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Always Looking For RP Partners

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Ok, so since I have yet to make a thread of my interests to completion, I'll do it now! This list will always be updated, so check back if something new was added. I'll be keeping this as a link in my signature, just because it is in the Alpha section of this amazing place, does not mean I only do Alpha. I will do Beta and The Cave, but sadly I write too much to be in Omega and I can't handle the one liners. Sorry if that's a bit of an inconvenience.

So onto the rules! I know, I know, boring... We'll get to the good stuff soon, promise. ;)

• I only play female characters as this is what I am more comfortable with. I will play small secondary male roles if need be, but other than that, please do not ask me to play as a male.
• I do both MxF and FxF pairings, so all you need to do is ask or tell me you're preference
• Please DO NOT control my characters. I don't respond kindly to telling my character what to do unless it is me controlling them.
• I do respond in a timely matter. Depending on the day and how busy I am, I am usually available a lot to replies. I will never randomly disappear. If I have a problem and won't be around a lot I will tell you. If I am no longer interested in our RP I will tell you instead of just leaving you high and dry.
• I am perfectly fine with kissing and other things as long as it is consensual between both characters. I will not do anything that involves sexual violence towards ANY characters. (I know it is listed as one of the rules of this place, but I needed to reiterate)
• Do not ask me to rp with you through PM. I will absolutely refuse and will not be your partner. (It is a rule of this place as well but a rule for myself too)
• Please be patient with me. If I cannot be around, I will tell you. If I don't answer in a timely matter, please give me a poke. Other than that, do not harass me to reply or I will not reply and end our partnership for that RP and any future RPs

Wow that was a lot of typing for rules! But have no fear, it's the fun part now!!!!


Slice of Life


HumanxHuman (depends on the plot)

(More to come or suggest something to me)

Fandoms: *These are the fandoms I am into, I will list the name of the fandom and what pairing I would like next to it*

OC= Original Character
Canon= Characters true to the story
*Genderbent= I will genderbend a character in this
Plot Based= We will decide if you're interested

Black Butler: OCxOC, OCxSebastian, SebastianxGrell (I think of Grell as a woman thank you)
Is It Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?: OCxOC
My Little Pony: OCxOC, OCxCanon
The Devil Is A Part-Timer: OCxOC, CanonxCanon *Genderbent
Undertale: OCxOC, GenderbentAsrielxOC, UndynexAlphys, TorielxAsgore
FNAF: ManglexFoxy, OCxOC, OCxCanon
Lord of the Rings: OCxOC, OCxCanon, CanonxCanon *Genderbent
The Hobbit: OCxOC, CanonxOC, CanonxCanon
Star Wars: Plot Based
Once Upon A Time: Plot Based
Bates Motel: Plot Based
Game of Thrones: OCxOC
Anything Disney: Plot Based
Anything Tim Burton: Plot Based
Assassins Creed: OCxOC, OCxCanon
Skyrim: OCxOC
Legend of Zelda: Plot Based
Zootopia/Sing: OCxOC, CanonxOC, CanonxCanon
Doctor Who: OCxOC, CanonxCanon, CanonxOC
Torchwood: OCxOC
Pokémon: OCxOC
Constantine: OCxCanon *Genderbent
Sherlock: CanonxCanon CanonxOC *Genderbent


What If The Dragon Loved The Princess?

Once Upon A Time.... There was a Princess/Prince who loved material things. His/Her castle was the greatest where he/she held fantastic parties where the whole village would go and celebrate him/her and his/her royalties. One night during his/her beautiful party, an old woman came in from the cold and begged for his/her help and to give her shelter for the night. The woman had nothing to offer but a single white rose. The Prince/Princess laughed at the woman and turned her away. The old woman asked again and when the Prince/Princess turned her back, the old woman turned into a beautiful enchantress. Realizing what he/she had done, the Prince/Princess fell to his/her knees and begged for forgiveness. The Enchantress was not pleased with the Princes/Princesses actions and laid a curse on him/her. She turned the Prince/Princess into a large dragon, upon his/her transformation, the castle crumbled because of the height and weight of the dragon. The Enchantress said that if he/she can learn to love and have someone return the love by the time the last petal falls off of the white rose, the curse will be broken and he/she will be returned to his/her normal human self. After years went by with the curse still not broken, the Prince/Princess gave up and assumed the position of a dragon. Some even say that to this day, the dragon lives on the top of Hano Mountain to the South, kidnapping Princes/Princesses in hopes of breaking the curse.

So this is a very flexible rp when it comes to the gender of the characters. We can do MxF or FxF, it also does not matter to me whether I am the Princess or the Dragon, I will let my partner pick who they would like to be first! This is kind of a take on Beauty and the Beast, but playing off the idea that what if Dragons kidnap Princesses or Princes because they are just lonely creatures searching for love?

Cowboys and Angels

There are a lot of outlaws in the West, but there is one of them that outranks them all. Though he does bad things, he does have a kind heart. He doesn't kill people unless it is absolutely necessary, but he is incredibly good when it comes to robbing banks and other places. His gang finally gets fed up with his views and ambushes him in the small town of Bostwick. He tries to fight back but in the end, his gang ends up killing him, leaving his lifeless body in the middle of the road. Lucky for him, his Guardian Angel has been watching him since he was born, and tried to lead him on the good path. She witnessed his tragic backstory, and has been watching ever since. She watches as his gang betrays him and descends onto Earth. She takes him into an abandoned house and heals his wounds, making it so that he has absolutely no wounds, not even scars from the multiple bullet holes that had been there before. When he awakes, he is confused as to how he is alive until he sees that she is an angel. His angel. Though she descended on Earth, she cannot find a way to get back to the Heavens. But now that she is on Earth, word gets spread that the outlaw has the presence of an angel on his side. Many gangs try and go through him to get to her, but he swears that nobody will hurt her. He needs her. He is stronger with her, and eventually he grows to care about his angel. When she confesses her feelings to him, she is now fair game to demons and humans searching her out. She fell in love with a mortal, meaning she was exiled from Heaven. Now as a Fallen Angel, he has to protect her from being taken by demons or death.

So yes, that was a long explanation, but I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time! Your character would be the outlaw (I would like a male to be the outlaw please) my character would be the angel. I hope I explained this enough. This can be altered as well. We don't necessarily have to jump right into her falling, we can take our time and make it so that the outlaw takes revenge on his old gang for stabbing him in the back.

Us Against the World

After an incident in a lab, the first bipedal, humanistic animal has finally become a real thing instead of people dressing as them. These animals have bred and have actively tried to become part of society. Though they have the same rights as humans, humans have not taken this new species lightly. They have taken things into their own hands and started to segregate the humans and Furries. The only places that are not segregated are schools and most job places. That being said, this is the story of a Furry girl named Lolly. She is tired of being treated like somebodies pet and decided to do something about it. On her campus in college she is protesting when she sees another Furry (YC) get bullied for being different. She steps in and saves (YC) who is a timid and shy male/female, intended on keeping his/her head down low and stay away. Lolly however, is very headstrong and ends up dragging (YC) into the world of protest and propaganda.

Don't forget, that this list will be edited in the future! Please come back if you don't see something you like later on and see if I have added it! Thank you for taking the time to read everything!

If you would like to play with me, send me a PM or comment below!



Click these links that will lead you to what I like to do and my characters! Please PM me if you would like to play with me ^-^


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