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Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Shades of Eversprings OOC


The fictional town of Eversprings,West Virginia.

A pleasant, and placid community that borders the Appalchian Mountains.

So it would seem from first glance.

Who could blame those who think that? Surely not I? After all. I am simply your humble Narrator.

Whom has the task of describing this mountain town in all of it's majesty.

Now, where to begin?

Ah I know!!!

Before we begin. I would like to share a statement with you kind readers.

Everspring's early days are a bit fuzzy.

Due to the lack of any real form of documentation. It is hard for one to pin point the exact history of the town. So with this out of the way. Shall we begin our plot?

Around the time of 1865. Eversprings had been lightly populated with maybe 10 families. Could be more, but again. It would seem that county records have not been too kind for this town. Many of the locals who do currently live in the town have variations of how the town began life, and of course most of this is indecisive blabber. Some say it's originally a logging community. Others say it was a mining town. There is even those who say that it was founded on a elusive hot springs that the town had gotten it's namesake from. None the less. It would seem that this quaint, and placid little community is indeed something of enigma.

Doesn't seem to matter much though. After all. Eversprings does indeed have both a mine, and a large lumber company near the outskirts of the town. So it would seem that maybe both of those statements could be true. Except for this rumored hotsprings that has never been discovered by any local to this very date. So with that brief history out of the way. Let us get to the fun part of the town. The existence of The "FOLK"



The "Folk"

It is said that the Folk are a rumored race of supernatural beings in the town. Some say their just old wives tales, or maybe bed time stories parents tell to their children. Either way. There is always some form of strange "occurrence" that seems to happen within, or around the town of Eversprings. When these "occurrences" happen. The townsfolk of the town can't help but blame it on the "Folk." In many ways you can say it's a local version of the boogeyman. Though there are those in the town that have sworn up and down. That this is not no boogeyman, but flesh and blood creatures that are old remnants of the true settlers of the town.

Fact or Fiction. The "Folk" are a mainstay in the town's appeal. Indeed Eversprings has had a reputation of being a rather strange town. With as stated before. "Occurrences." For example. One day a family moved into the town. Due to a job the father received teaching at the local High School. Now they were treated fairly well by the locals. Note. Eversprings is sorta of an isolated town. So when they do receive new people. It's not as much of a unpleasant experience, but they are weary of outsiderss. Which one can reasonably understand.

So, back to our little story. A week into their stay in the town. The father's 16 year old daughter starts to hear voices. Now before their relocation into the town. Said daughter never heard voices. Infact she was a rather generic, and "normal" teenager. These voices would come and go during certain times of the day. At first. They were just simple whispers in her ears. So light, and nonchalant. You could compare it to a soft brush of breeze across your face. Though as time went on. These voices began to get much more frequent. According to her teachers. There were even incidents of the daughter having full blown conversations during class. With figures that were not even there.

The father seemed to of largely ignored this, but at the same time grow a bit uneasy when around his daughter. The mother. Well it is safe to say she did what only a mother could do in this situation. She brought her child to a local physician. In hopes of uncovering the source of her problems. After a brief examination. The physician deemed the girl perfectly healthy, and cleared her with a full bill of health. In fact the physician stated she was a normal, 16 year girl. Who was probably suffering from social anxiety at a new school. Oh how wrong he was.

Weeks, maybe months went on, but the girl's case never got better. Violent imagery plagued her, and caused her to go into bouts of depression. Her home life began to break down. Her father and mother could not help but argue over her condition. Blame on both sides occurred, and it only worsened the strain on her mental deterioration. At last the father and mother could only do one thing for their daughter. They decided it was best to put away what money they could, and leave the town for good. He turned in his two weeks notice at the school. The facility already knew his reasons, and didn't blame him. His daughter's condition seemed to show no signs of getting better. Add the fact that the strain on the parent's relationship had already taken it's tole. After they were to leave the town. Both the husband and wife would seek separate attorneys, and file for divorce.

Now my dear friends this is where our tragic little tale reaches it's end. The day before they left. The parents tried their best to enjoy what little time they had left in this serene landscape. They went hiking, bike riding, and even out to eat. From all accounts of those who witnessed the family. They were described the three to be acutly happy. Real happiness, and joy. Not fake, or trying to hide it from the world. Even their daughter seemed to be herself for once. As if maybe the concept of finally leaving this town could be the cure to what plagued the poor girl. Some even overheard the parents talking about maybe seeing marriage counseling. A happy ending to a rather traumatic experience, and then the night of the "incident" occurred.

Around 3 am. A neighbor had called the police. They reported a string of strange noises that echoed out into the night. These noises came from the home of the teacher, and his family. When the operator had asked the neighbor to go into detail. The neighbor could only describe it as if something had exploded within the house. The local sheriff's department had arrived on scene. Only to discover a rather grizzly scene inside the home. Blood smeared on the walls. Body parts thrown about the household. Strange markings that looked as if they had been freshly carved into the woodwork. A forensics team was called in, but could recover nothing. Neither the teacher, his wife, or the daughter's remains had been identified in that home. The police searched the home up and down, but with no prevail.

