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PostPosted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 12:15 am 

I have returned

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So, its been ages since I've been on here, good memories all around, hope y'all have good memories of me. And with my return I think I'd like to try and start up something I've always been dying to do. I want to start a "Trapped in a MMO" style story in the vein of Log Horizon/SAO. I've been thinking of ways to make it work, and with the help of you lovely folks I would like to give it a shot.

First, I believe that the best way to make this kind of story would be to have the RPer's also be the game developers. Those who join this RP would help design the game that they would be playing through, first with mechanics and then with environment design, quests, NPC and monster ideas. This wouldn't just be a world you're playing in it would be a world you helped build. Because of this, the RP will be a sandbox, with the story being something we develop as a group.

Second, I'd have the game have fleshed out mechanics, stats, classes, and gameplay. One of the better parts of stories taking place in games is when the players use the rules of those games to do incredible things that were never intended or even believed possible. Its difficult to abuse the rules of games when you don't know what those rules are, and by having the rules set in stone it would allow that.

Third, don't start at lv 1. In this kind of story, playing from the very beginning would be a far greater hindrance than help. Anyone who has played an MMO knows that the best game play and grinding comes later down the line, and only the rare game makes getting to that point as enjoyable, let alone rewarding. Also, starting our story a few months or so after the game opening would allow each RPer to create an individual backstory for their character that could then be worked through with the whole group.

Finally, make the big bad a mystery. As I said before, one of the infuences for this RP is Log Horizon, and maybe it just me but one of my favorite parts of the show is how the characters attempt to solve the mystery of their arrival. There isn't some definite big bad in a flowing red hood to hate or attack, the solution to their predicament isn't as easily defined as a big red button. That large unknown will not only add a sense of mystery to the story, but also allow for the story to continue for as long as the group decides to go. With no definitive end goal it allows for the characters more freedom, going on a side quests isn't slowing them from reaching the main goal as for all they know that might just as well lead them closer.

And those are my four points on how to make an MMO story that will go the distance. For this RP I want to get about 5-6 players, however if more people are interested I'm good with expanding the roster. Thank you for listening to my little rant, and please do consider joining us.

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