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Bloody Shadows
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Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:37 pm ]
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Ladypuppet 09-26-2008 04:29 PM
Cutra had not tried to be curt with the young gentleman that had came forth and told her that the vampires and werewolves. She had just arrived at the council chambers. Sighing softly she would offer no apology for him seeing that it would not part of her obligation. Moving back from were she first started to do she moved back to the back chamber. Her hands touched the chestnut brown door. She pushed it open, it made an creaking sound. She moved through the narrow hallway. In the end of the hall it enters into a room with seven doors leaning into catacombs back. Sighing she pushed on one of the doors as it groaned and creaked not being opened in a while. She moved back this hallway leading her to the cloak room. She picked her long black cloak of the hooking. Her eyes filled with sorrow seeing that she was still the only mage that had came to the call for the council. This troubled her greatly. Turning she moved back down the hallway the candles blowing out as she walked by them. She moved through both the doors and looked walking to her seat at the council table. She rested her elbows on the edge of the long table. Her high back chair showing behind her. Seeing that she was short when sitting in this chair. Looking she laced her fingers together and placed her chin on the tops of her knuckles. Shutting her eyes she breaths slowly, thinking about what to come. She let out a sigh as she heard the door open and someone enter. She opened her eyes slowly and looked upon the werewolf that had entered her presents. She didn’t move her eyes piercing the on in her presents. “Hello, I see you are from the werewolves…” Her yes didn’t soften as she spoke the burrowed into her seeing that she was very uncomfortable around all the magic in the air. “Relax I’m not going to hurt you, I’m Lady Cutra.” Sighing she leaned back in her chair and gave out a soft sigh. She grumbled softly “What are taking the vampires so long.” She closed her eyes again, and leaned her head back on the chair. She hoped that the vampires would appear soon she was a very patience, and should would not tolerate tardiness they had been give a time to be there and that time was approaching quickly. She spoke softly and as cold as the coldest ice. “They have one half hour before there will be late for this meeting.” She looked as she opened her eyes torches lit around they her eyes flickered softly. She looked as her eyes fell upon the alpha male. “So you’re the alpha male of the werewolves…Very nice to see that you have present I hope that this will not cause a rift when the vampires arrive. I suggest you start preparing for what is ahead.”*Cutra eyes preiced through the alpha male as a smrik fromed upon her lips.* "Oh, and try not to pull any stupid pranks, this time. Cuase i won't tolerate it again."

Aviose 09-27-2008 04:05 PM
Soon after Memnoch had left a runner burst into the prince's chambers, causing Aviose to become even more irritable. *Has everyone forgotten proper manners and procedure?* he couldn't help but think to himself. However, the runner informed him that the meeting was ready, having just got off the phone with the informant. Deciding to spare this one's life, he merely nodded and told him to have Ansem meet him infront of the mage's hall.

Slipping out of his den into the cool, crisp night he breathed a pleasing sigh. Though he didn't need to breath, the night air was always refreshing to the vampire and tonight was no exception. Gliding down the streets, staying to the shadows, he let his mind wander to what brought him out tonight. He had studied all the intel that Ansem had brought him on the new human threat, trying to find a link between them and a past group that hunted their kind. Several others had arisen through the years, most were a new adaptation started by one or two members they hadn't slain. If such a connection could be found with these humans, then history would show Aviose who needed to be slain, or turned, to sway the tide.

Arriving just outside the mage's hall, he flipped on the communicator and contacted Memnoch. He told him where he was and to meet him immediately. He could smell the stench of the werewolves inside, and he wasn't about to set foot inside without his group, mage hall or not.

braioch8201 09-27-2008 08:28 PM
Memnoch had beens standing with his eyes closed, the communicator lit up with life as the Prince was contacting him. His eyes snapped open as he answered the call and nodded his head, a small and cold smile reaching his lips.


He sped off towards the Mages Hall. It seemed that every being of the supernatural world was to become entangled in this affair, even the mortal brand. He smiled as he reached the Hall, the Prince waiting oh so patiently outside for him to show.

He stopped and bowed to the Prince.

"I am prepared to enter whenever you are m'lord"

almond 09-28-2008 07:08 AM
Azhar stood out of the shadows from a nearby alley, hefting the large projector screen and two heavy bags with ease. Typical Ventrue, not wanting to go in without insurance. In that regard, perhaps the Prince and him shared more things in common than he had thought of initially. We walked slowly towards them and simply nodded his head.

"It seems they're already here. By your leave, I will announce your arrival."

Azhar walked in and made his way towards the conference room, or council chambers as these mages coin it. The Lupines were already there, Azhar's own Beast struggled to break free from his control as it called out to the werewolves for bloody confrontation. Azhar stood still for a while before heading towards the head of the large conference table, setting up the projector after he had done so.

After he had silently done his work, he simply bowed towards the small crowd.

"My Prince is here, on behalf of the Kindred of Solace," he looked up and stared at Brian for a full second before turning away and fishing out the projector and hooking it up to one of his many eeePc's. It looked like the alpha did not seem to like Azhar's offer. No matter. He'd get what he wants tonight one way or the other.

"When my Prince commands me, I shall divulge my findings. Not before. I serve him and not any one of you. I respect any form of etiquette given when addressing Prince Aviose," Azhar gave a small bow and then sat down fiddling with the small laptop. Tonight's play would certainly be interesting to watch indeed, judging by the actors lined up for tonight.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:38 pm ]
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Ladypuppet 09-28-2008 01:39 PM
*Lady Cutra yawned soflty and streached standing slowly. She heard talking outside the door. The chair gave a loud long squek as she stood up from it. She slowly moved around the council table and down the stairs. She pulled the hood of her cloak over her head. Causing a black shadow to be casted about her face. Her hands were pale, and white compared to the blackness of the robe. She moved pasted the werewolves sitting in the hall. Her movements made it the bottom of the cloak flutter almost like it danced of its own free will. She slowly reached the end of the hall. Placing hands on both of the old doors she pulled them back toward her. Letting a tremdous creak enter the room. Wincing soflty at the sound she moved out and looked around the main lobby like thing.* If you vampires would stop being so stubborn and come in we could get this over with.*She hissed in an icey voice. She wasn't in a mood for people delaying this meeting.* Now i suggest you get in there werewolves or not.*She wasn't playing either moving one hand to the side of her as a gesture to get in the room or an offer.* If you wish not enter i suggest you leave..know for i have work to do and i have waited pantiently for you to so up. Do not let that be in vain.*She whispered out in a semi-threathening tone.*

eferhilda 09-28-2008 03:33 PM
Shey was appreciative of Jack's company, glad to have him by her side she returned his squeeze as they made their way to their seats. Her eyes taking in Viktor's gaze with one of her own, knowing better then to back down from a challenge to another alpha. Though inwardly she was nervous about the situation she did not show it, knowing that wolves could smell weakness and would jump at a chance to expand their territory if they could. So instead she tried to remain calm, though something nagged at her about being her and going to meet vampires; that alone was enough to make her leave and return to her forests and begin hunting the plague once more. When the female mage walked in Shey had to stop herself from snarling as she directed the title of Alpha to Viktor and not to her, or was it that she assumed them to be mates and that they rules over all the werewolves? Looking over at Viktor she decided that she would rather jump off a cliff then be mated to that arrogant bastard. As it was she made it a point not to socialize with him unless it was absolutely necessary, which the creature that invaded her woods would state clearly that this was a problem that needed everyone's attention.

Still despite the danger that this new threat possessed she still growled low in her throat when the vampire entered the room. Had Jack or that mage been in the room she would have gone for him, as it were she glared at him as he moved to set of his equipment. When he made his little speech and bow Shey rolled her eyes, "He will get as much respect as a virus like him deserves. Nothing more." she snapped to the lap dog of the prince. "As it stands he is in bad form by keeping us all waiting for him, like he is more important then any of us." she scoffed then sat back in her chair a bit her back straight and her eyes intense as she waited for this damn meeting to get underway. One wrong move from the vampires and she was gone, end of story. She felt bad for Brian, but so far the threat was not that big of an issue for her pack so she could just keep her people within the safety of the woods and let the other packs deal with their own problems.

braioch8201 09-28-2008 06:27 PM
Memnoch listened in to the room several feet away from where he and the Prince stood. He turned back towards the Prince, and smiled.

"I believe I'll enter first, just as a matter of safety and security."

With that he turned, the cloak brought up around his shoulders, the layers of clothing, more than easily covering the layers of weapons, not a shine nor a glimmer of his weapons shone through. He opened the doors to the building and strode down the hallway, his boots clunking on the floor.

He turned abruptly too the door where the meeting was to take place. He swung open the doors roughly and swiftly and strode in. The smell of the Lycans hit his nostrils, the natural distate and loathing that his species generally felt for them never once had plagued Memnoch thoughout his lifetime.

He gazed around the room, a group of angry and hateful expressions sat on everyone's faces. He smirked at the group, his cold eyes sparkled as gazed around the room. The hate seemed to seethe from the Lycans in the room, and fed Memnoch. He cocked his head towards the door, walked to the opposite side of where Azhar stood. He smiled slightly and waited for the Prince to enter.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:38 pm ]
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Scambo 09-28-2008 10:49 PM
The doors of the Mage council hall swung open easily, admitting the lupines and their guest inside. To normal humans and those who lacked heightened senses the council hall was just another building. But to the Awakened, it was a site that radiated power, the ancient magic that had built and formed it permeating through the years. Jack took a deep breath once inside, taking in the power and infinity that was magic. It had been a long time since he had been in a magically imbued place and he felt its effects immediately. He felt more aware of his surroundings, his mana felt infinite and he felt powerful enough to move mountains if he wished. That was the dark side of magic, its power was addictive, like a drug and if you were too frivolous with its use then the consequences were devastating. He shuddered, thinking of the lack things that lurked between the dimensions, waiting to escape and destroy. He turned his attention back to the meeting, seeing the Moros council mage sitting in her position looking imposing with a black cloak draped about her figure. He had never really met most of the council, Obrimos excluded, but for the most part they were tight assed, close minded authoritarians, preferring to stick with what was known and safe as opposed to discovering and exploring different possibilities. Then again, with a substance as volatile and unpredictable as magic, it was sometimes better to reserve judgment. Impatiently, she rose and stormed out to seek the vampires. Minutes later, one came blundering into the council hall carrying several pieces of equipment. He began setting up, making it clear that he had no intention of presenting what information he had until the prince arrived.
Typical vampire nobility. Believe that their vampirism places them so far above everyone else and immortality played a pretty big factor. Then again, I love proving them wrong. He shifted in his seat, insuring that his 44. was within reach. He had loaded it with specialized phosphorus cartridges that after a little enchanting, made special UV bullets. In case things went awry, which was very likely. The door opened again, this time admitting an arrogant vampire, probably a part of the prince's guard. Though he made an effort to conceal it, he had to be carrying weapons. The prince still had yet to enter, and the tension was palpable.
Pompous bastard probably has his head jammed so far up his ass he can't find his way.