It even received national attention across the country, but with no real clues to link to a possible missing person's or homicide. The case went cold, and the local sheriff's department had to close it. Eventually the dust settled, and the house was cleaned up, and put back on the market. No one bought it though, and maybe for good reason. To this very day. The neighbors who still live near the house report the sounds of distorted laughter, and giggling. As if someone who still in the home. As if someone never left it. The locals have chalked this up to the Folk. That they were some form of food to something powerful. Of course, this is once again just rumors. Though since that day. People can't help but come visit the town. To explore these mysteries, and stories of the "Folk" for themselves.

The Folk's as characters in the role play.

The humans of Eversprings have unknowing live beside creatures that have always been thought of as myth. The Folk, as they are called. Are very much part of this town, as are the humans who call it home. To the humans. They are monsters, boogeymen who only exist to harm, or cause havoc. In reality they are races of beings that lived on this planet for quiet some time. A very long time to be frank, and they see their existence as important as humans see their own very existence. Yet. They sadly know that they can't be their selves in normal society. They are "monsters" to the rest of humanity, and they know it. Doesn't help that a good portion of their kind has grown bitter, and somewhat hostile towards humantiy. Which has proved to be costly for both sides of the fence. This is why Eversprings is rather special in this way.

Somehow, and someway life has indeed found a way. With help of technology, abilities, and other means. The "Folk" have found a way to live normal lives within the borders of Eversprings. There are several families within Eversprings that are among the Folk, and for the most part are just like anyone else on the outside. There is something about this town, about this place. That has been able to sustain this form of life. Even the Folk do not understand it. Many have tried, and nearly cost them their lives. In some cases it has cost that, and so much more. So with that in mind. There is a mystery to Eversprings, one that leaves this town truly as a egnima. A underlines force of nature, and so much more. So please. Create life to your hearts content. Be whomever you wish to be in this town. Human and Folk. Just remember this.

Humanity and Folk for now must coexist ever so near each other, but never truly together. In Eversprings. Anything is possible, and plausible. You just have to be brave enough to go searching, but be warned. There are reasons why certain things in Eversprings have been left buried...

(( Me speaking as myself. =D ))
There are several races allowed in Eversprings from classic myth, and folklore. It all depends on their ability to hide their appearance, and if they can sustain a normal life in this town. If not, we may or may not be able to bring them into the role play. This is why we the OOC. So that we can edit, and look over what can be brought into the role play. I will allow most races from fantasy if you like, but I need to be clear on what you want to introduce. If their a twin headed gigantic tenticle monster that is formless, and eats all life...nope..just nope.. You get the idea. Anyway this was me adding this to fill in the plot hole for folk profiles. Besides that the stuff stays the same. Anything I haven't covered, please help me out by asking me. It has been a while since i ran a role play, so yeah.

Take care all!



The Tourist's Guide to the Town of Eversprings

The setting of Shades of Eversprings is a setting that I would like to say has the ability to change, depending on the wishes of the people involved. For this go around. I think it is safe to say we shall have a setting taking place during present day, 2017. With this in mind. All of the modern amenities of modern society are present in the town. Now the quality of course does not match something you would find in a large metropolitan area, but it's decent for people living in the mountains. Imagine Eversprings as a town that is still stuck in it's ways of the past. Even when the modern world has slowly encroached on the traditions of the townspeople's way of life.

In fact the younger generations that have grown up in the town. Rarely remember anything taught to them by their parents. Most of the teens just want to do stupid things, and enjoy life. Most of their time is spent hanging out by the old creeks, and within the supossed "haunted" forest of the Red Eyes. One could even say that there is hardly a soul in town who still believes in the old tall tales. Who could blame them? Eversprings is nothing more then just a old mountain town. The area that surrounds it is yous standard graceful,serene, natural landscape of northern mountains.

With this in mind. There are a couple cafe's with free wifi to visit. A dinner from the 1950's that has had some major renovations.A bar ran by Mr's Cait and her four sons. Blue Light Motel. A decent place for those spending the night or two in town. Even a library that allows free computer access for anyone in town. Yes, this is one of those towns where only maybe a handful of people own a computer. So that comes in handy a lot. In truth. This is your standard setting of time long forgotten. Where there is only maybe a few people in town who still remember the "Folk", or even the stories told by their parents.

Even the town's Mayor, Mr. Keith Eli Winston, has made it a point to endorse tourism to the town. His office has held fairs, carnivals, events, and other "fun things" for the younger audiences. He wants to the town to fully embrace the 21st century with open arms, and has done everything in his power to welcome newcomers. You will find him time to time talking with local business about refreshing, restocking new items into their stores. He even been able to bring in some private contractors and logging companies to "expand" the town. New homes, apartments, buildings in the last year or two has went up in the town. Along with large satellite dishes, and other more modern tech.

" The town of Eversprings under my guidance will indeed be a place for all generations of living, or my name isn't Keith Eli Winston."
Mayor Keith Eli Winston of Eversprings,Va


Store Hours In Town

Like most small towns. Eversprings moves at a slower pace then most areas. This goes the same for most shops and store fronts.

Down before are named locations around the town for one to visit. Some are are always open. While others are open at a certain time. Then there are locations that can only be accessed by certain means or permission. I would like to stress that for the sake of role play. That most locations are NPC ran, and can be used as locations for a scenes to unfold at anytime. There may be a few locations and future locations ran by player owner characters.

For example

31. The Dragon Fire Smithy.

Is ran by Goat's character Astrid. If it is to be used for any type of scene. Please allow Goat some notice before using it, or at least ask permission. The rest is sorta of up to the random plots, and events that occur in the town.

