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Greetings and salutations, fellow spinners of fables and tales!

After a very long search for 1x1's on other sites, I've decided to get a little ambitious and see if there was any interest in a Legend of Zelda group here.

There are two particular settings I'm looking to do (three depending on how you look at it). Breath of the Wild, either exploring the pre-100 year period or trying our hand at the sequel that was recently announced, or a sequel to Twilight Princess.

Bee Oh Tee Dubs will require a bit of plotting and brainstorming, however I do have something prepared straightaway for Twilight Princess.

Behold! | +
Set several months after the events of what's become known as the Twili Invasion. Link is beset by nightmares of what he feels is a looming threat surrounding the Triforce of Power, now safely stored within Hyrule Castle's treasure vault following the death of Ganondorf. Unable to get his mind off it, he heads to Hyrule Castle to consult with Princess Zelda.

The Princess, unfortunately, is dealing with the reconstruction of the castle and a plague that's been spreading across Hyrule's water source. Her coronation as Hyrule's queen is fast approaching with her 21st birthday and resources are stretched thin. It comes as a surprise, then, when a mysterious foreign prince comes to offer his aid in not only rebuilding the castle, but also bringing much needed supplies to the Hyrulian people until the source of the plague can be weeded out.

Meanwhile, the Twilight Kingdom is under attack by beings who call themselves the Harbingers. Their origins are unknown, but they hail from the Twilight Realm and apparently pre-date the Twili themselves. Not only this, but they appear to be in direct contact with someone or someones in Hyrule and plan a second invasion. Midna utilizes what power she can and opens a temporary portal into Hyrule in the hopes of finding Link and obtaining his help in freeing her people and preventing catastrophe.

I would prefer to keep the group relatively small if I can, about 4 people, 5 at the very maximum, playing multiple roles. I do have lore set up for the Sheikah and Gerudo in Twilight Princess for anyone interested.

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