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A Sinner...A Saint...A..little bit confused. :D

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So I decided I wanted to do some 1x1 role plays. Since my main group role play, Shades of Eversprings. Has proven to be doing very well. I feel like I am stable enough to try some other role plays. Beneath this line are a list of brief rp plots that I have decided work well with a single partner in role play. They can be changed up as always with most of my plots, and input is always welcomed. With that in mind. I hope i can drag some of you into it.


Like many folks, I have A.D.D. I do not like admitting it, but my mind has tendencies to wonder. Normally when my attention is on one project at a time. I am dedicated as hell to it. This too reflects my skills as a story teller, and as a role play partner. I wont make it a promise, but I will always try my damnedest to show every roleplay I am part of. The same respect, and effort I would on a large project like my group rps. With all of this laid out before all of you, and with me pretty telling my damn life story. I really hope I can get some 1 x 1 rps started with all of you. I'm not sure how many of my rp plot ideas will get interest, but I can always hope the best.

Also another disclamer. Like most of you I am a writer. Trying my best to become a author some day. I was reminded that maybe i should make something clear. These plots are only for role play, and will never be put into anything outside of role play. These stories will only become something more if the role play partner's involved feel comfortable with it.

Thank you folks. =)


1. The Infinite Corps Series

I have decided to try out a few small role play plots that are part of the Infinite Corps series. These are a series of plots that deal with a military force known simply as the Infinite Corps. They are something of an enigma. Though it is rumored to be true. That they possess technology that allows for them to travel to distant lands. Beyond normal comprehension. Far reaching into dimensions unknown. Time forgotten, and places rather left not voyaged. Along the way they have sorta done, and maybe caused the destruction of a few planets. It's better off unspoken of what exactly drives them to what they do, but it's defiantly not your average reasoning.

Slight hint though.

It deals with killing Gods, overlords,empires,republics,governments of any form, and anything that is in their way.

Underneath this are a few named Operations that have been dedicated for role play, and probably may never see the light of day as any form of book. Maybe some day, but these are plots i really enjoyed the concept of.

1. Tales from the Infinite Corps: Operation Legion

A ship that had once belonged to United Galactic Republic. A old enemy of the Infinite Corps. Has emerged from some type of undocumented wormhole. A faint distress signal had been sent out from the vessel. Which the Infinite Corps had picked up, and has sent a Carrier Class Cruiser " The Leviathan" en route to intercept. On board "The Leviathan" is the 206th Special Operation Division. A new breed of mechanized super soldier. As well as standard ground forces, officers, and none-combat personal. This makes te Leviathan one of war, and rightfully so. If this "ghost ship" proves to be more then just a lost ship. The Leviathan and it's crew has been granted full permission to engage with extreme prejudice.

2. Tales from the Infinite Corps: Operation Fallen Guard

The Infinite Corps has been asked for help. Which is rare due to the nature of what they do, but it is a plea for help with some major rewards. A system of planets has fallen under major duress due to some form of infection. A infection that had spread at quite an alarming rate. Said infection is something new, but yet there are doubts that among members of the Infinite Corps. Why would they be called in, and for what reason? They do not exactly get along well, or play well with governments. None the less. A sizable chunk of money has been offered, and they have decided to take said offer. Unannounced to the I.C though. There are secrets shrouded beneath the surface of this infection. Secrets that even the I.C may not be prepared for.

3. Tales from the Infinite Corps: Operation End Day

This is the moment where darkness and light must crash together in a bout of destruction. The tides of war have arrived in the Milky Way Galaxy, and our friends in the Infinite Corps are the last line of defense. A Empire which has spanned multiple galaxies has arrived to make the Milky Way Galaxy it's next prize. Several solar systems have already fallen, and the Infinite Corp's must take a stand. They have worked too hard, and come too far to let this happen. They will destroy this force, and when they are done. The Infinite Corps will make it a point to come for this Empire's home world.

4. Tales from the Infinite Corps: Operation Tyrant

Some empires rise. Some Empires fall. The Empire of L'okar seems to be in the middle of both. Caught in a power struggle between two siblings seeking the throne. Both equally power hungry, and hell driven in nature. Their internal conflict has lead to the awakening of something old, something powerful. The Infinite Corps has arrived on Planet to secure this power, and use it for their own means. Only to realize that their arrival, and eventual meddling of the two siblings. Could lead to the destruction of the entire planet.