1. Aunt Cait's Blue Moon Bar

Hours: 9am-1am

2. The Eversprings Sheriff Office

Hours: 24 hours

3. The Eversprings Library

Hours: 9am-8pm

4. Post Office

Hours: 9am-6pm

5. Sam's diner.

Hours: 7am-9pm

6. Honest Jim's Garage

Hours: 9am-6pm

7. The "Red Eye" Forest

Hours: If you really thought a Forest has hours..I hope you get lost in it.

8. Old Greg's mine

Hours: Yes go into an abandon mine during any time of the day..

9. Saint Catherine's Catholic Highschool.

Hours: 8am-3pm

10. Eversprings Cemetary

Hours: If your dead..It's open forever..Get the Joke?

11. Mama Neta's Windmill.

Hours: Nope...just nope

12. Alice's Well

Hours: They say if you visit this place at 3am...Bad things happen

13. Blue Light Motel

Hours: 7am- whenever you leave

14. The local Methodist Church

Hours: 7am-8pm.. Faith is always open though

15. The Courthouse/ Mayor's Office

Hours: 7am- 6pm

16. Town Hall

Hours: When there is a meeting, depends on the time.

17. Old Crone's creek

Hours: ...It's a old dirt creek where there is told to be a old crone that grabs you. Boils you alive, and devours your flesh...Yup.. Open all day.

18. Miss Juliet's House Of Eternal Health ((A herbal shop that specializes in organic remedies and other things.))

Hours: 7am- 2am

19. Hole in the wall Hardware store

Hours: 9am- 6pm

20. Rich's Bait and Tackle

Hours: 9am- 6pm

21. Mr's Sues grocery store

Hours: 7am- 9pm

22. Dr. Johnathon Long's office, M.D

Hours: 7am - 5pm

23. Mr. Cedric's Pharmacy

Hours: 7am -9pm

24. The "Old Gates" Drive In Movie Theater.

Hours: This place is abandon...and somewhat creepy during certain times of the day. The Mayor has plans to fix it up, but he can't find a single soul able to work on it.

25. Laura's Lake.

Hours: A little girl drowned here...It's open to all swimmers and their families all time of the day...

26. Fair grounds

Hours: Look up for time and date..

27. Ranger's station

Hours: The Rangers who use to work here were mutilated...remains stuffed in fishing nets, and hung above their cabin. Surprised no one has yet to fix it up and send some new rangers in.

28. Eversprings train/ bus station/ welcome center. (( Still both very active. Only way into town is by the two road leading in, and out, or the train.

Hours: 9am- almost 24 hours...

29. Tom's clothing store

Hours: 8am - 6pm

30. Lisa's Cafe

Hours: 6am- 8pm

31. The Dragon Fire Smithy.

Hours: 8am-9pm.

32. Faeries and Flowers

Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday

8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays.

33. The Winston All in One Recreation Park.

Hours: The whole day and night, but be careful. Besides being named after...the town's great mayor. Joggers have been reported missing in this park during random times.

34. Dr. Issac's Office for Mental Therapy.


(( Please make an least kinda of...>>))

35. Honest Robert's Pawn Shop


36. NovelTea Cafe (Coffee, tea, and books)

Hours: Monday - Friday: 5 am - 8 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 6 am - 9 pm

37. -- Snowdrop Boutique

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10 am - 8 pm
Sunday: 10 am - 4 pm


Time and Dates of Event's around the town.



Named Npc list that we want to keep noted down in the rp

Sheriff's department Named Npc's.

Suzy C. Lee- Dispatcher

Deputy O'Neil

Deputy Chambers

Mayor's Office

Keith Eli Winston- Everspring's Mayor

Miss Wilson- Mayor's secretary


Mother Netta- One of the first known Boogeymen in the town. Also really, really **** off.

Plot Npc's

Guillaume Conard- Old Cajun

Miss Lisa Adeline- Librarian

Miss Jo'lean- Librarian

Cait- Bar Owner

Tommy- Oldest son

Dillion- second oldest

Gregory- youngest

Charles- 3rd oldest



Character sheets

So character bio's. This is a base concept of the character sheet. It can be modified,changed, depending on what you would like to add. The concepts are simple in nature. This isn't really much of an action or adventure peice. More like a character story. Character is what will drive the plot. There will of course be i am sure fights, and conflict when the tensions arrives. So if you would like to add that info, please do.

Reasoning to be in the town:







Eye Color:

Hair Color:






Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

I have a family of three! Hopefully, they're good enough for this :)

I'll Protect You Both
General Information:
Name: Klaus Tirakura
N/N: Damon
Age: 22
Birthday: August 23rd
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British/Japanese
Home Country: London, England
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bi

Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 143 lbs
Eyes: His left eyes is a light, honey golden brown, and his right eye is a light blue, like that of his two younger brothers. He has long dark brown eyelashes and finely shaped eyebrows.
Hair: Has long straight honey blonde hair, and it falls gently into his face, framing his cheeks. It's slightly shorter in the back.
Skin: Has slightly tanned ivory skin, which is free of blemishes.
Body: Thin, but well fit and has slight muscles.
Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: None
Clothing: Usually wears a nice button up shirt, of any color, and pants of any type. He wears any kind of shoe but prefers lace up sneakers.
Jewelry/Etc: A single silver hoop near the middle of his ear lobe, and a tiny silver cross around his neck.

