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PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 12:41 am 

I have returned

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I have returned from a long hiatus, and came with some good story ideas that I want to share and build with whoever is interested.

Persona: Panopticon, for 1x1 or group; a Persona story set in America, the metaverse takes the form of a panopticon. For those not aware of 18th century psychology philosophy, a panopticon is a prison where the inmates are always visible. You never know if you are actively being watched, but it's always possible that you are. The idea being that modern social networks, especially social media, operate as a panopticon forcing everyone to constantly put up a front in fear that any moment could get on camera. I have more ideas to progress from there, so if you're interested I'll happily share.

Revnant Strings, 1x1; A revnant, vengeful spirits with unfinished business, rises at the foot of the dark lords castle. Their soul is tied to the building. They cannot leave, and they cannot die until their debt is paid. Whatever the hell that is. An adventurer who wants to kick the dark lord's ass up between their teeth arrives at the castle. I have characters in mind for either role, if someone wants to fill the other we make about half a dozen different stories with this premise.

Holy Grail Wars, group (1x1 is possible but we'll need to write a lot of characters); NOTE: A Fate rp, I've got a real long burn story for this one so please only apply if you're in for the long haul. OK, now for the actual prompt.
Someone has messed with the Grail War ritual. Magical energy is spiking the world over, causing random cities to become hot spots for Servant summoning. And worst of all, the limits on how many servants can be summon are gone. It chaos, but also opportunity. With the rise in Servants, the rise of reward must be just as great. So summon a Servant, defeat other Masters, and take the Grand Holy Grail.

ARC; So this one is mainly just a setting I've been developing. I can give more details if asked, but mostly I just wanted to put it here for kicks and giggles. It's my interest check. Sue me.

-If you'll look to the right you'll see the broken, sad, remains of my sanity.
And now if you would look to your left, RUTABAGAS!-

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