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Author:  Eferhilda [ Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Complete Guide to Creative Freedom

Ok its finally up!

This was written by our very own MuteFox. It is a complete detailed guide to the site and everything in it. This is written in a light hearted Comedy type fashion so that it is entertaining to read while providing the necessary information. The main sections in the table of contents is hyperlinked so that you can easily navigate to them. If you have any questions please let me know via pm. Thank you! =D

Additions by Deathstar

The Creative Freedom Newbie Navigational Guide (CFNNG)

Table Of Contents

1. Intro
    a. Stuff Common To All Pages
    i. Creative Freedom Banner
    ii. The Gray Toolbar
    iii. The Affiliates Bar (Black Bar)
    iv. Thin Gray Bar Below The CF Banner
    v. The Stuff At The Bottom Of The Page

2. Portal
a. Welcome
b. Affiliates
c. Menu

    i. Board index
    ii. Search
    iii. Members
    iv. The Team
    v. FAQ
    vi. BBCode FAQ
    vii. Terms Of Use
    viii. Privacy Policy
d. User Menu
    i. Your Username And Avatar
    ii. View New Posts
    iii. View Unread Posts
    iv. View Your Posts
    v. Bookmarks
    vi. Subscribe
    vii. New Messages
    viii. User Control Panel
    ix. Logout
e. Latest Global Announcements
f. Birthdays
g. Clock
h. Statistics
i. Random Member
j. Calendar
k. Latest News
l. Vote For Us
m. The Team
n. Latest Polls
o. Who Is Online
p. Newest Members
q. Links
r. Link To Us
s. Paypal Donations
t. Jump to Forum
u. Bottom Stuff

3. Board Index
a. Features Common To All Forums
    i. Pawprint Status Indicator
    ii. Mark Forums/Topics Read Links
    iii. Forum Link, Subforums, And Info
    iv. Forum Main Page
    v. Thread Main Page
    vi. Posts
    vii. Quick Reply Box
b. Off Topic Discussion Forums
    i. General News and Info
    ii. Introductions
    iii. Chit Chat and Random Talk
c. On Topic Discussions
    i. Members Character Profiles
    ii. Personal Works and Creations
    iii. Future Roleplays
d. Roleplaying Section
    i. Omega
    ii. Beta
    iii. Alpha
    iv. In The Cave

4. Store
6. FAQ
7. Search
8. Members
9. New Messages
10. User Control Panel
11. Blogs
12. My Blog
13. Logout

Recent Additions
    a.Arcade Leaders
    b. Newtest Games
    c. Arcade Search
    d. Favorites, Statistics, and My Statistics
Aracade Challenge
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Author:  Eferhilda [ Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Under Contruction)

1. Intro - Welcome, newbie, to Creative Freedom. Presumably, the site was not difficult for you to find. Like Odysseus’ crew to the call of the siren, artistic nerds of all stripes are drawn inexorably toward our little community, only to be smashed upon the rocks of awesomeness. Once arrived, however, you may find yourself confused, as most newcomers are, by the layout of the site. Just look at all those buttons, and links, and other assorted HTML gadgetry. Where does one even begin? Undoubtedly, ill-advised clicking could cause a thermonuclear detonation, or worse, the release of the Old Ones upon an unsuspecting populace. The author of this guide cannot blame you for wishing to avoid the chorus of screams that would haunt your dreams for years to come as a result of your amateur blunder.

To prevent your trepidation from becoming indefinite, however, we here at Creative Freedom have created the Creative Freedom Newbie Navigational Guide (or CFNNG for short). This guide will guide you guidefully through all pages of the site, as well as instruct you instructfully in the use of all its features. After reading its contents, we’re fairly sure that you won’t get lost or inadvertently bring on the apocalypse by clicking the wrong link. Let’s get started!

