try, and there are plenty of genres/fandoms/pairings I am interested in outside of these ideas, so in case none of the more developed ideas are up your alley, I will post some examples of things I am interested in (not an all-inclusive list, mind you). I did post this in the Cave, so if you see my post there, it is essentially the same content.

So, to start, here are the semi-developed ideas that I have:

Not All Demons Lords Are Bad | +
This idea actually already has a starter posted here. I wrote it with a specific character in mind, however, I can easily tweak the post to fit your character’s description and whatever type of magic you prefer that he have.

This idea is based on the anime That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. If you haven’t watched the anime, though, that’s okay! I am using some of their framework for things because I like it and it is less world-building for me, but I will provide you with the information you need to know for the purpose of the RP! If you have watched and you prefer to stick to the pre-existing world, that works, too! I am going to post the idea I want to write most, but I have other related ideas and variations that we can use instead, if you do not like this one.

So, onto the actual plot! My character (MC) will be a Demon Lord who summons your character (YC) to this world from another world (earth, or whatever other world you prefer). I think it would be fun if their relationship is somewhat tumultuous at first, with him not wishing to serve her because he assumes that Demon Lords are evil. To his credit, she did place a curse on him and call on a spirit to inhabit his body, so it is not an absurd assumption. From there, we have many options to choose from, and we can decide together what direction to take things. Here are a couple I came up with:

1. Struggle though he might, the curse prevents him from escaping. He eventually comes to realize that she isn’t actually an evil person and stops fighting (he could develop feelings for her, if you want to go the romantic route). We could have something happen, such as an enemy attacking, and he voluntarily goes to meet the enemy in order to protect her and perhaps as a sign of loyalty. She might realize then that she doesn’t know if he is doing this because of the curse or because he actually cares, so she decides to release him from the curse, even though she worries that he will leave if she does.

2. It could become clear enough that she isn’t evil, and she doesn’t intend to really harm him, but he continues to fight anyways. Perhaps he hates the idea of feeling like he has no control or that she is controlling him in some way, he is just too proud to stop at that point, or she forced him to do something at some point that left a bad taste in his mouth, making it so he cannot accept his situation. At any rate, she gets tired of fighting with him and releases him, telling him that if he hates her that much, he should just leave. You can decide if he ends up leaving and eventually returns; leaves and does not return; or decides to stay. We can kind of go from there.

When Hope Seems Lost | +
This idea is based on the same universe as the previous idea. It can take place in the canon world or the original world I created (that you may help shape, if you wish). In this one, I am flexible on who plays which role, so tell me which role you prefer and we will roll with it!

So, the idea will be that both characters are otherworlders, one of which was summoned by a Demon Lord and who bears a curse and the other who does not. The one who bears the curse has given up on the idea of breaking the curse and bring free, and has resigned to the fate that he/she may once again be used as a weapon and forced to hurt people. The other refuses to accept this and promises that they will find a way to break the curse. Where we go from there will depend on what type of RP you prefer!

Some potential options: We could be mean and have the Demon Lord force him/her to attack the other character and have them hurt or even kill the other. Or we could be nice(ish) and the Demon Lord tries to make them attack the other character, but they somehow manage to resist and break the curse, or at least suppress the urge to kill the person that they have come to care about. OR the other person manages to overpower them (possibly getting hurt in the process) and knocks them out. That will provide some nice motivation to want to break free of the curse.

The Princess and the Warrior | +
MC is a princess who is strong-willed and generally prefers not a have guards following her around all the time. She trained to fight so that she could protect herself without needing to rely on knights to protect her. Still, for a while, the king and queen insisted on having knights with her at all times nonetheless. She always found a way to sneak away from them, so they ultimately gave up sending them unless she was leaving the palace for one reason or another.

Things are different now, though. The kingdom is in in a state of unrest, with disputes popping up across the country, threatening civil war. I have a few different ideas for why the kingdom is in turmoil, so we can choose one of those options together, or come up with something new entirely. This will determine the direction that the RP takes, as well as what type of character makes the most sense for you to play. If you are interested in this idea, I am happy to share these ideas, along with any character ideas I might have! The general idea, though, will be that the king was not universally loved (either loved by some and hated by others, or perhaps just all around no one was a big fan), and now he has either disappeared or died (illness or killed), which led to the current political situation.