5. Tales from the Infinite Corps: Operation Inferno

They say the path to hell is filled with good intentions. So if the path to discovery, funny enough. So with this in mind. It is only reasonable that some " highly intelligent" scientist had discovered a way to open up a gateway. Said gateway might be an opening to..something really really bad. Let us keep it that way boys and girls. Also said scientist works for the Infinite Corps..Did we mention this crazy, self inflicted, **** happens a lot to them...Yeah. Either way. It may prove to be an interesting exploration into chaos, or might just kill us all. I like option A.

There will be more operations added later, but those were the top five plots that were already figured out in my head. There is a mixer of fantasy and science fiction elements included in each plot. I try to keep it wide range enough to allow people a chance to modify, or come up with ideas themselves.


2. The C.U.L.T Files

Inspired by science fiction shows and film I enjoyed growing up. The C.U.L.T Files is a role play about a elite agency formed by the United Nations back in the 1960's. Much like the inspirations. X-Files,Special Unit 2, and M.I.B. This role play deals with the supernatural, extraterrestrial, and rather strange subject matter.

The plot lines beneath are episodic in nature, but can be role played in any order. Yeah also kinda had to change a few case numbers cause i realized time difference planned. Meh oh well. So screw it..their not really in order. It doesn't matter. It will be a fun romp anyway!

Also by different role play partners. Much like I.C. The C.U.L.T Files are going to be plots that deal with mature, yet really entertaining subject matter. A test of morality, and of our place in the world. As I.C, I will add more episodes as I come up with them. This is just a small piece of what i want to bring in. I think i would like to keep the modern setting just because I thought of some fun stuff. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask.


C.U.L.T stands for:


1. The C.U.L.T Files: Case File # 34 "Shadow-Man"

What you are about to read is top secret. So unless you are an Agent who belongs to our origination. Please stop reading now, or the strange noises outside your window-frame will get a lot louder.. I mean it. Ask the last guy who went snooping into our business...We can arrange a meeting if you like. Alright enough threats. Time for some brief plot exposition.

Case File # 34. "Shadow-Man". Now this was a case.

About a months worth of surveillance down the damn drain. The operation was simple. Some damn university somewhere in Maine was dealing with something "strange". Sightings of a shadowy figure appearing on campus had caught several of the students, and facility off guard. Reports of multiple appendages, glowing red eyes, a mist coming out of nowhere with it's arrival. Pretty much all of the fun stuff. It had started to get really bad, and had even caused some of the local police to investigate. Of course they were unprepared, and had no idea of what their were dealing with. Long story short. They found nothing, but lost a couple officers. So after they failed. We were asked to investigate. To put things in a less complicated, or complex manner. Our Agents are selected from a unique walk of life. One that is unknown to "civilization". They have abilities, said abilities allow them to handle cases that prove too out there. For normal people. Yet even with these special Agents. There are mistakes, plenty of them.

As I stated before. We had started our investigation into the college grounds under the guise of damn landscaping business.

Your mission is simple.

1. Arrive at the college,

2. Interview the students and facility.

3. Find out what happen to our Agents

4. Also. Nab the shadowy bastard, and use lethal force if you need to.

Good luck Agents, and god speed.

2. The C.U.L.T Files: Case File # 95 "Old-Blood"

What you are about to read is top secret. So unless you are an Agent who belongs to our origination. Please stop reading now, or the strange noises outside your window-frame will get a lot louder.. I mean it. Ask the last guy who went snooping into our business...We can arrange a meeting if you like. Alright enough threats. Time for some brief plot exposition.

Case File # 95 "Old-Blood"

Alright so this is a operation that was rather odd. We found ourselves in the United States once again. Near the borders of the Appalachian Mountains. Our Agents were sent into a mountain town called Eversprings. Now we have been trained to handle some extraordinary cases, and damn do we not have some. This town though. The data we recorded and investigations that went on. We have enough stories to last us for at least 100 some damn nightmares worth. None the less. We were only here to investigate a particular case file.

One Mother Neta. Her case was an interesting one. Apparently long ago at the local windmill in town. A bread-maid whom had been with child. Found herself dragged into the same grain grinder used to grind wheat into grain. She did not survive the encounter. The screwed up part. The bread was stilled made, and nowhere was even aware she was dead. Not until they ate the bread that she was baked into. The taste of copper, which for reference. Is the same taste you get when you ever have had a bloody lip, or nose. Was all the local townsfolk could taste. After that. Children soon went missing, and people around the Mill began to report the sounds of children's laughter by the Mill.

