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 Post subject: Superhero idea!!!
PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 4:27 am 


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Looking through interest checks and I got this idea!!!

The DC universe, with all your favorite hero's and villians. BUT you play as a newer less known hero/villian! You choose a hero or villian to idolize I guess, you look up to this person and they are kind of your mentor (almost like the game) your powers don't HAVE to be based around said hero/villian. And you CAN have more than one mentor. Like this

Name: Skyler Devin
Alias: Jester (may change the name to something more creative when I actually think of something)
Mentor(s): Joker and Harley Quinn
Ability(-ies): Tech-Wiz Can create many things- weapons, explosives, robots
Other info: has a Pit bull named Chester
Bio: Skyler "Skye" began to idolize the clown couple as a child. She saw the pair make the news on almost a weekly basis. At first it was just entertaining, but when she reached her preteen years, she began to really analyze the two. She tried to rationalize the way they acted. Soon, her whole life became consumed with the clowns. She started tinkering and creating wherever she went. She started getting in trouble at school for blowing up lockers and starting fires from failed experaments. In highschool she was shunned, outcast. She was known as the "phsyco" of the school. They made fun of her from afar but in reality, they were scared of her. She really wasn't all that crazy. She had a rational mind, knew things she did was technically wrong, and what she called the "good side" of her always fought in her mind. But she was so consumed with pleasing the Joker and Harley that she tried her hardest to be just like them. Her life was consumed with thoughts of pleasing the two. She began going out of her way to cause chaos. She even created a different person for her outings. One day, she finally caught her big break. She was walking around town with her dog Chester, when she heard sirens and screams. She ran to the scene but was immediately knocked down by the Joker and Harley bolting down the street. A ways behind them were the cops, giving chase to the two. Skye leapt into action. She reached in her bag and pulled out a rope with two balls attached to each end. She threw it towards the cops, immediately tripping them. She began to run, pulling out a box with a button. She pressed it and heard the yells from behind her, and she smiled. Inside the balls where little sensors that sent out electric shocks through the metal wire connecting them.
Skye rounded the corner with glee on her face, only to find the clown couple standing there looking annoyed and impressed. Of course they had a plan to escape, but they knew what Skye did took guts and loyalty. They invited her to their base where after much debate, Harley finally convinced Joker to accept Skye as a lacky. Skye was overjoyed and now does everything in her power to prove she deserves to be in their shadows.
Personality:Though definitly not as insane as the clown couple, Skye is definitly off her rocker. You'd have to be to idolize the two. Of course the side she hates is her rational side, which she fights on a daily basis. She tends to have a temper and is easily goaded. She is loyal to the two to the death and would do anything for them.

So something like that maybe? Sorry I went off in the bio. You get the idea though. Oh please I'd love to do this one!

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