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Back from hiatus!

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In this scifi adventure, two opposite sectors of the galaxy are connected via tenuous nonaggression pacts and budding trade routes.

However, not all favor this ideal setup. Pirates from the Neutral Zones begin raiding one sides merchant lanes in an attempt to destabilize peace talks, and no matter the losses the pirates seem endless and undeterred. Thus our story begins, with you, my dear reader, being a prisoner aboard such a doomed pirate vessel on one such attack run. You are free to assume cotrol over this smaller frigate sized ship if you wish, though its destruction is garaunteed but in many ways could such happen. Be aware that Conferdacy ships, even merchants, use advanced shielding and armor technology. And that the CN(Confederacy Navy a common acronym i shall use in the rp) has advanved railgun and energy weponry over most any race except the rare secluded Mindori race, their system being the only purely neutral territory in known space.)

Below will be the starter to said roleplay. I dont have a character sheet for my own character, but you may make one of any race you see fit. Though please do be reasonable.


Several centuries ago, Xanas Valhala, one of the largest space vessels ever built for a single purpose, simply vanished. It was presumed lost with all hands, maybe an unfortunate victim of prototype space jump technology at the time. In reality, the ship simply jumped much farther than ever intended, exiting into an unknown sector far on the opposite side of the galaxy, well beyond the realm of colonized space. The jump had stranded the ship, burning out the jump drive, turning it into scrap in an almost crippling blast of uncontainable power. The ship was left adrift, her meager crew all alone as they struggled to keep her intact in the vain hope of reaching a planet, any planet, that would offer her cargo safety. For in the ships holds were half a million civillian and military personnel, all in cryo sleep for the indefinite amount of time the ship might take to find a hospitable or suitable terraformable world for them.

The last dregs of a wolven nation aboard the ship had been outcasts in normal space. Being a strong pack oriented race that was strong in the ways of warfare and peace alike, and thus feared and shunned by the other races in the same sector of the galaxy. While they sought no conflict, their steadfast resistance to the corrupt governance of the Federated Systems had brought war upon them. After decades of bloody conflict, their last colony was being overrun, the last of their people being forced to flee into the far reaches of space. And so, in desperation, Alpha Centaurus, the highest remaining leader of their people, organized an Exodus. Using their last reserves of material and technology, even scaenging the last of the navys ships for parts, the Ark Class was born. In its armored bowels lay the seeds of his civilization. 500,00 refugees and military personnel, frozen in sleep for the long journey to a new home.

And it was this ship that Her people came upon. The ship that changed her home and the way they lived. For Her people at the time were a young space faring race, with merely a handful of colonies spread throughout the solar system they called home.

That was centuries ago... And yet She couldnt stop her her thoughts from dwelling on it from time to time. She, as all her people, knew the stories and old tales of the peoples that had made the wolves come here. She sighed and shook her head, sipping from a cup of hot tea. It didnt matter. In time, their people merged, a new civilization emerging from loss and hope. They were now one people. Though the old ways still seperated the castes, there was little prejudice among them beyond friendly jabs and competition as was common with any people or military.

As head of her Clan, the biggest in service, she was a respected figure. She was feared by some, but loved by most. What was she? She was a Sergal. Her race being similar to the wolves that came to their home, yet very different. And she was unlike most. Being around 8.5 feet tall she was one of the tallest of her species ever recorded. Her frame was lithe and muscle bound, yet curvy and a bit on the healthier side of the scale. Her fur was unique to her race and colors, her chin down over her chest to her crotch, inner thighs, and the underside of her tail was a creamy tan shade. Her mane, arms, legs, back and the length of her tail were a unusal dark hue of blue, almost a navy or midnight blue mix. Along her back and tail she bore silver stripes. All four paws, just past the ankles and wrists, were of tge same silver shade. Her mane was well kept, it too having natural silver highlights. The tips of her pointed ears were also silver. And not to mention an odd tattoo along her right arm, a silvery lightning bolt going from shoulder to her mid forearm.
She was truly a sight to see.

Her thoughts were interrupted by her communications officer as he passed on a report of a mayday from a transport under attack near the edge of their current system. She growled, ordering all hands to stations as her imposing form sat in the command chair, holographic tactical screens appearing around her.

"Full speed! I want details Shomei.. Whos attacking them?"

The ship shivered as it surged ahead, its cruising speed merely a fifth of its combat speed, meaning the ships inertial dampeners had to catch up a bit slower than normal when jumping to full speed.


In this idea there are many tracks to take. But here are some background facts to know before considering this story with me.

I will mention that romance is possible, though im not comfortable doing naughty things in public, so itll be limited to normal PDA type stuff.

First is that in this sector of the galaxy there are only two main species. Those being the Sergal and Wolven. Both are anthro humanoid species, walking upon two legs.

Wolven tend to be around normal human height range, usually between 5-7ft tall. The tend to have tails similar to the wolves their ancestors evolved from. Though their fur colors are varried and much more diverse than said feral ancestors. They tend to be sharp minded and social, a pack oriented species. They were a technologically advanced race and tended to field advanced ships and weapons. Though they also used such knowledge for peace, having very sophisticated medical and economic technology.

