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Looking for a d&d game but can't find the time for a scheduled session? Want to show everyone that you can talk your way out of any situation while also swinging swords and rolling dice with the best of them? Do you just need something to do in your boring day to day life? Well golly I got a suggestion for you. Join me, your Dungeon Master and a few other adventuring sorts and plunge into the world of Hyperion! High fantasy dragon violence galore in this world of magic and action!

If that was a good enough hook read on, to join in the fun I just need you to create a character sheet a-la d&d 3.5. Main books only, so just the basic classes to start and you'll be starting off at lvl 1. as for races, there is a custom list of what can be found in Hyperion below. Most remain unchanged from what is shown in the source material, but there are a few new races with minor differences noted.

If this is your first foray into Dungeons and Dragons and you want to try it out, feel free to message me. I'll be happy to walk you through the process of character creation and how to play.

Now as this is going to be forum based, character history is a bit more important, so take your time to make it as interesting as you want, but keep in mind you're a lvl 1 adventurer from the get go. starting off in life so just starting your adventures. One thing that needs to be consistant is each character needs to have a reason to be in the Capital of Actia. (read below) This is where the adventure is going to start. To keep things simple and fair starting gold will be 150 to spend on whatever equipment you might need, and when you are ready to make the character roll your stats in this OOC. 4d6, drop the lowest die, no re-rolls.

If you are still interested, Below you will find a bit of history for the continent of Hyperion, as well as an in-depth description of each race and country.

- - -

For thousands of years, dragons, elves and dwarves ruled the lands of Hyperion in a tense peace. Neither side willing to be the aggressor in their constant feuds. This all changed when two new races sailed onto the vast shoreline of the Continent. Those of Human and Half-ling. The two new races worked well together, with the fierce adaptability of the humans and the cunning savvy of the half-lings, the lands quickly fell into their hands.
The dwarves saw this as a boon. Trade was never higher and luxuries could be afforded by the poorest of folk. The elves and dragons however saw only their lands and wood being taken from them. The elves retreated to their homeland of Vironur. Protecting it from those who sought it's resources. The dragons however, fought and fought fiercely. The combined might of the half-lings and the humans pushed the dragons out of Actia, but the war continues in Minst and Shoven with force. The humans now at the front of battle as the half-lings stake their claim in the newly conquered territory.
The stretched out forces and condensed dragon forces have forced a stalemate with neither side able to push the other back. Shoven and Minst have started to focus on magic, the best defense against the fire breathers, and those with any magical talent are conscripted as early as 6 years old and trained fiercely.
This age has witnessed the rise of a terrifying force rise from the sea, And though time has long passed memories of where they first came from, humans and half-ling both have proven that this is indeed their home now.

Tensions subsided as humans and half-lings controlled the lands save for Tyrinia and Vironur. And even Tyrinia began to allow the humans within their society thanks to the goods they brought in. With this peace came the inevitable intermingling of the races, giving rise to brand new cross-races. This has increased tensions Between the countries as these new races have no true home of their own, and many are cast aside as abominations. Their numbers continue to rise however, and it won't be long before action is taken to stopping hostilities.

Recent events have caused great strife within the half-ling homeland of Actia. A great explosion has torn into their capitol city Warlyn destroying nearly half of the metropolis in an instant. The cause is yet unknown the but loss of life was immense and the nations have taken note as the kingdom of half-lings looks to rebuild.


Human: A race strongly suited to adapting to what they have. Short-lived, but veracious in their pursuits, whatever they may be. Little stops a determined human from getting what he/she wants. The humans control a majority of Shoven and Minst and can be found throughout the continent with the exception of Vironur.
** Least risk involved during character interaction, they occupy and travel to nearly every part of the continent. **

Dwarf: A hardy race, and one of the original dwellers of Hyperion. They reside, and always have, near the great Border Mountains within the country of Tyrinia. The jewelry and weaponry made from their hands has no match.
** Low risk racial choice, unskilled in the use of magic. Occupies Tyrinia alone, rarely travels far. **

Elf: A graceful race, and one of the original dwellers of Hyperion. Their large empire now has dwindled within the small border of Vironur as they ruthlessly guard their sacred wood. Very few are seen outside their borders, the only ones being on a mission, or banished from their people.
** Dangerous choice. Many individuals mistrust or hate this race. Difficult to role-play. Occupies Vironur alone, rarely travels. If you choose this race contact me before finishing your character.**

Half-ling: A short and quick race, the half-lings are extremely proud of their money sense, controlling the richest nation within Hyperion, Actia. Genetically very similar to humans, treat half-lings as human when determining offspring, just shorter.
** Low-risk race, though some do not trust the frugal qualities of this race. Occupies Actia alone, but can be found in any country, including Vironur.**

