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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:48 pm 

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Children of the Dying Son: Mankind’s Time Has Come to an End

The year is 3030AD and after countless pointless wars and the carelessness with the precious gift that was our great planet Earth we have finally killed it; it can no longer support life. Those seeking to live have found themselves cowering on the moon, though the station built there had been one of military purposes and not really meant for long term use so time there is growing short. In an effort to find themselves a new home world, the United Federation for Humanity has formed up several elite search scouting ships that’s only directive and mission is to find a new home world, secure it and then notify those who are awaiting on the moon. However, danger and evil lurks from within their very own ranks…

Children of the Dying Son, is a fanatical religious group founded by Zackary Jacob Smith, a soldier who claims to have had a religious experience from the lord all mighty who came to him following a participating in a very nasty battle near the end of the last war. His face is scared with a burn on his left side of his face, which he attains to God trying to burn away his wickedness, which he keeps hidden under a high polished silver half-mask that has a cross emblazon in gold upon it. When the reports began to come in about the failing planet he moved quick to rally followers that the time had come to face judgment and all must now pay for their past sins. When evacuation plans began to get made he was furious and convinced his followers that God wanted to them to all die and face him for judgment for their past transgressions.

Several suicide bombers nearly stopped the whole evacuation and let to the capture of ‘Michael’, which is what Zackary began calling himself, seeing how he was the sword of God sent to destroy all those who did not yield to his might. The evacuation to the moon went on as planned though when the last of the ships went out to find them a new home, Michael escaped and managed to steal several more ships and Mechs with his followers. His mission now is to stop those ships from finding man’s salvation; because of course Mankind does not deserve salvation, only everlasting torment before God.

Our story begins with the crew of the exploration ship Elyandra…..

Basically you are playing part of the crew on a ship that is one of the last remaining hopes of all mankind, one of the few ships sent out to find a new home world for the human race. Now I will be playing the Captain, as well as two crew members, as well as the 'Bad' guy, but everyone else is welcomed to play either one of the Mech pilots or another member of the crew. Though this will have action in it, I am mostly looking for the social interaction, the drama and such that comes from people when they are loaded down with large amounts of pressure by basically being the last hope of all their kind.

There is a general plot that I have that will slowly reveal itself as we go along since I will be adjusting it based on the interactions between characters. This being said however you are not restricted from adding to the story if you think it would be helpful or fun to play, since if I find it to be too off the wall I will adjust the story to get it back on track by any means necessary. Kind of like how a DM is the final say in DnD so am I in the threads that i create and will use my power to correct something that I see as a growing problem.

Also I expect for people to be powerful in terms of mechs and pilots, these are sick SOB's that you are fighting and they will do anything to win. Still I want people to get injured and hurt in combat, your skills just keep you alive they don't make you invincible. Here is my character for everyone to see what I am thinking about, also there are no alien species save for one and that is donta's character. Everyone else has to be human, you can have implants and enhancements but you need to be human.

Rank: Lt. Commander
Name: Angela Jones

Age: 28

Appearance: 5’10, athletic build with an olive complexion, hazel eyes and dark curly brown hair with red highlights. Fangs, nails that can become claw like, pointed ears and a tail similar to that of a lion. Standard UFH uniform which consists of a navy blue jacket that zipped up into a high collar, matching blue BDU pants.

History: Served in the last war at the age of 18 and has been in the military ever since. Most of her past prior to the military is still hidden as she does not like talking about her past too much, preferring to live in the here and now, instead of the there and then. One thing is known that she did participated in the military’s genetic testing and was infused with the DNA of a lion, which some would figure why she pilots one of the animal mechs and not the humanoid ones.

Stalking Cat Mech, Lion type gen 4

AI Designation: Krato Alpha

UFH Crew 1

Weight 135 tons

Depth 24.1 m

Height 10.1 m

Maximum Speed 310 km/h

Weapons: Laser Fangs, Strike Laser Claws (4), AZ 208 mm Double-Barrelled Shock Cannon, Rushing Laser Blades (5) attached at the head and fold forward, Laser Blades (2) attached at the flanks, Equipment Changing Armor System (CAS), E-Shield Generator (5), Multi-Sensor Scouting Pod, High-Output Enlarged Aero Swift Ion Boosters (2), High-Energy Thrusters (2), blades attached to his ion boosters with a pulse laser gun and a short-ranged beam gun on each of the boosters, Camouflaging system.

Neural implants enable the pilots to communicate to their Mechs no matter where they are and to allow for enhanced tactical fighting and maneuvers.

Appearance: The Stalking Cat looks like a large robotic lion with various blades and guns on its body. It’s built to be fast and tough so the armor is thick not to mention the shield that it posses which allows it to deflect nearly all damage. Its color scheme is Black accented in white to help it blend in with the stars, the blades glow a bright and brilliant blue when activated.

