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Enter into a world over 12 years in the making. An ancient and magical world filled with wonders that will draw your imagination and mind to the very edge...however there are two sides to this world. Behind every rainbow lies the great evils of this verse. Constantly watching...waiting patiently to once again rise up from the shadows and claim the status as rulers of Lysandria. You enter this world during a time of great turmoil. The IV Dark Lord has been defeated...but at a grave cost. Lysandria is once again divided with the fall of the Eastern and Western Imperiums, various Kingdoms, Republics and Empires strive for control over the world. The High Elves have reformed the Leafhold Empire threatening to invade the realms of Men in the East. Orc Tribes and Clans have begun gathering in mass to form huge war hordes. Demon survivors from the last great war still terrorize the various peoples of the world. Dragons have awoken from their slumber. What will happen next? What does the future hold for the fate of this world? Despite all these factors and uncertainties that question can only be answered by one Play as a character in this and "Win" however you want. If you wish to play as a Warlord or Ruler of sorts you are free to do so, conquering the world with your armies. If you wish to be a Grand Mage or Wizard of sorts that is also acceptable, Adventurer, Ruthless Trade Barron, Assassin, Dragon Rider, Demon Lord...the list of possibilities are endless and so are the outcomes. This is The Third Age...This is Lysandira!

Titus_Blankmap.png [ 36.52 KiB | Viewed 2761 times ]

Map Created by: Semmi
Armenia3 1.png
Armenia3 1.png [ 233.44 KiB | Viewed 2658 times ]

Nations of Lysandria
The East
1: Empire of Lysandria
2: Kingdom of Gomorrah
3: Republic of Corinth
4: Empire of Romani
5: Kingdom of Soddom
6: Republic of Assyria
7: Kingdom of Thrace
8: The Empire of Wu
9: The Kingdom of York
10: The Kingdom of Wessex
11: The Kingdom of Gwent
12: The Republic of Lyons
13: The Kingdom of Castile
14: The Republic of Dunmore
15: The Nine

The West
16: The Kingdom of Stonehenge
17: The Kingdom of Mirkwater
18: The Kingdom of Taeral
19: The Republic of Greenwood
20: The Republic of Lithia
21: The Kingdom of Aragon
22: The Kingdom of Fruth
23: The Empire of Nod
24: The Empire of Leafhold

25: The Hell Portal
26: Ice Land

Drawing (2).png
Drawing (2).png [ 340.75 KiB | Viewed 2625 times ]

Settlements of Lysandria
1: Trajonia
Capital of The Empire, it is the third largest settlement in the world behind only Andover and Formenos. Here multiple locations can be found, the Achilles Arena where Gladiators fight to entertain crowds of thousands and their own personal glory. The Hadronius Amphitheater where plays capture the imagination of many. Also here is the Imperial Legion HQ as well as the Royal Palace and Senate Forum. The City contains hundreds of temples, shops and taverns to provide for the needs of not only its twelve million
2: Aleppo
3: Krysus
4: Hadropolis
6: Ajax
7: Mycenee

1: Mor Dala
2: Mor Sloon

1: Titus
2: Dun Dala

1: Romanus
2: Edoras
3: Aldburg

1: Orlon Ford
2: The Great Camp

1: Al Khali
2: Amok Shokta
3: Liavek

1: Argos
2: Mindor

1: Shenzen
2: Seuoltus
3: Mundain
4: kao Sung

1: Londinum
2: Roseburg

1: Korstad
2: Harsted
3: Halmar

1: Maloy

1: Cadiz
2: St. Saveil

1: Canterberry
2: Dudley

1: Andover
2: Grimsby

The Nine
1: Aerbyst Gondula

Rules of Lysandria
-Be Respectful(In character interactions do not apply)
-Obey Moderation of Posts
-If you believe a Mod is unfair or wrong DM the Main Admin (GameLord) and seek appraisal
-Do not argue with Staff
-Do not make any changes to your Stats(Your Personal Information) without Staff notification
-Post your decisions and/or actions and await a Mod to respond with an outcome
-For covert actions DM a Staff Member(Note this keeps things private, but if you are discovered your actions will be made public)
-Failure to react properly to certain Staff created events may result in...problems
-Before joining ensure you create a proper character chart, seek approval from a Staff member before joining
-Listen to Staff Members
-Travel times have been reduced from what they would normally be to maintain constant game play
-Interaction with ACCs(Admin Controlled Characters) will not be decided with dice, but the judgment of Moderators, all information will be taken into account including the characters past, natural traits and objects in possession
-Combat between two characters whether its a large scale such as a massive battle or smaller such as personal duels will follow set regulations. The Defending Player having a natural advantage will post their response after the attacker posts their actions, if the attacker is launching a surprise attack the defender will be unable to respond to their first post. Defenders who fail to respond within 24hrs will suffer a complete loss to the attacker. Players upon mutual agreement may request a dice decided outcome. The conflict will be conducted with the attacker posting, the defender responding and the Mod posting an outcome, then the defender will post and the attacker will respond and the Mod will post an outcome, this will continue until a victor emerges
-Players must subtract financial spending from their total money amount
-All player decisions and actions will have results, actions may not always result in an equal outcome. Something as small as stealing a purse off of a merchant could have major consequences
-Magic is a very powerful thing, however it is the belief of the Admin that it should not be capped or restricted in any way, it is controlled however this is done very liberally
-Players who are "OP" do not start as such, anyone who has worked hard enough to become "OP" and are deserving of their status and will not be nerfed by the Staff. The Admin looks at it this way, this game is very difficult, most people who play it start over at least a couple times due to deaths. Big Nations have Big Problems, Powerful Characters have Powerful Enemies, this process keeps players on their toes and so if a player has beaten all the obstacles in his/her way to become some sort of extremely powerful character they are deserving of their status. Newer players will simply have to find a way to deal with this player as just another obstacle and they too should seek to obtain that status rather than complain about it to the Staff
-Any form of Meta Gaming is illegal
-The Staff reserve the right to kick and suspend players from the game, players may petition the main Admin (GameLord) for a pardon if they are kicked after a week since initially being kicked, suspension is unpardonable unless the suspension term passes a week

