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PostPosted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:43 pm 

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So the idea of this thread is a little less simple: You are given control of the next movie/book/game/season/whatever of a pre-existing franchise. What would you do?

You are not allowed to create a new series. If you choose Star Trek, you can't start a new series. You can however continue any other series in the Star Trek mythos, regardless of how long ago it happened, and how the show ended. But it must be a continuation, not an off shoot. You are not allowed to "non-canon" anything with your new entry. Other than these rules, you are free to do as you please. You're choice does not have to be the same medium as the original. If you want to make a Jumanji TV show, go ahead.

You're the boss, what will you do?


For myself, I would choose Mass Effect, specifically the original trilogy. For those unaware, in the end of ME3 Commander Shepard dies, but there is a way to make it not so. If you assemble a large enough military force by the end of the game, and you choose the red ending, you unlock a small cut scene. It's a pan across a large amount of wreckage on the citadel till it rests on a N7 breastplate, Shepard's canonical armor, which then takes a ragged breath. I would continue the story from here in the form of a TV show.
Now the big question for the show, what kind of Shepard would they be? Male-Shep, Fem-Shep, paragon, or renegade? Who would the romance be? Well, here is an extreme solution, two shows. Have two parallel shows, Mass Effect: Paragon and Mass Effect: Renegade, one of which will have a Man-Shep and the other a Fem-Shep. And considering the Renegade Fem-Shep had multiple character lines and choices that Renegade Man-Shep didn't, I feel like that the Renegade path should have Fem-Shep.
Next is romance, which for ME:R is very easy. As Renegade has Fem-Shep, her love interest would be Garus. As one of the best romances in the game, that's not really a debate. ME:P is a little more difficult. The options for romance are Liara, Miranda, Tali, Jack, Rachel, and Cortez. Now as tempting as making this a harem show would be, I'd personally choose Tali cause this is my show damn it and Tali is bae. Also she overall offers more impact to the story. As one of the Admirals of the Quarians having her as the romance would drag Shepard into any conflicts that occur as the Quarians resettle their home world.
Finally would be the actual plot, once again ME:R makes this easy for me, the genophage. Since ME:R would be following a full renegade Shepard, that would mean Shepard sabotaged the genophage to gain Salarian support. And while the Krogan, except for Wrex, remained unaware of this through the game, they would find out very quickly after the games conclusion. Shepard would have to fight through the consequences of his crimes, possible putting down a second Krogan Rebellion. ME:P would be much more difficult, as paragon Shepard was simply too good at his job. Paragon Shepard was a damn good peace maker, and by the end of ME3 the galaxy was honestly better off than before the reaper invasion. ME:P would be less physical conflict more social. It would all come down to inter character relations, and that would come down to writing.

And that's what I would do if I was the boss of the next Mass Effect.

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