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Heist Family Zero(Int.Check.(Reboot))
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Author:  JDizzle383 [ Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Heist Family Zero(Int.Check.(Reboot))

NOTE: this is a reboot of a years old idea. the format and idea have been copy pasted for the most part.

Welcome to Heist Family Zero, the highest payed criminal empire in the world. We steal things for the highest bidder, and sometimes just for ourselves if the Boss wants it. Who is the Boss? All you need to know is her name Mrs. Allaneous. You are here because you have unique skills or powers, and because you've never been caught by any hero or law enforcement in this Justice infested world. You are here to topple the Heroes of this world in force by dishing out the chaos and theft that we need to survive. Show those heroes why you should never divide by Zero!

You may be three separate members of Heist Family Zero to begin with and I will tell you if they need editing before we begin. you may have three core skills per person, and a skill tree as though they learn based on how often they use abilities.

Character Skelly:

Favorite things:

Name/s: Oliver and Lisa Versatilea
Age: 22/22
Alias/s: Oliver Twist, Lisa Le Fou(French for Crazy Lisa)
Gender: Male, Female
Lvl1 Illusions/ Imagination Projection/ Levitation
Lvl 2 Solid constructs/ Animal control/ Flight
Lvl 3 Clones/Summons/Teleportation
Favorite things: Lollipops, diamonds, Coffee
Backstory: they are conjoined twins who can shift their size and weight at will, their joined head at a ponytail on the back of their heads, and always wear a top hat to make it seem like there is only one of them there at a time to keep the element of surprise. very few know they are not separate people. their imagination is so powerful they can manifest it in the real world at their behest.

Name: Sebastian Crovanosia
Age: 47
Alias: The DeathBringer a.k.a. the Unkiller
Gender: Male
Lvl 1 Resurrection/Photographic Memory/Technology Builder
Lvl 2 Life Syphon/Rebuilder of memories/Technomancer
Lvl 3 Physical boost/Memory Replacer/Merging with Tech
Favorite things: Science, technology, His duties
Backstory: He is HFZ's butler, and lead scientist, making gadgets for others at their request. His hated enemy has charred his face beyond recognition, and as such the right side of his face is in a mask that closely resembles a skull.

Author:  thetruegarsot [ Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Heist Family Zero(Int.Check.(Reboot))

I will use the character I was gonna make from the last one. I will post it soon, still need to work on the back story.

Author:  thetruegarsot [ Wed Nov 07, 2018 10:05 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Heist Family Zero(Int.Check.(Reboot))

Name: Joann Crotel
Age: 52
Gender: Female

Level 1- Has a very strong intuition on where valuables are hidden as well as the ability to see incoming future events before they arrive.
Level 2- Can concentrate on a solid object that is up to 20 feet away and see through it. The thicker and denser the object the longer she has to concentrate.
Level 3- Complete awareness of her environment within a 50 ft radius from her body. At this point, nothing physical can be hidden from her view.

Level 1- Can silence her own physical movements so she seems perfectly inaudible while being able to function normally.
Level 2- Becomes transparent to the naked eye but is still physically capable of interacting with others.
Level 3- Can pass through solid objects but requires a bit of concentration and if she messes up she can end up killing herself by getting trapped inside a wall or something.

Enhanced Durability
Level 1- Can withstand the force of small caliber fire arms.
Level 2- Mid to High Caliber weaponry is no longer effective against her.
Level 3- Can withstand the force of small to mid sized explosives as well as regenerate quickly from certain injuries, even fatal ones. Complete destruction of the body, complete decapitation, or complete heart failure are injures that she cannot recover from.

Favorite things: Will work on this and backstory, have to think on it.

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