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Inspired by someone's RP about a town that is ruled by werewolves. My idea is one I've used on a previous site before with great success.

A pack of werewolves who can willing transform into humans are the only occupants of a small city deep in the forest and unbeknownst outside to humans. However, the alpha female and her pack are widely renowned by fellow wolves. This is the first success story of multiple packs being joined together into one pack with virtually no strife and being ruled by one Alpha. The female has made a point of telling the packs who merged together that all past conflicts were over and done with, it was time to come together as one. In time, they did. It wasn't easy, but then who said it would be? The alpha female will accept any healthy wolf with very few questions asked. All your wolf will need to do to gain acceptance into the pack is to fill out a short form.

And despite the pack's huge population, the alpha female enjoys spending time with her fellow wolves. She loves welcoming the newcomers herself and showing them around, and organizing parties to bring the pack together for a bit of fun, and staying in touch with every single wolf in her pack. She also oversees the construction and the city planning. For now, she is also overseeing the 'military' but that duty will fall to her mate once she settles down.

The city is huge and still under development. There are inns for those who have newly joined - and a complex system for paying off the debts incurred - apartments everywhere in every size, houses that range anywhere from two bedrooms to 15! Gyms, pools, spa resorts, even a hot springs! And, where there are businesses opening up, there are job opportunities for every field and every wolf, including a justice and police system. And where there are congregations of adults, there are pups. There is one massive school system that goes from Pre-K up through to University that offers Doctorates in just about every field. A wolf can be born in this city and die in this city and lead a very fulfilling life.

Unlike most packs, all wolves are free to pair up and breed. Monogamy is relative and left up to the couple to decide their boundaries. Except for the Alpha pair. They are mated for life, and outside venturing is strictly forbidden.

But as modern as this city is, there has to be a balance. There is another pack, on the other side of the mountain range, where the wolves live in true dens, wearing nothing but animal hides when they walk as men, hunting for their food. They are ruled by an Alpha male with an iron fist and a taste for blood. He's not afraid to kill his packmates to keep them in line.

Exactly where your wolves go is up to you, and everyone can create up to 10 wolves.
The city pack is called RainbowMist - after the valley's tendency to mist and the sun cause rainbows to scatter through the trees int he early morning hours
The wild pack has no name but for the sake of this RP we'll call them the NightShade pack

I WILL NOT BE PLAYING THE ALPHA MALE OF THE NIGHTSHADE PACK so someone will need to apply for the position, as well as the alpha female's mate. PM for more details if your interested. I take leadership positions like this very seriously because of the power the alphas have over the rest of the pack and the RP, so I like to make sure that the RPer won't abuse that power and lead the RP into ruin.

This RP runs best as a group RP but it can be modified to fit as a 1x1.

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