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 Post subject: The Paragons: OOC
PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:46 pm 


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“We’re not human anymore.”

It started when we were chosen. Chosen to keep our world safe from the monsters hiding in the dark corner, under the bed, and in the haunted closets. The evil we feared as children, the glowing eyes we saw from under our sheets in our closets, the horror stories we were told from the older teenagers of the haunted house on top of the hill. All real. All terrifying. All of it could collapse our world into a void of nothing unless we make sure to keep a tight lid on the energies of our world. To keep the balance. That is why we’re chosen. Chosen to become Paragons.

“We swear on this day to the obligations of the Paragon Agency to uphold and protect the balance of our world, to defend against malicious attacks against the balance of our world between Humans and Anthropoids.”

Anthropoids are the monsters we’ve feared all our lives. The ones we truly see when we’re children even though our parents tell us it was just a nightmare. They’re the ones that haunt the abandoned house down the street. The ones that drove those people crazy, to do those horrible things and cause terrifying calamities. They find ways to distort the balance of energies in our world and it’s our job and duty to stop them.

Not all Anthropoids are the same though. Many will join our ranks at the Paragon Agency and work with us, guide us, and teach us to protect and defend. Guardian angels, legends, benevolent spirits. They exist and they care about the future of our world. We work together to face against those who seek the destruction of our world.

“We fight for the balance.”

In this rp you take the role of a Paragon and their companion working to keep the world safe from those who would cause havoc. During the day, you may continue your life as normal, but at night you will find yourself in the realm of the supernatural, fighting aggressive creatures and fixing the rifts between their world and the human world.

  • Paragons are chosen by a mythological patron and are gifted with powers and tools to fight and defend themselves from threats in the supernatural world.
  • Alongside your character, a companion will accompany you on your journey.
  • At first your characters will be mostly human with maybe one weak power in the the human world, but with training and time your character will change.
  • Paragons lose their need for sleep or food, though they can eat and drink, the urge quickly disappears as your character gets stronger.
  • In the human world your character is still basically mortal, but they will see and feel the presence of supernatural beings.

Agency Compendium
+ | +
General Terms:
Corporeal: Can be seen in the human realm
Drucke:The feeling of pressure that is exhibited by Amrita rich areas and Powerful Anthropoids (The more Drucke exerted, the more powerful the Anthropoid)
Incorporeal: Cannot be seen in the human realm

+ | +
Yama: The energy of mortality, what the Human realm is generally made of. It drains the ability of Anthropoids and can cause extreme pain to Anthropoids who come near it or in contact with. Stronger Anthropoids can control Yama.
Amrita: The energy that exists in the Anthropoids Zone. It is what Anthropoids are made of, and determines their level of strength: higher the amount of energy, stronger the anthropoids are. It is expended by Paragons when they use their abilities and fight.

Forms of Energy
+ | +
Theotokos: Glowing source of liquid Amrita. It can replenish a Paragon’s abilities through a period of brief submersion. Can only be used once a day per person.
Amritite: A form of Amrita that is infused in clothing or jewelry or worn encapsulated, that can be used to increase the power of Amrita based abilities.
Chalcedony: A binding structure of the Anthroponeanics (defined below) infused with or made of Yama. These structures can take on any forms and an Anthroponeanic can have multiple Chalcedonies. Under certain circumstances, Chalcedony will shatter or dissipate unleashing an Anthroponeanic’s potential. If the Amrita of the Anthroponeanic drops too low, the Chalcedony(ies) will reform and the Anthroponeanic will assume it’s previous form. Examples: A bell collar or a chain belt.

+ | +
Amrita Zone: An area of Amrita. These sites hold the portals to the Anthropoid Zone. Example: Haunted locations.
Anthropoid Zone: A place that inhabits an Amrita Zone but is invisible to most living beings, with the exception of some animals, Paragons, and young children/babies. These zones often have their own unique appearance that can be modified by the Anthropoids inhabiting the area.
Supernatural Realm: The world outside of sight. Where spirits live.
Mortal Realm: Home to all things living. Humans inhabit this realm.
Human Zone: I feel like this is obvious. They’re sometimes called ‘apartments’.
Paragon Agency: A secretive group of humans and Anthropoids working for the elimination of Anthropoid threats. The locations of the Paragon Headquarters and divisions are only reached through areas known as Mandir.
Mandir: areas such as waterfalls, caves, mountains, hills, rivers, temples and plains. Somewhere in these areas are marks (often cultural symbols for luck, peace or perfection) that exude significant levels of Drucke. When touched by a Paragon, Daoshi,certain humans, or tools, the mark will reveal an entrance to a Paragon building.