Lysandria Character Sheet
Race: (Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Goblins, Dragons, Centaurs, Vampires, Werewolves, Hybrids...etc)
Appearance: (Things such as Blond, Brown Eyed, Horned, Gold Ring in left ear, Muscular, 5'10"...etc)
Characteristics: (Things such as Courageous, Clever, Master Smith, Sailor...etc)
Bio: (Your Characters back story, for help on lore DM the Main Admin (GameLord))
Weapons: (Fire Staff, Broad Sword, Compact Bow, War Hammer...etc)
Job: (Black Smith, Soldier, Ranger, Scholar, Ruler, Pirate...etc)
Clothing: (Steel Plate Armor, Leather Armor, Trader Robes...etc)
Income: (5 Gold Daily from a Job, 12,000 Silver Dragons from your fief tax...etc)
Total Money: (20 Gold Coins, 100 Trade Dollars, 20 Silver Dragons...etc)
Property: (40 Acre Farm, Castle Ruins, Small Hut, Great Hall...etc)
Followers: (12 Men at Arms, Elf Hunter named Gwendi, Orc Slave named Scudd...etc)
Title: (Ser, Barron, Lord, Lady, Duke...etc)
Image: (Coat of Arms, Character Image, Territory...etc)

Lysandria Faction Sheet
(This is for Players who wish to start as Faction Leaders)
Faction Name:
Faction Territory: (Location, land and assets such as cities and castles owned)
Gov Type: (If a nation or a faction that would have one)
Faction Income: (Daily income)
Faction Money: (Overall money held atm)
Faction Diplomacy: (Truces, Alliances, Trade Deals...etc)
Faction Population: (Your military, traders, merchants, servants, farmers, peasants...etc)
Faction Race Ratio: (ie: Humans 55% Elves 20% Orcs 35%)
Faction Symbol: (Your flag or coat of arms)

The Second Age.
This Grand History has been recorded over several cycles by various authors and editors, the most prominent are as listed: Ser Reilly of York, High Arch Wizard Wycliff, Scholar Mathew and Mage Supier. This is not a drama but actual historical events. It is important to note that this history is aimed towards Men although it does not entirely focus on Men alone. This is the entire history of the Second Age.

After the Elves failed The Gods looked to their favourites, Men to rule and look after the world. Though this time they would not slumber. This maeked the beginning of the Second Age, also known as The Age of Men due to their prosperity during this period of history. In 1 SA The Grand Council was formed made up of all the races. Though Man was given authority over the world they refused this power preferring a fair system in which all of the Elder Races would have a voice. This system of governance would remain in place for 350 cycles until the Military Commander Trajan dissolved it under force and declared himself Emperor. Before in The First Age there was no standing martial force, there was a police force known as the Aldamore during the Guardianship of The Elves but they were far from being a military. However with the events of the First Age and the Rise of The Dark Lord it was commonly agreed that a standing army was needed. Therefore The Legion was created to defend the free peoples of Lysandria.
emperorofthorns_sketch_1a.jpg [ 236.36 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

The Legion was voted into existence in 45 SA by The Grand Council. It was made up of 35 individual armies referred to as Legions each commanded by a Legionary Commander or General. Each Legion had 50,000 men in its ranks, it was divided up into 5 Corps's of 10,000 Legionaries. During this time period females were not permitted to serve. It is not known whether this was a form of discrimination or veneration. However it is said that Trajan met his wife in the legion, as she hid her gender to serve in the army. This proves that females did indeed serve under the guise of being males. Each general was allowed great independence and left largely to his own will, this allowed them to act without official orders from the council. This also allowed Trajan to swell the ranks of his legion.