(P.S. This guide assumes that you are a registered member of the site. If you haven’t registered, do so now, or you will not be able to access many areas of the site and this guide will be pretty useless.)

a. Stuff Common To All Pages - Like a vast, threatening desert, Creative Freedom can be difficult to navigate without the use of landmarks. So that you do not die of thirst while traveling the blistering sands of creativity, at the top of each page are located a set of toolbars and links that serve as points of reference:

i. Creative Freedom Banner - The first thing you will notice on every page is the Creative Freedom banner. Isn’t it beautiful? Its creepy façade is a metaphor for how the moonlight of artistic expression lends a silver lining to the shadowed, lonely hellscapes that are our real lives. Just as you might cling to an old photograph as a reminder of home while traveling through a god-forsaken wasteland, you may click on the Creative Freedom banner at any time and it will transport you directly to the Board Index.

ii. The Affiliates Bar (Black Bar) - Creative Freedom is part of a group of roleplaying forums called the Continuum. For the purposes of mutual advertisement and cross-membership recruitment, each member of the Continuum puts up a little bar on the top of their site with a list of their affiliates. Click on any of the corresponding links to be taken to the site of one of our affiliates, or click “affiliate” if you would like to have your site become a member of the Continuum. The Continuum is in no way related to organized crime and any suggestion to the contrary will be met with a pair of cement shoes and a long walk off a short pier.

iii. The Gray Toolbar - The Gray Toolbar (a.k.a. the Grey Toolbar for those of our members who have feudal monarchs on their money) is the main toolbar found on Creative Freedom, located at the top of the page under the Affiliates bar. From it, you may access all of the main pages of the site; “Portal,” “Board Index,” “Store,” “FAQ,” “Search,” “Members,” “New Messages,” “User Control Panel,” ‘Blogs,” “My Blog,” and “Logout.” We will discuss these pages in the following…err…pages.

iv. Thin Gray Bar Below The CF Banner - Below the Creative Freedom banner is a thin little strip of blank gray space, kind of like the state of Delaware, which is occupied by three small yellow links. One says “Portal”, and will take you to the Portal. One says “Board Index”, and will take you to the Board Index. These two areas will be discussed later. The last link says “View Your Posts”; if you click on it, it will take you to a page which lists all of the threads on the forum that you have posted in, in reverse chronological order. At the bottom of the list are a few boxes that will allow you to change the criteria for which threads are shown and in what order. There is also a search bar on this page which will allow you to type in a keyword and display all of the threads with that keyword (or words) in them. These convenient tools will allow you to stalk all of the threads that you follow at once, and minimize the amount of time that you have to spend finding those precious, precious replies.

v. The Stuff At The Bottom Of The Page - At the murky bottom of every page, amongst the sludge and effluvia of countless R-rated roleplays, you will find a few features of note. First, there will be a replica of the Thin Gray Bar, with its accompanying links. It does not work; it is just an artistic replica for your amusement. Second, there will be a “jump to” box, which will allow you to jump to a forum of your choosing on the Board Index. A trampoline is unnecessary, but recommended for the full experience. Third, there will be an advertisement. Though we at Creative Freedom frown at the necessity of selling out to the man, ****ing got bills to pay, yo. Lastly, you will see copyright and page author information. Copying any of the content of the site, especially by non-members, is subject to punishment by exile to the Creative Freedom Co-Prosperity Sphere, a maximum security detention center located in a watertight, spherical structure in the Atlantic, where offenders will be forced to transcribe whale-song in excruciating detail for the remaining span of their natural lives.

Author:  Eferhilda [ Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Under Contruction)

2. Portal - The Portal is the page that shows up when you type “” into your HTML bar and hit “Enter.” Like its namesake, the Portal is a dark, mysterious hole in the fabric of space and time, which if entered haphazardly may transport the traveller to any of a number of unpleasant places…unless you have a trans-dimensional map. This section is that map.

a. Welcome - The Welcome Message, written by our Dear Leader, Eferhilda, may her reign last eternally.

b. Affiliates - Contains links to sites that support Creative Freedom. They’d appreciate it if you clicked on them, but it wouldn’t hurt their feelings if you didn’t, either.

c. Menu - A convenient little menu that is similar to the Gray Toolbar, with a few differences.

i. Board index - Takes you to the board index.

ii. Search - Lets you search the forums for specified content. Useful for board members and law-enforcement alike.

iii. Members - Will take you to the Members list.

iv. The Team - Shows you the names and ranks of all of Creative Freedom’s staff. If captured, that is all they are authorized to disclose. This section also allows you to message them privately.

