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Transhumanism is a class of philosophies of life that seek the continuation and acceleration of the evolution of intelligent life beyond its currently human form and human limitations by means of science and technology, guided by life-promoting principles and values. – Max More (1990)

The Primes left Earth long ago. They had achieved a major goal, but studies into ramifications and ethics of the use of the technology highlighted the issue. Most humans were not ready to be immortal. The projections of an arms race using the new technology and ending in disaster were far, far too high. Yet they were desperate for it, such a breakthrough could only be hidden for a limited time. They hadn't believed technology was at a stage to leave the cradle of Earth, but with their immortality came time to spend in transit. A world could be built where applied reason ruled. Where imperfect beings could make themselves more perfect by promoting rational thinking, tolerance and concern for fellows. Where they could explore the potential, the hope, of their humanity. No one left behind would know the secret, much technology research and even the background to that research left the world with them.

The Seconds were born to the Primes on the Ship. With little external world to distract them, they created a second explosion of technology. Their world was focused on using technology to improve the human organism. The nanites the Primes had created were refined, a million other uses for them created. The core organs of humanity remained, enhanced, but the appearance and durability of such could be altered upon need. Exploration into the mind took them to new levels of communication. If an accident beyond repair happened, a record of all that a person was until that moment was saved, was forever with them, though they had lost the body and the chance for that person to continue their growth... at least for now. The few not focusing inward studied the stars, made the Ship faster, made it safe to sleep for extended period for those Primes feeling trapped on a ship, and a plan for building on a new home was fully fleshed out.

Upon landing the Seconds found that they were uneasy upon the surface. The plan called for both tall towers and subterranean areas, and the underground was naturally completed and filled first. As the towers went up the Primes moved into them, and then the new generation, the children of Singularity. Over time the Primes began to vanish. Some made ships and left to explore. Others.. no one knew. The Primes had not really connected to the nanonet the way the younger generations were. They happily upgraded their nanites, but they argued that the structure of the nanonet limited their freedom. Freedom was a vital tenant. It did not matter though, they had created their ideal world, at balance, and they would continue to improve.

Endless time passed. More cities grew though with all eternity before them the birth rate was slowed dramatically. It was good, children were carefully designed, chosen, and desperately wanted when they came.

Then disaster. One city was almost entirely erased. Having escaped human violence it hadn't occurred to them that a priority should be defence. That it might not only be humans who had a special relationship with violence. That was the stuff of fantasy, and they were about rationalism. Their focus was on improvement of self. While the younger generation were shocked, stunned, the remaining Primes rose. They'd had experience and perhaps somewhere at their core they still harbored their history. At the time no one cared. There was an issue in that improving themselves they had not done much with their ships beyond making them faster. They did not have the technology ready for a war that fought itself. Their attempts lead to failures. With help from the younger generation of Singularity, the Primes made more ships, and weapons. They taught principals of war to save their people. They taught hand to hand combat. While a defensive net was created to surround their entire world, they spent their lives and the lives of their children and grandchildren against their foe.

Once the planet was defended, the Seconds argued that this barbarism should not be perused. The Primes did not agree. They remembered arms races. Singularity was only safe for now. This was fine, because allowing groups to live and experiment as they willed was core. Most of the population returned to improving themselves, and the Primes took their warriors to continue the art of war. To create an impression so fierce, that fear of attack would hold. Hold long enough for a plan. For an attempt to bring these others into the light of reason. Their plans spiraled beyond humanity now and they were brilliant. Once they felt that peace would hold for long enough, they returned to the life they had led before, but with an exciting and fascinating new goal.

The problem was the younger generation. Upon their return to the planetary nanonet, occasions of violence erupted. Some of the children were damaged by their actions, by their losses. Some of their instability spread before it was isolated. The Seconds determined that events should be smoothed away to prevent issues. The Primes did not agree. Freedom was vital. Damage healed in time, with help and support. No portion of a mind should be erased. The Seconds removed the warrior children from the nanonet. It did not stop occasions of behavior that was not acceptable in a society of togetherness, of growth. Time was allowed. Then more time. An immortal should not be impatient, but the Primes were wrong. Finally, a mother desperate to help her child began the program, with the full agreement of her child. The program spread. Violence reduced. It was not eliminated. A careful archive of violence, isolated by layers of protocols for a future need was created and the call to bring in the remaining children for healing went out. Singularity would return to the purity of peace and joy and research into improvement to a true and ever evolving stage of posthumanity. The Primes could create their own experimental city, but they could not have the children to experiment upon.


This is the world history for my character Grace. I'd like to begin a game with her. I think group would be fun, but if only one person is interested I'm still in. During her introduction she would leave Singularity and crash land on another planet. I am happy if you are also inspired to be another transhuman fighter leaving, or if you are from the planet she crashes on, or if you are a human from the humanity that was left behind and developed on a crazy different course, or if you are an explorer that sees the ship go down and follows to help (or anything, to eat the survivors or get salvage or..). You can be or make any race or person you desire. I like to have a history and then build something new together. I am all about freeform roleplay focused on characters and relationships.

I made a resume here now: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=52837

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