Elvoor: A mix breed between elf and human. They are taller than elves with slightly pointed ears, and they retain the regal features of their elven kind as well while taking the physical prowess of their human parent.
** Could be the most difficult character to play. Hated by both parent races due to the mistrust between them. Characters of this race would have to constantly remain in hiding to live a normal adventuring life. ** (Use Half-elf race when creating character)

Duerger: A mix breed between dwarves and humans. There is little difference between them and dwarves, other than being taller and thinner. Because of this though, they are generally seen as frail and are treated as secondary citizens within dwarven lands. The rest of the world simply sees them as dwarves however.
** A hard upbringing if raised in Tyrinia, otherwise unremarkable in life. Only mildly difficult to role-play. ** (Same as Dwarf, but no negative to charisma and no dark-vision)

Drell: A mix breed between the dwarves and elves. This race is an outcast to both parent races. Their dark skin and tall slim features separate them greatly from both, and any born are sent away. Minst and Shoven has taken them in most readily however, as their magical prowess is seemingly unmatched.
** Difficult if found by Minst or Shoven, otherwise a life on their own, but a free life. Very difficult, but no racial tension once in adulthood. ** (+2 INT, WIS. -2 STR, CHA. Immune to Charm effects, Dark-vision)


The most varied and perhaps the country with the most conflict. It is the only country in Hyperion with active battles against the dragon, the red flight being quite aggressive from their home in the Jupin wood. They prevent the exploitation of the countries forests, mountain ranges (other than the few within Niiki plateau), and some rivers. The populace has a fierce hatred with anything relating to dragons and dragon-kind.

Ruled as a Monarchy by King John Shoven XIII

The natural wonders of this country include:
The dragon homes of the Sulu Mountains and Jupin woods
The Volcanic Isle of Cinder Island.
The combining rivers flame tongue, and Crystal Bluff that form an enormous delta at its apex into the sea.
The Niiki Plateau
The Bredal Desert

The capitol of the country, it is nestled safely atop Niiki Plateau. It is a heavily garrisoned city, with fully equipped castle at its center. The mountain range provides ample protection against any would be invaders. It has few trades, though the rare gems found in the local mines allow the purchase of many fine goods the citizens regularly demand. You will find the finest artisans of all kinds within the city walls, but few are allowed to enter.

The eastern-most riverside city of Shoven, it is the main port that provides the supplies for the capitol. As such, Merchants are in abundance and it is quite the prosperous city. The river flow is quite lax in this area and allows for boats to ferry across travelers on a regular basis. It has no goods of its own aside from fish.

The second river city from the east, Uthane contains a great farm system thanks to the fertile grounds given by the rivers regularly flooding banks. This is the main food source for the country, and as such, is heavily guarded. Stations are posted year round at each end, and the main city is walled off with stone. As a more recent defense, Steelworkers are currently crafting their steel onto slanted wooded palisades at the top of the stone walls. This will eventually provide cover for archers from the deadly red dragons flame. So far however, only a quarter of it is complete, and is projected to be completed in three years

The third city from the east, SpringCott is the main battle post for the current war. It lies on the choke point of the two countries rivers, and allows ample resources to come "pouring" into the city. All of the kingdom's squadrons are in this area. The battle mages, Field warriors, archers, Arcane Division, as well as various reinforcements from the nearby countries of Tyrinia and Actia. The combined forces have driven the dragons to a stalemate, neither side risking an open assault.

The city holding the namesake of much of the Continents landmarks, it is one of its own shares of oddities. Built within the wetlands of the stagnating Crystal Bluff River, it is difficult to navigate by land or sea. Yet the city thrives thanks to its port, the only seaport in the country. It alone allows trade with the outlying continents, and thus is quite prosperous, and is also one of the few cities in the country to be host to immigrants of different races. You will find dwarf, elf, Half-ling, and many other races amongst its populace.

A small town at best, this location is merely a rest stop for those on their way to or from Parcel. It is a barren area, to close to the infamous Bredal Desert to give rise to any extra crops. The only areas of note are the inn, the various churches, and of course, the Dragon's head Tavern, sporting a moderate sized red dragon's skull atop its entryway.

A city rife with skilled artisans, before the war it was home to some of the best dwarven and elven craftsmen in all the world. Now, with the attacks from the red dragons coming frequently, all but the weapon-smiths have fled to the capitol. Now it is rife with soldiers and the kings mages, looking to find a weakness in the enemy's line.

A simple Trade town, that supplies the capitol with its imports and sends out its exports to the friendly nation of Actia, where the country receives its much needed supply of lumber.