Aviose 09-29-2008 09:55 PM
Once the equipment was properly set up, Aviose strode into the building holding his head up high. He personally could care less about making them all wait, the mere fact that the prince was here should cause them all to feel honored. But he knew the werewolves weren't that appreciative, and probably wished to lunge out and attempt to tear him limb from limb. But they would be foolish to try, the hosting mage would not allow any violence in her halls, nor did he think any of them could get past Memnoch. And, if by some fluke they did, Aviose was more than ready to defend himself. His cold eyes scanned the room, paying special attention to the one called Shey. He heard of this young leader, and from what he did hear she was quite fearsome. Turning to the leaders, he offered them a customary bow, his cloak billowing as if in a breeze.

He did not say a word, merely took his place opposite the werewolves and sat, with Memnoch at his left and Azhir to his right. For a meeting such as this, tradition said that it was the rightful duty of the host to bring the meeting to order before any discussion would take place.

Ladypuppet 09-30-2008 05:23 PM
Lady Cutra was growing extremely impatience with the vampires dare she think stupidity. She had given them a time to be there so far the werewolves had soon up on time. Her magic flared her up to a dangerous high, sending her robes up in a flurry. Her voice came out in a chilled voice “You dear prince has 15 minutes…After that those door will seal until something has been decided.” She turned and stopped at the Alpha that was from the Black Rose Pack. “And you werewolf what your tongue, I don’t care if there were or not, you will not be disrespectful in my presents or I will have you removed. I will not tolerate, fighting, much less disrespect.” After her voice pierced through the room cold and softly. She moved back toward the table as small sigh erupted from her body. She was aware that some of them had weapons but choose not to say anything about them yet. Moving up the stairs she slowed her pace, only to stop at the end and stood there. “I know you have your difference but please try to understand each other. This meeting was called to try and solve problems not create new ones.” She spoke out not really to anyone person but just a thought. After Lady Cutra’s voice subsided she moved back to her chair and slowly sat back down, almost as it looked like she was pained. She looked down slight to her hands. “5 minutes…left.” Her dead gaze fell upon the vampire named Memnoch and smirked softly. “Where is you precious Vampire prince..” She snickered out coldly. Her patience worn extremely thin. Soon after the prince entered the door shut with a hiss."Finally his majesty decides to join us." She says in a sacastic tone. Soon she stood up pushing the chair back cuasing it to scrap across the floor." I take it you all know why you are here...I'am Lady Cutra the Moros mage...and i have agreed in seeing you both try and come to a will both be give your chance to speak..Choose you words wisely. And i don't want to see any fighting..or any forms of volient notations...i would hate to interven. So let us begin...When you speak state your name...pack...or vampire...leader...and then you may give your reasoning for your fighting and try to find a resolve...."(Sorry if thats confusing..I couldn't think of anything.) After this Cutra sat down the hood still covered her face. She nodded her head to one of the he could begin. She tapped her fingers a piece of parachment and quill sat in front of her. And so she waited for him to give his speach.*

Forgotten Wolf 09-30-2008 09:39 PM
The meeting********************************

Brian had been awfully quiet mostly because he was trying to keep his own rage from breaking out upon the world. Also he kind of hoped that Shey would work out some of her frustration before the meeting started… unfortunately everything seemed to work against that hope.

First the mage addressed Viktor first as an alpha which caused a small grin to appear on the pompous were’s face that only got wider with seeing Shey’s reaction. Then the vampires were late and the whole tension between the two groups seemed to make first reactions… unfavorable to say the least. Brian especially scowled to see Ahzar again after his attempt to get Brian to help him get rid of the Prince.

When the Prince finally entered tensions still ran high… maybe even more so and the mage council lady wasn’t helping with her attitude. Moros huh…. So a necromancer and alchemist. Brian thought to himself. This could get very ugly if she has to step in… possibly even more so for the vampires.

Briefly lost in his thoughts, Brian almost missed Cutra singling for them to start but he did move quickly once he noticed Viktor was getting ready to stand and speak. Brian couldn’t allow him to start or else the meeting would surely fall apart. He rose from his seat and addressed the gathered supernaturals. “My name is Brian O’Rielly and I am the Alpha of the Chameleon pack. I am the one to have called this meeting together in hope to work out a cease-fire between the vampires and werewolves due to recent human hunter activity. As most of you are most likely aware, human attacks on supernaturals have increase significantly in the last month or so and what is worse is the success of these attacks. My own pack has suffered from one such attack. Hopefully we can come to an a least temporary peace so we can properly decide what shall be down about this situation.” Brian took his seat again and ignored the insulted gaze from Viktor… Brian hoped someone would speak up soon before Viktor had the chance.

Chris sat near the middle of the table, eyes flipping back and forth from one side to another. He was still an intermediary and stuck around to try and keep the situation as calm as possible. He also had another role; if an agreement was met he could magically bind the two parties to it as all changelings had that power. If the groups stuck to the agreement then there might be a bonus for them and if on broke their side then they would suffer.


“Okay, so you all have the plan now? Good! Team Luna suit up! Remember, Equalizers and silver rounds. Your choppers will be waiting for you. Team Helios! Your gear will be…”

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:38 pm ]
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eferhilda 09-30-2008 11:44 PM
Shey was all set to say **** it to this whole damn thing following yet another insult to her honor by the mage. Just because this was her damn council did not mean that she had the right to disrespect her own guests and treat them rudely. For all Shey was concerned she would have been happy doing this damn meeting in some back alley bar filled with vampires, at least there she would get the respect that she so rightly deserved. As it was the dumb ****ing had cost her to lose standing with Viktor, the smug look on his face was enough to make her want to rip the mage's tongue out on principle. The vampires get yelled at for being late, but they were not told to sit like good little vampires and mind their tongues least the teacher would rap their knuckles with a ruler. No they get to do and say anything they wanted while she talked to as she was some common mutt from the street that you can kick whenever the mood fancies you. Shey was proud of her heritage and of her rank as alpha, to not show her the utmost respect was as good as spitting in her face. On top of all of this she was still riding the edges of her frustration at being interrupted with Jack to come to this crazy as circus in the first place. And why was that? Because his royal highness pain in the ass over there had to meet tonight, so if there was anyone for that mage to be particularly mad at then it should be him and not her. She had plans already for this evening, *glances at Jack*, very good plans and he was the one who interrupted it for this meeting. Just as she had all but worked herself up into a proper and good rage, all ready to storm out Brian stood and began his little speech. Respect for him and the fact that he had **** Viktor off a bit were the only two reasons why she decided to stay. By the time he had finished she had managed to calm herself down a it, enough so that she saw Viktor about to stand and did so before he could.

Rising from her seat she decided to vent her anger a bit more and allowed the group to feel just a taste of her power, it rolled out of her like a thick heavy blanket and there was no mistaking why she was an alpha. Eyes burning a bright gold for a second as she scanned the room before she spoke in a clear tone that carried that power in it, "I am Sheyera West. The Alpha of the Black Rose Pack. I am here today on request from my friend Brian he came to me with word of this new human threat. I will admit freely that I did not fully believe him, but agreed to a temporary truce till we could learn more of our new enemy. Today however, a creature that was so against nature it left a nasty taste in my mouth, and I had not even bitten it, came into my woods today chasing this man." she gestures toward Jack, "I don't know what it was, all I know is that it is not natural born, but some abomination created by someone to use against us. This creature was strong, fast and unafraid of us. I feel it only retreated because its chance for success had decreased, not because it was afraid of us being able to kill it. So I am here to listen to what the vampires have to say and perhaps learn more about this new threat that may be threatening us." she finished and retook her seat, though her hand had slipped under the table to take Jack's in her own so she could feel his presence beside her as she waited for the others to make their little intros and exchanges.

almond 10-01-2008 12:07 AM
Azhar was amazed at the rippling effects that swept through the board room by a simple act of simply coming in late on purpose to an important meeting. Everyone was on edge and even to the point of showing off their authorities. Aviose was wise for not saying anything and simply waited for the entire scene to be played out. A Ventrue at its finest.

Azhar rather liked Prince Aviose's play on tonight's politics, despite his hidden motive for compliance. Try as he might, he could see why Aviose was still in power and managed to hold a leash on even a dangerous animal like Memnoch. He had single-handedly shown everyone's agitation concerning this matter... as well as hidden fears. A masterpiece indeed.

"By my Prince's leave, I shall go on with my presentation concerning this new breed of hunters."

He proceeded to show the same thing that he had shown Brian earlier to everyone, even explained it similarly.

" as you can see, their movements in Solace seem to follow the same pattern for the past month. However, they seem to be venturing further and further into our territories. Each night they manage to capture or kill at least one of our numbers."

Now would be the time to apply pressure.

"But... if you noticed the map carefully, they seem to be moving out from a somewhat similar point of origin. From these group of warehouses by the southern docks district. If I recall.... this is werewolf territory."

Azhar took a deep fake breath before continuing, putting emphasis into his carefully chosen words next.