Appointed General at the young age of 28 Trajan had already proven himself by putting down a Goblin infestation of an Elven Hall, single handedly. He was one of the greatest warriors in the history of men as well as one of its greatest tacticians. Without informing the Council he expanded the numbers of his Legion to over 200,000 soldiers, originally being a majority Human Legion, he added 100,000 Orcs to his ranks as well respecting their martial culture. Trajan commanded the VI Legion known as the Dragons, one of the two Elite Legions. The others being The Krakans Fleet a Naval Legion and the other The Black Hand, protectors and enforcers of The Grand Council.

In 347 SA Trajan took the long journey to the top of the highest mountain in the world, now located in modern Eretria and known as Mount Trajan. It was there he tricked them into signing the Accord that would restrict their ability to interact with Armeniá. From this point on the world would belong not to The Gods but to mortals. After this even Trajan would march his legion on The Grand Council. Upon hearing of his actions the council knew at once what his intentions were. They sent out the Black Hand to intercept his army. It was in modern Stithis The two armies clashed, The Black Hand fighting fiercly however unable to overcome the Dragon Legions numbers they were slaughtered to the last. Trajan then destroyed the meeting place of The Grand Council and declared himself Emperor. After a break conflict with several other legions he won the support of the remaining military and thus cemented his position of power. He then declared the beginning of The Imperium of Man, claiming that it was nothing more than Man claiming his his birthing as Guardian of the verse. However the other races after so long of living in a state of equality were not prepared to submit to the will of man, yet there was no open rebellion...yet.

In 355 SA after a Mage attempted to open a portal to allow the New Gods entry into Lysandria magic was outlawed. Mages were hunted down brutally, forcing them into hiding and exile. Though the Emperor made a single exception for his sister who was a well known sage. This with the sudden lowering of their status proved too much for the other races, and they now went into open rebellion. Oricsh, Dwarven and Elven Legions abandoned their posts throughout the empire. In the west The Grand Council was formed again, though this time it excluded humans. The war bloody war lasted 12 cycles and ended in an uneasy truce. The Elves were the only race to gain independence and formed a great kingdom in the west known as the Leafhold Confederacy. There magic was legal and flourished. Had it not been for the creation of such a state many magical secrets would be lost to this day.

In 380 SA Trajan dies and is succeeded by his nephew Hadrian The Wise. He is considered one of Men's greatest Kings respected by all other races as one of the greatest humans ever to live. In 385 SA Hadrian declares magic legal once again and establishes the Imperial Mage College. However despite this new found prosperity across the sea in The West a radical new agressive Dark Elf clan known as The Night Clan gained power over The Leafhold Confederacy. Seeking the demise of the Empire of Man they declared war shortly after the Imperial Decree of Fair Play, allowing all races in the Empire equal opportunity to prosper. The war lasted only 10 cycles before the Confederacy was defeated and turned into a vassal state. For 40 more cycles Hadrian would rule in relative peace, building upon the laws and knowledge of the Imperium. However he would be assassinated by his son Titus.

Documents and writings from the era point to Titus's killing of his father took place without protest. This is very surprising considering how popular Hadrian was as Emperor, however it is thought that he had grown senile with his old age suffering from mental disorders however still alive and thus Emperor. Perhaps it was more than just a power play but a planned mercy killing. However whatever the case Titus came to power unchallenged. During his rule Titus would build many of The Imperiums greatest constructions, most of which still stand today. Building the Imperium Road system, the Blood Coliseum and the Capital Trajonia. However in 460 SA The Imperium would begin it's slow painful decline.

The Leafhold Confederacy suffered much under the rule of Titus. Although not a naturally cruel leader his many construction projects required a lot of money, and rather than tax his own people he taxed his vassal state The Leafhold Confederacy. He did this until the Confederacy was left in a poor broken state and when they refused to pay anymore taxes he sent his legions in to take what he needed. So truth be told they were forced into rebellion. The war went very well for the Confederacy, as they won several victories. In 468 SA The Confederacy won the war against the Imperium and Titus was slain. The Imperium was absorbed into the Greater Leafhold Empire which now included both the East and the West

The leader of this new Empire was a High Elf by the name of Legolas, he took the title of Guardian and declared the fall of The Imperium to be a sign from the Gods that their time was over. He ruled for 50 years promoting peace and stability, however in 513 SA the great strife occured. The Night Clan started a Civil War against the successor of Legolas. This war lasted 200 years with various factions controlling the empire at different points. At its conclusion the line of Legolas were able to overcome the forces of The Night Clan but their empire had fallen and long died. The world was divided into many kingdoms and republics. It remained like this for over 500 years until Achilles came.

Born in the kingdom of Wessex Achilles had little hope over ever rising to greatness. His father had been a local Lord killed in a border skirmish with Aragorn raiders, his mother the wife of a common Miller. He was a bastard rejected by the Miller and thrown into the forest to die...though he wouldn't die. A Forester serving his Father's Son his half brother and now the local Lord would come across the child and make the fateful decision to save the child's life and take him in as his own. Achilles would grow up learning the ways of the forest, how to track, string a bow, hunt and survive. This life style groomed a hard man and by the time he was 15 Achilles had become a tall, fair looking strong and clever youth. While away in the forest to patrol the woods for outlaws and vagabonds his village would be attacked, his half-brothers Great Hall burned to the ground. Returning home to a burning village of death and ash Achilles swore revenge.