A barren, mysterious country, Tyrinia must rely on its great supply of stone and minerals to supplement its complete lack of lumber. The costs of imports are too great, as the nearest supply is two countries away. They are able to make do as they are skilled stone-workers thanks to the dwarf inhabitants who share their home with the humans. The government is a democracy of sorts, with dwarves as the presidential electives, and the humans as a senate of sorts. As it is the dwarf's homeland, they have the right to their choices, but they are normally quite kind with their citizens and there is little to no mistrust in the system. It is the only nation to be in relative peace, With the dragon wars happening far from their borders. They worship the Border mountains, a range so high that none have seen their peaks. Because of this their day's turn to dusk much earlier than the rest of the country, the shadow of the mountains overtaking the land. They will not dare encroach upon the mountains further than they are already, as it is their holy ground. If caught, they attack with intent to kill. No questions asked.

Ruled as a Democracy by the Dwarfs and Humans. Current Dwarven leader, Merric Limecore

The natural wonders of the country include:
The infamous Bredal Desert
The mysterious Worlds end fissure
The Borderline Mountains
The fast flowing Crystal Bluff River
The crystal clear Shegal Lake

The export/import city of the nation to Shoven. It supplies stone and ore, whilst receiving precious gems in return. Little else is of note for the city, other than its close proximity to the Worlds end Fissure, which gives light to hundreds of rumors, fables and stories.
A farming/fishing village, it is mainly a rest stop for cargo ships on the too or from Shoven. It is quite peaceful and they hold celebrations and festivals regularly to celebrate their good cheer.

Named for its silver deposits that the river unearthed millennia ago, SilverMoor is a proud exporter of the rare mineral. This gives it quite the bonus in funds, and thankfully so, as it is a border town to a country (Minst) rife with disagreements with the dwarves. The precious metal allows the purchase of the fortifications required for such a city, giving it the defense it needs should hostilities ever break out.

Blackrock is a main hub of the mining of stone, namely granite. The dwarven citizens take great care to not pass the border lines, but also have no need to, as the granite deposits run deep into the earth. Mines can stretch as far as 15 miles into the crust before the granite runs dry and a stone to tough to be broken remains.

The capitol of Tyrinia, Eriton lies along the coast of the Shegal lake. Its position seemingly trapping it with many dangers, allowing adequate protection, with the fissure to the south, lake to the north and dessert to the west. Its main export, like its sister city Blackrock, is stone and also like its sister city, its mines run deep. The difference being Eriton is much larger, housing prosperous farms and fishing docks among other shops.

A verdant nation, Actia is home to the Half-ling and human population. An extremely frugal country, Business is the name of the game here. Trade of just about any material can be found within the many cities and the skilled workers are able to a craft above average materials, at an enormous price boost. It is also the most populace nation giving home to nearly 650,000 souls human and Half-ling alike, almost half of them being human. Being the majority has caused some civil unrest in the human population as they have no power in government, but as for now the Half-ling royalty has kept the peace.
It is ruled kindly by the Half-ling monarchy, who despite their size, have trumped any other claim to the throne.

King Gimly Timber ruling currently

Natural wonders of the country include:
The rapids of Niiki River
The marshlands and forests surrounding Kinly Lake
The large mesas of the Niiki Mountains
The vast Lumbersong Wood

A coastal harbor city, it does not export or import, merely a stop alone the path of trade to Shoven. Primarily a human town, the citizens enjoy a relatively peaceful existence of fishing and farming. The only disturbances are coming from the storms sometimes seen on the northern coasts, and the flow of troops towards Shoven.

North Gamage:
A mining town, unlike the dwarves of Tyrinia, the Half-lings of Actia bore into the mountains looking for the precious gems known to Niiki. Though the material obtained is profitable, they are sent directly to the capitol, offering little wages for the citizens, much to their disapproval.

A more focused mining town, it supplies the country with its needed ore supplies of Iron and stone. Unlike its gem counterpart, Coalman maintains its profits as the goods are produced within the city with expert smiths abound.

Built along the border of the Kinly Lake marshes, Waterlyn is the trade post to the elves of Vironur. The terrain does not allow for plentiful crops as fertile land is scarce, but it grows quite well where able, allowing the populace to be well fed. Though it is a trading post, the Elves of Vironur scarcely leave the confines of their borders.

Built along the borders of the forest rightfully named after the town, it is of course, a Lumber mill town. The mills run the edges of the forests, slowly pushing back as the trees are felled. It is the largest supplier of lumber on the continent, and as such is the countries prime resource. It also acts as a rest for those exporting or importing goods from Minst.