+ | +
Humans: The inhabitants of the Mortal Realm. They hold a small balance of Yama and Amrita in their body, both are necessary for humans to exist in the Mortal Realm.

Anthropoids: Corporeal or incorporeal beings that exhibit Amrita based powers. Different types listed below:

    Paragons: Corporeal Anthropoids that used to be human. Fight antagonistic Anthropoids in Amrita Zones, which is the only time they notice their powers. They are born human and live human lives.
    Shiki: Summoned or created anthropoids that serve a single purpose to their summoner (such as attacking or defending, etc.). These can be humanoid or very abnormal in appearance. These vary in power but often are not as capable as other anthropoids. A strong shiki that is summoned by a weak or stressed summoner may turn on them.
    Shiki are also highly unintelligent, easily falling prey to tricks and being manipulated.
    Crowleys: Incorporeal Anthropoids that are fierce and animalistic in nature. They only wish for the destruction of mankind. They manifest themselves as aggressive poltergeist and demons. They do not exist outside of Amrita Zones.
    Nix: Anthropoids that are beguilers that manipulate the mind to attract victims to Amrita Zones. They are most susceptible to Yama and are unique beings that can come in different forms:
      Mara: Leech the energy from their victims. Can possess dead bodies and move independently from their Amrita Zone while in possession. If they wish to keep their form, they must return to their Amrita Zone once a day before midnight to replenish their energy and ensure they do not dissipate. These are independent Nix, not relying on other Anthropoids to survive.
      Nixe: Can be slightly parasitic, simply draining energy from nearby people causing lethargy and inducing depression while co-existing with humans. They are usually very weak but can become more powerful over time, losing their ability to move freely and becoming Lamia.
      Lamia: An ancient vicious and terrifying Nixe that drains the life from any who come close.These beings are connected to the abduction of children and grisly murder cases in the human world. The Lamia is powerful enough to control the mind of beings without contact; they exude their Amrita and force themselves into the nearby minds of any creature or they create Neck to draw in their victims. Lamia can simply drain a being dead with their touch or gaze but often times they revel in violently killing their victims.
      Neck: A being often connected to or created by another Anthropoid to do their bidding. They are used to distract, inform, allure, confuse, or terrify. They often dissipate after fulfilling their duties. These beings have a varying amount of independence based on their powers; more power = more independence.
    Daoshi: One of the most human and intelligent Anthropoids. These corporeal beings exist within human society and vary in motive and ability. The Daoshi have the ability to summon, create and dispel other anthropoids as well as weaken and in some cases, negate the abilities of Paragons or strengthen and heal Anthropoids. The Daoshi have the ability to use certain powers outside of Amrita zones such as weak summonings, sensing nearby Anthropoids and Amrita zones, weakness and illness abilities, as well as aid and healing abilities. The Daoshi are exceptionally more powerful when inside an Amrita zone. Daoshi are integral to the Paragon Agency because of their powerful abilities and intelligent nature. The Daoshi are responsible for the creation and upkeep of Theotokos, Amritite materials, Yama materials, Neanthropes and their binding, and they head research on all aspects of Anthropoids. Though they are powerful allies they are also very dangerous enemies and can be unstable when first created. The Daoshi don’t rely on direct attacks but instead use powerful summoning and alteration abilities to fight their enemies or protect themselves.

All About Companions
+ | +
Anthroponeanic: (aka Neanic) A being that is spiritually connected, naturally or artificially, to a Paragon. These beings have varying abilities and appearances (most often as humans or animals) but there are some things common to them all. The closer a Paragon is (physically close and emotionally in sync) to their Anthroponeanic, the stronger the two become
  • The Anthroponeanic will leave an Anthropoid zone and try to transport their Paragon to a nearby Theotokos if the Paragon is defeated.
  • If the Paragon becomes human permanently, the Anthroponeanic will dissipate. Anthroponeanics tend to be emotionally and mentally like young children when they are first created, but they mature quickly.
  • The Anthroponeanic can become incorporeal or corporeal at command (or at will).
  • The Anthroponeanic’s power and appearance is closely tied to the power of it’s Paragon (eg: A wind paragon might have an Anthroponeanic with the ability to glide on gusts).
  • The Anthroponeanic feels pain when the Paragon feels pain and vice versa.
  • If an Anthroponeanic is destroyed in battle, it takes the form of a small sphere that, when held by it’s Paragon, grants the Paragon the ability to use it’s powers or strengthen their own. Once the battle is over, the Paragon must take the sphere to a Theotokos to return the Anthroponeanic to it’s original form.
  • The Anthroponeanics wear Chalcedony that they cannot remove or destroy. Under circumstances (Training,Stress, etc.) the Chalcedony will shatter and unleash a stronger form. This transformation under stress can have a cost depending on the unleashes extent : (Physical Pain, Injury, Emotional Instability, Fatigue, Sickness, System Shock, etc.). With enough training, Anthroponeanics can learn to control these forms and minimize the side effects of the unleash.