"My summary would be... either the werewolves of this sector were ignorant of malicious forces moving right underneath their noses.... or they're in association with these hunters and helping them seek refuge within their domain."

"I had no way of infiltrating this part of Solace simply because I do not feel suicidal and neither do my agents. If I may, my first question would be who's in charge of this sector in the first place?"

Azhar hovered his gaze onto the 3 alphas with a concerned look etched on his face as he finished his question. He realised that he may die by a horrible maiming from these 3 alphas if they did not keep their temper in check, but he also knew that they would draw the ire and animosity from other vampires, faeries and mages if that were to happen. Silencing the speaker is often the sign of guilt after all.

"Come now my Lupine lords, if we are to stop this madness we need your full cooperation and information, since this is right up your alley."

braioch8201 10-01-2008 12:47 AM
Rage and hatred as old as their species swept through the room. Memnoch smiled to himself, the werewolves were being easily aggravated and the Prince was playing on it, it was almost too much for Memnoch. He gazed slowly around at each of the Alpha's that sat across from them. He knew each group, hell he'd even slew more than enough of their members. The mage, arrogant little ****ing that she was, held a considerable amount of power at her fingertips, literally, but once again Memnoch had slain enough of Mages to know many of their tricks.

Werewolves were notoriously ferocious and powerful, often times it was their own indonminable will that led them to be formidable foes. Mages were quick and clever, their magics grew to new leaps and bounds, becoming more and more tricky as they learned more, that was their advantage.

Memnoch snorted at the events in the room and kicked a chair backwards slightly and sat himself in it, his feet brought casually to rest on the tabletop in front of him. Snapping himself out of his reverie he noticed Azhar speaking, some dribble that was pointing fingers, it seemed an unwise move for one such as he, and he was far to compliant, and too willing to be here. Memnoch's eyes narrowed as he sensed something wrong in all of this, the meeting, the mutt that kept darting his eyes between Azhar and the Prince.

There was a danger in this room, and it wasn't just the mongrels or the powered mortal, no, blood should run thick, but his was cold and knew the thoughts of such people, Azhar was marked in Memnoch's mind. His face went dark, his duties were many, one of which included guarding the prince, even the throne, Memnoch wondered to himself how Azhar would taste with a dark smile.

Deveraux 10-01-2008 09:39 AM
Toby had been in the city for a while now. He was probably the last person that any one would say wanted another supernatural dead. He typically avoided such situations at any and all costs. A rare event in this city. Even those among other supernaturals that hated the magi saw him as one with a bit of honor.

He had arrived a few minutes late, and had been waiting outside for the most part. He listened to the on goings in the meeting and made his opinions and judgement. It was a rather interesting event, but he would wait to make his entrance just yet.

The idea of the meeting was good. The way it was being carried out however, seemed to be failing. The werewolves seemed rather unhappy, and he couldn't blame them with the vampires insults. The vampires seemed arrogant. Eh, they were old enough to be.

Azhar's speech was interesting, but not convincing. The insults were probably the part that would kill it. Toby sighed and shook his head, looking to Lady Cutra. What he had to put up with on this council. Soon after Azhar finished, Toby entered the room, nodding his head to all the reputable supernaturals there, and moved to the front of the board room. He was dressed in jeans, a white long sleeve dress shirt and a tan sports coat.

"Sorry for being late, my friends. Thank you, Azhar. I appreciate the time you took to prepare this. If you wouldn't mind letting me have the floor for a moment?" Toby spoke with a smile, doing his best not to offend any one. He offered Azhar his hand to shake. "I think it would be in everyone's best interest if I were to present the information I have, and then we can set the floor up for moderated open discussion. Any objections?" And with that he looked over the crowd. Hopefully his reputation proceeded him. If not, this could get messy.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:38 pm ]
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Aviose 10-01-2008 07:24 PM
Originally Posted by Forgotten Wolf (Post 244133)

The meeting********************************

“My name is Brian O’Rielly and I am the Alpha of the Chameleon pack. I am the one to have called this meeting together in hope to work out a cease-fire between the vampires and werewolves due to recent human hunter activity. As most of you are most likely aware, human attacks on supernaturals have increase significantly in the last month or so and what is worse is the success of these attacks. My own pack has suffered from one such attack. Hopefully we can come to an a least temporary peace so we can properly decide what shall be down about this situation.” Brian took his seat again and ignored the insulted gaze from Viktor… Brian hoped someone would speak up soon before Viktor had the chance.
As Brian spoke Aviose kept his eyes upon the male, drinking his words in silence. He knew of his pack's existence, but had yet to meet any of them. Before the meeting he wasn't sure if his pack was real or a lie started by the werewolves to make their numbers seem larger. It was this young wolf who originally sought this meeting, which could be construed by some to be fear, therefore weakness. But Aviose knew better, though he wouldn't say such aloud, not in public anyway.

Originally Posted by eferhilda (Post 244246)

"I am Sheyera West. The Alpha of the Black Rose Pack. I am here today on request from my friend Brian he came to me with word of this new human threat. I will admit freely that I did not fully believe him, but agreed to a temporary truce till we could learn more of our new enemy. Today however, a creature that was so against nature it left a nasty taste in my mouth, and I had not even bitten it, came into my woods today chasing this man." she gestures toward Jack, "I don't know what it was, all I know is that it is not natural born, but some abomination created by someone to use against us. This creature was strong, fast and unafraid of us. I feel it only retreated because its chance for success had decreased, not because it was afraid of us being able to kill it. So I am here to listen to what the vampires have to say and perhaps learn more about this new threat that may be threatening us." she finished and retook her seat, though her hand had slipped under the table to take Jack's in her own so she could feel his presence beside her as she waited for the others to make their little intros and exchanges.
Shey's words did not surprise Aviose, werewolves were distrustful by nature. What did surprise him was the conviction and underlying power that her words carried, though he knew few people here would probably catch it. Her authority was absolute within her pack, Aviose had no doubt of that. He would definitely rank her as a threat, she smelled of fury which he assumed to be at him and his kind. He offered her a nod, something vampires would know he rarely did to her kind, and cast a glance to Azhar, as if telling him to speak.

Originally Posted by almond (Post 244253)

"By my Prince's leave, I shall go on with my presentation concerning this new breed of hunters."

He proceeded to show the same thing that he had shown Brian earlier to everyone, even explained it similarly.

" as you can see, their movements in Solace seem to follow the same pattern for the past month. However, they seem to be venturing further and further into our territories. Each night they manage to capture or kill at least one of our numbers."

Now would be the time to apply pressure.

"But... if you noticed the map carefully, they seem to be moving out from a somewhat similar point of origin. From these group of warehouses by the southern docks district. If I recall.... this is werewolf territory."

Azhar took a deep fake breath before continuing, putting emphasis into his carefully chosen words next.

"My summary would be... either the werewolves of this sector were ignorant of malicious forces moving right underneath their noses.... or they're in association with these hunters and helping them seek refuge within their domain."

"I had no way of infiltrating this part of Solace simply because I do not feel suicidal and neither do my agents. If I may, my first question would be who's in charge of this sector in the first place?"

Azhar hovered his gaze onto the 3 alphas with a concerned look etched on his face as he finished his question. He realised that he may die by a horrible maiming from these 3 alphas if they did not keep their temper in check, but he also knew that they would draw the ire and animosity from other vampires, faeries and mages if that were to happen. Silencing the speaker is often the sign of guilt after all.

"Come now my Lupine lords, if we are to stop this madness we need your full cooperation and information, since this is right up your alley."

Aviose smiled as Azhar finished his report, it truly had been informative. A small voice in the back of the prince's mind asked why he hadn't shared this information with him previously, and he stored that question for later. He cast a glance to Memnoch, and his smile quickly vanished as the other vampire seemed to be lounging. Pointing his finger to the mercenary, he flicked it towards the ground to make him sit right. Perhaps he didn't understand that he was representing all vampires in the city at this moment, and Aviose would certainly speak to him later about that. Turning to the gathered crowd, he began to stand until...

Originally Posted by Deveraux (Post 244510)

Soon after Azhar finished, Toby entered the room, nodding his head to all the reputable supernaturals there, and moved to the front of the board room. He was dressed in jeans, a white long sleeve dress shirt and a tan sports coat.

"Sorry for being late, my friends. Thank you, Azhar. I appreciate the time you took to prepare this. If you wouldn't mind letting me have the floor for a moment?" Toby spoke with a smile, doing his best not to offend any one. He offered Azhar his hand to shake. "I think it would be in everyone's best interest if I were to present the information I have, and then we can set the floor up for moderated open discussion. Any objections?" And with that he looked over the crowd. Hopefully his reputation proceeded him. If not, this could get messy.
The sudden appearance of this new mage, who came in at the absolute worst timing for him almost caused Aviose to lose his composure, irritation plainly showing upon his face. Aviose knew of his reputation, but that was still no excuse for interrupting him. When he spoke of new information to share however, the prince retained an impartial face and waved his hand for him to proceed. He thought it somewhat odd that he was offering his hand to Azhar, and was curious to see how his informative ally would react to this. He would speak once all the information was out there.

almond 10-01-2008 07:37 PM
Azhar didn't know what to make of Toby's entrance. But he never fazed in the face of new information that he didn't have prior. Then again, Toby might present information that he might have known earlier but haven't disclose yet anyway. He decided to play on the courtesy of this court and see where this would lead.

"For a council that has harsh words concerning Prince Aviose for coming in late, I'm surprised none was directed towards mage Toby and his interruptions."

He looked at the bearded mage with a straight face and rubbed his own goatee. Whatever new information that Toby was going to divulge, Azhar knew it would be an extension of what he presented so far. But how much of an extension he didn't know. But... it was also possible that he could manipulate this new tidbit as well.

"I personally have no objections to this presentation of new evidence, but it's really up to you, Madame Speaker, to give audience to this latecomer or not. A meeting has started and this is clearly a breach of protocol, but this is your court and I have no qualms about how it is being run. I'm just here doing my duty after all."

