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Hi people! I've been rping on and off for the past few years but school is a serious drain. SOOO... In order to make things higher quality at a lower stress level. I'm looking for people who are invested in very relaxed roleplay schedules with a high focus on content quality. The ideas I've placed below are some old ones that I still have an interest in doing:

The Genesis Collection:

The universe has gotten a little less lonely. This roleplay would have an intergalactic feel to it. The main point of the roleplay is to slowly craft the universe as we go. Our characters could be space travelers, diplomats, slavers, embassadors, scavengers assassins, monks, raiders, hunters, whatever we feel. This universe would have a bit of a feel like Star Wars.

Earth: is a wasteland planet filled with mutated monsters, inhospitable environments, and desperate wanderers. This planet is home to some very advanced technologies in scrapyards (known as Robot Graveyards by the inhabitants) but coming to this planet is very difficult. There are a few trading communities but they are small and far apart; they mostly ship useful salvaged materials out in return for supplies.

The Arc of Dreams: A place home to humans who have chosen to become one with machines. This planetoid about half the size of Pluto, orbits around the sun in the main belt. This solar powered machine simulates an ideal human life and will continue to its simulation until the body suffers a system failure. All the information about the Earth and its past inhabitants is catalogued here from the beginning of the project until the launch into orbit.

Gliese: A tropical planet with a diverse topography, home to primordial life and an anthropomorphic species known as the Dalethi; The beings are about average human size range and live in tribal colonies on the planet.

Whatever you want: This roleplay is definitely in the works and would allow the roleplayers to create creatures and worlds all their own. This can be anything from early life planets to advanced city-scapes to ancient ruined worlds. Robots and augmented beings would be a playable option (people can either transplant their minds into bio-tech or have their consciousness uploaded into a machine). Magic wouldn't be an option but if you can explain it as science I'd accept it.

The Paragons:

You've never really slept. You'd close your eyes and let time pass because that's what you've been taught is right.

This roleplay is about Superhumans that have the ability to communicate with what some people consider the supernatural. In this roleplay, all mythology and paranormal beings are known as anthropoids and are given danger classifications. Our characters are the only beings able to take on what's really behind "hauntings" and "possessions". Our characters would become a team under the Paragon Agency and we would work to fight against anthropoid threats. (Sort of similar to hollows in Early Bleach / Xana in Code Lyoko)

..... This roleplay could get very dark: things like demonic possession, gruesome murders and graphic sexual content could arise.

Cambridge Chimes:

The least developed of my ideas. A home for the animated. These creatures (mannequins, toys, fire balls, appliances, dolls, clockwork machines, puppets, etc.) are magical in origin and inhabit a school where they learn about the humans that came before them and their magics. This rp takes place in a magic world where humans have disappeared after giving life to the inanimate world. The world is lush with green life reclaiming the ancient cities and there are thriving communities of animated creatures. There are also darker places, where much more powerful creatures have been animated (skyscraper colossi, Transportation titans, clocktower beasts), these creatures remember the old world and are consumed with hatred for the changes that have taken place.

To be fair, I don't know what would be the plot of this one, but the thought of a little carved doll standing against a beast the size of a skyscraper just seemed kind of cool.

I'm a big fan of:
AUs: I like playing original characters in an established television or game universe.

  • Dragonball
  • Eragon
  • Harry Potter
  • Inuyasha
  • Marvel
  • Naruto
  • Pokemon
  • Teen Titans
  • Young Justice
  • Yu-gi-oh GX

[bGenres: [/b] Anything with a "**" is new to me but I'd be willing to try it out

  • Fantasy (Fantastic realism+Modern + High)
  • Horror**
  • Mystery**
  • Post-apoc
  • Slice of Life
  • Superheroes

I always prefer to have a small group if I can, but I'm not terrified of 1x1s so if you have an idea and want to roleplay it, let me know and we can work out a story together!

I suck at romance but I do want to figure it out in a roleplay setting. I can play male or female and do whatever pairing.

I'll be updating this thread occasionally with more ideas as they come. I'm not limited to these ideas however and if you have something you'd like to write with me let me know here and we can work it out!

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