Tracking down the raiders proved too easy for Achilles, as did killing them. One by one as they marched back to Aragorn they were picked off. They feared that it was the vengeful spirits of the village, they called out.

"Be you ghosts of our misdeeds? If you leave us be we swear never again touch the sword!"

To which Achilles responded, "Yes this is the past come to haunt you, but with me I bring Death and Vengeance."

Upon which he flew from the trees like a mad man and slew the remaining raiders. Falling from exhaustion he slept for two hole days, upon wakening he would find himself aboard a Gwent slave ship, captured while sleeping. He was now heading towards Lysandria. The Kingdom of Lysandria at this time was a powerful nation. It contained many of the Old Imperium customs, laws and their legion system. Their capital Trajonia still stood proudly with its massive walls and great marble temples. And it was for that place Achilles was bound, he was to serve as and Gladiator in the Blood Arena.

Achilles would fight in the Arena for 4 cycles gaining renouncing success as a gladiator. Finally in 1,220 SA Achilles would earn his freedom and join the Lysandrian Legion. Fighting for many years against Maldor in thr South, whom at the time was a powerful nation ruled by a great and and ancient wizard. He gained command over the Legion. During his time leading the forces of Lysandria he became a well known friend of the king Lysander who created the Kingdom at a young age ages as ages warriors. In Achilles he saw himself...he saw ages chilled heir. So upon the death of Lysander Achilles inherited the Kingdom. It was sometime later that Achilles discovered the Library of Hadrian, and the history of The Imperium. At that moment it is said that Achilles became determined to reform this once mighty Empire.
WOTR_battlefield_02.jpg [ 70.23 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

Overnight he turned the Kingdom of Lysandria into an Empire sending Legion after Legion roaring across his borders to conquer neighboring kingdoms. It took him only several weeks to take the entire East and soon after with a massive invasion force he took the West. After his conquests were finished hr began modding his Empire into Hadrians Philosophy Kingdom, Trajans Matrial State and Titus's Production Machine. He created the perfect Empire, one that would outlast him for 300 years, though his blood line remains active to this day. He would pass away in 1,278 SA and his son Tiberius who would rule for 60 cylces before dying a natural death and being succeeded by his son. This process of peaceful existence and transfer of power would happen for 300 cycles... before The Shadow revealed itself again.

In 1,600 SA two portals opened up, one in the East the other in the West. Gate ways to the Shadows layer Hydra, Minotaurs, Demons and more attacked the Imperium. Soldiers died by the millions attempting to fend off the attacks yet even when the demons were defeated they would return a couple cycles later. No Mage, Witch or Wizard was able to close the portal and the beasts kept coming and coming. A band of heros ventured in the portal vowing to kill whatever was the cause but then they returned they did so cursed and as the first vampires. This took place for 100 cycles, the people living in fear for this long dark period of constant warfare. The Imperium was forced to divide itself into two Empires an East and a West. It was the hero Tristan son of an unknown Immortal God and a mortal mother who closed the gates, using the Silver Bow of Sëmeres and Alicia to destroy the portal in the East. However in the process he destroyed the Silver Bow as well, shattering it into a million pieces. The other portal remained open and a threat. However all was not lost. The most Ancient and Aged Wizards met together at a sacred place known as the Circle. A place said to be the location of the defeat of the First Dark Lord. There the Nine pledged their entire life to establishing a magical barrier around the vile portal. To this day Mages are selected from around the world to enter into the Nine and a select few spend the rest of their days in deep meditation to keep the barrier around The Dark Lands closed. However despite this the Empire would never reunite again during the Second Age.

Now we are getting closer to our modern age. However during just before the 3rd Age began there were one event that shaped out modern world. The coming of the Second Dark Lord and The Great Plague. The Second Dark Lord was a powerful young Mage taken from his parents at the age of 7 after he accidentally killed a number of village boys with his powers. He was sent to the Magical College of The Circle, and early on marked to one day take the place of a dying wizard known as The Keeper who kept the barrier up over the Hell Portal. Though he would grow to resent his future, during his stay at the college he spent more time exploring the ancient place than studying and was as if he felt something pulling him deeper into its depths...One dark night he found himself deeper than he had ever been before. A spiraling staircase brought him to a dark cavern with a small stone platform bordering a murky body of water. Peering into the lake he discovered a third portal leading to the hell verse. He couldn't help himself, he was drawn to the pure power that came off of it. The boy dived into the pool and thus embraced his destiny, when he emerged he was no longer human...but something else entirely. He was The Dark Lord.

