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 Post subject: Cowboys and Angels
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 1:57 pm 

Always Looking For RP Partners

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There are a lot of outlaws in the West, but there is one of them that outranks them all. Though he does bad things, he does have a kind heart. He doesn't kill people unless it is absolutely necessary, but he is incredibly good when it comes to robbing banks and other places. His gang finally gets fed up with his views and ambushes him in the small town of Bostwick. He tries to fight back but in the end, his gang ends up killing him, leaving his lifeless body in the middle of the road. Lucky for him, his Guardian Angel has been watching him since he was born, and tried to lead him on the good path. She witnessed his tragic backstory, and has been watching ever since. She watches as his gang betrays him and descends onto Earth. She takes him into an abandoned house and heals his wounds, making it so that he has absolutely no wounds, not even scars from the multiple bullet holes that had been there before. When he awakes, he is confused as to how he is alive until he sees that she is an angel. His angel. Though she descended on Earth, she cannot find a way to get back to the Heavens. But now that she is on Earth, word gets spread that the outlaw has the presence of an angel on his side. Many gangs try and go through him to get to her, but he swears that nobody will hurt her. He needs her. He is stronger with her, and eventually he grows to care about his angel. When she confesses her feelings to him, she is now fair game to demons and humans searching her out. She fell in love with a mortal, meaning she was exiled from Heaven. Now as a Fallen Angel, he has to protect her from being taken by demons or death.

So yes, that was a long explanation, but I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time! Your character would be the outlaw (I would like a male to be the outlaw please) my character would be the angel. I hope I explained this enough. This can be altered as well. We don't necessarily have to jump right into her falling, we can take our time and make it so that the outlaw takes revenge on his old gang for stabbing him in the back.

Click these links that will lead you to what I like to do and my characters! Please PM me if you would like to play with me ^-^


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