Azhar gave a small bow towards Lady Cutra and waited for her decision.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloody Shadows

braioch8201 10-02-2008 03:15 AM
Memnoch glanced towards the new speaker but gave no reply, he was quite certain of the new information that he promised, but he was far too in depth in thought to give an actual reply.

Azhar was his main thoughts and the Prince himself. The Prince seemed displeased with his manner (Memnoch's) but he was disinterested in that, the threat of the Lycan's and of his new suspicion seemed more prevalent.

He spoke up without a warning, "The more knowledge that is given, the more forewarning we are given, it seems more appropriate to accept more knowledged, even if given through more...abrupt means."

His eyes cast over to Azhar, always watching, always careful. There seemed to be more to the vampire then that which met the eyes.

Ladypuppet 10-02-2008 05:13 PM
Lady Cutra sat and listened giving a small sigh. She noticed that the female alpha looked on edge of out raged. She leaned back making small notes on the parchment. She could tell that there were high tension…even through the werewolf tribes. She closed eyes listening and sighed softly yet again. Tapping her fingers a small snicker formed from her when she heard Azhar say on my princes leave. She rose a hand to mouth and coughed softly. Reaching her hand up she slipped back the hood on her cloak in doing so she reveled just by her face that she was a couple year younger then some of the people there. Moving her hand back down to the quill she made a few more notes. With the fact of the Vampires insult Cutra raised her hand slowly after the others were done speaking and Toby had entered. “Heed this warning vampires, I do not want to here another insult directed to the werewolves, they have said nothing ill willed toward you I except you to respect them no matter how much you dislike them.” After that was said Cutra rose her hand to anyone who was trying to protest to stop them. “I don’t want to here any back talk.” Tilting her head and looked over. “If you would please not put your feet on the table…it would be nice.” Sighing again softly she observed the one and tilted her head slowly. “Is there a problem, or do you wish to say something?” She hissed loudly as the door opened. “Your late…No, I don‘t do the vampire or the werewolves have any objections?” Her hand reached down laying on the arm of the chair. She looked to the one name Toby… “You may have the floor since no one seems to objected.” She looked and leaned forward resting her elbows on the edge of the table interlacing her fingers and rested her chin on her fingers listening intently to what the man had to say. She closed her eyes just to focus on what was being said she was thinking intently. Something she couldn’t place it yet something was very wrong. Lady Cutra looked extremely un-eased as they spoke opening her eyes she looked her gaze again piercing some of the people in the room. She moved standing up slowly and moving slowly her robes fluttering silently as she walked. Her mind spilt into she couldn’t shake the feeling of something being wrong…but there was the matter at hand. She felt a small shiver run down her spine. Along with the tension in the air it made it nearly impossible for her try and pin point what she was feeling so she pushed it to the back of her mind for know…..Her eyes narrowed slighlty as the man had spoke.*

braioch8201 10-02-2008 07:10 PM
Memnoch snorted at the mage's request, and promptly ignored her, she should have other matters to attend to other than where his feet were located. The air around them seemed tense, a hint of danger seemed to be spreading throughout the room, he could see that the exact mage that he ignored was the only other one in the room who seemed to sense it.

Change, turmoil, everything with the color of blood was in the air. Since he had been mortal he had always had an odd sense for when something momentous and memorable was going to occur, and it hadn't changed with his transformation to immortality.

He could feel the blood to be spilt tonight, the air itself already screamed with it. Memnochs blood pumped faster, his eyes dialated, but his face remained serene. The only thing that bothered Memnoch was also the feel of betrayal, that something, someone in the very room where he sat, was bearing a deep secret that could be the end of more than one. To have to fight another is one thing, but to fight what is supposed to be your own, those who supposedly on your side, that is a whole different matter, and it bothered Memnoch.

During the whirling thoughts, his outside facade remained serene, cold, disinterested, but yet watchful.

Ladypuppet 10-05-2008 01:21 PM
*Lady Cutra decide to ignore the arrogance of the vampire. It was a simply request but apparently he had no respect for any of the mages. Meanwhile her eyes turned to the mage named Toby. She tilted her head slightly looking at him before returning to her thoughts. She felt the tension in the air but couldn’t place were it was coming from it wasn’t just in this room it seemed to be outside of it as well. She shut her eyes slowly to thinking leaning against on of the chairs. Maybe it was nothing and could be from playing in the sulfur flats when she was a child, but maybe it was something serouis. She really wasn’t one to share thoughts especially in a council meeting but if needed she may have to. She wondered if the other mage felt the sensation to. Seeing that no one else was un-eased. This only sparked her curiosity on the matter more. Her eyes drifted to the floor on which the mage stood turning she leaned her full weight onto the table. Her eyes were dull in thought and not piercing and cold as the normally were. She sighed softly and looked up to Toby* Mage Toby so nice of you to join us.* She remarked in a low tone. Then her eyes looked over to the one named Azhar before hissing through clenched teeth she had half the mind to through him out but thought better of it and didn’t that would help the negations get anywhere…only hinder them. She spoke again in a dangerous low tone with a wicked grin spread across her face.* Azhar…right….First I gave such a crude welcoming to your beloved prince because I don’t like to wait, on anyone….Two he is not a fellow mage nor will he be treated as such…Three it was my decision to even see this meeting….Four I suggest you no speak out against my authority again…Or I will have you removed. Weather it be by will or by force.* The last word rolled of her tongue as if it were nothing. Moving back and around the table she slowly descended down the steps and looked to the mage and looked him over slowly and gave him a small polite smiles and stated in a face state of cheeriness.* I ‘am glad you could make this.* But deep down she had wished he hadn’t soon cause she knew he would ruin her fun about toying with the werewolves and vampires…But she would have to manage…for the if something did go wrong and by chance the werewolves and vampires turned and attacked the council they might stand a better chance. She could tell by the tension in the air not many of supernatural’s present like her at all. This was something she was far to used to…seeing that she was outcast by everyone she had called friend and they all turned on her and eventually hated her. She sighed softly at the fact and beckon the other mage to join her. In which she turned and moved back up the stairs across the back of the chairs and back to her seat…and awaited the no information that the mage held. Her eyes fell back unto her notes that she had been writing she made a note about the mage being late. She also if the had times after the meeting wanting to asked if he had the same strange feeling she had. At this point it was a game of words, wits, and the ability to find a common ground of goal. It was most likely going to be a long night.*

Forgotten Wolf 10-08-2008 10:59 PM
‘Toby’ smiled and walked up to the center of the table before speaking. “Thank you. Now as Azhar has pointed out, these hunters seem to be originating from this one warehouse area.” He walks over to the vampire’s side and the projector to point our redundantly the area. “Now we know this for a fact but there’s one thing we’ve overlooked.” He bluffing his way through this whole thing but his train of though did have some merit to it. “How can these people consistently catch a vampire and/or werewolf everyday?” He circled back behind the Prince though he kept his eyes on the werewolves. He rested his hands on the table as he looked at all the people involved in the meeting from his new position between the Prince and Memnoch. “The answer could be that they have people that are watching us while the hunters rest and plan.” He put out there as he stood up straight again… That’s when everything went crazy.

Chris couldn’t put his finger on it but there was something wrong with the way the Acanthus mage was acting… It seemed somewhat familiar. He eyed the man as he circled over to the vampires and pointed out the screen as well as starting the presentation of his information. As ‘Toby’ stood again after leaning on the table, Chris and everyone the room suddenly felt strange. It was as if they were experiencing a runner’s high and a not entirely unpleasant shiver pass up their spines as well as some small predatory growls heard though they could easily be mistaken for coming from the werewolves. It was a nimbus of a mage, an aura that extends out of a mage when they cast magic usually subtle unless very strong magic was used and unique from mage to mage. This nimbus though was something more likely to have come from a Thyrsus though… not an Acanthus, Obrimos, or Moros.

In a split second, Chris realized who’s nimbus it was and why ‘Toby’s’ manners reminded him of someone else. He went for his sword though he had forgotten he didn’t bring it as he shouted out the truth with shock and anger. “DHERRIS!!!”

In that split second though, Dherris had all ready spun, kicked the lounging bodyguard’s chair from out beneath him, and continued his spin to drive his no clawed hand into the Prince’s chest. The blow wouldn’t be enough to actually kill the Prince but he would be knocked into torpor for a very long time (probably a hundred years or so) unless a much stronger vampire wanted to give up some vitae to try and wake him.

Moving almost unnaturally fast Dherris moved away from the vampires and looked at Lady Cutra as his body began to take on its natural shape once again. “Sorry to bother you Cutra but I figured if I was going to be exiled I might as well leave with a bang.” He taunts and brags as he tosses the now useless glasses aside. Dherris was supposed to be exiled since he had blatantly used his magic on an entire club full of humans and supernaturals… It produced quite a few scandals from that event too. His brown hair and eyes as well as his athletic form were back now as he dashed from the room. He was ready for a battle though if need be… He was a quite powerful mage.

TFV*********************************************** *************
Team Helios: The different squads sat in silence spread all round the vampire section of the city in assorted civilian vans, u-haul trucks, and the like. They were ready; dressed in unmarked black tactical gear with even balaclavas to hide their identies and carrying shotguns, assault rifles, and SMGs. When the signal was given they moved like clockwork, the vehicles moving like they were going to pass by the entrance ways to the Elysium only to suddenly stop and unload their cargo. The guards were taking down quickly with silenced rounds, though normal bullets didn’t hurt vampires too much the TFV scientists had recently finished perfecting the UV rounds team Helios was now using.

The guards dusted, the men quickly moved to the doors, placing breach charges and blowing them wide open before tossing in solar grenades. Once the grenades went off they finally entered the building, quickly moving to complete their objectives. They weren’t even going to bother trying to completely sweep the building, that would take too long and then they’d have the mortal police to deal with. No, instead their mission was to plant demo charges on the building supports, get out, and crumble the building (they’d deal with the torpor vampires in the morning)

Team Luna: Similarly equipped with a few discrepancies, one big one is that they were traveling in a couple helicopters to where their intelligence guys had pinpointed a werewolf den in the woods outside of the city. They thought about going in on foot but with their sense of smell they would have known they were coming and been ready for them. This way they could get in quickly and the werewolves would most likely think they were heading for the nearby airport until they stop overhead.

