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The evening was full of stars and moon was full as Katherine Lyons stepped down from her father's black carriage with gold gilded trim. She took hold of the smartly dressed footman's white gloved hand. She stood up seeing the summer palace of King Atria all dressed up in regalia. Flags of the Kingdoms noble houses waved softly in the brisk Autumn air.

All the noble families gather to see the victory celebration. Knights in shining armor flanked the entry way into the splendid palace. All who entered handed their cloaks, coats, and sweaters to the footman elegantly dressed in fine silk red and white uniforms.

Kate's family was announced as they entered the main hall and were formal received by dignitary and the royal family. Kate was happy to see her godfather, the king, princess Creon, and prince Lance.
She was fondly received and after the formalities she was greeted by a huddle mass of ladies in colorful silks and taffies. She was at once whisked away into a grand ballroom.

Sharply the hall clock gong resounded with an echo that shook the walls and floor. Kate was forced to cover her sensitive fox ears. The call for dinner was announced all attendees filed into the extravagant dining hall. The room was dressed for the occasion. Fine lines and real silverware adorned the tables.

Kate was ex courted to her father's place next to the King's right. Lord Lyons and Sir Jonathan remained in the ready room around all recipients of medals and knight hood. Kate awaited anxiously for the ceremonies to begin. Weeks before she assisted the mages and priests in healing the sick, captured, and wounded. It was day before she was fully rested.

She beamed as every soldier filed in. They were dressed in fine new uniforms. During the ceremony Lord Gillian Lyons was master of Ceremony. He made a short honorary speech and led a group of men to the dais where the royal family was seated. The stood fourteen across, shoulder to soldier as each was knighted. The meal was followed by processions of acrobats, dancers, and entertainers from all over the kingdom.The ceremony was fallowed by presentation of gifts.

A note was passed to Kate. She broke the black seal of Lord Draco's house. He and his wife Lady Malora meant dread and crudity through out the land. It was know by all the gained wealth on the arena circuit. Malora was known for her pets. Poor devils if any survived past 25.

Kate was full of dread as her emerald eyes scanned the bleached parchment.
"My dear Lady Katherine Lyons" Kate shuttered. She hate to be formally addressed.
It has come to our attention; you deserve a special pet. Lady Malora have decided to present you a gift for your upcoming graduation. No Lady should be without a companion. Lady Malora and I have specially bread this for you. May it serve you well and tend to your every need."
Kate gasped as she crumpled the letter. The student mage stood up and ran to her suite. She was happy the royal family had taken their leave to the ballroom.

Kate did not fumble with keys. She waved her hand over the doorknob and swung open the door. There before was a cramped, iron cage. The continence was scarcely visible as Kate turned up the lamp. She saw a ghostly figure slumped over. She padded slowly as to not frighten whatever was in there.
"Hello are you alive?"

Kate slowly sat on her knees at the iron door. She spoke in a whisper, "I am soo sorry. I just received a note you arrived."

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