For several days he remained hidden in the catacombs underneath the college, he lured 12 of the best students into the underground where he corrupted them turning them into The Black Riders. Finally he emerged, slaying the college including the Barrier Keeper he unleashed chaos upon the world. The West fell to the monsters, while the East fell to him. Killing all he began raising the dead for his new army, he began breeding Trolls, Goblins and Orcs for the very purpose of killing. In just 2 whole cycles he destroyed both Imperiums. Though he rules Lysandria, it wasn't enough. He was still mortal, having defeated all other foes he set his eyes upon death. His powers were not his own, he realised this. He gained his powers through The Shadow, he sought to change that and separate the connection between himself and the Dark Deity. Ordering The Black Riders to his palace he sacrificed them all, his closest allies and companions since his first conquests, slain by his hand. He then used his powers to enter the shadow verse kingdom of The Old Gods, there he poisoned several of them with chaos creating the first chaos gods. He didn't stop there, he went on to consume entire souls forever entrapping mortals to him, finally he did the unthinkable. He a mortal, son of a mortal lured a God to the mortal plain and killed him. The Dark Lord slew a God in single combat, initially offering to help him get rid of the Accord that bound them to the heavens, he betrayed the God and cut him down in a single blow.
blackwizardnormal.png [ 138.61 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

This was too far, sacrificing themselves several New Gods and Old banded together to destroy the Dark Lord. They numbered 300 in all, at the end if the end of the battle none would would remain, but the Dark Lord would be banished to the netherverse, nowhere a place of oblivion neither here nor there. Lysandria is still reeling from the Rise of The Dark Lord and is once again divided.

-Ser Reilly of York, High Arch Wizard Wycliff, Scholar Mathew and Mage Supier

Lysandria Time-Line
0 - Infinity Years, the time before the creation of Armenia when Darkness ruled

1 FA - Light is born

17 FA - Light creates the Stars

20 FA - Light and Darkness Wage War against another

20 FA - Armenia is created

20 FA - A Truce is called between Light and Darkness

25 FA The World is populated and built upon, first life created

1,000 FA The Old Gods are Created

2,000 FA The Old Gods Semeres and Osirubis steal the Secrets of Creation

2,001 FA The Old Gods are Cursed and Imprisoned

7,100 FA The Old Gods Escape their Prison and the Sky War against Light and Dark begins

7,400 FA The Old Gods defeat Light and Dark building the heavens out of their slain bodies

7,450 FA The First New Gods are born

7,900 FA The Separation begins as New Gods leave the heavens to inhabit Armenia

8,000 FA The First of the Elder Races; Elves are created

8,022 FA The Elves are discovered, New God Atruld is slain protecting them

8,023 FA The New Gods rebel and wage The Star War against the Old Gods

8,030 FA The Old Gods are defeated and retreat to their former prison

8,200 FA Dwarves are created

8,201 FA Orcs are created

8,205 FA Men appear for the first time

8,300 FA The New Gods fall into the deep sleep and the Elves are given guardianship of the world

8,700 FA The Prince of Chaos shows himself and corrupts the Elven Prince Daeron

8,720 FA Daeron shows himself again to the world, but in a new vile form, as The First Dark Lord

8,725 FA The Dark Lord conquers the Dwarves

8,726 FA The Dark Lord, corrupts several dwarves creating the first Goblins

8,730 FA The Dark Lord slays the Guardian, his father in single combat

8,735 FA The Dark Lord defeats a great host of Men and Elves and Dwarves

8,745 FA The Dark Lord controls most of the world and prepares for the wakening of the Gods

8,750 FA The First Resistance groups are formed

8,755 FA The Young woman Alicia discovers Osirubis’ silver skiff and sails to the Old Gods

8,755 FA Semester taking pity on her plight delivers to her his silver bow used to slay the monsters of Light and Darkness, during his flight with Osirubis

8,760 FA Alicia sacrifices herself to slay The Dark Lord

8,761 FA New Gods awaken from the sudden universe change after the death of the Dark Lord

8,765 FA Orcs are punished for their betrayal, Goblins retreat to the caves and deep woods

8,770 FA Men are given the position of Guardians of the world and the First Age Ends

1 SA The Elder Council is formed made up of all the Elder Races to govern The Imperium

347 SA The young General Trajan tricks the new Gods into signing the Gold Compact limiting their ability to interfere in mortal affairs.