Personality: Klaus is kind and has a warm heart. Some people say he has the heart of a mother, because of how gentle he is. He cares about his family and wants to keep them safe and protected. He is the one people go to when they are confused or are sad about something. He's always willing to give advice, or just be there for someone.

Saying: "Remember the past, but don't dwell on it. Look to the future, but don't let your thoughts get carried away. Live in the now, for it is the now in which we are truly living. Remember that, because tomorrow just might not come."

Background/History: The eldest of the three sons, he was left to take care of his brothers when his parents died in a plane crash. They had been coming to pick up their sons from Japan, which they had been visiting, as they are Japanese in heritage. He did not regret being left with this task, instead, he took it with pride, and was willing to do so. He quit school and got a job, so as to afford food and such for his brothers. When he has the time, he often goes to bars and places like that and plays his guitar and sings. The three brothers all live in an apartment together.

*Cooking new recipes
*Being there for his brothers
*Being looked up to
*His job

*His brothers being sad
*Not having his father around any longer
*Bad news
*World conflict
*Tears (it makes him sad too)

*Can play the guitar, either acoustic or electric
*Sings well
*Can cook
*Is more of a mother figure than a father figure
*Can see the paranormal/interact with them

Theme Song:

A Smile That Hides the Hurt
General Information:
Name: Samuel Tirakura
N/N: Ziffy
Age: 17
Birthday: November 2nd
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British/Japanese
Home Country: London, England
Race: Human
Sexuality: Unsure

Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 127 lbs
Eyes: Light blue, with dark brown eyelashes and thin dark blonde eyebrows
Hair: Dark blonde, medium length, his bangs are slightly longer. His hair has a slight wave to it. His bangs tend to fall down the middle of his forehead
Skin: Light ivory, and soft, with no blemishes
Body: Thin, but fit. He's not quite as muscular as his older brother, but still has some muscle on him.
Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: A small scar on his left knee, he cut it open when he was younger.
Clothing: Usually wears plain colored t-shirts, and either zip up sweaters or jackets over them. He wears jeans for pants, varying in color. Shoes are usually plain white sneakers.
Jewelry/Etc: None

Personality: Samuel is a bright guy, always with a smile on his face. It's rare to see him frown or be sad. He can be quite goofy at times, hence why his nickname is Ziffy. He loves his brothers and his pet cat Kiyo-kora. He's very smart as well but doesn't really like to work too hard on that, preferring to have fun with work. However, when it comes to something he really likes, he puts his all into his work. He's the one you go to if you want to have fun, have a hang out party, or something along that line. He's a little emotional and always is optimistic about life.

Saying: "In that smile, I see many things."
Full saying: "In that smile, I see many things. Happiness, sadness, confusion. But what I see most, is hope."

Background/History: The second born, he looked up to his older brother when it came to things about life. He cares about his younger brother too, often going out of his way to make him happy. When his parents died, and he was at their funeral, he didn't cry, instead, he smiled, making many people mad. But his explanation of his smile was that he knew that even though his mother and father weren't there in the flesh, they were still alive in his heart and memories. He is in his final year of high school and plans on going to college so he can get a good job.

*Orchestral Music
*Animals, especially cats
*Going on vacations to nature places

*Nap interruptions
*Missing rehearsals
*People seeing his art and writing
*His little brother's too serious attitude
*Being left behind

*Can play the piano and several other instruments
*Has a pet cat named Kiyo-kora, or Kiyo for short
*Has a part-time job at a grocery store
*Loves writing stories and poems
*Is a somewhat decent artist
*Can see the paranormal/interact with them

Theme Song:

I Can Be Strong Too
General Information:
Name: Lucas Tirakura
N/N: Chibo
Age: 10
Birthday: April 21st
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: British/Japanese
Home Country: Tokyo, Japan
Race: Human
Sexuality: N/A

Height: 4' 5"
Weight: 78lbs
Eyes: Light sky blue, very large. Has long dark brown eyelashes, and thin brown eyebrows
Hair: Light blonde in color, and long, very straight. His bangs do like his brother Samuel's and falls down the middle of his forehead, and like his brother Klaus's, it's slightly short in the back.
Skin: Slightly tanned peach/ivory, very soft. Often has a scratch or bruise on his elbows, knees, or cheek
Body: Very thin and small, he's often mistaken for a young girl
Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: Has a small scar on his foot from when he stepped on glass
Clothing: Usually wears a plain colored short sleeved shirt, with some kind of hooded shirt over it, long or short sleeved. Wears shorts or pants, of any color. As for his shoes, he wears brown shoes that lace up.
Jewelry/Etc: None

Personality: Is often too serious for his age, and wonders about the world. He is very kind and looks up to his brothers for advice on life and such things. He often gets annoyed when people get on to him for being who he is, and treat him like a little kid. He's fun though if you look past his often "adult-like" seriousness.

Saying: "Those moments of happiness..."
Full Saying: "Those moments of happiness...remembering mom and dad, seeing pictures, going to places that they've gone...It makes me feel warm inside. Memories are what get me by...they keep me from being sad. Because I know that even if they're gone from this world, they're watching me from heaven."

Background/History: He was around five years old when his parents died. He wasn't sure how to make out the situation at the moment, but now he knows that, like his brother Samuel, says that even though they're not here physically, they are still here in their hearts. He is in grade school and wants to be a doctor or scientist when he grows up.

