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 Post subject: StarVale Academy [OOC]
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2017 1:57 am 

I need a chicken to hug.

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Welcome to the OOC of StarVale Academy! Here, students can discuss things and plan out your posts, or even ask questions if you are confused or stuck. ^^ You can also post up your character for the roleplay.

One thing I am sure will confuse anyone, is how the game of Star Battle works. (Its a game that I made up, so I will explain how it works)

The game starts with 2 people. Each player starts with 10 Star Points which act as your life. If they reach 0, you lose. Simple, right?

There are 3 stats in which to look out for: Attack, Defense, Agility. These stats can be boosted if the player pays 1 Token. When a Token is used during a match, it is gone for good afterwards. The only way to land an attack on your opponent is if your attack stat is higher than the opponent's defense stat. If it is equal, the attack only does half damage. The Agility stat is to increase for a multi attack. ( If the stat is raised) The multi attack bases its attack off of the Attack Stat. But just like with the Attack Stat, if the opponent's defense is higher, it will not hit. Agility will not stack attack power, it hits what the attack stat is currently at. (i.e. Attack is +2, which means if Agility is +2, then it hits twice for two damage each time.)

Character Sheet:

Dorm: (1-10)

My Character:

Name: Haruki Yoshida
Age: 16 (1st Year)
Gender: Male
Personality: A very care free spirit. Often a troublemaker. Can be a clown and often times clumsy, but has a kind heart and good intentions ...usually. Normally teasing his friends, but can be reliable, even in the most stupid of situations.
Bio: Haruki was a troubling child since he was young, often giving his parents a hard time. During his elementary school years, he was quite the troublemaker, and continued to be one right up to Middle School and High School. As a troubling child, he would goof off and be very care free. Skipping his classes and getting into trouble was a few of the things on the list. This resulted in his grades dropping. Fed up with it, his parents sent him off to StarVale, in hopes that maybe their son would open his eyes and see how smart of a young man he really was.
Dorm: 2
Extra: Has a pet white mouse named Chīsai, which is Japanese for 'small'

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