    Anthropoid Danger Classifications
    + | +
    Ashigaru: Weak but often come in multiples, can be handled alone and dissipate on defeat.
    Neanthrope: Newly created anthropoids, these can be highly dangerous but very easy to banish.
    Anthrope: a Challenging anthropoid but something that can be handled by a single skilled Paragon.
    Archanthrope: A powerful anthropoid that requires several Paragon and a significant amount of time to banish.
    Kami: Extremely dangerous anthropoids that take an Elite team of Paragons to defeat. These cannot be banished, they must be obliterated and then processed by Ama.
    Duanthrope: an anthropoid that has some of the characteristics of two types of Anthropoid
    Pananthrope (Panthrope): has the powers of multiple anthropoids and even those of paragons (These are often Kami)

    Paragon and Anthropoid Strength Classifications
    + | +
    • Clear blood
    • Blue blood
    • Red Blood
    • Purple Blood
    • Black Blood
    • White Blood
    • Gold (Somma) Blood

    Character Sheet:
    Race: Paragon? Anthropoid? Human?
    Patron: What mythical being decided you could be a Paragon?
    Strength: Blood Type (A+ is acceptable *wink*)
    Abilities: Dependent on Patron who chooses you. Ex: Poseidon picks you, you have water abilities.
    Weakness: Pretty much, god of fire hates god of ice so you can’t stand the cold.
    Anthroponeanic: Choose your companions wisely! (I already claimed a white kitty named Ben! He will also be called Fuzzykins and we will argue constantly with threats of boops on the nose.)
    Appearance: Description and/or pictures are welcome.
    Bio: Optional if you dare.

    Anthroponeanic’s Sheet:

    Name: Aubrey Phoenix Nightfall
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    Race: Paragon
    Patron: Phoenix
    Strength: Blue Blood - Still newb but not as newb.
    Abilities: Fire Manipulation:
    • Create fireballs
    • Fire skating/surfing
    • Breathes flames, especially when ****
    • Fire shapeshifting into a phoenix
    • Later on development more abilities where can shapeshift after burning into ash.
    Weakness: She doesn’t like the cold. Ever. Prefers luke warm water to drink and boiling showers/bath.
    Anthroponeanic: Claimed a white kitty named Ben! He will also be called Fuzzykins and will argue constantly with threats of boops on the nose.
    Personality: Aubrey has a tendency to be a spitfire. She can get angered easily and has the stubbornness of a lazy cat. Tries to be humorous, but fails miserably. Very confident in her abilities, probably sometimes too much. There have been rare occasions where she’s gone out of her way to help others, but she tends to do it in secret or does stupid **** in order to make the others feel better even though it seems like she’s being a jerk in the process. She still holds a tough facade, but deep down she cares deeply for others in a way that will most likely get her killed one day. She believes strongly in justice for others who are wronged.
    Appearance: Aubrey has long red hair and brown eyes with a tint of red in them. Her eyes become more red in an Amrita zone. She has pale skin and generally wears dark blue jeans with a tight shirt and leather jacket or black hoodie with boots. Sort of has a ‘biker girl’ theme. 5’4” with small build but can pack a punch either way.
    Bio: Aubrey was born human with a father who was military and a mother who became a single parent early on after her father went MIA. The two were close but shortly before Aubrey went to college, her mother passed away from breast cancer and Aubrey was on her own. She fared well, finishing college early on and starting to get her Masters to become and Archeologist. However, she felt a longing for something greater than her ordinary life.

    When she came across what she thought was a wounded bird, she quickly took action to try and save it (after making sure no one was around) but then it puffed into flames and burned to ash in front of her eyes. After the shock, Aubrey saw something move in the ashes and a baby Phoenix brought it’s head up from under the ashes. Another Phoenix soon appeared next to them, thanking Aubrey for their help, and offered Aubrey a position she could not refuse.