*Figuring things out about the world
*Reading books
*Learning new things
*Going on vacation to historical places

*People who slack off
*Getting bad grades
*Being made fun of
*Rude people
*People who don't appreciate history and the world

*Can play a lot of different instruments
*Loves animals
*Can read at college level
*Is very smart for his age
*Can see things that even his brothers can't

Theme Song:

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Wed Jun 21, 2017 10:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC


Reasoning to be in the town:

New arrival in the Sheriff's department.

Name: Mathew C. Andrews

Age: 31

Height: 5'8

Weight: 187 pounds

Gender: Male

Race: Causation

Eye Color: Baby Blue

Hair Color: Blond, always sports a buzz cut.

Likes: Peace and Quiet above all

Dislikes: Loud noises, and dumb questions

Personality: Strict, but fair.


- Playing his piano

- Painting

- Even doing a little writing.


Matthew is a new arrival to the town of Eversprings. A Virginia native. He has heard stories of this quaint little mountain town. Some of it has intrigued him. While the rest he considers a bit far fetched.

Before he even thought about becoming a town sheriff though in the middle of bum **** nowhere. Matt served about 8 years in the sandbox, and then ended up doing some very fascinating work for Uncle Sam. After doing that fun for a while. The work got boring, and the pay was crap to begin with. Matt decided he would hand in his resignation, and decide to pick up a less mundane career. No idea how becoming a Sheriff in a town like Eversprings was the answer to that career choose.

Either way. He applied, and with a extensive background like his. He got the job pretty quickly over other applicants applying for town sheriff.Found himself a nice home on a Sheriff's salary in town, and has been pretty happy so far. He has been part of the Sheriff's department for about a week now, and the strangest thing he has seen. Is the local diner's version of what a spinich omelet should look like. OK so there has been some strange "occurrences" here and there, but depending on who you ask. Matt doesn't seem too deterred, and the locals has started to like him for that fact. So maybe he has a future int he town, or maybe he is just living on borrowed time.


Ah, a handsome fellow If I dear say so myself. Hello again all. I am as always, your humble narrator. My existence is simply a cog in the machinery. A force to drive the plot, but I digress. I am sure you already knew that. I will have no special bio, nor will I have a physical appearance in this story. I will simply be the ghost on your shoulder. The subtle whisper in your ear. Describing the adventures, plot narratives, and of course "fun" parts of what lays in store for all of you. With that said. I think I shall take my leave. Ta ta for now dear readers.

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 3:29 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC


Reasoning to be in town: Running from her past

Main Information
Name: Mercy Schuyler
Nickname: N/A
Birth Date: January 6, 1995
Age: 22
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 113
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Species: Human
Class: Middle
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Waitress
Brief Description of Home: She lives in a small apartment above Lisa's Cafe. It's nice enough for being so small. It's always somewhat clean, she can be a bit messy but she swears that it's an organized mess.
~ Quiet
~ Stubborn
~ Laid back
~ Intelligent
~ Sarcastic
~ Reliable
Ability: She has the ability to control ice. Everything she touches will slowly turn to ice
Bio: When Mercy was little, she didn't live the greatest of lives. She was never supposed to be born in the first place, so her father was angry about that. Her mother died shortly after her birth, leaving her alone with her father. He had soon become an alcoholic and a drug addict who constantly took his anger out on her. She was physically, mentally, and emotionally broken. This happened through the years until she turned 18 when she finally ran away from home after graduating high school. Despite being incredibly smart, she could never get in college with her lack of funds. Her father found her once and beat her almost to death, barely escaping with her life. He took her back to the home where he kept her basically as his slave. She broke out and made a run for it, finding a town called Everspring where her mother was originally from, a town that she would always tell her about. Mercy made a life there in that town and has been there since she was 20 years old. She lives in fear and is incredibly paranoid and suspicious of people that she meet. She was born with the ability to freeze things and use ice and snow as a weapon with a single touch or wave of her hand. She didn't find this out until just a few months ago and is still trying to control it, wearing a pair of leather gloves wherever she goes until she knows how to fully control her powers.
~ Reading
~ Drawing
~ Singing
~ Acting
~ Sweets
~ Crowds
~ Thunder storms
~ Closed Minded People
~ Her Father

I hope she's ok and I can join! This looks like a lot of fun ^-^

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 7:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

It looks good to me Princess. =D

Just waiting on goat. He told me he was working on his, and hopefully will get a response from zombie about her interest in it. Once everyone is posted in a bio and such. btw you can make more then one character if you like. I will get the rp started. Im going to give folks the weekend to do it, cause it seems to be the most active time on here. So hopefully by monday we can get stuff started.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:05 pm ]
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Reasoning to be in the town: no where else to go.

Name: Astrid Geirdottir

Age: 2000, looks to be in her twenties.

Birth date:17 CE, December second

Height: 8'2"

Weight: 285lbs

Gender: female

Race: dragon-kin

Sexuality: Bisexual

Eye Color: gold

Hair Color: jet black

Likes: gold, silver, things made of metals of the kind.
Listening to music
Relaxing at the hot springs
(Also hides a like for burning things)
Dislikes: being the only dragon-kin in town
Being reminded that she will outlive her friends.

Personality: laid back, always happy to help, rather smart, is never in a hurry.

