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Isekai RP 1x1 craving
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Author:  JDizzle383 [ Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Isekai RP 1x1 craving

So this is an idea I tried once before and just too many people vanished into thin air for me to continue. Maybe reintroducing it with a new spin on it as a 1x1 it will be better than hoping people come back...

Basically to start off, this is an Isekai. What that means, quite literally, is "In Another World". Let me explain:

This is an RP where you decided to take a "friend's" tickets to go on a cruise ship, and upon falling asleep, come face to face with God. he tells you that you were not supposed to go on that ship, as by now it is at the bottom of the ocean, where your "friend" was supposed to be. God then apologizes for not keeping a better eye on you and asks if there's anything you'd like in your next life.

Next... Life? needless to say you are confused. God explains that since you died without a real reason, he will send you to a new world with an item of your choosing to help you. While he can't send you back as the same age you were, he will send you as an orphan in an adoption agency, where there is a family which will adopt you so that people are not suspicious of "Where the hell did this person come from?".

Here's where the RP starts. Pick an item to keep from earth, and you wake up as a 9 year old boy or girl in a world you know only is a new place, different from your own.

So here's what's negotiable:
  • The age of the child your character becomes: it MUST be lower than 15, but higher than 8. other than that go wild
  • The child's gender: this is dependent on the RPer's preference
  • The type of world they wake up in: this can be Sci Fi or Fantasy, and I don't mind writing for either. High or Low. What I mean is it can be Low sci-fi, aka without the ability to space travel, but with Mechs, Or it can be High Medieval with magic and demihumans(animal genetics)
What's NOT negotiable:
  • The RPer finds themselves in another world
  • The Rper is not an adult in the new world they wake up in

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