v. FAQ - Takes you to the site FAQ

vi. BBCode FAQ - An FAQ on BBCode, whatever that is. I’m gonna have to look at the FAQ…

vii. Terms Of Use - Outlines the terms of use of the forum. You will be required to sign it in red printer ink, or “e-blood” as it is also known.

viii. Privacy Policy - Outlines the privacy policy of the site. Must be signed in e-blood.

d. User Menu - The User Menu contains some tools for the convenience of you, the user.

i. Your Username And Avatar - The clever pseudonym by which you refer to yourself, and the appropriately sized GIF or JPEG which best represents you, if you were an anime character.

ii. View New Posts - Takes you to a list of all the threads that contain new posts since you last visited the site.

iii. View Unread Posts - Takes you to a list of all the threads in which there are posts that you haven’t seen, EVER. Unless you’re extraordinarily active, this list will be quite long.

iv. View Your Posts - Takes you to a list of all the threads in which you have ever posted.

v. Bookmarks - Takes you to the part of your User Control Panel where you can manage your bookmarks. Bookmarks are threads or posts that you have decided to create permanent links to, so that you may find them more easily.

vi. Subscribe - Takes you to the part of your User Control Panel where you can manage your subscriptions. Subscriptions are forums or threads which you are watching and will receive updates on when new posts are made.

vii. New Messages - Tells you if you have any new private messages, and takes you to the Private Messages section of your User Control panel.

viii. User Control Panel - Takes you to your User Control Panel cover page.

ix. Logout - Allows you to log out of Creative Freedom, if you ever wished to do such a silly thing.

e. Latest Global Announcements - The “globe” in “global” extends no farther than Creative Freedom’s confines. This little widget contains the latest new posts and threads that have been made that contain actual, useful information as opposed to roleplaying or game content. These headlines come from the various Out-Of-Character, Updates, and Announcements forums and threads.

f. Birthdays - This section shows you a list of all the members that have a birthday today or within the next seven days, and tells you how old they are going to become. The option to buy them a gift is sadly not featured.

g. Clock - The Clock tells you what time it is. It does so verbally, but unfortunately its voice emitter is broken and no one knows how to fix it.

h. Statistics - A summary of activity on the site, in the form of boring, pointless numbers. Also lists the newest registered user.

i. Random Member -Selects a random member of the site to showcase every time you refresh the page. It is completely arbitrary, sort of like the Employee of the Month award, except that it is handed out every few minutes, and not just to ass-kissers.

j. Calendar - Shows you what day of the month it is.

k. Latest News - Shows you all of the threads in which posts have recently been made.

l. Vote For Us - Like any good democracy, Creative Freedom depends upon the consent of its governed in order to carry out its merciless, authoritarian rule. To make sure that Creative Freedom remains the superpower of the role-playing world, please take the time every day to visit these links and vote for us.

m. The Team - Quick links that allow you to view the profiles of our staff members.

n. Latest Polls - Displays the latest site poll. Non-voters do not get full citizenship.

o. Who Is Online - Tells you the number of people online, their names, and their rank. Also tells you the number of suspected bots online, so that you may be kept up to date on the robot menace.

p. Newest Members - Shows the last eight people to join Creative Freedom. Also coincidentally tells you who will be receiving ritual hazing at their place of residence by masked strangers.

q. Links - This tiny section contains two obscure links. One link goes to, where Creative Freedom got the software to run the forum and the other goes to, where we got the software for the portal. The secret to why these two links and no others are displayed also happens to be the secret of the Universe.

r. Link To Us - Allows you to copy the link to Creative Freedom. Apparently, our site is equal to one “href”, a unit of measurement equal to three metric shit-tons of awesome squared, or 3 St/A^2.

s. Paypal Donations - While Creative Freedom is completely free to use, it is not free to run, and so we ask all members to please deposit the contents of their pockets into the little slot at the end of every week. Bits of string are accepted, as are foreign coins.

t. Jump to Forum - Lets you jump to any forum in the Board Index

Author:  Eferhilda [ Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Under Contruction)

