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 Post subject: Shinobi Training Grounds
PostPosted: Sun Feb 15, 2015 3:31 pm 
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1545. This is Sengoku Jidai - The Age of Warring States. The Ashikaga Shogunate is at an end - its former splendour but a vague memory of old men. A new generation is rising, and it is time for a new Daimyo to become Shogun, and unite Japan once more. But who shall prevail? The venerated Date clan, masters of the greatsword, to the north? The newly converted Otomo to the southwest, with their imported guns? The Uesugi clan, with its unmatched Sohei? Maybe the Oda clan, and their vast armies of peasants? No. It is their vassals, masters of subterfuge, diplomacy, and order, the Tokugawa clan. For a Shogun is not a solider, but a general, capable of more than just prowess on the battlefield. And that is why we are here. We are Ninjutsu-Zukai. We are Kishuu, we are Shinobi. We are masters of the shadow war, of the blade in the dark, of the sudden death in the night.

Well, at least you will be, once your training is complete! For you are not yet ninja. That takes training, education. And that is why you are here, in the Shinshi clan's mountain compound. Be dilligent, be attentive, be uncompromising, and we shall make ninja out of you yet. Welcome, and good luck!

So this is a ninja academy RP. The realistic kind, not the anime-style summon-fire-from-your-mouth-and-fight-with-gardening-spades schools you see elsewhere. The clan is Shinshi, its masters the Tokugawa clan. The Warring States Period will be the historic backdrop of the RP, but most will happen in the clan's mountain hideout. Character ages can vary from 13 to 20, and you may specialize to be one of five types of ninja:

Ansatsujin - Assassin: Pretty self-explanatory, these people train to be silent killers of high-value targets. Primary focus will be stealth, weapons handling, poison, and agility.

Supai - Spy: Masters of intelligence, information gathering, and tracking. These specialists provide scouting services as well, and are trained in disguises, open combat, stealth, awareness, and trakcing.

Tousoumeiro - Saboteur: These expert ninja disrupt trade lines, destroy infrastructure, and slow armies on the march with carefully laid traps and destruction of supplies. Their training lie in stealth, pyrotechnics, poisons, and open combat.

Kishuu - Warrior Ninja: Where other ninja operate alone on covert missions, Kishuu ninja are among the most deadly warriors in japan. Masters of all manner of weapons and combat tricks, they provide their unique skills on the battlefield to destory enemy siege weaponry, kill key targets, and scale walls undetected at the beginning of an assault. Their training lie in stealth, pyrotechnics, open combat, agility, battle coordination, and formation fighting. Reserved for men.

Geisha - Seducers: Sometimes, female guile can accomplish with ease what masculine force finds impossible. With charm, guile, and promises of pleasure, they are some of the finest spies and assassins in the land. Their training lie in charm, disguise, poisoning, and private services. Reserved for women.

So! Anyone interested in this somewhat alternative academy RP?

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