The events leading up to this turmoil have made it difficult to know who to trust, so the princess is once again forced to be under guard at all times, even in the palace. That is where YC comes in. He can be a knight or guard captain, a ninja or other hired guard, someone who is none of the above but saves her from an attack (on one or multiple occasions) and ends up asked by the queen to protect her, or he could be something else entirely. He can be whatever you want him to be, as long as it makes sense in the story. And if you need ideas or aren't sure where to start, I have plenty!

My favorite idea is that she continues to give her guards the slip and one day she does this while outside the palace and ends up confronted by some people who wish to either harm or kidnap her. YC steps in and saves her before they can harm her. I think it would be fun if either he decides to stick with her and the queen agrees to him being her guard, which she is not happy about and she keeps ditching him (or at least trying) but he always seems to find her before she gets hurt. Or if she refuses and they part ways, but he ends up saving her again and in the end, ends up her official guard. Then we can go from there! I do have some ideas for where it all leads, but I have already gone on long enough! If you are interested, we can discuss more in detail!

If none of these ideas strike your fancy, never fear! I have many different interests, so here are some things that I am interested in but that I do not have specific/detailed/developed plots for.

Genres/fandoms of interest | +
Anime (The list is long! A few of my favorites include: Naruto, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, Black Clover, The Rising of the Shield Hero, Attack on Titan, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Overlord, Demon Slayer, Blue Exorcist, Seraph of the End, and Bleach). This is not all inclusive, so feel free to ask if you don’t see the one you are interested in!
Star Wars
Harry Potter
TVD/The Originals/Legacies

Random Pairings | +
More medieval-ish fantasy:
Demon x human (magic or not)
Demon x priestess
Angel (or nephilim, or human with an angel sealed within them) x demon (or half-demon, or human with a demon sealed within them) - Alt: Warrior x warrior (one side uses angelic/god power/weapons, the other uses demonic power/weapons)
Prince x commoner/servant (or princess x commoner/servant)
Princess x warrior (could be prince x warrior)
Warrior x freed slave
Princess elect x noble/advisor/knight/whoever that becomes prince consort

More modern fantasy:
School girl x boy with curse of some sort? (She could be normal or eventually develop some sort of abilities, depending on how we want to go with it)
Girl with hidden abilities (could be a writer, journalist, TV producer, or something else) x your dude with abilities (could be whatever you want, millionaire business dude, pop idol, military/police dude, scientist, whatever)
Girl with new magic abilities (high school or college student, maybe? Part of a group or organization) x your dude (could be a fellow student with abilities, friend, teammate, or even a rival from another organization or something)

Futuristic: Let's be real, it's really just Star Wars pairings.
Sith x Jedi
Imperial x Republic
Jedi x pilot
Jedi x Jedi
Sith (or imperial soldier of some sort) x republic soldier/commander
Sith x neutral commander (this would likely involve time travel)

Various Random Pairings:
Human x Vampire
Vampire Slayer (or monster slayer, or demon slayer) x Vampire
Ex x Ex

If you still do not see anything you like, that's okay! This is not an exhaustive list of my interests by any means! If you have something you want to do that is not listed here, please feel free to ask, whether it is a fandom or an original idea! I am always open to trying new things!

- I prefer to play females as my MC. I am fine with doubling and playing a male as a second lead, but in most cases, I will not play a male as my only MC.
- I prefer M x F pairings. I may occasionally do others within a RP when I play multiple characters, but this is my general preference for the primary romance.
- I do not write strictly canon role-plays when doing fanfics. I don’t mind doubling as a canon character, but my main will be an OC.
- Please do not make all your characters OP, and no god-modding. This seems like a given, but I just want to be clear.
- I don’t mind very strong characters, or even OP leads, but there needs to be a balance. Not every character you write needs to be OP or the best at everything. I try to make my characters balanced, or at least relatively comparable in strength to those of my partners. I don’t mind if your MC is stronger than mine, but if every character you write is stronger than my MC, especially if my MC is written to be powerful in their own right, it gets annoying, and I will lose interest.
- This is more applicable for RPs in the Cave, but I will say it anyways. I will not do pure smut. I certainly don't mind adult content/intimate scenes, but that will not be all the RP is about. There needs to be more than that, and those scenes need to make sense in the context of the story.
- Obviously, board specific rules also apply!

Check out my resume!
"One day the earth will open wide and I'll follow you inside, because the only hell I know is without you." - Starset.

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