Hobbies: blacksmithing, collecting things that remind her of her old home, reading old tomes.

Sayings: "blink and you could miss it all, hell I blinked once and when I opened my eyes. The world was on fire."
"A myth starts as a legend, legends starts as a story's, and story's start as fact. So, you can't believe that myths are nothing more then a myth."

Background: Astrid was born in the year 17, in what is now modern day Norway. She was the daughter of of two loving parents who had lived through so much of history already. The young dragon-kin would spend most of her early years in Norway, tucked away up in the mountains till she was old enough to learn magic to hide her self, from the rest of the world.

In the early 11th century, when Astrid would be able 11, she started to learn blacksmithing from her father. By the year 1105, so about hundred years or so from when she started, Astrid would be considered a master blacksmith. This would come in handy through out her life, as she would trade work as a black smith for favours and the like.

Astrid would stay in her till she was about sixteen years old, or about sixteen hundred in humans year. At this age she would leave to go explore the known world. Which she would do mostly by her self, picking up a few traveling friends along the way.

Of course Astrid continued her journey into unknown lands, find new people, she may also have accidentally have shown her true self to some people, and is now a goddess in there religion. Though she is pretty sure this religion died off long ago.

In the early nineteenth century, about 1803, the dragon-kin would take a boat over to the new world. She would stay in New York City for a few years before moving on, trying to find more to explore. As she was moving further west, she would join up with a small caravan, which would later stop and make the town known as Eversprings.

Astrid unfortunately knowns that she can't really leave this town, yes she could go back to Norway and try to find her family. Yet she had no clue if they are live, the family had more then one run in with groups that knew they were part dragon, thus making them hunted. That was long ago, in modern society, she has no clue what would happen to her.

Abilities: FireBreath: like a real dragon Astrid can breath fire, though she can only do it in short brusts. But the fire it's self is very very hot. Hot enough to melt metal.

Super strength: being part dragon gives Astrid strength that fair surpasses even that of werewolves and Vampires.

Basic Magic: Astrid knows basic magic so she can hide her true self from the humans, it also helps that she can use it to stop people from moving for short periods of time.

Appearance: Astrid has two, her normal form and her human. In her human form she is 6'2" with purple eyes, as they are the only colour that hides her old ones. She also looses next to all her scales and such.

In her normal form, Astrid is 8'2", with her gold eyes. She has scales that cover much over body, her hands and feet are large claws/hands, dragon looking. She has a pair of black wings and horns on her head. Her scales are jet black like her hair.

Misc: there are scales along the side of Astrids chest and stomach, starting from just below her armpits down to her upper thighs.

IMG_0253.JPG [ 144.14 KiB | Viewed 9005 times ]
IMG_0252.PNG [ 236.12 KiB | Viewed 9005 times ]

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:29 pm ]
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Hm... I wonder what species are allowed in this... *ponders*

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 9:30 pm ]
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Reasoning to be in the town: family problems/ grew up in the town.

Name: Micky Hunter

Age: 18
Birth date: July 12th, 1998.

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 195lbs

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight.

Race: Werewolf/Lycan.

Eye Color: yellow

Hair Color: black

smoking (both cigarettes and joints)
video games,
causing problems
being a general annoyance to the police and those he doesn't like.

Dislikes: school
people who make fun of, or remakes, anything of that kind towards his friends.

Personality: rude, impatient, quick to anger, quick to fight, still has a very soft side.

Hobbies: video games, table top RPGs, drawing, spray painting.

Background: Micky grew up in the town of Eversprings, he is part of the local werewolf/Lycan pack. The young man grew up around the other werewolf children, but most of them didn't like him, as he would hit back, and hit them as hard as he could if they hit him first. Of course this didn't go over well with young kids, so it always ended with a fight, and those kids not hanging around Micky anymore.

As Micky went to school, things seemed to only get worse, he would lash out at anyone, none of the normal teachers could figure out why really. Though back home, his mother and father knew why. It was the feral side of his blood, it was showing through at a young age. Which was Both a problem and blessing, the blessing was that it should get out of his system quickly and he will be fine by the time he is a teen.

Unfortunately for Micky's parents, when the young man came, well a young man, all he did was cause trouble, **** off more and more people, being kicked off of every sports team for fighting with team mates. Most other kids seem to be scared of him, yet it's hard to tell if that even bothers him in the slightest.

Micky has been held back a year for not going to enough of his class's thus making this, hopefully, his last year. When he is at school, he spends most of it in the auto shop or wood shop. He likes those as the teachers kinda let him do as he wishes. He does end up in his other class's when a big test of project is do. Which he will pass, if even barely.


Fast healing: can heal at a very fast rate, small cuts well heal almost right away. Broken bones may take anywhere from three hours to a week, depending what bone and how bad the break is. unless he is stuck by silver, Then healing is much slower.

Pureblood: can turn others into werewolves, as long as his spit comes into contact with the persons heart through the blood. So that means there has to be some kind of wound so it can go into the blood stream

Clothe shift: his clothes shift with him, so they do not rip and nor does he need to take them off before shifting. As they will be on his body when he shifts back

Pick pocketing/picking locks: since he was young, Micky has always had a odd interest in pick pocketing and picking locks.

I thought I would bring a old favourite of mine back, Micky has done the rounds quite a few times, but I thought it would be fun to throw him in with this as well. Pictures for his werewolf form will
Come later.