Sergals as a spcies tended to be more nomadic and clan oriented in their early years. As they grew and expanded their knowledge of their world and science they came together. Though their early history is wrought with war and strife similar to human history. However, after a Great War, which devestated entire cities and clans, they came to the conclusion that warring among themselves would only bring the end of their world eventually. Soon their society calmed its way, science and progress becoming a focus to the clans. Space was a frontier long dreamed of and was the ultimate goal that united the Sergal Clans in peace.

Sergals as a race tend to average 6-7.5ft tall with long limber tails. They are a fierce looking species due to their feral ancestors being apex predators of their homeworld. To be honest,, only a photo could really show one what this species appears like. I shall post a link later in a reply below.

When both species met and eventually merged, they created a new hierarchy. They merged Wolven pack structure into the clans.
As such I will give a geberal layout of said structure here.

At the top is, as always, an Alpha. They can be male or female. Their word is law to any below them in a clan. They care for and lead a clan just as they would a family. And indeed clans Are tight knit families of a sort. Most families in a clan never stray away from it, with several generations often living together.

Below the Alpha is a Beta, or a pair if mated. They enforce and protect the Alphas will and reputation. They are generally seen as good natured, yet viciously protective. Unsurprisingly, many sergals and wolven share these traits. A Beta is often the XO(executive officer/ First mate in olden terms Arrr! Lol) of Clan leaders on warships.

Deltas. These make up the majority of clans. They are generaly the skilled warriors and technicians of a clan. They support the clans everday needs and security.

Omegas. These are only a small portion of a clan. They are generally elderly or handicaped individuals. Still respected and supported by the clan. They often hold positions such as librarians or cooks. They are wise and are often given preferential treatment by warriors.

Last of these are Dregs. These are clan members whove tested authority or comitted crimes that fell short of capital punishment. They are often janitors or prisoners of the brig. Lesser crimes allow work and pay in janitorial duties. Those in the brig however... Its up to the Alpha to ultimately determine their punishment.

In space, many naval ships are run by individual clans. The exception of this being carrier class ships. They often house two clans, one for the ship, the other being flight crews for fighters and shuttle craft. Most ships larger than cruiser class can house large marine contingents for ferrying troops.

One last list here. Ship classes. From capital class on down. This is by size, not firepower. In general, battlecruisers are the mainstay capital ship as they tend to have superior firepower, protection, and mobility. Most other classes of any size are specialized. Military ships tend to be bigger than civilian class ships for obvious reasons.

Capital classes:





Super Freighter


Passenger Liner

Medium classes:




Light Tankers

Private Passenger vessels(star yachts of the rich mostly lol)

Light classes:



Small passenger liners

Personal craft (shuttles or small inter planetary freighters)

This is just a general overview honestly. Each type of ship has several sub classes than might or might not be determined later on.

Last thing.

If youre interested in this, there are again, mainly Wolven and Sergals in this sector. There are also often foreign trade and dignitary ships seen in their territory. However. Theyve had conflicts with other species trying to encroach on their territory. You can be from any species, even humans. So if you create a character,  be sure to specify species and its intended allignment(neutral, hostile, ect).

However... I must point out that Humans and an Equine like race were the main agressors who forced the Wolven from their ancestral home. Joined by other antgro races to lesser extents. Thpugh, surprisingly, the tiger and lion like feline races stayed out of the conflict. Thus most Wolven, even now after about 60 years of new contact and peace, will distrust any human or equine.

After the war, both species fought with each other, turning on themselves in a bid to control the most of their ill gotten territory and stolen technology. Luckily Wolven ships were never captured even after their defeat, leaving the other races guessing at best how to copy said technologies.

After wearing themselves out decades later, cool headed leaders replaced those of the old depleted regimes. But the damage was done. Woth little more than a few thousand scatteted wolven prisoners left accounted for they came face to face with the horror of the genocide they, as many species, comitted.

Their last attempt of hope, tge only hope, for forgiveness, was made. They resettled every known prisoner on the ruined homeworld of the Wolven people. Then deemed it a diplomatically immune nation with strict naval blockades, these being in place to protect the last bastion of Wolven kind in their known sectors of space.

Now, after centuries to recuperate, there are two seperate Wolven societies. One secluded in Alliance held space, the other in Confederacy space. Again, neither nation knows of the others existence. Seeing as only rare trading conoys ever cross the neutral sectors into the confederacy for trading and occasional diplomatic missions.
These never truly work. As the Wolven and indeed Sergal kind, have a deep seated resentment for the alliances past mistakes. This said, the only agreement come upon is to open light trades and a nonhostility pact between the two regions. However, between them lie hostile neutral systems and space anamolies in uncontested space, wich makes trade hard seeing as no Alliance ship has the jump capability Confederacy ships do.

Im available through PM as wellfor any further questions dears.




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