In fact, once they were right overhead the men dropped something roughly shaped like a grenade except once it hit the ground they started flashing irregularly ruining the werewolves’ night vision. They also had another effect that the wolves’ quickly found out as they were suddenly forced to revert to their human forms. The lines dropped from the helicopters, men rapidly zipping down them, unhooking themselves and opening up on the weres with silver rounds.

It was a truly bloody night in Solace…

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloody Shadows

braioch8201 10-09-2008 03:34 AM
Memnoch sat, his eyes darting from each individual person to the next. The threat of the room seeming to grow with each passing second. Suddenly a chill ran through him, a chill he knew all to well, one that usually involved a mage using magic.

His body tensed as he felt the presence of a new mage within the room. His chair kicked out from under him suddenly, which should have sent him to the ground. Instead his natural instincts kicked in, seeming to slow everything down considerably. His cold blue eyes went almost red as he caught himself easily with his free hand, and swung himself upwards.

Flipping backwards with ease he landed gracefully on his two feet. His swords upon his waist were brought out in a flash before he had even landed and brought up to the new mage.

His reddened eyes faded as the rush of hormones passed through his body and faded. He snorted as the man disappeared. He turned and walked from the room, if the Prince would ever need him, he knew where to find him.

Ladypuppet 10-11-2008 04:32 PM
*Lady Cutra hissed in frustration and looked to the mage her eyes flashing slightly, as her clenched tightly. With a flash of an eye her attitude changed completely her cloak flew back power erupted around her.* foolish one you came back.*Before Cutra could stop him the mage had hit the prince and ran off... She stepped forward, her body trembled as she looked at Dherris and quickly and looked up at him her hands moved quickly as the floor swayed and moved the floor moving up and quickly taking the mans feet and sinking them into floor and holding him there. She let out a grimace, and looked to him walking out her magic flaring around her, hands move quickly in motions that was made for this spell. Quickly the floor started to lurch and move causing a wave of wood in the form in the shape of hands trying to grab the man’s feet but soon he left her vision and the trap diminished. Looking up she gave a soft sigh as she walked over to the prince slowly she would track and find down the mage and possibly kill him if given the chance. Moving over she went to the prince completely ignoring everyone else in the room she was clearly **** off…She knelt down by the prince and examined him.* He out…and won’t be able to be brought back until we can find a vampire stronger then he.* She sighed and stood up slightly giving a grimace slightly and moved over slowly through the crowd treating him almost as he was dead to her.* This meeting well continue and the Prince will be removed from my present’s and this meeting will not be stopped.* Standing almost instantly her hands not having moved that much she felt the reality bend around her as the air whirled under the prince moving him off to a sealed room closing and locking he would be dealt with later but his body would be stroed there for safe keeping. Soon she began to climb the stairs reaching the back of the desked she sliped off her robe and hung it on the chair reveling her tattoes and scares she looked unto the ones in the room. *Lets continue I wish to get some sleep in the morning, I would guess the rest of you would as well.* Motioning then slowly the doors closed and sealed no one else would enter her with out having getting past a sinkhole in the floor. She rested her hands on under her chin elbows on the table.* Does anyone else have anything to add before we try and make a compromise? *He tone was rigid and harsh as she spoke she wasn’t in a playful mood she was in a very foul move after what had happened.*

eferhilda 10-12-2008 09:35 AM
Shey had enough of this whole damn meeting, they were getting no where and there were far better things for her to do then be there. Shifting just enough so that she had claws she began chant in the first tongue, moving her claws she began to make a tear in the Gauntlet there was some resistance, but she was not going to let that stop her. Feeling the power course through her she watched as the female mage sought to try and stop the one who had removed the prince from office, with everyone distracted thus she made her move and tore into the Gauntlet. Grabbing a hold of Jack she pulled him with her as she stepped in, the spirit world enveloping the two of them sending a chill up her spine.

They were not in there long, but she could see the damage that Brain was talking about, there was so much pain and anger there that it would have been dangerous for them to stay in any longer then the few moments that it took them to exit the building. Still even those few moments allowed for her just how bad the damage was and knew that the werewolves would have to work harder at restoring balance to the world once again. Emerging from the Gauntlet Shey took a deep breath as she cleared her mind, looking around the area she recognized the part of the city and knew some of her wolves kept apartments in this section. Turning to look at Jack she smirks as she takes in his current state, "Good thing you decided to put that armor on huh?" she says as she looks him up and down, his form clad only in the armor he had put on before going to the meeting, everything else was left behind when she pulled him through the tear. On the ground at his feet as his helmet, "I wonder if that stuff chaffs or not?" she teased him, feeling a lot more relaxed now that she was no longer stuck in a room with all those vampires and being forced to make nice with them. Her mind began to wander down the path it was on before they were called to that poor excuse of a meeting, she took a tentative step toward him eyes deepening to a darker gold when her pocket began to vibrate. Groaning she answered it half expecting it to be Brian chastising her for leaving the meeting in such a manner, "Hello?" her tone tired and a bit angry. The color drained from her face as she listened to the voice on the other end, "Just stay hidden, I'm on my way." she said in flat tone as she lowered the phone, the shock beginning to wear off to be replaced with anger and rage. Lips curling back in a vicious snarl she threw back her head and howled out her rage and anger to the night sky. As it died down several other howls could be heard answering her own containing the same rage and anger as their alpha. Without another word she shifted to her were form growing huge and powerful rippling with angry muscle and fur. Kneeling she looked over to Jack, "On now!" she ordered and when he got onto her back she took off through the city streets in full form regardless of the humans in the streets, her pack had been hit and hit hard she needed to get to them fast.

As they traveled through the city she collected what was left of her pack as she went, the ones whose human lives had prevented them from answering her call earlier perhaps saving their lives from the pain that befell the rest of the pack. Reaching the forest she charged head long into the trees, not even thinking that the enemy might still be there only caring about reaching her pack, her den, her family. The smell is what hit first, the smell of death and pain mixed with that of her pack mates it was beyond unsettling. Breaking threw the clearing she slid to a stop as she took in the sight of her pack laying dead, Jack slid from her back as she slowly shifted back as she went to her knees besides one of the younger members of her pack. Sorrow filled her heart as she looked down upon the fallen child who had just began to control their change, throwing back her head again she howled this time one of sadness and lost. When her sad song was completed she looked over her shoulder to the others who stood there waiting for her orders, she could smell their pain and their anger as strong as her own. "Find the others and insure they are safe, leave two of you to hunt for them and to protect them. The rest of you return to me...." standing she looked at her waiting pack, "We will bury our brothers and sisters, then we shall go hunting those bastards down, killing them, their families everyone. They want to come into our home and slaughter our family, then we will return the favor and take the fight to their homes." her voice sounded cold and with no remorse. The remaining pack members nodded and then disappeared into the forest to carry out her wishes.

Shey turned looking at Jack, her gold eyes hard as she looked into his blue ones going to him she took a deep breath then laid her head on his shoulder "I hope you are ready for war? Because the humans have just started one..."

Scambo 10-12-2008 01:40 PM
Jack lounged back in the high backed chairs of the council, basking in the feeling of magic being channeled and used. But one thought clicked in his head as he watched the man pace back and forth in front of the projector screen. The radiating magic lapped over him, far too much for the simple actions that had been displayed. A sudden turn by Toby brought his gaze around. He had raised his right eyebrow and was running his thumb along the bridge of his index figure.
Where have I seen that before? Then, the arrogant vampire had toppled over in his seat, and the prince was on the ground, not moving.
He was on his feet instantly, staggering as the floor seemed to buck out from underneath him. He called a rote forth and moved slam the sleeper agent to the ground when an iron strong grip ripped him forward. He shuddered as he felt himself passing from one plane of existence to another. Jack kept his eyes closed as he felt himself returning to the physical plane. His clothes were missing, and the bag he had packed with them, leaving him clothed only in armor. He looked about for the fleeing assassin, but could not find him. His hand went to his hip, the stroke the pistol hidden there, and he found the space empty.
"Dammit my guns..... and my jacket." He looked over at Shey, a slight grin forming on his lips. But, he couldn't enjoy the moment, thoughts of what had just happened his thoughts. Shey growled and he turned, arching an eyebrow at the strange command. Tugging on his helmet, he mounted the shaggy beast and almost toppled off as she rocketed forward. Several others joined them and soon the city and its sounds faded away and were replaced by those of the forest. Branches and leaves whipped and snapped around him as the lupine tore through the woods, stopping in a clearing with her pack mates. He slid off of her back on wobbly legs, propping himself up against a nearby tree while he regained his senses. Her words and their weight held him fast.
"Not humans. They gave up their humanity when they did this." He said, gesturing towards the dead young and maimed lupines. He shook his head and sighed deeply, grateful for the face plate shielding his features from view.
The only question is will this end peace, or promote it?

braioch8201 10-13-2008 12:59 AM
Memnoch walked the streets of the night, his eyes prowling along the people passing by him. He needed to feed, and fast, he felt the growing tension in the city, and it was about ready to burst at the seams to destroy anything and everything around them.

Memnoch searched rapidly over the crowd, his eyes glancing from face to face. Suddenly he felt the presence of another vampire, mere yards from him on the opposite side of the street.

From the smell of the immortal, he was a few centuries old, definitely old enough to fill the remaining void in Memnoch's body. He was withing mere inches of the being before it knew he was there. It turned slowly and gazed at him, his eyes open wide in shock.

"Mem-Memnoch!!!" it stuttered out.

Memnoch's lip curled upwards in a cruel smile as he grabbed the being and bit down. The blood poured into his mouth and he smiled inwardly as he felt the power returning to him that he hadn't bothered to regain since he hadn't had much to worry about as of late.

