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 Post subject: Mobile Suit Gundam: ZZ
PostPosted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:28 pm 
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Four hundred years ago the largest known war in the history of mankind happened. It took everything we had not to be wiped out completely, plus the invitation of Mobile Suits. Though that is all that the public actually knows about the war in 2235. As the military body that protects the earth and all its colonies. Though it only has two, the moon and Mars. Never the less the military body know as Alliance of Angels, A.O.A. for short, it's quite large, more then enough ships to fight amongst its self and still have enough to fight off a enemy force. The A.O.A is also most the earths police force, though at this points the earths countries have come together to form economic blocks. There are ficw blocks in totally, each with control over different parts of the world. (Which I'll get into later.)

Now Earth, the Moon, Mars, and a few very large away stations and the routs to them, are all controlled by the A.O.A., but of course there are many other ways to get into these places with out being seen. These are controlled by the different gangs and mafias that patrol these different paths. But one must be careful, pirates also patrol these paths.

For three and fifty hundred years, nothing went wrong, it was all peaceful, the old mechanics of war being forgotten about. Till a mars uprising happened, those on mars no longer wanted to be controlled by those back on earth. Things quickly got violent, a small group of children, well teens and young adults, rose up to show that Gundam were still very useful, and that even children can change the world. The group known as Tekkadan would become the group that would protect Mars as they become there own planet, set up trade deals with the blocks from earth. It took some time, but Mars soon became its own planet with its own governing body, and its own military protection.

It's been calm and peaceful for the last fifty years, though a new generation is starting to come into power in A.O.A, and those new men and woman are resentful of those from Mars who had killed there parents. Time is now the only factor left, the young men and woman of the A.O.A will have there revenge.

Mars's protection still isn't quit as big as the A.O.A that's including all the ships that were seized after the rising. So they will need to request help from mercenary company's, the war for Mars will once more start, but this time it most likely be much more bloody.

Info on Earth, Mars, and Space.

Earth: Earth is earth, there isn't much that has changed about it. Though what has Changed is that instead of countries, there are now trading blocks. In total there are five blocks, North American, which is Canada down to the end of the Central American countries. South America, the European Collective, which takes up most of Europe and the top half of Africa. Asia, which is most of Asia and the Middle East, along with Russia. The last is Oceania, which is Oceania plus all of South Africa.

All the blocks trade with one another, though none of them have any real military's. They do have army's, but it much more to fight only other blocks, as the A.O.A are the protectors of earth and all of its space stations. Though many blocks in recent years have to started to create a actual military after A.O.A was defeated.

Mars: Mars, the first plant that humans colonized, along with changing a few things about the planet. Such as A early form of terraforming, turning the sky blue, adding some water to the world surface, along with doing there best to make the soil able to grow plants. Though that didn't go well, not much grows on the planet beside corn, potatoes, beats, along with other hardy and string planets.

Mars, it's city's and different areas of it were under the control of the different blocks from earth. Unfortunately those who were sent to Mars to watch over the areas for the different blocks did not listen to the complaints, worries, or pleads of the people of Mars. At some point the people just got use to how hard life on mars was, many city's turning into slums.

Though fifty years ago, the revolution happened. Started by one woman's desire to help free her friends from the bondage of being a child solider. Though those same friends would be the ones who would win the war.

For the past fifty years, Mars has been setting up its own governing system, world military, which right now is Tekkadan. At the moment the planet is at peace, no wars or anything.

Space: space is like the old west, it's lawless, gangs and mafias rule many trading routes while A.O.A rules and protect earth, the main routes to it, and the space station that earth owns. Tekkadan does the same for Mars and two stations that were taken from A.O.A.

If one is born in space, they are known as a space rat. They are seen less then a person since usually there isn't a record on this person being born. So they are often sold into slavery, many gangs will kidnap space rats as kids to use as soldiers.
Info on organizations

Tekkadan: the organization that won the revolutionary war for Mars independence, they are now a trading and military company. Its main job is to protect Mars and her people. They are the largest military group on Mars, and the second largest in the galaxy, only behind the A.O.A.

The Alliance of Angels(A.O.A): the Alliance was formed long ago when the War of Blood took place. This was one of the bloodiest times in human history, many many human lives were lost, many of them civilians who were not ready to be attacked by such a foe. The Alliance helped make mobile suits, which help defeat the enemy. Though that's all the public really knows about this war, as the Alliance keeps the rest of it under wraps.

The Alliance was for the longest time, the greatest military power ever made. Controlled by the Seven ArchAngels, the ArchAngels were the seven most influential family's in the world, such the title of a ArchAngel is passed down from family member to family member. Really whoever the last angel wants to give the title in his or her family.
The A.O.A didn't worry about the mars revolution when it came about, they thought it nothing more then some commoners who were voicing there opinions and would quite down soon enough. By the time they even realized how far the people would go it was to late for them. Many of there ships, mobile suits, and indeed forces had been crushed, five of the seven angels had died. Forcing them to give into Mars and her people.
The new generation of the ArchAngels now want revenge for there fallen parents and grandparents, they will retake Mars and show the people what happens to those who try to do this again.

