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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:28 pm 

"It needs to be about 20% cooler"

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You are the first human to come here in a long time.
Come! I will guide you through the catacombs.

These are the lines given to you in the game undertale by the character Toriel but this rp take place in a different place our story will be in the Au called Mafia Tale where the under ground is a bunch of crime ridden cities and there are different groups like Law enforcement, Mob, and Neutral

1. the story takes place when the child Chara had fallen to the underground and then the story of the relationship between Chara and Asriel


2. it can be the story of when in the original game where the child that you play as has come to the under ground and they are scared and then continue to follow the story of the original game but having the aspect/ feel of the Au MafiaTale


3. Again it could take place like i the second choice but it could be a free run of the places and the person who wants to be the child can go any route they want

here is the over view for the au Mafiatale

The Underground is a complicated network of crime-infested cities. On the outside they seem like normal places to live, but the law enforcement and crime rings both know that these places have much more beneath the surface.

As there has always been, there is tension between the major mafia godfathers and gang leaders. But recently, due to some new independent thieves in town, tensions have been rising, and soon might break out in an all-out war. Everyone's taking sides, hoping that they'll end up on top at the end of it all, and corruption is leaking into even the most noble and innocent of SOULs.

also some information of the characters in the Au That I have found Right now

Gaster's Mafia
W. D. Gaster
Gaster is a mysterious Godfather who never shows his face, not even to his highest officials. His Family consists almost entirely of skeletons, and is arguably the most formidable (and rich) one in The Underground.

Sans is one of the two highest members (below godfather of course) in Gaster's mafia. He is only a part of the family because... He's a part of the family. Sans has some relation to Gaster, but like everything else to do with Gaster, nobody is quite sure about the specifics of their relation.

Papyrus, like Sans, was dragged to the top of Gaster's mafia due to familial relations. He doesn't like the mafia life, but feels obligated to participate. What he really wants though is to join the police force, and take down the crooks that he knows so well. His conflicted morals lead him to leave lots of tips for the police in secret.

Law Enforcement
Asgore is the head of all law enforcement in The Underground, and a huge target for all mafia families. However, through the diligent work of his officers, he's well protected from the assassination attempts.

Undyne is Asgore's loyal Second in Command, and the one who actually organizes the officers of the law. She has a very strong drive to bring all wrongdoers in, but just can't seem to get her officers to get their hands on anyone. She's willing to do the dirty work herself, but with the incompetence in most of her force, it becomes very difficult.

Dr. Alphys
Dr. Alphys is the top forensics expert on hand in The Underground. She often works directly with Undyne to try to solve cases. Although her career is in forensics, it is no doubt to anyone that her true passion is in robotics. Her office is full of design sketches and small crude robots. She seems to have abandoned her passion after an incident with one of her larger projects.

Asriel's Greenhouse
Asriel is a plant fanatic living in Toriel's basement. He's a seemingly sweet child, but has a bit of a mean streak to him. He grows a lot of dangerous plants, but since he never gets hurt by them and keeps them properly pruned, Toriel lets him keep them. A few of his plants are sentient...

Flowey is Asriel's most dearly held plant. The two have very similar goals and views on life, so Asriel will commonly go to Flowey for advice.

Frisk is a small time thief, just breaking into The Underworld with the help of a distant family friend, Toriel. They're certain that they're going to rule the area with an iron fist someday. They just have to take out the mafia bosses first...

Toriel is a baker who lives and works in a nice part of Ruins. To the law enforcement she seems perfectly nice and unremarkable, but in actuality she provides room and board to those less law abiding than her, provided they have the right connections. For example, Frisk, a family friend.

Mettaton is a ghost that possessed a robot designed by Dr. Alphys. He lives alone in an apartment in Hotland. He works as a chef in a high-end restaurant. He has a passion for the arts of all kinds.

Napstablook is a ghost that lives in a small apartment. They work as an accountant.

Hope to get some people in on this rp It seem like a lot of fun to me and I hope other people have a intrest it this rp as well as I do


"Only the fearless may proceed. Brave ones, foolish ones. Both not walk the middle road."

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:46 pm 

Strike Team Delta

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Tibia honest, I'd be a real bonehead not to get incus.

(Please don't hate me, I'm ulna trying to be humerus XD)


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