350 SA Trajan dissolves the Council and declares himself Emperor

355 SA Mages and Magic is declared illegal and Mages are hunted down 359 SA The Elves, Dwarves and Orcs rebel starting a great war

363 SA The War ends with the formation of the Leafhold Confederacy

380 SA The First Emperor dies and is succeeded by his nephew Emperor Hadrian

385 SA Hadrian declares magic legal again and establishes the Imperial Mages College

386 SA The radical and aggressive Night Clan gains leadership of the Leafhold Confederacy

387 SA Hadrian reforms the Imperium to be more fair and inclusive to other races

390 SA The Leafhold Confederacy declares war against the Imperium

400 SA The Leafhold Confederacy is defeated and forced to become a vassal state

440 SA Hadrian is assassinated by his son Titus

447 SA Emperor Titus founds the Imperium Capital and City Columbia

450 SA Emperor TItus creates the Imperial Coliseum

451 SA Titus creates the Imperial Road system

460 SA The Imperium declares war on The Leafhold Confederacy

468 SA The Leafhold Confederacy wins the war, Titus is slain by his personal guard

470 SA The Leafhold Confederacy takes over the Imperium

471 SA High Elf Legolas is declared Guardian

513 SA Civil War in the Leafhold Empire begins

700 SA The Civil War ends and the world is divided

1,200 SA Achilles is born

1,220 SA Achilles gains his freedom in the Gladiator Ring and joins the Lysandrian Legion

1,226 SA Achilles inherits the Kingdom of Lysandria

1,228 SA Achilles discoveres the Library of Hadrian and begins rebuilding the Imperium

1,230 SA The Imperium is rebuilt

1,278 SA Achilles dies and is succeeded by his son Tiberius, the empire would remain strong for 300 cycles

1,600 SA The Shadow and Foul Monster would show his face once agin, opening two portals in the East and West to hell

1,630 SA The Empire is divided into two halves to better manage the portals

1,750 SA A hero using the bow of Semeres and Alicia destroys the portal in the East killing himself and destroying the bow in the process

1,800 SA The Council of Nine is formed at the circle and the Barrier is formed around the Western Portal

2,400 SA The Empire is still divided, the Second Dark Lord is born

2,420 SA The Dark Lord rises and slays the Council of Nine opening the Portal

2,600 SA The Dark Lord corrupts several Old Gods creating the first Chaos Gods

2,700 SA The Dark Lord is forced into Exile, though he spreads and plague upon the world than kills millions

2,800 SA The Dark Lord returns again and conqueres the West

2,830 SA The Dark Lord is defeated and killed by a force of Old and New Gods

3,000 SA the World is still recovering from the Dark Lords wrath, the Third Age begins

Races of Lysandria
The first of the Elder Races Elves have a proud old history dating back farther than any other. They stand height wise somewhere in between Orcs and Men. They have light almost pale skin color except for the Dark Elves who have grey skin color. They are very slender and have a light build making them naturally swift. There are two sub species of Elves; The Dark Elves and the High Elves. They live generally up to 300 years, though they only produce one child in their lifetime. This keeps their populations lower than other races.

The High Elves, founders of the Leafhold Empire and many other great nations. High Elves are an upstanding member of the Elder Races. They posses a natural understanding of magic and are great warriors. The High Elves do not share a common culture with some being Forest Elves drawn to nature while others are more "Man Like" in nature. The High Elves like Orcs live in clans that trace their blood lines as far back as their time of guardianship over the world. The High Elves sometimes look down on Men due to them being the youngest of The races but also the most successful. Although in the end They can usually be counted on to support the world whenever they are needed. They are considered to be the New Gods representation of Light.
a355870e1f09984b476ecf04ff3f2a15.jpg [ 168.9 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

Forest Elves are a sub-culture group of the High-Elves, although they are High Elves by nature they have rejected the way of the High Elves and gone away to various forests and woodlands to live as they claim their ancestors did.

The Dark Elves, created after the High Elves they are considered to be the representation of Darkness. Sneaky in nature Dark Elves make fantastic assassins and scouts. They lack the natural affinity to magic of their cousins but they more than make up for it. Their appearance is the same to High Elves other than their skin and eye colors being just as swift and slender as Hugh Elves. Unlike High Elves they do not identify with clans, the last of their clans being broken up after the Moon Clan attempted to sieze power over The Leafhold. Dark Elves have been known to serve evil in the past and thus they are not always trusted but it is important to remember that they have helped the forces of good in the past ages, losing many of their own in the process.

Orcs are proud and noble race, despite their shady past as soldiers for the Armies of Darkness they have proven themselves capable of living side by side their fellow Elder Races.

Orcs stand no less than 6'5" tall, they are muscular and have horns protruding from their bead. Most are Green and Black but there have been lighter brown colored Orcs in the bast. Unlike other Races Orcs share a common culture and language. The Orcs possess only a single kingdom in the world, however they can be found it throughout Lysandria. Often they find employment in various armies as soldiers, or sailors for Ship Masters. However there are still several Orc Clans who follow "The Old Ways" as raiders and pirates. Orc females give live birth but young orcs are not fully developed, they are placed in a mucus embrane where they remain for another month before becoming filly matured and bursting through the sack. This allows females to only go through half of the normal pregnancy time making them abe bodied. A single Orc may have up to 30 children in her lifetime. Orcs live to the age of 130, and maintain their powerful physical nature throughout most of their life.
uruk_hai_champion_by_taurus_chaoslord-d5slxq6.jpg [ 105.25 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

Orcs are divided up into many Clans, these clans are considered family and share a common ancestor. They are led by the strongest clan members. These clans will travel together and will often remain in whatever nation they reside in together. The largest Orc Clan is the Iron Sun Clan boasting over 15,000,000 members. The oldest Clan is the Blue Hill Clan which has been around since the Second Age. Orcs are a proud member of the Four Elder Races and continue to prove themselves time and time again as worthy of our praise.