WhiteWolf: a decent sized mercenary group that has been contracted by Tekkadan to help with outer orbit defence as the A.O.A has been getting closer, and are not responding to messages. (Organization that will house the majority of the characters from the players)





Appearance: (picture)




Clothing: (must have the company's jacket, will have to styles, but the character can wear it anyway they like)

Birthplace: (earth, mars, space)

Position in the company. (Pilot, engineer, mechanic, chef/cook, tank driver, ship pilot, second in command)

Weapon: (use for infantry, or when boarding ships, ground attacks made by the crew, etc) shotgun, assault rifle(used by most) smg, LMG, sniper, pistol(used by everyone, pilots only have pistol))


Misc: (anything you want to add or that I missed)

For pilots only.

Kills: (please keep track of, will be part of the plot)

Mobile Suit: (the name of the Suit and a picture)

Weapons: (what weapons do you have? How many, etc)

Damage: (This pops up later when we get into battle)

Bio of the Suit: (if you want to give it a history, or just what has happen to the character and it's gundam)

One. This is based off Iron Blood-ed Orphans, just because that's the one that has gotten me back into gundam.

Two. You do not have to use a mobile Suit from IBO, you can choose any Suit from any series, just make sure you give the full name of it.

Three. Not everyone has to be a mobile Suit pilot, we need mechanics, cook(s), pilots for other things, and of course a pilot for the ship, along with other things that will most likely be played by me, as a NPC.

Four. The crew that you'll be part of will be male and female, so make whatever character you want.

Five. If you join you can have as many characters as you want, but I also need you to make one or two named NPCs that you would play. They wouldn't be around for most of the time, but pop up when you want to include them. But we can discuss that, I might leave that out.

Six. Death is a very big possibility, so be ready for that.

Seven, you can play a villain if you want, would be cool to see that.


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PostPosted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:30 pm 
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Name: Alexandria J├Ąger

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Personality: flirty, headstrong, protective, always itching to show off her piloting skills.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Appearance: ... e-guns.jpg

Height: 6'2"

Eyes: icy blue

Hair: Red (hair style)

Clothing: large black military jacket, the white wolf symbol on the middle of the back, usually lift open with the arms rolled up. A pair of black combat boots, baggy green military style pants, and a white tank top.

Birthplace: Mars

Position in the company: Pilot, Lieutenant.

Weapon: pistol (when in mobile suit) uses a LMG if attacking on the ground or boarding.

Bio: Alexandria was born and raised on the red planet, being one of the lucky ones who was born to a tater wealthy family from one of the bigger city's in the north.

Alex wouldn't know what a Mobile Suit is till she was about eight years old, that was when Tekkadan came to town, showing off for everyone as the old war heros. The moment young Alexandria saw Barbatos, she knew she had to learn how to pilot such a awesome suit. This sent her down the road to becoming a pilot, though her road would be much different then those in her time.

At the age of 13 she ran away from her home, for reason only know to her self to try and join Tekkadan, unfortunately she never made it to them. Instead she was picked up by the organization known as White Wolf, two months after joining this group, the young woman would willing have two Alaya-Vijnana System put into her body. She has been with the company since then.

Misc: sometimes called the Alpha of White Wolf.

For pilots only.

Kills: 58

Mobile Suit: Powered GM Cardigan

* Beam Machine Gun
Powered GM Cardigan's primary mid-range weapon, it is a beam rifle that can fire beam shots individually or in three-round bursts.
* Beam Saber
A sword-like beam weapon that serves as the Powered GM Cardigan's primary close combat weapon, a pair of them are stored in the storage racks on top of the shoulder armor. The racks will rotate forward when the beam sabers are needed.
* Gatling Gun
Mounted on each arm, the triple-barrel Gatling guns have low accuracy, but they can cause heavy damage when fired in close range. When in use, the top section of the yellow add-ons on the arms will pop up to reveal the Gatling guns.
* Large Rifle
Mounted on the backpack via short movable arms, the pair of large rifles are mainly used for long range combat and have high attack power as well as high accuracy. The large rifles can flip down when in use and can be ejected if damaged.
* Shield
Mounted on long, foldable arms on the backpack, the pair of shields provide the suit with additional protection compared to other suits that have only one shield. They can also be more flexibly positioned compared to arm-mounted or handheld shields, allowing the suit to use its arm-mounted or handheld weaponry more freely.
* Vulcan Gun
Mounted on the head, the pair of shell firing weapons have a high-rate of fire but little power. They can however damage lightly armored areas such as the sensors and are ideal for intercepting incoming missiles or enemy units at close range.


Bio of the Suit:


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