3. Board Index - The Board Index is the nexus of Creative Freedom, where members come to do what this site was built for: role-playing. All of the site’s forums are located here, not just the role-playing ones, but lucky for you, each forum is clearly labeled so that you know what goes where….unless you are illiterate, in which case we apologize for the inconvenience.

a. Features Common To All Forums - All forums in the Board Index are set up in the following fashion:

i. Pawprint Status Indicator - Next to each forum’s title in the main index, and also next to each and every thread in every forum, is a graphic device that looks like a pawprint inside of a block (actually, some of them have arrows or exclamation points inside them, but who’s counting?). In the same way that a pregnancy test changes colors when introduced to female pregnancy hormones, the Pawprint Status Indicator will change from blue to orange if it senses that a forum or thread has new posts in it. New posts happen to be swimming with hormones. Unfortunately, the indicator will not change back to blue until you either read the topic, or click the “Mark Forums Read” or “Mark Topics Read” links, thereby releasing all of the built-up hormones in a raging, emotional torrent. We suggest you just let the indicators stay orange. Oh, and if there is a small yellow lockbox icon on the indicator, that means the thread is “locked”, which means you can no longer edit it or post in it. You can try to break the lock, or pick it, but with a DC of 40, we’re fairly sure that you’d have to use magic.

ii. Mark Forums/Topics Read Links - In the Thin Gray Bar on the Board Index, on the far-right, there is a small link titled “Mark Forums Read.” Clicking it will allow you to tell the site that you did, in fact, read everything, so that it can stop being so very, very orange. The “Mark Topics Read” link, located at the top-right of every listing of topics in every forum, does the same thing, but only for the specific forum it is attached to.

iii. Forum Link, Subforums, And Info - Next to the status indicator is all of the relevant information about the forum, including its title, a brief description of its contents, the subforums contained in it, the number of topics, the number of posts, and the latest post made. Clicking on the title of the forum will take you to the forum’s Main Page, which lists all the threads it contains. Clicking on the subforum links takes you to the subforums. Clicking on the title of the latest post will take you to the thread in which the post was made.

iv. Forum Main Page - When you click on the title of a forum in the main Board Index, it will take you to that forum’s Main Page. At the top of this page will be a list of the subforums, if there are any. Clicking on the title of a subforum will take you to its respective Main Page. Under the subforum headings (if there are any) you will find the title of the forum, and then a little blue button that says “New Topic.” Clicking that button will allow you to create a new thread in the forum. You will need to create a title for it and write a starting post, and then click “submit”, and voila, a new thread is born. Under the New Topic button is a yellow link that says “Subscribe Forum.” Clicking it will allow you to subscribe to the forum, which means you will be notified every time there are new posts and new topics. Under all of these buttons are the thread listings. The listings contain the titles of the threads, their authors, the number of replies and pageviews, and the last post made. Clicking on the title of a thread will take you to the Thread Main Page.

v. Thread Main Page - The Thread Main Page of each thread looks rather similar to the Forum Main Page, except that there are a few new buttons and instead of listing thread titles, it lists posts. The new buttons include: “Post Reply”, which will allow you to make a new post; “Subscribe Topic”, which will allow you to get updates every time there’s a new post in the thread; “Bookmark Topic”, which will add the thread to your list of bookmarks; “Print View”, which will allow you to print out a copy of the page you are viewing; “E-mail Friend”, which will allow you to e-mail the thread to a friend; “Previous Topic/Next Topic”, which will allow you to jump to the previous or next thread in the forum.

vi. Posts - Each Post is divided into two sections, the Author box and the Message box. The Author box contains the author’s username, their avatar, the date when they joined, their location, a link to their blog, their gender, their status message, and a little circle that is gray if they are offline and bright green if they are online. The Message box contains the subject of the post, the date and time it was posted, and the contents of the message. At the bottom of the Message box are seven buttons: the yellow shield button, which allows you to report the post to an administrator; the “top” button, which will bring you back to the top of the page; the “profile” button, which will take you to the public profile of the author of the post; the gray message icon, which will let you send a private message to the author of the post; the e-mail icon, which will allow you to send an e-mail to the author of the post; and the “quote” button, which will allow you to start writing a reply to the post in question with the contents of the post in quotes at the beginning.