A coastal village, it is quite out of the way from most of the country's citizens, and is as such, popular with the humans, being its main inhabitants. It is the only town not governed by the Half-lings as they choose to leave it alone, finding no profit possible with the area. For its citizens however, it provides them with food, shelter, and a living. All they could ask for really.

A trading post for export/imports from Minst, it supplies the caravans with goods from the country to be sent to or from the capitol. Heavily guarded by the Half-lings, it is their main source of income.

This is Actia's main Coastal port, allowing trade with the other Continents. As such it is guarded much like Highler, it being the next largest source of income. The port is home to a variety of races found around the world. They come seeking the profits that Actia is known for, but most end up in poverty, begging on the streets, or working as servants for the more financially powerful Half-lings.

The Half-ling capitol, Warlyn houses the Treasury, barracks, and royal palace of the Half-lings. It is a heavily fortified city, with none allowed within its walls except royalty. The walls are particularly of note, as they are wooden walls, standing 50 feet tall, and a huge 10 feet thick. Fire cannot even penetrate the thickness in a fair amount of time. Atop the walls are Half-ling bowmen, at all times.

A warlike nation, Minst is home to a more war hungry human. Known for their paler skin despite living in the southern regions of Hyperion, the men and women of Minst keep their martial prowess known to all through their constant struggle with Vironur. With the war with the dragons now at the edge of their borders, they continue to show aggression. They have allied with Actia as the resources they provide are extremely beneficial for their war-like needs.

Ruled as a Monarchy by King Darius Wrinn

Natural wonders of the Country include:
The Raging Maw, an impassible river/delta system that flows in constant rapids, overtaking the surrounding land slowly with mudslides from the mountains.
The swallowing wetlands nestled between the Twin Rivers.

A fortress town, recently built in preparation for battle to take the rest of their country from the dragons, it is only lightly fortified. It relies completely on resources acquired from outlying cities to continue the assault, but attacks from the dragons make sure the staff is often replaced.

The countries coastal port, Beymarsh supplies the people of Minst with foreign goods such as wines and silk. This makes it quite the prosperous town. It is a well defended area as well, thanks to the Twin Rivers flowing on both sides, and the Swallowing Marsh to the North making it nearly impossible for any type of surprise attack on land. Great ballista enchanted by skilled mages make sure the sky's are protected as well

A resting location for trade caravans and ships along the river, Valkeep is otherwise a small farming village. The crops grow relatively well, but the marsh prevents the exploitation of more farmland to the east, stunting its continued expansion. The Mage's college resides on the outskirts, seen as a place of learning to most and a prison by some. Those with any talent in magic are sent here and live there until 15, where they are put to work in the war.

This Military town houses the Royal Barracks and Military Academy. Men of age are required to receive training in the military for 2 years time before released to continue on with their profession. This gives Minst a strong military culture, and a powerful foe to those who appose her.

Another Military based village, though it is able to stand on its own with its farms and mills. The tensions are high with Tyrinia to the north, but as of now no battles or skirmishes have been fought between the two nations.

The Capitol of this warlike country, It holds a fortress unlike any other in the land. Not majestic by any means, but its design nearly prevents any sort of successful attack. Its first line of defense is spiked fences and pitfalls, making it a large hazard for ground and mounted forces. 100 yards in are trenches where archers are stationed to pelt coming armies with arrows as they make their way through the traps. If they make it past the troops retreat to the stone walls of the fortress, built into the ground, literally dug out of the earth. This creates a man made canyon and a choke-point, allowing the defenders to slowly whittle away at the attackers with little losses.

The Elven nation of Vironur, it is heaped in mystery. On maps only 4 cities lie, but within the forest no one knows what is hidden. The elves guard all safe entrances, and do not allow any entrance except from their own kind. Their borders once stretched further into Minst, but with the current struggle, the lines have reached back all the way to the forest. However, the forest is where they are strongest, The elves will die before they see their home taken.

Ruled by the Elves, nothing is known of their hierarchy.

There is but one Natural wonder within Vironur, the Massive Terror Song Forest.
Bykeep, Hedgemoor, and Woodbush Downs,
are all outposts guarding the entrances to the elves forest home. None but elves are allowed entrance.
Gold Castle:
This is not the technical Capitol of Vironur, but the Elves use it as a 'Trading post' of sorts. In reality it is simply to keep watch on those that pass through their lands, and to make sure they do not stray towards their home. They do not hesitate to imprison those that attempt to enter their wood.

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Totally in

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Gotta roll 'em alllllll!


Wrong thing. Anyways.

Dadsky rolled 4d6 and got a total of 9:
2, 1, 4, 2

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Oh bollocks. Thems some low rolls.

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