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I never ask a man what his business is, for it never interests me. What I ask him about are his thoughts and dreams.

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Tried to do this many moons ago, and i want to give another go. Anyone?


Meliord is a large land that contains several regions, kingdoms, dynasties, and lands variations. Meliord as well as its offspring island, Oosdorf, are held afloat by their ancient power source, Osiris. The origin of the power source is unknown. The capacity of the power source is unknown. Any who try to reach it parish at the claws of the grotesque creatures on Oosdorf.

The Kindoms:

Mountain Kingdom

Kingdom of Redora

The mountains are home to various animals, insects, reptiles, and plant life. However is still few and far between. because of this lack living in the mountains is hard and their kingdom suffers. The majority of the mountain people serve the kingdom in someway. Weather as a soldier, weapons crafter, ship worker, seamstress, etc. They sometimes feud with the kingdom of Upterra.

However they have one thing in common, protecting the power source which is on Oosdorf.

Forest Kingdom

Kingdom of Upterra
Upterra is the forest kingdom. They are far more wealthy than Redora. They can grow and harvest, they have many more animals and plant life. The people of the forest kingdom are far more skilled and better off as it comes to economy. However, they lack the metal that comes from the mountains. Therefor the mountain people craft their weapons in exchange for food items the mountain people cannot grow.

Desert Region

Ximid Dynasty

Though not recognized by the two larger kingdoms, Ximid has a temple and a leader. They also have army. Due to the lack supplies they two struggle to survive. Not having respect from the two larger kingdoms has made them bitter. However, they have two things that are almost essential to the two kingdoms. Glass. Using cactus and sand they are able to make a fine glass. They even do stained glass. They make most of their money from this.

Lake Serene, The Plains, And The Forest

This is a peaceful quiet place. The plains are around the lake is which is home to many wild animals. Rabbits, deer, Bison, Etc. There are also forest with abundant trees.

The Island


Oosdorf is a jungle island that is inhabited by monsters, evil, and grotesque creatures.

There is a center island within Oosdorf that contains the power source. It is protected by all the creatures of the jungle.

Creatures That Inhabit Oosdorf (A few anyway):

Gin Yu Sage "Gin"






The War

Long ago before the kingdoms existed. When homo sapiens were barely walking. A light streaked through the sky and crashed into the deep waters of the ocean. It lay dormant their for centuries. Masked under the shadowy depths of the water. An ancient, greedy, alien race lay waiting.

As the people evolved and kingdoms grew and the human race flourished, the aliens lay waiting under the sea.

The aliens knew of the power source that held Meliord afloat. They wanted it and would stop at nothing to get it. The battle between humans and aliens was about to begin. And they battle in the most unruly of grounds. Oosdorf.

The Aliens


However they will have on breathing masks because our air is poisonouse to them. They can die by gun shot or swords just like we can. They will have no different weapons from us.


So your character sheet will be like this:





Skill (if any):



Appearance/Outfit/Battle Dress/etc.:







P.S. I'm a typo queen. Sorry in Advance.

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