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Callling anyone who wants to learn how raise a dragon
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Author:  LadyKate43 [ Mon Jul 13, 2015 12:52 pm ]
Post subject:  Callling anyone who wants to learn how raise a dragon

Creator7 had officially restarted the Dragonia Academy.

Calling all persons who want raise a dragon and learn magic.

For details please read Dragonia RP in omega. Where you can write little or a lot. Perfect for newbies and experienced writers. Good way to get you feet wet. Who does not like dragons?

Creator made maps of the land and the Academy Cave on Dragonia RP page 6.

For questions and room assignments there is a new thread for Dragonia OOC Omega or contact Creator7 by PM.

We are starting with your arrival at the inn.

The weekend or day before class you have received a flyer in your town/district notifying for anyone interested, Dragonia Academy is open and accepting ages 17+. The Academy teaches how to raise a dragon and magical arts. All students interested in joining the academy are to meet at the inn. There they are provided with free night's stay, sack of money, a wagon with a driver. There is a gypsy caravan outside town to buy items for your cave-house, yourself, and your hatchling dragon.

Upon arrival you are greeted by Lore Mistress Mystique for further instructions.

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