Suddenly he heard a mortal man next to him scoff in disgust and proclaim that that kind of "sick ****" shouldn't even be allowed in public. Memnoch released the vampire in his hold, the blood throughly drained and grabbed the human, "you think us lovers? Fine then share the love as well!" he roared as he bared his fangs, not caring who saw and sunk his fangs into the man, not bothering to calm the man into a numb stupor first. The man screamed loudly as he felt the life being drained from him.

Memnoch, finished, flung the man, barely alive into a window display. The flight of the body and the crash of glass sent the crowd of stunned people panicking in opposing directions. Memnoch threw back his head and laughed, oh it was going to be a good night indeed.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Bloody Shadows

almond 10-13-2008 11:59 PM
Azhar went immediately into hiding in plain sight by calling on the discipline of Obfuscate when "Toby" attacked Aviose. He simply stood still as he watched the assault and the failure of Lady Cutra in maintaining order within her own boardroom.

Gherris has escaped. Though Azhar was the closest to him by the exit he did nothing to prevent it. He just didn't see any need for it... nor was there any gain. Besides, he did get rid of the Prince for him. Poor Prince Aviose, looks like he'll be in torpor for a very long time. No elder vampire will willingly shed a drop of their blood for any youngling. It was the way things were always run.

Shey had dragged the other mage with her through the spirit world. Azhar raised an eyebrow and didn't expect that they were in a relationship. He would have to make note of that. The information might come in handy one day. Now all that's left in the chaotic boardroom was him, Brian, Chris, Lady Cutra and the torpor form of Prince Aviose.

He broke his cover and went to pocket his eeePc.

"I believe... we are at an impasse," as soon as he finished that sentence a faint wolf howl could be heard penetrating the now silent boardroom.

"It seems that you need to be somewhere as well, Shah Brian. Lady Cutra, by your leave, I would like to retire and bring Prince Aviose's body back with me. He needs.... to be taken care of. In the meantime I would assume complete responsibility for his duties until he has awoken again," which will be for a very, very long time.

Then, the floor shook as an explosion could be heard somewhere in the building. The florescent lights on the ceiling flickered and one or two dislodged from their plastic housings, causing electrical sparkles. Azhar was annoyed when he realized that he didn't have time to bring back the projector.

"It appears... we have company..."

Forgotten Wolf 10-15-2008 11:43 AM
Brian was in outrage, first Dherris attacks the prince, then Shey disappears into the Shadow with that mage she brought along, and when the commotion finally settles Memnoch, Viktor, and Dherris were also gone. He hadn’t even really noticed when Memnoch or Viktor slipped out because he had split his vision and hearing across the Gauntlet to see what Shey was up to which turned out to his dismay was just getting out of there. Aggrivated, Brian just let his head fall into hands as he tries to calm himself… Ahzar just decided to start talking again…

Brian leapt to his feet as the explosion or rather the shockwave of an explosion hit the building. Azhar comment about them having company was quite a bit off. “That wasn’t here Azhar… That explosion came from place else nearby in the city.” Brian remarked. It was a second later that his cell went off. Brian took a quick look at the caller id before answering it and holding a quiet but hurried conversation with the person on the other end… When he was done, he put the phone away and looked over to Ahzar nervous and pale before the words slipped from his mouth. “The Elysium was attacked… All that is left is a pile of rubble…” He words seemed to echo in the small chamber…

Ladypuppet 10-18-2008 01:24 PM
*Cutra spun quickly seeing Shey and Jack leave. Shaking her head she looked. *This meeting is over for know. * She lashed out the robe flew off as she moved past them quickly not really caring of what anyone thought of her for storming out. She felt the sorrow and death in the air. She looked and shook her head.* No you may not have is body…It stays here…Until I say other wise.*She hissed out at him and growled moving past who ever was left in the room. She looked quickly her blackberry came from the pocket of her skirt and looks at him. She crused to herself then strated speaking again. “What is he address for the Elysium?” she asked not really knowing this city very well. She quickly gave the man her phone number. “There’s death in the air I’m need else were…” she said quickly and disappeared out the door. A riding jacket around her and a shiny black helmet on top of her head… She rides away though traffic on her motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic heading toward the coldness and sound of the crying dead souls…Sad that she couldn’t prevent this…Soon her blackberry went off.*

braioch8201 10-18-2008 02:10 PM
The sounds of an explosion rocketed to Memnoch's senses, his gaze turned towards the sound of the blast. Curious he thought to himself, perhaps it's the new group of humans, it wouldn't suprise me that humans would be so bold

He took a step in the direction when he felt the presence of another person behind him, along with the smell of cold metal and gunpowder.

"Don't move!" A voice commanded from behind him.

Memnoch rolled his eyes before he twisted around, knocking the weapon from the man's hand and snapping his neck with ease. Humans, so slow and fragile, hardly worth the effort.

He turned back towards the blast and leapt upwards, scaling the nearby building. Then began leaping from rooftop to rooftop, ignoring the sounds of the city around him as he reached the blast site.

"Well, well, what happened here?"

Forgotten Wolf 10-23-2008 06:48 PM
The Elysium was effectively gone… nothing more that a pile of smoldering rubble surrounded by cop cars and fire engines where the once large grand building stood. There was no sign of the TFV agents that had stormed it moments before having cleared out as soon as the charges were set and before the police could arrive.

Citizens were panicked, supernaturals were afraid and enraged, and TFV was savoring their victory thinking the conflict was drawing to a close… It wasn’t even close to finished. Across the Gauntlet in the Shadow, the world was being flooded… saturated with death, pain, fear, pride, and rage spirits to the unprecedented levels. The citizens (both supernatural and mortal) could feel the overflow, the concentration of spirits starting to influence their action… in the coming days the murder and suicide rates would only climb as well as out right violence towards one another.

The Shadow was starting to darken… the earth crack, char, and become barren… the skies growing stormy and odd dark colors swirled amongst the clouds. The Wound that Brian had worried about was starting to form but this Wound would soon prove in the future to be beyond what anyone had experienced or seen before…

eferhilda 10-23-2008 08:14 PM
The dead were collected, cleansed and then laid to rest returned to the bosom embrace of Gaia, where they could rest and wait till they were reborn again. Once this was done Shey went to her injured to packmates, nuzzling them, comforting them, promising she was going to personally rip the faces off of all the men responsible for this butchering. The only comfort that Shey had managed to get was from Jack, she still did not know how long this would last between them but right now he was a welcome distraction from all the pain her heart was feeling. His touch allowed her to focus on something more then just the lost of family members and the sense of violation. She used his arms as a means to draw the comfort that she was giving all the others, used his strong body as a pillar of strength to lean on at night when she thought she could not take anymore.

Rolling over, a week later following the attack, she smiles for a brief moment as she observes Jack slumbering form beside her. Kissing him gently on the cheek before she stood grabbing up her clothes, she dresses quickly and silently not wanting to wake Jack. Exiting her new larger den she looks over at the two large wolves who were guarding the entrance. "Keep him safe. Tell him that I went into the city to meet up with Brian so that we can discuss some business. If he wants me, tell him to call my cell and I'll meet him somewhere in the city." There was a low growl of understanding from the two guards before Shey took off for the edge of the woods and then into the city.

Later she stood outside a corner store using her cell phone to call Brian and have her meet him, since try as she might she could not locate on his scent nor any of his wolves. He was right when he said they were so good at hiding....very good.....

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:40 pm ]
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Forgotten Wolf 10-24-2008 09:16 PM
An odd almost unrecognizable voice of Brian answers the cell, “Yeah?... I’ll be there in a bit.” Was the only thing he said during the whole call before hanging up. All around Shey as she waited for Brian to arrive, the city was tearing itself apart. Various sirens could be heard all over as police scrambled to try and regain control and ambulances rush injured to the hospitals. The sound of gun fire had also become an almost common noise amongst the city as well, echoing off of buildings and down alleyways in an attempt to reach the ears of as many people as possible.

It was an extremely long 30 minutes before Brian finally showed up. It looked as though the alpha hadn’t really slept at all through the entire week since the assassination and raids. He still somehow found the strength to stand steadily but it still didn’t hide how pale and horrid he looked. A new addition to is usually attire was a gun holstered on his belt, it looked a lot like the ones the cops used themselves, and though it wasn’t directly apparent their was a thin Kevlar vest under his clothes now. “It’s good to see you Shey,” His voice sounded beyond exhausted. “Come on, we’ll probably be safer back at my packs church…” He partly mumbles and starts heading back to the church. His eyes darting at almost everything that moves on the start, his body tense as if he was going to be jumped or shot at any second… Which with the city in its current condition wouldn’t be too hard to imagine.

Scambo 10-24-2008 09:52 PM
Jack stirred as he felt the soft press of Shey's lips on his face and he half heartedly muttered,
"Wait, wait just let me grab my...mgghgh." He snuggled deeper into the blankets, pulling in the warmth and comfort, and feeling his face grow warm with thoughts of the nights he had spent in her warm embrace. He slept for another hour before the loud beeping of his phone tore him from his rest. He didn't need to look at the I.D. to know that it was his secretary calling with yet another high pay high risk case for him. They had been pouring in since that night....The night that the skies darkened and the people mourned for losses they never knew existed. The resulting backlash from the spirit world was driving people over the edge, and violent crimes had shot through the roof. Reluctant to leave the comfort of the bedding, he rose slowly, rubbing sleep out of his eyes and straightening his back as he did so. Wrapping a sheet around his waist, he peered about for where he had cast his boxers the night the before.
Sooner or later, I need to pick a spot to throw them. If she can wait that long. He thought, grinning. After several minutes of searching, he laced on his sneakers, buckled his jeans and zipped the gray-black hoody he wore before placing the 44. he carried in its holster and pinning his badge and license to his wallet. He caught a view of his face in the mirror and he sighed. His face was paler than usual, an effect of the Wound, and through neglect a scraggily beard had snuck over his face. As he stepped outside, he shielded his face from the light and gave a nod to the guards posted there. Picking his way through the pack grounds, he gave a nod here and a wave there to the few of the Rose's who either remembered him or had befriended him. Despite being 'with' the alpha and his best efforts, he could still feel the mistrust and wary distance in the eyes that seemed to bore into him. Shaking his head, he trudged on until he reached his car and drove back into the city. Stopping by his subway locker, he collected a payment from a previous client before driving to his office. They had just moved in to their new lodgings, the influx clients and cases giving them the revenue to do so, and the staff was still finding their way around and moving their things in when he arrived. A sign hung outside, dangling over the side walk, reading: Hayden & Cruz Private Investigators. Shutting the door behind him, he slipped past the moving crew and slid around several boxes before coming into the small lobby.
"Jackie, good mornin'. Got a pretty big one for ya today."
"Alright Karen, tell me just what was so important to wake me up this early on a Saturday?" A voice echoed out of the waiting room to the side and he turned to face the mayor of Solace.
"I believe that I can answer that question Mr. Hayden."
"Lets step into my office then." With a wave, Jack led the mayor into his sparsely decorated office, plopping himself behind his desk and putting his feet up before looking up at the mayor.
Something tells me that my day is going to get a lot more complicated.

