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I need a chicken to hug.

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Greetings Student,

I am Principle Hedgewire of the StarVale Academy. Your enrollment has been accepted by the Academy to participate in our unique learning curriculum. Within, there is a school ID that must be on students at all times in order to enter the Academy Grounds as well as a manual with information regarding our school. I, and the staff of StarVale Academy, both welcome and await your arrival this spring.

Principle Terry Hedgewire


You are aware that students will be living on school grounds. Each Dorm holds 2 students, with a total of 30 Dorms, separated from Boys to Girls Dorms. Our learning style is rather different than other schools, consisting of Star Battles, which involve students in special digital fights that challenge students on our curriculum. Each time a student wins a Star Battle, they earn Star Points that allow them to progress up in their grade. In order to maintain a good grade, Students must use Tokens during Star Battles to gain an advantage over their opponent. The only way to obtain Tokens is by participating in class by completing assignments, tests and exams. Tokens can also be awarded to students who win in a Star Battle, but can also be lost if they lose. Losing all of your Tokens will require special remedial classes in order to progress throughout the Academy.



  • Dorms are separated by Male and Female. Opposite genders are prohibited from entering opposing Dorms. (i.e. Males are forbidden in the Female Dorms and vice-versa)
  • Class starts at 8AM and ends at 4PM, Curfew is at 10PM
  • 2 Students per Dorm. Total of 30 Dorms (60 Students)

Ranking System

The Ranking System is made up of a Letter score from A to F. A being the highest and F being the lowest. A showing a student with more Tokens, compared to a Student in F with little to no Tokens. Students in F take remedial classes to gain Tokens. The Letter Ranking System is like a Leaderboard to showcase the top students in the school. Obviously any student with the grades A-C advance, where D-F are on the verge of remedial classes and a repeat of the year.


Tokens are awarded to students for getting good grades on assignments, tests or exams. Depending on how well a student did determines the amount of Tokens given. (A=6, B=5, C=4, D=3, E=2, F=1) Tokens are also used in Star Battles. Any Tokens used during battle are gone for good, which causes students to derive a strategy to win.

Star Points

Star Points are Life Points that every student has at the start of a match. Each student starts with 10 Star Points. The goal of the game is to get your opponent down to zero Star Points.

Star Battles

Students compete in what is called a "Star Battle" which is a digital battle made up of two fighters competing for Tokens. Each win or loss costs 3 Tokens. (i.e. Winner earns 3 or Loser loses 3) Each students starts out with 10 Tokens, which can be used to boost stats. A turn can be used to spend 1 Token on a stat, or to Attack or Defend from your Opponent. (For example, using a turn to spend a token to increase your Attack stat by 1 If you do that, you cannot attack or defend on the next turn) Upon attacking, you take away 1 Star Point. Star Points are your Life Points. Once they reach 0, it's game over.


  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Agility

Here is where it may get confusing. Try to keep up, alright?


John has 10 Tokens ✪ and 10 Star Points ✩ and decides to spend 1 Token on Attack. Therefore, he would have 9 Tokens

Attack x1

Max has 10 Tokens ✪ and 9 Star Points ✩ because John attacked Max, knocking off 1 Star Point ✩.

If Max had x2 in Defense, John's attack would not hit, because Max's defense is greater than John's attack. The only way to knock off another Star Point would be to up his Attack. If Agility is boosted, in increases the ability for an extra attack. It does not stack damage, as the damage is based off the Attack Boost and the opponent's Defense Boost.

I'll use symbols down here to explain it so its easier to see.

Tokens = ✪ , Star Points = ✩

Tokens: ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪
Star Points: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩
Attack: x1
Defense: 0
Agility: x2

Tokens: ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪
Star Points: ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩
Attack: 0
Defense: x2
Agility: 0

So even though John has x2 in Agility, he still can't land an attack on Max because his attack is still x1 where Max's defense is x2 Unless the attack is either equal to the opponent's defense (Only knocks off half a star point) or higher than the Defense (Able to knock off a star point equal to the Agility) (i.e. Attack is x1 and Agility is x2 But opponent has Defense x1, You would knock off 1 star, because Attack and Defense are equal, but Agility hits twice.)

If your brain doesn't hurt too much from all of that and you are up for such a rp, let me know! :p I tried to explain everything I possibly could from my chaotic notes. Hopefully it's not too confusing to work with. ^^

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