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 Post subject: One x One search~
PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:59 pm 

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Please read my RP resume first, to get an idea of who I am and my role play preferences. C:

Craving notice: I'm always down for some ex x ex drama, and I could incorporate that into just about any plot or setting. So. Consider yourself warned. But we definitely don't have to do that.

1. A band of criminals is sweeping through the country, hitting the outlying villagers, plundering and pillaging and the like. Our characters (who may or may not previous know each other) are taken captive by these criminals, who for some reason deemed them useful. Our kiddos have to figure out how to get free/take down the criminals before they wreak more havoc. I'd like to use my female character, Evelyn, for this.
2. Similar concept as the one above, but your character is one of the criminals. O: Maybe he's been forced to work there, or perhaps he becomes sympathetic along the way. Could make for a pretty good adventure!
3. Outlaw x Lady - This one's pretty vague, and it could go several ways. My character would (preferably) be the outlaw, the male, who for one reason or another has a price on his head - most likely because of a misunderstanding or framing, or because he committed crimes for the benefit of others. Basically, he's not an outright "bad guy," but he's on the run for something he may or may not have done. I've got more ideas, but adding them here would make this too wordy. We could also make this an ex x ex pairing!
4. Runaway royalty - The royal family is killed (by assassins or because the country fell under attack and was overtaken), save for one prince/princess (your character). He/she escapes and seeks to live a new life. I guess this is similar to the beginning of Anastasia, but most of the plotline will be different. Whether it's immediately after the event, several years later, or somewhere in between (I don't have a timeline figured out for it), the prince/princess meets up with my character. They go on adventures, and the secret of the prince/princess's identity hangs in the air between them, potentially putting them in danger. If you'd like to play a male, I'll use my character Evelyn; if you'd like to play a female, I'll probably play a ranger or something.
5. As I alluded to above, I'd love to do something where two lovers are torn apart, against their will, for a number of years - most likely 5-8 years. Perhaps one thinks the other dead; perhaps they both think each other dead. Their efforts to find one another are futile, so they try to carry on without each other - until they end up suddenly reuniting. They'll have to grapple with their feelings and figure out what to do in their current circumstances. Perhaps one or both of them have moved on. Perhaps everything has changed. That being said, I really don't like to meddle with marriage relationships, so I'd prefer if our characters weren't currently married at the time of their reunion. Being engaged or widowed, however, is a different matter.

1. Ex x Ex - So much potential for delicious tension and slow-burning FEELS. I have several ideas for different characters (male and female) and premises. One thing I love to do is reunite them, make them mad at each other, then make them get stuck in a room together to work their crap out. >D Like they get snowed in or something. I know it's super cheesy, but sometimes I live for that stuff. I have an idea for sort of a moody, embittered, PTSD-having male character for this, but again, I have lots of character ideas for it.

That's all I've got for now, but I take suggestions! Feel free to respond here or PM me with any questions. C:

P.S. I'm not completely opposed to role playing over a forum, but my preference is to use private messages.

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