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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2019 6:43 am 

Searching for RPs again!

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Anything with * surrounding the title means I am more inclined to do this one. if they are all surrounded in this, it means I haven't RPed any of them yet...

*The Man Who Never Dies*:

This idea revolves around a prisoner who has been captured by a NON-USA government organization. Instead of fearing them, he relishes in the experiments that they attempt. It quickly becomes apparent that he is no ordinary man as every time he bleeds, explosions follow. his blood is classified as flammable, his nerve endings are able to regenerate any body part that is removed, and he can freeze anything at a moment's notice by breathing. he seems to gain new abilities with every test done on him, so they lock him in a room to die, and he is forgotten. Enter your character. She is dispatched to get rid of the bodies as the war that caused the building to be operational shuts down.

Her first endeavor into the cell containing him, and she finds what looks like just another corpse...

Looking at him in horror, she believes she has stumbled on a dead man that has been here for a VERY long time when he suddenly raises his head and says in a ragged and tired manner, "I'm saved... they finally gave up..." before collapsing.

What happens to him next depends on the direction we take it, but I am probably going to play him as insane, and dangerous to boot. However, as he goes on, he gains an interest in the woman who saved his life as he confides in her.

Enter the Man Who Never Dies!

*Isekai'd to a World of Magic:*

Essentially this one is based off the anime trope of being resurrected in a new world full of magic that was impossible on earth. Questing guilds, dragons, demons and all that comes with that. I am not too particular on the specifics, so if you have a preference or idea about this one, feel free to pm me or just post it here!

*"Overlord" Anime Scenario, But With an Original Game World*:

This one is tricky. basically I want an anime sort of vibe, with a combination of "Overlord", and an Original world. so none of the characters from that, but a same sort of feel of being trapped in a game with a new reality and no way out.

*Death... Is My Father!*:

So the main character's father in this would be the grim reaper. in this case, this fact is kept secret and he goes to school normally, growing up with all that entails... until he meets a girl who just might like him... like... like him like him. which wouldn't be an issue, except that his job once he turns 18, is to become Death's successor. I have a lot of ideas for this one, so shoot me a PM if you need clarification or have questions.

More will be added if I think of any later on! As always I don't do these just one time around either. if you see one you like, please tell me!

If you RP with me, read This Notification

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Shoulder Angel: "Are you crazy?!?!?! you'll get us all killed!!!!!!"

Shoulder Demon: "That's the idea, Moron!"



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