The most common race in Lysandria, Men are the youngest of The Elder Races and mysteriously it is unknown who created them. Unlike the other 3 Races they seem to possess no natural skills. The Elves are wise and have a natural affinity to magic. The Orcs are large strong brutes who are well known to be hard workers, and the Dwarves were created with an inventive and creative mind. Men however diverse are very plain. There is one thing that has made them so successful though, one thing that places them above all other races...their will. Mankind possess a willpower like no other race in the world. Whatever goal they set their minds to they will most likely achieve it.

Humans come in two genders Male and Female, they lack a common culture, rather you will find hundreds if not thousands of difference between on group of humans and another. Although not regarded as a Dark Race they seem to favour War over peace and are sometimes considered more violent than Orcs. Each human usually produces at least one offspring in their life time, however it is not uncommon to see a human couple with many more. Most cultures are matriarchal in nature, with family names bring passed down through males, and males holding most positions of power. Although rare humans are able to interbreed with other Elder Races to produce offspring, sexual Intercourse with other races rarely produces offspring but it is known to happen occasionally. These Half-Breeds are able to have children of their own, though will often have conflicted feelings of belonging.

Humans come in a various shapes, sizes and colors. There are several groupings of Humans who share common appearances. There are Dark, Pale, White, Bronze Humans. Most humans are stand at 5'6" however their height may be much larger or much smaller. Men are a funny species, lacking the natural gifts of other Elder Races they make up for it ten times over somehow. They are likely to remain the dominant race until the end of times.

Stocky, swarthy mountain people found scattered across Armeniá, dwarves are a proud and ancient race. Their own legends say that they hail from "the land beyond land", a dead plane of empty crystal cities and shipping dusts. While dwarves live nearly anywhere there is stone, they are most concentrated in the West, where the most powerful dwarven kingdoms have risen. Dwarven nobles rose to dizzying heights during the Imperium, and the dwarven Empire of Nikia once controlled nearly all of the Southern Eastern area after the Fall of the Leafhold Empire. Dwarves worship a plethora of gods, and conflicts between disciples of one or another have torn many a kingdom asunder. Dwarves metalwork is widely considered the finest in the world, and dwarves are known the world over as fierce fighters. They reproduce somewhat faster than the Elves, though they are still outstripped by Men and Orcs. The average dwarf can expect to live around 140 years.
84f8daaad02d6474c3409ca587632648.jpg [ 86.09 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

Dwarves stand at an average of 4 feet 6 inches. They are stocky well built peoples, having a solid build. Dwarves come in two genders Male and Female. Males can easily be spotted by their large beard which is almost universal in the Dwarven Race. Dwarven culture is as diverse as humans and elves and varies on location. However all Dwarves are born creators, whether it be forging or inventing they bear a natural skill.

These wise beasts are among the oldest of living things. Created by Light and Darkness they originally were nothing more than beasts, however by fighting for the Old Gods in their rebellion against Dark and Light the hey were gifted wisdom. They have a life span of up to 800 years making them the oldest living beings in Lysandria. However their population has dwindled over the years as a result of hunting. Their scales, bones and organs are considered valuable in many nations. Skyships will often risk a fight with a dragon if they believe it will end with themselves being rich. As of now there are 500 Dragons left in the world with the majority being in Gwent and them being the smaller of the two species.

The Dragon Race is divided into 2 species the Dagons and Dragoni. Dagons are the most common and are no larger than a Manor House. The second Dragoni are massive beasts twice the size of the largest castles. However it is said that there are only 4 of these dragons left in the world and they have gone into hiding. Both species breath fire, however while Dragoni's wings are more feathery Dagon Wings are scaly. Other than size and wings they are equal in appearance and ability.

Dragons resembled large flying lizards. Their teeth are long and sharp as are their claws. They posses massive wings for which they use to fly. Often they can be confused with other Lizard like beasts such as the basilisk, however even though they are cousins dragons are considered much more noble beasts. A Dragon will often take offense to someone calling it a basilisk or anything else other than Great One or some other honorable name.
Blue_dragon_by_amisgaudi-d2a8qfu.jpg [ 82.72 KiB | Viewed 2652 times ]

Despite their brain power being equal to that of the Elder Races dragons embrace their beast side, refusing to conform to cities they live as beasts in caves and nests. They also have animal like tendancies such as eating live stock, and hunting anything edible. They view themselves the kings of the beasts and are often very self centered. Dragons also can be very greedy, although many dragons can live their whole lives without catching Gold Sickness they are very susceptible to it. Once a Dragon catches the sickness it will become obsessed with collecting as much gold and treasure as possible. They have been known to create massive nests made out of treasures and guard them until their death.