eferhilda 10-26-2008 10:53 AM
The overall feel of the city was on the same grounds as to how Shey was beginning to feel about the whole damn situation. She wanted revenge and she wanted those who harmed her pack to suffer, finding herself caring less about the Wound that she could clearly feel, and more about obtaining this need for revenge. Even with this darkened attitude she was a bit put off by Brian's tone and even more alarmed by his disheveled appearance and the paranoid gleam in his eyes. This was not the same Brian that had approached her over a week ago about the peace between the packs and the vampires, this was someone who had seen more then perhaps he was truly prepared to deal with. Shey would never sully her honor by carrying guns, though a broadsword was on her list for appropriate weapons of death, to see Brain one who always talked of peace and non-violence carrying a gun told her just how hard his pack was hit.

Following behind him in silence though she kept a weary eye out to watch his back as they made their way through the hustle and bustle of city life making her long for the calm and openness of her forests. Still she was able to maintain her composure, despite the fact that she wanted more then anything to begin ripping the humans around her to shreds;wanting to call those cowards who attack her pack out from hiding. Deciding it was best to be a good little girl she follows Brian and keeps her hands in her pocket least she give into temptation and begins indulging in her blood lust.

They arrive at the Church and Shey had to admit that she was very impressed with the fact that even when she was standing on the steps of the church she could not smell not the faintest hint of wolf scent till they actually entered the Church. Amongst the scents of wolf was also the odd feeling of hope and faith, though it felt strained like it was fighting against the hatred and anger from the city. Still she actually felt the temper with in herself cooled by the energy of the church which made her feel better, not by much still she did feel more calm then before.

Standing in the middle of the main room she noted how it was empty of the rest of his pack, though she assumed they were out doing something important yet in these dark times she wondered if that was wise especially with such a small pack. She was not their alpha anymore, though this was one of the reasons why she had come, "Brian......" she began slowly meeting his gaze as she spoke, "With the ways that times are I have been thinking that perhaps it would best if your pack reunited with my pack? There is safety in numbers...." she says gently not trying to upset him, "You could remain in charge of your people, just come to stay with me and my pack out of the city. Because after what they did to the others......." she pauses as she could feel her anger and rage building, takes a deep breath then continues, "I will be going to war with all the humans. Killing as many as I can in order to lure those cowards out so that I might repay them for the pain they have inflicted upon my pack. I would hate to see your pack get caught up in the war that is going to break out, but this is what I have decided upon. They want to take the fight to my home and kill my family, even the young ones then I will do the same to them." she turns from him pacing away to one of the pews where she leaned forward on it, her back to him as she rested her hands on the smooth wood. "I'll be going to the City Lords later today notifying them of my actions, giving them the chance to prepare to either join me or stay out of my way." She turned back to Brian, "So what do you say?" she asked him her eyes showing the amount of emotional pain and stress that the alpha was under.

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Forgotten Wolf 10-26-2008 02:38 PM

A group of men and women sat around a conference all with grim looks on their faces.

“This wasn’t supposed to have happened. With the deaths of the feuding werewolves and vampires the city was supposed to be safe for its citizens again… What happened?!?!”

“We don’t know though the research teams have notice a large increase in etheric energy levels around the city but they are not sure what it means.”

“So non-coporeals are causing this?”

“No there haven’t been any new reports of manifestations all week… What about the ENHs?”

“The ‘mages’? Possible… they powers are not clearly understood still on how great their limits are.”

“It might be those fey things as well… They are capable of messing with peoples’ dreams and emotions.”

“So we might have a full scale aggressive ENE outbreak here?...”

“It might be best to destroy the city to prevent this from spreading…”

“No, no, let’s not jump there yet. We might be able to save this city and its people… but do contact HQ… We’re going to need more men and equipment for this operation… Dismissed!”

The group got up and walked silently out except for the commander who sat in darkness brooding and praying for the city.


He stood on top of one building looking down on the figuratively speaking burning city while he puffed on a cigarette. He takes a drag and rolls the cigarette around in his fingers while in thought as he exhales the fumes back into the air. “I’m not getting paid enough to stick around here…” another drag, another puff of smoke. “Staying here would be like handing in a resignation and letting the Company cut me to pieces just to get their stuff back.” He steps up to the edge as he inhales another toxic breathe and hold it for a few seconds before letting it free. “… No way I’m giving up my life that easily… I’ll file a report.” One last drag before he flicks the butt off the roof of the building to the streets below. “They can decide what they want to do… but me” He walks back away from the edge back to the stairway. “I’m out of here…”


His head was killing him. He got jumped by some punk on his way back to this mangy apartment… Punk didn’t even do anything, Dherris just stared at him a made the kid smash his head into the alley wall with his life magic. But since that moment his head had been killing him.

It had been a week and still he hadn’t been paid a dime of what that vampire had offered him for the job of taking out the prince. Dherris grumbles as he remembers the deal which only makes his headache worse. He stumbles to the bathroom to get some sort of pain killer for his head but as soon as he flips the light on he freezes. He’s staring at himself in the mirror but instead of his normal deep brown eyes staring back at him… his irises were now crimson.

He stares for a few moments longer. “Well that explains the headache… Reality thought it would a little fun at my expense… A bloody witch’s mark.” He sighs but a small grin forms. “Unfortunately reality made the mistake of doing it to me.” He focuses and calls for his powers over life to change his body. He can feel the energy course through him and with a blink his eyes were back to normal… at least for the next four or so hours. “Now to figure out which club might be still willing to except me tonight…” He smiles and heads off to change.


Brian practically fell into a chair as soon as the entered the church and listened to Shey as she spoke. She rested for a second against one of the few pews that had been kept when the inside was converted more for living than worship. When she finally finished Brian sat for a second before taking in a long deep breath. “As kind as your offer is Shey… I’m going to have to decline…” He pulls himself up so he’s sitting up a straighter than before though the tiredness, pain, and strain did not leave his eyes. “My pack needs to stay and try to fix or at least slow down the expanding Wound… Not because it is easy but because it is right and is for the benefit of everyone… This pack was created on the principles of keeping the spirit and mortal realms in balance. I can not walk away from that duty.”

“There is another reason.” A voice said from over near the still hanging cross. On a table near there, an unusually large chameleon sat… what made it even stranger was the gray scales it had. Brian gestures to the chameleon, “Shey this is He Who Watched From The Leaves… He’s the spirit that agreed to be my packs totem spirit… He’s the main reason why we are so good at hiding and blending in… A pact was made though as is the way with all totem spirits.” The reptile nods in agreement. “The terms were we would receive his blessings but in exchange we must protect, maintain, and control this church for it is the last place in this city that provides his necessary spiritual sustenance…” He looks back Shey with a somewhat sorrowful expression. “I’m sorry Shey but I am honored bound to these duties…”

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braioch8201 10-27-2008 08:43 PM
Papers rustled as red eyes swept over the mess that lay before him, Enoch sighed as he looked at the mess that lay before him. So much to deal with, Aviose laying in some other screwed up realm, a chaotic mess of in fighting and rebellions, and not to mention the Elysium's destruction.

These human's were making quite a mess of things, and something needed to be done and fast. His assistant was running around frantically trying to gain every bit of information that was pouring into the office. Enoch watched the man with a mild amusement, but then sighed and waved his hand.

"Sean, still yourself for one moment..."

The young vampire snapped to attention, "Sir?"

"I want these so called "clan" leaders that are causing the stir amongst the vampires in this city in my office immediately. After that I need the leaders of each of the Lycan clans that are willing, to meet me here, and if you please contact the mage council as well."

The young vampire had a look of disgust on his face causing Enoch to raise his eyebrows, "You have objections?"

The vampire looked troubled but spoke up, "Do we really need the help of those mongrels or magic tricksters?"

Enoch's eyes narrowed, "Enough. Call the squabbling vampire "leaders" and then the others, now!"

The young vampire all but scuttled out of the office leaving Enoch to shake his head. Within moments he heard the sound of several vampires walking to Aviose's office.

My office I suppose

"Come in."

The doors swung open, and five disgruntled vampires walked into the room. Enoch stood, his presence practically washed over the room.

"Alright, it's more than come to my attention that there have been more than enough in-fighting between you all."

More than one of the leaders began to speak up but was cut off by Enoch.

"No, I believe it goes without saying that this fighting needs to end, especially at a time such as this. We have this new and foreign threat of humans that we have never had before, and you waste time, energy, and allies to fight amongst yourself for a hierarchy? That's got to stop. We will not be defeated by our own pride, now do we?"

Five heads shook in silence, "Good, now also I want you to understand that we will hopefully be working in accordance with the Lycans and Mages. NO, I will not hear protests on this matter, Prince Aviose was right in this matter. Excepting the fact that he took a far too arrogant role in the matter. It is time for this feud between the species' to end, the time of animosity and warring has met it's conclusion. Now that includes within the species itself, and I should not have to say this, but it seems I will. Spread this proclamation across the city, if any Vampire within the city limits attacks another vampire, or a lycan, they will be put to death...understood."

