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Name | Tarrant Hightopp

Alias | Mad Hatter

Age | 153 (33)

Gender | Male

Race | Cross-Dimensional Being

Accent | Welsh/Scottish Brouge

Height | 5'10"

Weight | 186lbs

Walk | an ambler, Hatter walks with his shoulders forward and arms crossed, engaging in casual conversation readily unless lost in thought. His steps are careful and he doesn't shuffle his feet.

Orientation | Pansexual

Occupation | Mercenary/White Pawn

Alignment | Chaotic Neutral

Mannerisms | holds his long shirt sleeves with his finger tips, talks too fast on occasion, can be quite childish, laughs at seemingly nothing, prone to spoonerisms, prone to anger, when stressed or nervous develops a different accent, twirls his ring when listening

Habits/Hobbies | drinks hallucinogen teas, enjoy's long island ice tea all day, collects and deals mushrooms, keeps broken tea cups, collects clocks.

Talents | hat juggling, foraging, haggling, high pain tolerance, knife throwing, mimicking, reading people, basic fighting skills, rapid regeneration

Likes | drug tripping, sitting in the forest, the smell of mulching trees, Hasley, Melanie Martinez, 80% Cocoa Dark Chocolate, fog, cats, payment in Psilocybin mushrooms,

Dislikes | birds, the Red Queen (though he'd never tell her that,) paper currency, cheats and liars, being scammed, being shot at, being told he's crazy or it's all in his head.

Mental Health | Schizoaffective Disorder: delusions, thought disorder, racing thoughts, euphoria, inability to feel pleasure, limited range of emotions or mood swings, hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis, hearing voices, grandiosity, social isolation, impulsivity, self-harm, sudden increases in energy, appetite changes or restlessness, rapid and frenzied speaking

Tarrant moved through the towering mushroom forest at a careful and observant forward side-step, holding the sleeves to his brown colored paisley long sleeve button up in his fingers as he scanned the ground for mushrooms ready for picking. He could smell them all around, as they towered above, and their gills were homes for crawling bugs and nesting bats. Humming to himself to the song "Control" as he listened to Hasley's album "Badlands" on the iPod he traded for that came to Wonderland on an Oyster. He had a satchel bag hanging to his left side, filled with various foraged vegetables and fungi, but he hadn't found what he had set out for yet. Psilocybin mushrooms were hard to come by in his forest now since he had almost harvested them into them being endangered. Even when he was careful to leave one or two so they could spore and make more. And it had grown quite dark since he had departed his tree house that morning. How many times had he listened to the same song? With a giddy laugh, he stood upright and then frowned as the music halted. There was a brief struggle with cords and his clothes before he pulled the iPod out of his pocket and was met with a black screen no matter how many times he pushed buttons. "Go to sleep then. I don't need you anyway." He muttered, shoving the head buds and iPod into his pocket and looking around. Now that he wasn't distracted by the music he was sort of lost. And he turned around looking at his surroundings. "Mushrooms...mushrooms that way, too..." He turned again, "Mushrooms! Mushrooms!" He said, cracking up laughing but showing an expression of fearful sadness. "They're all around me!" He exclaimed through the laughter, crying tears of sadness. "And they're not even the ones I'm looking for..." He mumbled, now very lost since his turning about. "Oh damn." He sighed, deciding on one direction and heading out through the mushroom trees and towering oaks as he lit the oil lamp he had with him to cut out the darkness.
He wasn't traveling long before darkness had completely fallen and he started to walk a little more quickly, for the telltale poem of what lies within the woods of Wonderland at night came to mind....
"Beware the Jabberwock, my son!
The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!
Beware the Jubjub bird, and shun
The frumious Bandersnatch!"
Or at least that part of it did. And the sounds of the forest creatures of the night waking up filled the air. With their cawing and screaming and rhythmic screeching, eyes flashing in reaction to the flame of his oil lamp. And he really didn't feel like he was going the right direction, but what could one more bend do? So, with a determined huff, Tarrant fixed his hat and waistcoat and set forward again. He would not be caught by the frumious bandersnatch! Surely not alive. But with a startled cry of fear upon what he saw running towards him around the bend, he stopped to a pause. The brightness of it against the night had not been something he had seen in a very long time. Surely it was not who he thought it was! Alice couldn't be back, could she? Tarrant took a careful step backward, and then several more as the figure came running at him. Maybe it wasn't Alice at all! Maybe one of the oysters escaped an auction! Then that meant that the Walrus and the Carpenter would be looking for it and he really didn't need the trouble of that affair.... Stumbling back he extinguished his oil lamp, thinking that if he just stood in the dark the Oyster would pass; unable to see their own glow. But, he had failed to actually move. And when he had been collided into he cried out in disgusted horror and jumped back; covering his face with his hands. He didn't want to have any involvement in this affair of the escaped Oyster. Not unless it was, in fact, Alice. There was a steady moment of Tarrant simply standing there with his hands over his face before he finally removed them and looked down into the glow of the Oyster. It wasn't a bright glow, just a pale shimmer on the skin, but enough to make them easy to see in the night. And the longer they stayed, the less bright they got.

Claiming: You can be Alice or another human, but you must be female and you must know of the Hatter either from stories or tall tales told by Alice or other people who have heard Alice's stories. Female between 20-26 years of age. Or if Alice/Alice substitute is claimed, you can be the dormouse, white rabbit, mad march hare, Red Queen, Walrus or the Carpenter.

Plot: Wonderland has sort of become a Dystopia and is far different from the stories, it has become sick with a disease of corruption. There are gangs against the government that is ruled by the Red Queen, rebellions if you will. There are also factions in cooperation with the government. The rebels remember when Wonderland used to be a happy free place and the factions are sick with corruption and cannot see Wonderland any other way...they are happy and content with their lives of drugs, cruelty, and gambling. Tarrant, however, is neutral in the matters of all this. Always been content to be himself, and always mad, he has hardly noticed that anything is really wrong. His friends Mallyumpkin the dormouse, Niven's the white rabbit and Thackery the march hare are all part of the rebellion and will make appearances. Through them Alice and Tarrant will hear of how to fix Wonderland, and from there the quest begins.


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