Rank: Captain
Name: Meredith Troy

Age: 35

Position: Elyandra Command Staff

Appearance: Meredith stands at an average 5’6 weighing in at 110lbs, reddish blond hair and piercing blue eyes.
Her pale complexion is attributed to not only her time spent in space but her parental lineage. Her body is fit though curvy, which through her career in the military often made her get into fights with a couple of smartass soldiers who thought that they could take advantage of her. When not in uniform she wears a black sweat pants and black tank top, seeing how she is usually in the gym, recreation deck or her private quarters reading. Her uniform consist of the rich maroon long sleeve captains coat trimmed in gold, with black slacks and boots.

Bio: Meredith was born in the United States and lived there most of her young life until her father moved them to Ireland. There she studied throughout Europe, learning all she could about flying, tactics and weapons. Rising through the ranks in the military she earned her rank Captain during her tour of Duty in WWIV, when she took command of her unit after all of the command staff was slain in an air raid. This earned her several commendations and metals for her bravery and skills during that day and when the time came for the people of Earth to go in search of a new home she was given command of her own ship. Now with the aid of her crew she hopes to find a new home for her the people of earth before time runs out.
Attributes: A compassionate and dedicated leader, expert in combat and tactical skills. Weapons expert and navigations, she can shoot and fly just about anything she can get her hands on; Is fluent in several different dialects, with a strong background in trades and negotiations.

Rank: Navigations Officer
Name: Veronica Johnson

Age: 27

Position: Elyandra Command Staff

Appearance: Veronica stands at 5’8 weighing it at 120lbs. Ebony hair that falls thick and mostly straight down her back and intense steel blue eyes. Veronica is considered highly attractive by the opposite gender and even those of the same; a body men adore and woman envy. Ever the professional and rarely caught not looking her absolute best Veronica is a woman who prides herself on giving the absolute best impression. Her clothing consists of the same uniform that all the bridge officers wear, though trimmed in silver since the captain it the only one to wear gold.

Bio: Veronica was an only child to a scientist and his wife, her father was actually a key member to getting the moon up and running for evacuation of Earth. Why she joined the Military has never really be discovered, nor what became of her parents. The only family that she has on record is the boy Nickel whom she claims is her nephew, even though the records show her as being an only child….some rumor that he is the product of an indiscretion in her youth. Whatever the reason her scores and skills are more than enough to allow the captain to over look the issue of Nickel.
Attributes: Astounding navigational and programming skills make her invaluable for the mission to find a new home.


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PostPosted: Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:53 pm 
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It will probably be 87 years before I get my **** together and get a character up, but count me in!


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PostPosted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:04 pm 

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YES! Reserving a spot and I'll whip something up


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 7:29 pm 


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Okay I'll bite. Will create a character soon, save me a place!

"To live would be an awfully big adventure"

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 15, 2019 5:20 pm 

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RANK/POSITION: Ship Surgeon/Medical Officer

NAME: Aarek Ellis

SEX: Male

AGE: 34

Aarek's legs have been replaced with synthetic substitutes granting him above-average speed and jumping power. These augmentations were medically necessary and no care was taken to blend the chrome into more natural skin-tones. In spite of this, these legs otherwise appear human, matching them in shape while out-performing them in function.
Remarkably, Aarek is missing even a basic neural interface, something of an oddity in these troubled times.

Standing at 5'11", Aarek is a tall man with broad shoulders and chaotic brown hair. He has a short beard and this already shows hints of grey. His eyes are a pale green, traditionally hidden behind lightly tinted glasses. Generally he favors heavier/thicker clothing, and the collar of a sweater or even a second jacket might rise up from under the white medical coat he wears while on the clock. Despite his personal appearance being rather unkempt, Aarek keeps his environment tidy and organized, and a clean hallway is a common sign of his passing by.

Aarek is a surgeon with a virtual mountain of commendations to his name, responsible for saving a number of public figures in only two years of private practice before signing onto the Elyandra. His talents are particularly tilted toward installing and maintaining synthetic augmentations in his patients, something he has personal experience with.
In addition to a proven track-record in his medical field, Aarek has some combat experience. Drafted into a former military power back on Earth (prior to his medical work), Aarek served for 10 months before an explosion took his legs. He is not a master soldier and does not enjoy combat, but is a capable marksman if the need to defend himself or his home should arise.
Lastly, Aarek has a hobby of sketching and drawing, favoring naturalistic work and machines to human subjects.


A child of war, Aarek grew up without parents, cared after by the small Balkan village he'd been born into. Something of a prodigy, he was on the path to the life of an artist when yet another conflict tore through his homeland, this one taking his legs along with his dream. Fitted with badly-made augmentations provided by a preoccupied government, Aarek made a hobby of improving them until his modifications - and the medical learning he'd needed to make them, caught the attention of the right people. Aarek was fast-tracked through a fairly shady medical education, but his dedication to excellence did the rest of the work and landed him a prominent place in 31st-century medicine.

When the chance to fight for mankind came, Aarek seized it, not content to sit by and watch everything be stolen out from under him yet again.

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