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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 3:08 am 
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So basically I've just started watching WestWorld on HBO and am fascinated by the concept. You do not need to have seen any scrap of the show (or predeceasing movie) at all to join in on this RP, as long as you grasp the concept. Here is a short trailer in case you're unsure of what I'm talking about:

Broken down into its basics, WestWorld is a sci-if themepark of the future where the wealthy go to vacation and submerge themselves in a world that's been plucked right out of the past. This world is filled with robotic humans programmed to make the glamorized history feel real and exciting- each android is an intricately designed part of a whole. They think and feel, they can reason and adapt, and in the beginning, these animatronics have no idea that they were created for the entertainment of their human guests. They are programmed to believe it's all real.

Now instead of a western theme, I thought basing the themepark world on swashbuckling pirates would be fun, and keep with the inevitable concept of every AI storyline: the machines become self aware and rise up against their human overlords in a glorious robot revolution!

That being said, I want the awakening to happen slowly - and the human characters to be mostly unaware of the danger they are walking into as the machines realize the truth. I want the characters to be complicated, and the philosophical dilemmas they face to be profound. Just imagine realizing your life was programmed; that everything you believed in was designed for the entertainment of creatures who delight in tormenting, using, and controlling you! I mean... I'd feel pretty betrayed...

Anywho, if you're still reading, let's peak at the theme I have in mind.

As mentioned before, instead of a western, I'd like to do a pirate theme. So the design in this story would be fashioned around the idea of port towns, tropical seas, and swashbuckling adventure. The world would be set among a chain of fictional islands in the middle of the sea. Sail too far and just as the superstition of the 1800s went, you'll find the edge of the world. Thatll keep 'em nice and contained... right?

Your character can be either human or android.

Human characters will be new arrivals to the islands; tourists who are eager to test out this live-action choose-your-own-adventure.

Androids will begin as scripted characters playing a part in the fantasy of the world, their goal is to entertain and delight the guests by providing them with quests and adventures to set out on.

As the characters begin to mingle and quest-lines begin to play out, what starts as a glitch manages to restore a few scattered past memories to the androids. Previous horrors they might have endured at the hands of past guests slowly come back to them, and as things progress, they remember more and more. Humans are capable of terrible things when they think there are no concequences...

This is very rough right now, but I love planning things out and fleshing out the details!

Anyway... Anyone interested?


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