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 Post subject: Return of Jack
PostPosted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 8:25 am 
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Jack the Ripper, one of the most infamous serial killers of all times, in one of the most important cities in the world, even if some don't realize it. London has only grown more since 1888, many more killers have come and gone, along with many detectives and cops who have tried to solve the case. As well as many have claimed that they have indeed solved it, yet none have turned out to be real.
For any narcissistic psychopath, that kind of title is the all holy goal, to be know around the world for years after they are gone. If they happen to live in London as well, then maybe they will even challenge the legend himself, go after the title of Jack the Ripper. Yet for now, this is all but talk.. Or is it my friend?..

Maybe right now, in a dark alleyway in Whitechapel, where this all started, a, well let's call her a lady of the night to be nice shall we? No need to be throwing names around anyways, not yet at least.
Let's say that lady is currently bleeding out, unable to scream out for help as a man stands over her, a odd look in his eyes, it's not dead. More like like, interested to see what sounds or movements she would make as she dies. That man having put everything down to a second, only savouring his fresh kill for a moment. As the next moment he would set about quickly disemboweled, once done he would place a pawn on the woman's chest with a note covering it.

Moments was all he had, yet in that time he had killed, and disappeared into the night, the CTV cameras had suddenly gone done in the area as well, which allowed him to also clean up, then burn and evidence. Unlike like the old Jack, he would have to be much more careful. Yet that doesn't mean he can't have fun with whiched poor detective catches the case, as now, the game has started, the first step to his end goal. Jack was once more born, come morning, London would once more know the fear of Jack the Ripper.. This was a game of kings and Queens, and he is determined to come out on top.

So detective, the real question is, well you let the new Jack become infamous, or shall you come famous for bring him down?


So, I thought a horror/mystery rp around a new Jack the Ripper would be pretty fun. What I'm looking for is someone to play a detective from Scotland Yard who now has to play a game of cat and mouse with this new serial killer, who taunts this detective the whole time. Of course like any sort of rp like this, most of the rp would come from the detective, and the world around him/her. I of course would be playing a lot of the world, npcs, etc so the story can keep moving. Our killer will also be in every post to watch the world through his view as well. So think Dexeter meets Sherlock, both have a view, both very very different from most humans. Not saying you have to be Sherlock Holmes, just that most detectives see some ****ing up ****.

Ok, anyways, need a detective, and we'll talk later about who wins. It will come at the end. We'll talk about who made more mistakes, what world events around them have caused them to do what they have, etc. Also thanks for reading.


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