vii. Quick Reply Box - The Quick Reply Box allows you to write a quick reply to the last post in the thread, without having to access the full editor. If you want to access the full editor, just click the “Full Editor” button. Aren’t labels useful?

b. Off Topic Discussion Forums - When we say that the discussions in the Off Topic Discussions section are “off topic,” we mean that they do not pertain specifically to role-playing. Role-playing is the capital-T Topic around here. If you wish to stray off of this topic, come here.

i. General News and Info - This forum is dedicated to bringing reliable, fair, and balanced coverage of all events within the Creative Freedom site. “Fair and balanced” naturally refers to the perspective of the site’s creators and administrators, whose opinions matter much more than yours. Remember, you elected them, so you can’t complain.

In addition to news and updates, this forum also contains all of the rules, regulations, and archived information on how the site runs. Access to this information will be made available as it becomes declassified. We can’t win a Cold War if everyone knows what we’re up to, dammit.

There are three sub-forums in this section. “Suggestions and Problems” is a suggestion box where you may submit suggestions and complaints in writing. If your form isn’t submitted in triplicate, it will “get lost” and have to be “re-filed” in a special combustion chamber. “MIA/Heads Up” is where you can tell fellow roleplayers about your upcoming vacation/holiday/family death/illness/final exam, and how it will require all your attention for the next three months. Don’t worry, they are used to rejection and will carry on without you. “Happy Birthday” is where you can wish a fellow member a happy birthday. The eating of cake in this forum is strictly prohibited.

ii. Introductions - This is where newcomers like you must go to introduce yourselves to the rest of the community. Don’t worry, none of the members bite, though many of them lick and slobber. Don’t resist, that’s rude. Just embrace it. That’s it…

iii. Chit Chat and Random Talk - Like the mess hall of a military base, this forum is the one place where members of the site are allowed to drop their guard and behave in a roughly human fashion; joking, jostling, making rude gestures, debating on subjects not endorsed by the Party Line, and viewing risqué magazines. There is one sub-forum here: “Forum Games and Silliness”, where members may engage in rousing games of chess. Absolute silence is strictly enforced, and games are played with the use of timers. Creative Freedom happens to hold the Role-Playing Forum International Chess Championship Cup, and we are very serious about it.

c. On Topic Discussions - On-Topic discussions are discussions that relate to role-playing. No actual role-playing is conducted in these forums; just discussions about it.

i. Members Character Profiles - This is where members may post up character sheets for characters that will most likely be used in multiple roleplays. If you post a character here and never use them, then shame on you. It’s dark and lonely here, and characters have feelings, too.

ii. Personal Works and Creations - The typical member of Creative Freedom is an artist of some kind, unsuccessful and scorned by their peers. This forum is where you may post up your original creations so that we may all laugh at them good-naturedly.

There is one sub-forum here, called “Comments and Opinions”, where members may comment and offer their opinions on the pitiful creations offered up for our amusement. Just look at them…how adorable. Ahahahahaha….

iii.“Member Listings” - is where members post up profiles of themselves and their role-playing abilities and preferences for other people to peruse. The idea is that like-minded roleplayers can find each other more easily and start role-playing together. In practice, it is an ego-inflation station. Do not tread on the egos, for they pop easily.

d. Roleplaying Section - This section is where all of the actual role-playing goes on. It should be rather self-explanatory, but here I am writing a giant guide about it…so it must not be. To start a roleplay in this section, first post a thread in one of the “Interest Check” sections to see if anyone is interested. If they are, then go to the “OOC” sub-forum of whatever section you wish to roleplay in, and then post all of the information about the plot, and the rules, and character creation, and so on. Wait for people to post up their character sheets in the “Character Sheets” section (sometimes there isn’t a separate section for it, in which case sheets just get posted in the OOC), and then create a thread in the “In-Character” section. The In-Character section is always easy to find, because it’s the one with all of the other roleplays in it. In-Character posts should never be made in Out-Of-Character sections, and vice versa. Keep your peanut butter out of our chocolate, please.

i. Omega - This section is for people who are new to role-playing in general. Standards are low, and teams are generally made up of the kids that get picked last for kickball.

ii. Beta - This section is for people who know what role-playing is, theoretically speaking. Standards are higher than in Omega, and the role-players here actually dress themselves on occasion.

iii. Alpha - This section is for role-players who not only understand role-playing theory, but have experience putting it into practice. Standards here are the highest on the site, and require a minimum I.Q. of over 9000.

iv. In The Cave - The Cave is where adult role-players (that’s over 18, kiddies) come to do grown-up things with each other, in roleplay form. Those grown up things include paying taxes, voting, and performing military service. It’s not very fun. You should probably stick to the other sections.