Dragons are noble powerful beasts but they have their flaws like any other creature. They possess a type of magic all of their own known as Dragon Magic. The Men of Gwent being the only other living beings besides dragons themselves who know how to use it.

Trolls, Goblins and Demons(The Dark Beasts)
Trolls, Goblins and Demons. These beasts and monsters are creations of evil and The Shadow. Their sole purpose is death and warfare. Trolls and Goblins are the creation of two mortal Dark Lords. Demons are the creation of The Shadow and are beasts of an older world.

It is said that The First Dark Lord created Goblins out of corrupted Dwarves, however it is also thought that they were created from Gnomes during the early Second Age by a Dark Mage. They stand roughly the size of a Dwarf and are highly uncivilized, capable of only simple tasks. Goblins are often the first line of foot soldiers for any dark army. They are carnivorous and will eat anything they get their hands on. When not under the command of an authority figure Goblins operate in a tribal system. Their chief is usually the largest Goblin. Goblins multiply quickly and in mass with one Goblin female giving birth up to 50 times in her life time. This is why many kingdoms encourage Goblin hunting at least once a year. They can be found in Deep Wooded areas, Caves, and Mountains where threats are not likely to find them. Cowardly and weak in nature Goblins strength lies in their numbers.

Trolls are nothing more than animals, lacking complex thinking ability. They are massive carnivorous beasts who can carry heavy loads. These monsters are walking tanks and have killed many. Created by The Second Dark Lord these monsters have recently gone from being considered for extinction to being identified as poor animals simply used by the forces of darkness. In many trade republics one can see trolls working on docks lifting and unloading heavy things for their employers. Troll slaves are considered very valuable. However there is no denying they have a dark nature, being created by The Dark Lord for the sole purpose of killing.

Demons may be the foulest monsters ever to walk upon the face of this planet. Powerful, massive and cunning these beasts led the Armies of Hell when the Portals first appeared. They are made entirely of Shadow and Fire but may take other forms for a short period of time. There magic is very powerful making them a dangerous foe for even the greatest of heroes. Most were slain during when the Eastern Portal was closed however many remain in Hell and even a few remain here in Lysandria. They crave power and so can often be found posing as a God or ruling over a Goblin tribe deep in the Mountains. They are Immortal only able to be killed through actual force and wounding by blade or other weapons. They never age nor spoil. Their magic is said to be as powerful as any ancient Dragons and even the most powerful of Mages will have trouble taking just one of these monsters down.

It is important to note the above races are not the only races of the world, other races include, Gnomes, Centaurs, Griffins, Lizards, Toads and many more for more information on these races DM the Admin(GameLord) Further information may be posted on them in the future.

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Name: Na'rook Redtail
Race: Avian
Age: 34
Appearance: (a redtail hawk type)
Characteristics: Courageous, Clever, brilliant stratagist, compassionate, understanding, brave
Bio: Na'rook lived a hard life. Born in a life of poverty, he had no choice but to join the military in the kingdom where he lived as a young boy. through the years he became a valiant swordsmen and battle harden to face anything. He rose through the ranks quickly. His ife drasticlly changed however when he found a young dragon, named Driktax helpless in a gorge. He saved it's life(his compassion came over him rather than his instinct). He won the Dragon over as a riding companion. Over time with a few mishaps along the way (no one is perfect nor does everything happen the way we want them) He became the emperor's right hand man. He was gifted the throne by the Council after the emperor died without a heir. Now he leads his people to greater triumph.
Weapons: longsword of lightning
Job: Ruler
Clothing: Enchanted steel plate(in battle), Royal purple robes(casual/formal)
Income: Imperial tresuary
Total Money: 1,000,000+ gold
Property: The Empire of Leafhold
Followers: Royal guard
Title: Emperior
Image: Coat of Arms
Emperor's Palace
typical villages

Faction Name: The Empire of Leafhold
Faction Territory: Leafhold
Gov Type: Imperial Republic
Faction Income: 60,000 gold daily
Faction Money: 40,000,000
Faction Diplomacy: open
Faction Population:military(150,000) population(2,000,000) lower class 30% middle class 60% upper class 10%
Faction Race Ratio: Humans 35% Avians 30% Dragonkin 10% Dwarf 20% other 5%
Faction Symbol: Coat of Arms

I am always looking for a good rp. so if you want me to join one of your rp's just pm me.

Red vs. Blue Epic Rap battle

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This still going?

"Told me to prove to them what I was worth
We’ll teach you to move without mercy and give you the tools to go after the causers of hurt
You'll become death. You will take breath
This is for everything you’ve ever loved
Use all the pain that you’ve felt in your life as the currency go out and trade it for blood
You are not you. You are now us
We are the only ones that you can trust
You’ll become fear. They’ll become dust
Before this moment you didn't mean much
You are the smoldering vessel of punishment born to do nothing but justify us"

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I have come back!

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I want to join too if possible.

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