After a while it was soon realized what had happened. Mother Netta was never given a proper burial, or even ceremony. Instead her spirt roamed the land, and took the children from the local townsfolk under the age of 10. The villagers were desperate, and could only do one thing. They began to hold festivals on October 13th. Which normally falls on a Friday. Yes that is weird. Bread was baked and served to the town. Also a woman would dress up as Mother Netta, and sacrifice her child to the windmill. This appeased the spirit, and brought the town peace. Until current times, and no one even knows there were proper festivals for her. Which is great, because apparently she is back with a vengeance. Things have started to occur in town, and our agency has been contacted to investigate by the local town Mayor..

Alright Agents. You know the routine.

1. Once you arrive in town. Set up a base of operations.

2. Speak with the locals, and discover the truth about Mother Netta

3. If you can. Make contact with the aperaition, and see if you can find out why she is ****.

4. Don't get yourself killed.

As always. Good luck Agents, and god speed.

3. The C.U.L.T Files: Case File # 67 "A Child's love"

What you are about to read is top secret. So unless you are an Agent who belongs to our origination. Please stop reading now, or the strange noises outside your window-frame will get a lot louder.. I mean it. Ask the last guy who went snooping into our business...We can arrange a meeting if you like. Alright enough threats. Time for some brief plot exposition.

Case File # 67 "A Child's love"

We are taught as agents that our connection to the outside world. Is that of a shadow standing in your doorway. Nothing we do is ever personal, or to include any of our past lives. Yet even as agents. We make mistakes. One such mistake happened to one of our operatives in their home of Berlin, Germany. A mysterious figure arrived in town one day, and with it's arrival. So did bodies of young children whom had been spotted floating up from one of the local canals. This Agent made it a point to take this case personally, and so doing so has broken some rules in the process. Command of course looks down on this, and we need to intercept the agent.

We are not sure if there is more to the story. Which there always is, but we need to catch up with the rogue agent before they end up harming their selves. That is where you come in Agents. You are granted full permission to use any sort of ability or devices on this one. We trust you will be very discreet though, and handle the mission as professionally as you can.

1. Make contact with the Rogue Agent

2. STOP the Agent from hurting their selves, and anyone else whom they have thrown into their mission.

3. Discover info about the strange, and take action if you need to do so Agent.

As always. Good luck Agents, and god speed.

4. The C.U.L.T Files: Case File # 76 "The wolf and the Herder"

What you are about to read is top secret. So unless you are an Agent who belongs to our origination. Please stop reading now, or the strange noises outside your window-frame will get a lot louder.. I mean it. Ask the last guy who went snooping into our business...We can arrange a meeting if you like. Alright enough threats. Time for some brief plot exposition.

Case File # 76 "The wolf and the Herder"

Alright Agents, we may have a interesting case this time around. So I am sure everyone has read "The Hound of the Baskervilles." If you haven't. Well long story short. It deals with the ever so charming detective known to the world as Sherlock Holmes. Based on Dartmoor in Devon in England's West Country. The book tells a story of a violent, supernatural hell hound that haunts the Baskerville family. Now of course this is only a tale of fiction, and in the book it is discovered it was only a elaborate ruse. Problem is...there might be some truth to it.

Hellhounds as they are so lovingly named. Are demonic beasts in nature that stalk the living. Described as monstrous dogs that even the very sight of can cause a person to die of fright. Also appearently they do have a blood lust. Stories and tall tales of people being torn apart by these beasts has been reported through out the decades. So guess what Agents.. That is right. You get to investigate such a case. Apparently in a small village outside of London. Reports of a large beast stalking the livestock, and possibly the farmers has caught our agency's attention. Your mission is simple.

1. Find out what the beast is.

2. Meet with the locals, and see if you can gather some info.

3. If the beast is real, and possibly violent. Put it down..or capture.

As always. Good luck Agents, and god speed.

Mission Update

Rp Partner:

Chemical Lady

5. The C.U.L.T Files: Case File # 89 "The Lonesome"

What you are about to read is top secret. So unless you are an Agent who belongs to our origination. Please stop reading now, or the strange noises outside your window-frame will get a lot louder.. I mean it. Ask the last guy who went snooping into our business...We can arrange a meeting if you like. Alright enough threats. Time for some brief plot exposition.