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:48 pm ]
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HyrulianPrincess wrote:
Hm... I wonder what species are allowed in this... *ponders*

Sorry Princess. I forgot I haven't had the chance to share with you about the "Non-Human" races in the role play. I'll describe it this way. Eversprings is home to more then just Humans, as you can already guess. The thing is. There is life in this town that has found a way to keep it's existence a secret, and it has worked pretty decently. Many of the locals of the town share some common "characteristics", and again. They have all found a way to coexist with humanity. Instead of just hiding away in some other realm or dimension. This is a role play centered not just on a single town, and the events surrounding it.

It's a story about home. About a place where somehow life has indeed found a way to work. It's not always clean, and lord knows it doesn't come with troubles. Yet. This is a story of character, all of yours characters. About their experiences. Their heartbreaks. Their triumphs. Their fears, and their courage when faced with destruction. If there is someone, or something you would like to bring into the plot of this nature.

Please feel free to message me, or hit me up in a chat message Princess. This as I already stated goes to everyone. You guys are making, and introducing their characters. With that mind, this is their home, or to be home. So with that in mind. I am excited to see how it goes.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Fri Jun 23, 2017 11:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

So are my characters good or?

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 12:03 am ]
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GoatBoy19 wrote:
So are my characters good or?

-Thumbs up.-

Their good Goat. There are clans of wolves, fae, other beings...Damn I wish I could share with you folks the real secrets of this town, but i want surprise you all. XD No worries though. There will be subtle hints, nods and such as the role play goes on. Npc's adressing people, random events in town. I tell you all have me excited. :P

Author:  TheRottenLeprechaun [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 10:49 am ]
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Name: Billy D. Blayde
Birth name: Leopold Plumbly
Age: 29
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 175 lbs
Gender: M
Race: Human, Caucasian
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Lead singer in the punk rock band, Sins From Skins
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bleached-blond. Short and fuzzy.

Likes: Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.
Also likes: Art.
Playing the piano or violin.
Card games.
Lazy Sundays.
Strong cups of coffee.

Dislikes: Boredom.
Meek and shy people.
The paparazzi.

Personality: Easy-going.
Billy is also almost always to some degree acting the character of Billy D. Blayde, the rock star. While he might find a kitten the cutest thing in the world, he does need appear cool and detached for the sake of his career.

Physical description: The picture isn't him. But it's a close enough approximation, particularly the head. Billy usually dresses even more outrageously, as befits a showman. Lots of leather pants, open shirts, colourful vests, or even boas and anything else that'll make an impression. Sunglasses are always part of the getup.

Reason to be in the town: He recently suffered a bad trip during a promotional tour for the band's new album. He stole a van and drove away in a random direction, in order to just get away from "The Man". He's snapped out of his paranoia and found himself in Eversprings. He now needs to figure out how he'll salvage this whole situation.

Background: Leopold had a pretty nice childhood, growing up in Boston, the child of a single-mother and a father he has never known. His mother was and is a professional violinist, who travelled around America in an orchestra, playing classical music. Young Leopold often lived with either of his two aunts, who taught him to play most any instrument, but focused on the piano and the violin. Leopold loved the music, but hated the pressure and the lack of any choice he had in the matter. During his teenage years he distanced himself from the properness of it all, and gradually became a delinquent. He co-founded a band with the older student (and soon drop-out), Danny Dangerous, and Leopold took up the name Billy D. Blayde (and eventually legally changing his name). His lifelong musical training paid off, and Billy was eventually able to get a CD release, mixing the loud, direct emotions of the genre, with actual musical talent. His career has been going well, and while his public appearance of a rebellious, larger-than-life character is fairly accurate to the real Billy, behind closed doors, he enjoys many quiet activities, like deep conversations, piano music, or a simple game of gin rummy. Sadly, keeping up appearances does mean he rarely has anyone to enjoy such with. As the band's text writer and easily most musically gifted member, he is the band, far more than Danny or any of the other members.
Just prior to coming to Eversprings, Billy's band released a new album. Billy has no idea it has shot to the top of the charts, and he's gone from being merely rich, to being a millionaire. This, however, also makes his absence all the worse, as he's got promotional tours to be on, interviews to be part of, and generally a job to do!

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:00 pm ]
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Hm... Perhaps I will give Mercy the ability to control an element, but she does not know it until an accident. I'm thinking ice powers *strokes invisible wizards beard*

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 6:05 pm ]
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Sounds like fun to me, wizards and mages mother ****ing!

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Sat Jun 24, 2017 11:00 pm ]
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Hmm. Before I keep saying yes to every single thing. I do want to clear I have a strong thing against Mary Sues or anything close to it. With that said. I know i am allowing cat people, dragon people, other people, and such. I just want to make clear that if you somehow have a character who finds out their a holy arch angel of power or something...I will throw things at you... lol

Nah, just wanted to say that. I think discovering a power could work, but again this is why we are talking things out. So yeah XD


I am off tomorrow, so I will be making my first introduction post for the role play.

Though just to make it clear. People are more then welcome to keep joining, or making bios.