    Paragon: Aubrey Phoenix Nightfall
    Name: Ben, aka Fuzzykins
    Sex: Male
    Strength: Blue Blood
    Weakness: Cannot stand water most of the time. Refuses to go out in the rain. Likes to be scratched behind his ears and will fall asleep quite easily.
    Abilities: Swatting power of fury. Can shapeshift into a fire breathing lion and instead of having a fur for the mane, it is all fire along with the eyebrows and around the feet. He can ride on flames as well created by Aubrey and breath fire out of his mouth.
    Personality: Hothead like Aubrey. Cracks jokes often. Though he and Aubrey fight quite often he never wants to leave her side and pretty much goes everywhere with her if possible (even to her job). He can be a jerk at times, swatting randomly at people who pass by and tends to hiss at new strangers who come too close to Aubrey, but is generally quite gentle and loves to cuddle especially with people he knows.
    Chalcedony(ies): Black collar with a single silver bell.
    Appearance: Appears as a white fluffy cat in the human realm and to human eyes with blue eyes. Prefers to stay in kitty form most of the time. Can possible shift into a human like form but does not do so very often. His human form has black hair with blue eyes and pale skin.

    Name: Blackbird (The Blackbird lineage)
    Age: Unrecorded/ 47
    Sex: Male
    Race: Anthropoid/ Human
    Role: Paragon guidance
    Patron: Blackbird
    Strengths: Heightened intellect, perception and physical capabilities.
    Abilities: Humans have no ability. Anthropoids are able to split into multiples, teleport, and move at incredible speeds.
    Weakness: Isolation drives blackbirds mad, Caring to a fault, Sense of inadequacy drives Blackbirds to work harder.
    Personality: His face holds a cold mask, calculating and professional. Occasionally he can’t help but show worry or concern for the paragons he guides. He sees all moments as opportunities for improvement.
    Appearance: Pale-skinned, slick black hair, greyish eyes covered by black sunglasses. 6'1", Lean muscled with a broad build. He wears black suits and ties with matching dress shoes.
    Bio: The history of the Blackbird lineage goes right alongside the history of the agency. Ever since its conception, there has always been at least one Blackbird ensuring the smooth operation of the agency by overseeing the Paragon training programs and operations. For their dedication, the family line was chosen to safely pass from life to afterlife mostly unchanged: their duties could continue for eternity with each generation adding experience and ensuring further growth and success.
    Misc.: All Blackbirds look the same, act the same, sounds the same. It’s as if they had been cloned since the dawn of time. Blackbird has a family. When he dies his son will take his place at the agency.

    Name: Nandi Lepakshi (Nala)
    Age: Ancient
    Sex: Female
    Race: Anthropoid
    Role: Daoshi of Beasts, Master of Binding
    Strengths: Very knowledgeable about Anthropoids
    Abilities: Beast summoning, Shifting, Ability negation, Banishing, Beast Enchanting
    Weakness: Human Technology confounds her to no end, Man-made weapons, especially guns can kill her
    Personality: Playful at times, Calm, Dutiful, Confident, Patient,Wise, Passive
    Appearance: Light brown skin, soft slightly angular features with a thin nasal bridge that sweeps down to a moderately sized nose, the tip going slightly lower than the nostrils. Wavy black hair that reaches the small of her back. 5’2” very petite leanly muscled build. Clothing varies greatly for her, mostly consists of loosely fitting light fabrics. Each of her ring and pinky fingers hold a gold ring with an embedded oval turquoise. A black necklace holds a large onyx sphere with gold on the top and bottom. Three sky blue gems hang from the bottom of the sphere. Two small thin gold anklets with unique ornately carved designs fit around her ankles. Many small gold chains hang tassel-like from the anklets, jingling slightly with each step.

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     Post subject: Re: The Paragons: OOC
    PostPosted: Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:50 pm 

    I got a job, I'll be busy

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    YAY! I'm slightly proud of myself. I think this OOC looks fantastic for someone who had no focus what so ever at what she was doing hahaha!

    Together We Stand. Divided We Fall.

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     Post subject: Re: The Paragons: OOC
    PostPosted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:13 pm 
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    This still a thing?

    "Told me to prove to them what I was worth
    We’ll teach you to move without mercy and give you the tools to go after the causers of hurt
    You'll become death. You will take breath
    This is for everything you’ve ever loved
    Use all the pain that you’ve felt in your life as the currency go out and trade it for blood
    You are not you. You are now us
    We are the only ones that you can trust
    You’ll become fear. They’ll become dust
    Before this moment you didn't mean much
    You are the smoldering vessel of punishment born to do nothing but justify us"

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