Case File # 89 "The Lonesome"

Only the lonely. Know the way I feel tonight. Only the lonely."

That was a quote from "Only the Lonely" by Roy Orbison.

Good song, always a fitting entry into this file agents.

As children we are raised by our parents to believe that only the living can hurt us. That we do not need to believe the tales of the dead, or "scary stuff". Their just stories, and not at all real. Well Agents. You and I know better.

Such is the tragic case of Miss Elizabeth McKee.

Born on June 6th 1845.

She was the daughter to a well known slave owner down in New Orleans. Her father, a fair, yet cruel man. Owned almost maybe 60 some slaves, and made it a point to work them until they died of exhaustion. Some even say he had a thing for the younger slaves. Though of course this was all here say, and maybe just some false tales. Either way. He was a man who was beloved by his fellow southerners, and despised by his slaves. You don't even want to know what he did to his house slaves...Alright enough info on that part Agents

When Elizabeth was of the age of 17. She was to marry a rich, well respected up and comer in the cotton industry. A man by the name of Arthur D. King. Now Arthur was of the age of just 25. Pretty young for a industrialists, but did very well for himself. He and Elizabeth were to be married, and she was to be his wife. Bare his children, and on the grounds she give him at least 3 boys. Now I know what your thinking agents. This sounds rather screwed up, and clearly against women's rights. You be right it is, but that is how things went back then. He had money, Elizabeth's father wanted more money, and knew his daughter would be a easy way into it.

Fast foreword a few years. Elizabeth did bare him children, two boys, and three girls. Not exactly what was part of the deal, but Arthur was satisfied none the less. Fast foreword past the Civil War, and some rather tragic events in the family. Including her husbands demise in said Civil War, and the freeing of the slaves. Elizabeth is a widow, and pretty much struggling to keep her children with food. Her father can't help her. Since after he lost his slaves, and was in ruin. Took his own life, and with all of her family in the same boat. She was a woman bound for disaster..

So..with no money, no food, her home about to be taken by the bank. Elizabeth could only do one thing for herself, and her children.

On the very night before she was to lose her home. She had asked her children to take the horse and carriage into town. This bothered the children very much so. They wanted to stay with their mother, but she had told them everything would be fine. She hugged and kissed each one of them one last time. Made sure they looked presentable, and well dressed. She even made sure to give the 5 whatever trinket or memento she could. Once the carriage had been filled with their possessions, and whatever else that they could carry with them. She waved them goodbye, and off they went.

Once they arrived in town. They were stopped by a local bar owner. He noticed the 5, and asked them why they were out so late with the carriage. Only when they explained what their mother had told them. That the man scrambled to the local police. It was too late by then. By the time they arrived at the house. The entire plantation was erupted in a fiery inferno. Long story short. By the time the fire had been put out. Only the burned ashes of a once decent home remained. The strangest part about it all. Elizabeth's body, or ashes had never been recovered. The bank took the land, and made sure to have the house remains removed. A new, more modern mansion was built upon the old plantation.

Though shortly after. The new residents in the mansion were bothered by the noises of a woman's crying. Loud bangs, and the smell of smoke in the air. Pictures and even portraits were flung about,. Even the grizzly face of a young woman was seen outside of the resident's windows. It got to the point that the people who bought the home moved out, and it was placed back on the market. To this VERY day that home has only had maybe 6 families in it, and all have left. Though this is where the story gets interesting. One of the great, great grand children of Elizabeth's is a well respected governer down in New Orleans. He grew up like many of the decedent's of Elizabeth's children knowing of the stories, and has decided to use his connections. To make a call to our organization.

So Agents, here is the mission.

1. Spend a night or longer in the home.

2. We have full support by local law enforcement, and state police to conduct our investigation.

3. We are sending in a decent sized task force for this one.

4. Pacify the spirt, or find a way to settle her down. There is something else going on here, but we need to find out what.

As always. Good luck Agents, and god speed.

Mission Update

Rp Partner

Sound of Silence


Well there you have it. Just two series, and more will be updated and added. As i figure out what I like to do, and rp. I'm not sure who i will attract, but whatever happens. I look foreword to what will come. Take care folks, and thanks for reading. =)


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

H.P. Lovecraft


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