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The Happy RP salesman

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I am the Happy RP Salesman, and I have only 3 requirements:

You must post in a literate fashion. this means that I need to be able to read it as sentences, not as l33t speak or run on crap.

You must give me something to respond to. in other words no one liners unless it is during a direct conversation between characters.

I don't do gay or lesbian RPs. I have nothing against it, I just never RP it right.

Now that that's out of the way, here are the ideas(this list will get bigger as I think of-and am given suggestions for-ideas)

My first idea is entitled MY OTHER HALF-BREED

It is set in a world of Hunters and Magical Creatures. The hunters are the villains in this, because the characters we play as, are a Half breed young man(my character) and young woman(your character), and are running from the hunters whom view them as prizes. but this world is different. There is a side to the reality where Magical Creatures can escape during the winter months and during their mating seasons, a sort of flip side to the hunter's reality if you will. Our characters would be trying to find it, and would meet when the young woman was running from the hunters and she just happens to find the young man in a forest.

This is a MxF and will not contain anything beyond fade to black, but will be a Romance RP

My second idea is entitled Demonic Purpose?

This is the story of a Shapeshifting Demon and his Nekojin(person with the traits of a cat, such as ears and tail for those of you who don't know) familiar whom both get trapped in a time stasis by a powerful sorcerer, but the stasis field has faded, and they find themselves in modern day America, on the outskirts of an as of yet undecided city on the fourth of July. they soon meet a university student girl and her best friend and while the Demon himself feels connections to the girl, the Nekojin Familiar falls for her friend.

This will be a multiple character for both participants RP, and a Romance RP

My third idea is entitled The Dog and his Pet High School Girl

This is a bit weird to most people. the world this takes place in is inhabited by 9'11" Canine and Feline bipeds, however your character would be a girl in her high school years FROM EARTH. she suddenly wakes up in a dark room, in a cage that is locked. Finding she is in a pet store, and American Eskimo Dog buys her and takes her home, and tries to be a "good pet owner". the girl finds that the Dog has a TV, Videogames, Movies, A human-esque bed, and the role reversal ensues. she is left at home like any dog would be in our world when he goes to work... but what happens when the dogs friends come to see the girl?

This will be a Friendship/comfort RP. a Slice Of Life/Role Reversal if you will.

The fourth idea I have is called The Bounty Hunter's Daughter

This is a Sci-Fi RP in which a bounty hunter kills a target, and finds he has orphaned a baby girl. out of some form of compassion, he raises her as his own, going so far as to have her as a partner in the family business. What happens when she discovers the truth about him. That she was not raised by her father, but by the man who killed her parents?

This RP doesn't really have a concrete plot, I just want to see what we can do with it.

The Fifth idea I had is called Specimens On The Run.

a group of children who are experimented on in a lab find their days to be monumental boredom and filled with needles and tests, training regimen. the whole thing is pain after pain after confinements in cells. These children one day find a note on their cell doors that says, "Prepare for a jailbreak."

After following the instructions given, they find freedom, but they are on the run from the scientists who were attempting to make them into super soldiers for wars they want nothing to do with. as they escape, they form bonds with each other and learn more about who freed them. We could take it a lot of different ways, so PM me if this is to your liking.

the Sixth idea is called, The Man Who Never Dies.

so this one may seem like a Mary-sue/Gary-stu RP, but I don't intend for it to stay like that. basically a man gets captured and locked in a maximum security prison. thing is, no matter what the men there do to him, he just shrugs it off in... interesting ways. one day he blows up, the next he shoots fire from his body, the next he freezes his captors solid.

Enter your character. She's a master of manipulating people for information. And somehow she is assigned to this man's case to see what makes him tick. As time goes on, he opens up to her...

But at what cost is all this information on him truly going to be?

This RP will be a relationship building RP and would most likely resemble a Joker/Harley Quinn-esque idea, however the man is not a psychopath, and the woman isn't an air head.

Idea Number 7: A Master of a Different Sort

This idea revolves around a man who finds himself at a slave auction, seeing a girl who he takes a liking to. He bids an obscene amount above the highest bidder, and is therefore the owner of the girl by default. Thing is, the girl has a secret:

She isn't human.

We can take this any way you want. Vampire? Lizardwoman? Nekogirl? basically the girl has abilities the man was previously unaware of when he bought her. When he finds out, rather than cast her aside, he seems overjoyed and treats her even better than he would his own sister. His family has died a long time ago and he seems more interested in her as a person than as a slave.

Idea 8 is called: The Boy From Under My Bed

A young girl finds that she is missing articles of clothing every few nights, and begins to suspect that there is something in her room. So she sets a trap. that trap happens to catch a... monster boy of some sort that explains he is her designated Monster, and his job since she was 4 was to scare her from under her bed. The two eventually would form a bond of some sort, sharing information with each other about their separate worlds.

Essentially I have a good plot for this, but I don't want to give too much away, other than tell you it revolves around a world of monsters who all use beds as portals to another realm.

Idea 9: A dragon and his keeper

The girl in this RP can be of any race, but the main idea is that she is in a war zone and finds an egg. Against her parents wishes, she keeps it, and a dragon hatches from it.

No, this isn't Eragon.

Afraid of people finding out about a dragon living with her, she runs into the outskirts of town, where she inexplicably is met with the dragon shape shifting his body to that of a young man.

And he's handsome.

The young dragon offers to hide in this form for the time being, on the condition that if she is ever in danger he will be the one to protect her.

that's as far as this idea goes for now. I would love to talk it over if you have the time.

The last idea I have for the moment is a... you guessed it... Legend of Zelda RP

This would take place as Vaati the Wind Mage is freed from the four sword, for the third time and the hero is split into four once again, however, this time, Ganon isn't pulling the strings, and Vaati simply wants to be left the f**k alone. however, as Vaati was only 21 when he was trapped in the four sword for millennium he hasn't aged from that point, and he is growing angrier each day... until he find himself captivated by a girl... a girl that seems... different. not evil, but she seems to not really care about legends and what is in the past, so he purposefully goes down from his Palace of Winds to find her, Dark Link following under the guise of Link as they try to hide his identity from onlookers. This would of course lead to having to do battle with the real Link, and a creature Vaati vaguely recognizes as a Twili will be noticed, as well as the girl wearing several different colors... strange...

This RP would most likely be written as though from both the heroine and the repentant Vaati's perspectives, altering between the Twili companion(an outcast in Midna's line, or simply a Twili who reveled in tales of the world of Light, and found a way to exist there.) and the Heroine, and Dark Link and Vaati's POV. To iterate this, IT WILL NOT BE A HYRULE HISTORIA BY-THE-BOOK NO-NONSENSE RP. This will just be a loosely based Zelda fanmade story.

If you RP with me, read This Notification

Shoulder Demon: (Looking at controls of train) "Let's see how many times we can wreck this thing before we're all dead."

Shoulder Angel: "Are you crazy?!?!?! you'll get us all killed!!!!!!"

Shoulder Demon: "That's the idea, Moron!"



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