Also I think i am goig to continue to add to the Ooc new info, and ideas for people. I think this has a really good chance of being a continuing pet project of an rp, and look foreword to what we will see.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:16 pm ]
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Reasoning to be in the town:
Lives in a part of an old government DNA experimentation complex
Name: Tangorn
Age: unknown
Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 165 pounds
Gender: female
Race: Tigirl
Eye Color: one yellow, one green
Hair Color: orangy red
Likes: the woods, fresh meat and chocolate
Dislikes: crowds, people and tourists
Personality: She has a true split personality. One moment she is a sweet girl the next she is very snarley and ready to bite the hands that feeds her.
Hobbies: walking by herself and talking to herself.
Background: She is the end result of an experiment on creating a superior military race. She stills live where she was raised- The Compound. She is very lean and fast. Unafraid of anyone and yet fearful of everyone.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

Is it alright if I add a fourth? Since most likely I won't really be using Lucas all that much.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Sun Jun 25, 2017 10:49 pm ]
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❃Believe in Meღ
Basic Information:
Name: Feign Wiosna
Nick Names: Fae
Age: Ageless, but appears to be in her early 20's
Birthday: March 20th (Was the date she chose as her birthday)
Zodiac: Pisces (♓)
Gender Identifies as female, but is actually genderless
Ethnicity: European
Home Country: N/A. Originated somewhere in Europe but doesn't say where exactly.
Current Country: North America
Race: Shapeshifter. She likes to take on the identity of a Fairy. When not in fairy form, she is either a female human (described below) or on occasion, male (also described below)
Occupation: Owner of the flower shop, Faeries and Flowers.
Sexuality: Pansexual
Other Medical Information: N/A

General Appearance (or rather, the appearance she chooses most):
Height: 5' 5" / 167.64 cm
Weight: 116 lbs / 52.61 kg
Eyes: Her eyes are a fuchsia color, the rim of her irises are lined with black. Near the middle of the iris is another thin black line. She has black eyelashes, that are long and remind one of a porcelain doll. Her eyebrows are black and are quite short, the outer end reaching just to the middle of her eye.
Hair: Her hair is short, the end of the back of her hair reaching the part of her neck that attaches to her shoulders. It also frames her face, curling in slightly. The bangs reach just above her eyes. It is a mixture of different dark pinks in color, and also in some places has a purplish tint to it.
Skin: A pale ivory color.
Body: Thin, but has curves in the right places. Not too thin, but definitely not too curvaceous, her body would be perfect for a lingerie model.
Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: A marking of a red flower located on the right side of her neck.
Clothing: Usually none, except for the flowers covering her body. However, when she does wear clothing, it is usually a dress of different colors, and more than likely has some sort of nature decal on it.
Wings: Her main wings are a translucent purple blue color, in the shape of a butterflies wings, but having the texture and form of a dragonfly wing. She can change the appearance of her wings, but this style is her favorite at the moment.

Main Male Appearance | +
Height: 5' 9" / 175.26 cm
Weight: 135 lbs / 61.2 kg
Eyes: Has light, icy sky blue eyes that remind one of the skies in the middle of winter. Clear and beautiful, with a set of dark sapphire blue rings circling the iris. Has dark black eyelashes, and brown eyebrows.
Hair: Has shaggy medium length light reddish brown hair. The bangs fall in the eyes just slightly, resting atop the brow.
Skin: Pale and fair
Body: Thin, lanky, but physically fit.
Markings/Tattoos/Scars/Etc: Has a black butterfly tattoo just beneath the right eye. Also has what looks like a pair of long scars going down just outside the spine in the middle of the back.
Clothing: A black long cloak-like jacket with quarter length sleeves, and a pair of black fitted pants. With this is black mid-calf height boots that buckle, a glove on the right hand, and a wide orange/red/yellow plaid scarf.
Jewelry/Accessories/Etc: The glove, and the scarf

Personality: REVEALED IC (For now)

Full Saying: "Gentle winds, precious words, beautiful lives. It is what I wish for, the calming breath of spring's first sigh, the scent of flowers as they bloom, and the love with all of nature calling welling up inside me. I want to feel it all. And maybe, feel it within my own self someday."
Shortened Saying: "The spring time, it brings such wonder."

Background/History: REVEALED IC

Voice: Has a soft, rather calming voice of warmth and love. Often it is said that she sounds dreamy and sleepy. When in the main male form it is similar to this, but of course in a male-like tone. About medium, not too high, but not extremely low either.
Habits: Sleeping a long time, for hours on end in the warm sun, or soft rain. Often is found asleep at the register in her shop, or somewhere else within her shop.
Quirks: Loves being in the rain. Will eat, sleep, and pretty much live outside when it does rain.
Dreams: Becoming a real fairy, finding someone for herself that is perfect.
Fears: Getting hurt.

ღ Fairies
ღ Light rain
❃Spending time in nature and among flowers
ღ Drawing
❃ Humans

ღ Unnecessary violence
❃People who try to hurt her and her friends
ღ Being lonely
❃Hunters of her kind
ღ Rude people

❃Can turn into anything she wants to
ღ Does not live anywhere in particular
❃Can manipulate the elements that have to do with nature: fire, water, air, earth, life, etc.
ღ Can talk to animals
❃No one knows what her true appearance is
ღ Has a "pet" that is a pure white songbird which she calls Feerie
❃ Other Abilities: TBR
ღ Is deeply creative and artistic, with enhanced intuitive abilities.

Theme Song(s):

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 12:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

The dragon fire smithy is open 8am-9pm.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 4:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shades of Eversprings OOC

I was wondering if Feign could have a flower shop?

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