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PostPosted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 8:47 am 
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Hello everyone, looking for one or two new Rp partners who are interested in fantasy adventure type stories. So this is the game i'd like to run:

Trial of the new king/queen
The king is dead and the next successor must be found. In this kingdom, the way you find the next ruler, is by conducting an ancient trial. Only a noble of high enough status is allowed to participate, which still means around 100 people trying to find their glory.
The trial consists of finding a powerful relic inside of a massive, dangerous labyrinth, with magic, monsters and traps galore!

Our characters are both nobles of rivaling houses, but we've never really bought into the hype of having to nurture an ancient grudge (held over from a previous trial perhaps), and instead we became friends. When the trial sounded, we decided that instead of going it alone like all the other idiots, we would go it together!

Our friendship (budding romance mayhaps?) will be tested along with our skills in this race to see who will be the next to sit on the throne! Will our alliance be strong enough when the final reward is in sight, or will a silver medal seem simply too little after all that's been sacrificed for this?

I'm thinking this game has the freedom to introduce really wild or interesting scenarios, anything can be behind the next door, on the next floor etc. Not everything has to want to kill you, things live down here after all. I'm thinking a good idea is to think about the mentalities and skills of the other challengers and introduce them later, either to kill us, work with us or work with us then kill us.

I'm not completly sure which character I'd make for it, it really depends on what you think, since the main thing is that the characters should complement one another.

On the one hand I want to improve myself with every chance I get, write, study and draw in every waking moment.

On the other hand I wanna just lie in bed and watch cartoons literally always.

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