4. Store - Where you may buy Creative Freedom-themed products in order to support the site. You want to support the site, don’t you? Darn right you do.

6. FAQ - Stands for “Frequently Asked Questions.” If you have a question that you think might frequently be asked by other people like yourself, go here to get it answered.

7. Search - Allows you to search all the forums for specific content. When you are bored, it is fun to type in obscure phrases like “screaming habdabs” and see what comes up.

8. Members - Takes you to a list of all the members of Creative Freedom. You can sort them by different criteria and change the order they are displayed in. Creative Freedom prides itself on being the fastest-growing roleplaying site on the internet, due to its unorthodox recruitment methods. The dizziness you are feeling is just a side-effect, and will wear off soon.

9. New Messages - Tells you if you have any new messages, and lets you privately message people. Every member has an inbox rather similar to an e-mail inbox, with many convenient options that should be pretty self-explanatory. The Private Messages section is a subdivision of your User Control Panel.

10. User Control Panel - Your User Control Panel is where you can manage your site profile, your options and preferences, your private messages, and everything else that pertains to your membership on the site. Here, on this panel, you have absolute control. Do not take it for granted, however. With great power comes great responsibility.

11. Blogs - Creative Freedom allows each of its members to express their deepest thoughts and secrets for everyone else to find. You can look through these virtual diaries at your leisure, though be warned, not everyone’s thoughts are fit for human consumption. They will give you botulism.

12. My Blog - Please don’t hesitate to write down anything that comes to mind, it may prove useful to us later.

13. Logout - Please don’t leave! Don’t you want to be ONE OF US…

Author:  Eferhilda [ Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Out of Date)

The Arcade is chock full of fun games. Here, you can while away the downtime between posts, procrastinate when you have homework/reading/writing/chores to do, and/or otherwise avoid contact with the outside world.

a. Arcade Leaders
Here you can see the top three procrastinators champions that hold the most top scores on individual games

b. Newest Games
To the left of the Arcade leaders, you can see the latest and greatest additions to our library. This is also a search function under Arcade Leaders. Speaking of which...

c. Arcade Search
This allows you to Quick Jump to any game or search keywords to find favorites with titles you can't remember.

d. Favorites, Statistics, and My Statistics
i. Favorites is a category you can add your favorite games to for easy access
ii. Statistics is where you can see the longest time a member has managed to hold onto their high scores.
iii. My Statistics shows how many times you've played, how many high scores you hold, and how much of your life you've wasted. You can also see your favorites and what games you've played.

Arcade Challenge:
This is where you can challenge the champions, your arch nemesis, or anyone else for a "friendly" competition, to either blow out of the water or lose miserably to.

Author:  Eferhilda [ Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Out of Date)

The Medals page is a site-wide trophy room. Acknowledgements range for RP content to being crazy enough to stay with us for a year or more. The prize? Forever immortalized on the page of awesome! ...what, were you expecting money?
a. Nominate Members for Medals
Located on a user's profile page, this snazzy button under the amount of medals a user allows you to nominate the most deserving for an award.

Author:  Eferhilda [ Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom (Out of Date)

The Share Feature:
At the bottom of the first post of every post, is a row of buttons that allows you to share your favorite posts on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and various others. This may or may not double as free advertising.

Author:  Eferhilda [ Sat Oct 25, 2014 2:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Complete Guide to Creative Freedom

Tag Mod: Are you lost? Can't find your mommy? Well too bad you ain't gon' find her here! Here at Creative Freedom, we support the humane hunting and tagging of all those wild rambunctious rps in the world. Rps are captured and Tagged for proper identification purposes later. Our hope is that every rp is tagged for future breeding plans to spread the joy of rp through the world. Tags ID information can be found here. <==Click!

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