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I have been bouncing ideas for an rp of Left 4 Dead, Dead Space, or Destiny around for a while now. Just wondering if anyone had anything similar in mind and might want to collaborate on them. The Dead space and Destiny Rps I would be happy with doing a 1x1 with someone. The Left 4 Dead rp I would hope to have four people to start it but I would be willing to start it with less and bring new charaters in as the story goes. I am open to having a romantic element to the rp as long as it somehow progresses the story in some way, shape, or form. Please note the plots these rps have will be flexible and character-driven to a large degree. These are just my thoughts for Rps I'd like to do, I'm open to suggestions for others. Feel free to message me if you are interested or have questions.

-Dead Space-
Two or more people meet moments before a necromorph outbreak on a newly established space colony. They are forced to work together to survive even with mounting tension, paranoia, and distrust making cooperation increasingly difficult. One character comes across a chunk of a recent marker stored in the deepest depths of the colony and starts suffering hallucinations of people whom they cared for. They fight their with through the colony, with one charater having to do an unintended space walk at a key point to allow the other character(s) to get to a new section of the colony.

A single (or a fireteam) of guardians find that a target that they have been sent to eliminate has already been terminated by a newly revived guardian that seems to be more than prepared to fight the forces of darkness than expected. The revived guardian maintains a guarded demeanor towards his fellow guardian(s) due to him remembering everything that happened to him before he died before being revived at the star of the Rp. During a key point, he reveals his past and relationship to his fellow guardian (or a guardian of the fireteam if there is a small group) as well as the Guradian Vanguard. My hope for this rp is to cover the Dark Below and The Taken King expansions in this rp. This one is one I would be happy to continue if it goes well leading up to the finale.

-Left 4 Dead-
Four people miss an evac chopper on the roof of the local police station and are forced to fight their way to a supposed safe zone three states west of them while trying not to kill each other on top of zombies. During course of the rp, it is decovered one charater is infected and has the ability to sense the special infected. This causes temporary rift in the group as one charater makes it clear the infected member should die "for the safety of the group".

"Find something to believe in and find it for yourself. Once you do, pass it on to the future." ~Solid Snake to Raiden during raid of Arsenal Gear- Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty.

"The past is hell. The future is what we make it to be." ~Me- Random thought that may or may not ring true.

Just a heads up, my reply speed will be rather slow for now. I haven't abandoned any rps at the moment but my ability to reply at the rate i was before has diminished by a great deal. I will get to the rps that need replys but it may be a bit in the meantime. Thanks.

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