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As many of us know, the Republica was forever changed after Order 66. Though what would happen if this order never was carried, what if Mace Windu cut down Emperor Paplatine, and what if the clone wars never ended. Well this what I would like to explore, the real story is below!

After Mace Windu cut down the former leader of the galactic senate, the Jedi looked into Paplatine and his end goal to his plans, once they found out he was the mastermind behind the Siths, and that he had implanted order 66 into all clones. The Jedis choose not to revel the order, as it would cause to much unrest through out the galaxy. Instead they continued to fight the war.

As the war raged on, the Jedi and the Confederacy both won mager Victories through out, but the Sith were on the loosing side of the war in all. They had lost many of there key generals, yet they came up with a new plan. This was to cripple the clones, as they all shared the same DNA all they had to do was come up with a virus that could spread through out the DNA and to the clones, old and new. This plan would succeed, giving a huge blow to the Jedi and there forces.

Many lives were lost before the virus was cured, once cured the Jedi realized they needed a new set of clones to fight along side the old set. This they held a tournament till they found there new clone.

The war now stands at a stalemate, both sides winning and losing plants, the Sith bring more to there side, the Clones having two clone sights going, Jedi training more padawans.

Both sides know that this will only end when one side is all but gone, the only question is, who do you fight for?


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