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Bodies moved against one another as the music pulsed through the crowd of high schoolers. The air smelled of sweat and alcohol, dim lights glowed red, just bright enough to make out the person next to you, if you were a human that is. But every single high schooler there wasn't. They were wolf-born. Werewolves as the humans liked to call them but not the traditional type, the wolf-born having evolved in time so that they could control their shifts and their animal form was that of a real wolf. But these high schoolers wouldn't be able to shift until they reached the age of 19. Until then, they acted just like normal teenagers, just with heightened senses. Their strength and speed would come after the shift.

One seventeen year old girl in particular stayed to the edge of the crowd. Unlike most of the other wolf-born, she was on the heavier side and tried to keep away from others. She did feel the need to be with her pack members, but often ignored it because most of them were cruel to her for being overweight.

Scanning the crowd for two people in particular, she frowned a little when she couldn't find them. It was odd for her two best friends to not be the center of attention. Amber Zakowski and Brett Sanders were the two most popular people in their social group of the pack. Moving away from her corner and around the edge of the group, she headed up the stairs of Amber's home to see if they went out onto the porch connected to Amber's room.

Knocking lightly a couple of times before she pushed open the door slowly. "Am? Brett? You in here?" She called out as the door swung open. The light from the hallway revealed Amber on top of Brett while they were laying on Amber's bed. They had been locked together in a make out session but as soon as Amber noticed her standing in the doorway, she fell off Brett and quickly cursed as she grabbed her clothes from the floor. "Aubrey! Aubrey, honey, it's not what you think!" Amber started quickly, cold dread seeping in as she realized Aubrey had begun to tear up.

Aubrey felt the hot tears sliding down her cheeks as her hands curled up into fists. Gritting her teeth as both anger and hurt fought for dominance, she whirled around and raced from Amber's home. All the while, ignoring Amber and Brett's cries for her to wait. She knew! Amber knew i loved Brett! She knew! Aubrey thought as she jogged across the street to her own home and ran inside, slamming the door behind her. Sinking down to sit on the floor, Aubrey buried her face in her hands and cried.
First Day of Senior Year, Three months after the end of the year party...

Aubrey stood in front of the full length mirror, admiring her now flat belly and very feminine curves. Lean muscles now replaced the baby fat. Her white hair hung in straight, layers, framing her face nicely and complimenting her icy blue eyes perfectly. She was a far cry from the girl she had been three months ago, but it was all a major improvement. That's was her own opinion however.

Glancing at the digital clock beside her bed, Aubrey grabbed her clothes and went to the bathroom to shower. After she stepped out and dried off, she pulled on her under garments and went to the bathroom mirror to be sure her bangs fell on the correct sides of her head. Pulling on a red tank top, a black and red, checkered, button up shirt, a pair of skinny, blue jeans, her favorite black, converse, high tops, and a black beanie, she left the bathroom and grabbed her backpack. Not needing make-up, Aubrey rushed down the stairs and snatched up her car keys from the kitchen table. Waving a quick bye to her distracted mom, Aubrey left the house and slid into her cherry red 69 mustang.

It didn't take long to reach the school and she made sure to park in the back so no one would be near her car. Grabbing her backpack from the backseat and stepping out into the parking lot, she watched the other students begin crowding in the front door. She waited until it was just a few stragglers trying to make it in before the first bell before she headed in. Aubrey had missed the school orientation, having only just gotten back from her trip late last night, so she headed through the crowded hallways to the front office to receive her schedule. Being very aware of all the attention from her pack members, made her ears burn even though she knew it was only because they were shocked by the change.

Stepping into the front office, Aubrey waited at the front desk for the attendance lady to get her schedule. As she waited, she suddenly became very aware of someone staring intently at her. Glancing behind her, Aubrey's eyes met directly with Brett's older brother's eyes. Suddenly, she started to feel very self-conscious at the thought of the future Alpha and also one of the newest teachers, staring at her like he was. Clearing her throat nervously, Aubrey looked back down at the desk and tried to ignore him. This was very strange.. he had never paid attention to her before... Why now?

Okay so here is an introduction into the Rp! Brett's older brother is your character! This is a romance! Let me explain a couple things. Brett's older brother is the very soon to be Alpha of their pack. He is also a teacher at the school because until he becomes Alpha, he has to have a job in the pack. He is also 21-24 years old and already shifted so he can now tell who his mate is. And ta-da! It's Aubrey. A couple things to know. First of all, it's against pack rules to take a mate younger than shifting age. Second, it's against human laws for a teacher to have anything to do with a student. Here's the problem, once a male knows who it's mate is, he finds it impossible to stay away from her or keep himself contained around her. Also, your characters younger brother, Brett, now has a thing for Aubrey and can't understand your characters infatuation with her because your character can't tell anyone who she is until she has reached shifting age.

I hope that explains this! Let me know if you're interested!

Zimmie Kills Zombies

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