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PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2020 2:38 am 

Allow me to make myself abundantly clear. I aim to misbehave.

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Dear @Toa and @Aeromancer,

I have returned from a massive hiatus in which i ignored this site for no reason other than I forgot about it, and went to other sources of roleplay and writing. Either way, remember how the last posts in the rps you guys did with me seemed to be my character dying? well, that wasn't me ending the roleplays. it was really just me fulfilling a desire to do like a death and then a return, or the illusion of a death, or a near fatal wounding (that last is in the case for that Area 88 Roleplay with Aero which, since then, i honestly want to restart or revamp it into something new if I can or if so desired)

Since then my writing style and content has matured extensively, and I feel like if either of you want to redo those roleplays or make new ones based on them, I'd enjoy it. looking forward to speakign to you guys once again. and Toa? if you get a friend request from a user named Australia, with a country-ball Australia for a profile pic, that's me.

Thanks guys, looking forward to speaking to you again!
Hunter Dracon (Soon to be called Skylar Shade)

"I let the wind and weather guide my hand through the endless skies. Grace is my style, stealth is my ally, speed is my closest friend, and agility my sword. But when wind and rhythm combine, I am an unstoppable force."

“Yet, I am alone, forever and always. Alone in my freedoms, alone in my desires, alone in my thirst for blood and violence, and alone in my anger, frustration, sadness, and depression. Happiness is a privilege I do not have, thus I wish to earn it, but how can I when all I am is disgraced and ignored by many?”

"I do not understand why I suffer so, why I cannot have my wish for inner peace, prosperity, and freedom granted? It is what I am due for my own suffering is it not? But nonetheless, I am alone."

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