Five seperate resigned but obeying faces nodded. Enoch waved them out, and sat down with a sigh. Now all that was left was to receive word on the other leaders of the city, and he heard another old friend was within the city limits.

"Sean after you've made the calls to the leaders of the Lycan's and the Mage's council, I need you to find me the contact number for Memnoch, I believe it's time for a reunion of sorts."

Elvenoff 10-28-2008 10:17 AM
The city rose before him like stretching skeleton fingers reaching out to the heavens from a deep dark chasm of forbidden shadows searching for a relief that was not there, at least that is what its inhabitants came to believe. It's this carnage that brings forth the true warriors, the ones that stands up for all instead of for themselves. Eyes narrowed as they scanned over the concrete horizon before him, they did not search for anything in particular but anything that would catch his eye and interest.

“So this is hellspawn?” his eye brow arched over his left eye as he continued to look over the city from his cliff side view. His fingers gently rubbing over the family crest pendent that rested mid-center of his chest. Its dark sphere encrusted with a Double headed Silver Hawk was handed down from generation to generation to where it now resides, releasing it from his fingers with a sigh, “Well, might as well venture forth and see what awaits inside” His eyes locked upon a long winding path that leads down to the flats.

Lowering himself and scooping up his duffel bags, he took a moment to over look the city one more time. Its shadows were deep and from the feel of the air there was blood running deep. Troubled times was something he thought he was done with. The wars of Europe were bad enough to deal with, but for some reason the Prince was having a much harder time over here. His mind drifted back to several of the conflicts that he had engaged, none gave him this deep feeling of concern. There was more brewing here than what the letter informed him of...And that spelled trouble...

Turning, he made his way down the winding path and began his walk into the city limits. His mind removing all past events, thoughts, and wantings so that he was focused upon what was going on around him. His training in the ninjistu aided him greatly in the wars of Europe, and now it was time to use these skills once more.

The Cities dark shadows engulfed him as he walked upon one of the cities backside streets, the familiar sounds of city life reaching his ears, sirens, the hissing of steam pipes from old buildings, the honking and rattling of city traffic. “Well, here it begins.” his words crept out over his now becoming parched lips. It was only a matter of time before he would find out what side of the city he had entered into, so without anymore delay, he removed the silver katana from his bag and slipped it over his shoulder. “Let the fun begin.” as he continued to make his way down the street. He knew the prince would sense his arrival and would dispatch a runner to fetch him. It was only a matter of time...

braioch8201 10-29-2008 01:06 PM
"Enoch, it's been..centuries..." Memnoch's voice rang out clear through the office. It had taken him little time to reach the office once again, only this time instead of taking leave for Aviose, here sat his old friend.

Enoch smiled softly, "Yes it has been awhile..."

Memnoch smirked, "I fail to be suprised that you are the one to take the late Prince's place."

Enoch rolled his eyes, "as much as I would love to catch up and other sentimental small talk, I have actual business with you."

Memnoch raised his eyebrows, "I suppose you too would like to ask for my aid as well?"

"Considering you are one of the fiercest warriors that I've known, lacking restraint and sanity at times, but nonetheless efficient."

Memnoch laughed, "You flatter me, as a matter of fact I would gladly work for you old friend, and for nothing."

"That's nice to hear, then by all means you are hired. Your appetite for fellow blood will be kept within the realms of the condemned and humans, understand?"

Memnoch's eyebrows raised again and smirked, " the way did you know VonZarivich has reached the city limits?"

Enoch perked up, "Romstrahd VonZarivich?"

"The one and only..."

Enoch sighed with relief, pushing a small button in front of him, "Sean? I need you to send a runner for VonZarivich, it seems he's reached the limits. I need him here immediately, any aid he will be able to offer will be needed now, understood?"

"Yes sir, I'm on it."

Memnoch glanced up, "what do you think he'll have for you?"

"We'll see, two meetings down, two more to go...."

"Still going for reaching out towards the Lycans and Mages?"

"Unity is our only hope."

Ladypuppet 10-29-2008 05:07 PM
*Cutra sighed softly the week had pasted and she still had yet to find the rouge mage. She knew that things were not well on any side…the werewolves wanted to kill the humans for attacking there tribes. She was placed in the middle of death. Listening to dieing souls ringing in her ears…The nightmares she suffered in her past of the death and destruction had started to come back and haunt her dreams once more she thought they were gone for good but there not. She sat in front of a coffee shop and sipped on a cup of strong black coffee, trying to shake her feelings. Which she could not, shutting her eyes she leaned forward on her hands which she had laced into one another. She figured that Shey, Jack and Shey pack would probably go and seek revenge on there dead. She stood and looked leaving the money for her coffee on the table. She picked up her black leather cloak slipping it back on she started down the street her main concern was Dherris. He had to be stopped and he had to be stopped soon. If he was left in the state he was in he would keep harming if not worst killing. Moving back to the hotel in which she rented. After which she redressed and let her hair down, which made her look very different then she normal would. She was dressed in long black jeans, a black tank top with blood red lace sleeves, a pair of black sneakers, and a black jacket. She grabbed her black backpack slipping her phone, hotel key, her motorcycle key, and some other personal items that she may need. She slide the bag onto her back and headed out of the room and down the stairs. She walked down the street the events of the past week still swam around in her head. Her face filled with sorrow thinking about her past she stopped and swaged against the wall. Sliding down it slowly silent tears fell down from her eyes…Why was she having a mental break down know…this was not the times or place for this to happen. She thought she had gotten over that years ago but she did. As the tear fell and hit the sidewalk a wave of sheer power sent through out the city. To mortals it was nothing but a tingling ,but to supernatural’s and mages they could feel the power. She pushed off the wall and ran down the street quickly moving. She passed an alley she could smell death and blood, she turned and walked down she could see the young boy that was dead. Seeing the smashed head she knew that a mage did it she could feel the life magic that was left behind. Once she stood her phone went off reaching down she hit the ignore button and let it go to voice mail. After which she called 911 and reached down shutting his eyes shaking softly as the cold soul left…Hoping he could find peace in the next world. She walked she knew Dherris he likes night clubs she thought to herself she moved slowly looking around and entered a night club. She spotted him immediately she was surprised she didn’t think it would be so easy. She moved no one on the mage council had seen her like she had today. She slinked over slowly and took a bar stool near him and ordered a seven seven on the rocks and sipped at it softly. She shut her eyes a new vampire emerged his presences she gave a small chuckle to herself and shook her head again her phone went off the same number again she ingored the call she didn’t want to deal with that. Dherris was her target he had to be taken care of. She looked as she got a text form one of her so called ~servant~ he worked for her. The messaged read that there was a new vampire prince. A wide smirk spread across her face she wondered how much of and arrogant ignorant butthole this one would be. She would take care of the princes body latter….Oh this was going to be fun.*

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:41 pm ]
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Elvenoff 10-31-2008 05:43 PM
Darkness seemed to grasp everything about Rom with each step he took into the dark city, the welcoming lights of the big city seen from afar was now only a memory, for now it's true color comes visible as one ventures deeper into the pit of hell. Timi?oara, and its ancient buildings and lush history of the vampric war of 1705 rampaged about his head as his eyes looked upon the buildings and shadows of this town. Like Timisoara, he could feel the tension in the air that flowed within the midnight air, the power of the supernaturals.

The back street that he chosen to walk down reveled nothing to him as to what part of town he entered, this was not a big concern to him, but he did wish to link with the prince as soon as possible and that would only occur if he ran into one of the princes runners. Eyes darted about the dark shadows as a few images crossed over his mind, wondering how he would fair if he happened upon a couple of lycan centurions. A crash with them on their turf could prove detrimental to one side, and he felt that negations with them at the present condition of time would not work.

Coming upon an intersection, his eyes shifted to each street for several moments as he studied the dark shadows and low lighted areas. The information that his eyes gathered told him that he was in the residential part of the city and that could easily spell trouble. Deciding to probe deeper into the city, for that is where the business sector would be, and hopefully that is where he will pick up the location of the prince or his runners would find him.

Several blocks deeper into the city, Rom's wanting of a easy insurgence into the city came to a dismissal reality as his eyes fell upon two Lycan centurions standing at an entrance of a dive called the Full Moon, “How appropriate.” the words spoken in a distasted tone, for he now knew what side of town he entered.

Pulling the collars of his long trench coat about his face, he hoped that he could pass them without incident, but their unique ability of smell seemed to always cause havoc. Limbering up his muscle in anticipation that they will detect him, he slowly made the attempt to pass them.

“YOU THERE!” a snarly voice echoed out from behind him, “I think we have a situation here!” the voice continued in its husky voice. A tone of voice that Rom has encountered many times before. A strong sigh escaped his lips as he came to a stop, his hand rising to his upper chest, preparing to pull the sword if needed.

“It is only a situation if you wish for it to go there!” Rom replied in his calm voice.. “We can make this an encounter or just a simple misunderstanding of one's location.” He hoped these warriors were the wise thinking ones instead of the blood thrillers.

Slowly he turned to face them... “What shall it be?”

Forgotten Wolf 11-03-2008 09:17 PM
It wasn’t that hard for Dherris to actually see Lady Cutra when she approached the bar, she stuck out like a sore thumb to him, but only watched her out of the corner of his eye and acted like he hadn’t even noticed her. He was subtly manipulating the emotions of the people around him to keep people from taking an interest in him (usually he worked it the other way to attract female company). Making a decision, he also manipulated some of those around Cutra so no one would approach her really. The rote for the spell was impossible to detect save for by maybe an Obrimos looking for it and since it wasn’t anything flashy or suspicious there was a zero chance of Paradox… It was also weak enough to not create a nimbus and wouldn’t be detectable except for well practiced Mind or Prime mages and even then they’d have to be looking for it… Most of Dherris normal magic was like that…

Finishing his drink, Dherris walks leisurely over to Cutra and slips his near perfect form into the stool next to her. “I’m impressed,” He said with a small grin, “to see you actually decide to loosen up a bit is amazing, Cutra. So what drew you to this little old club?” Dherris figured she had come looking for him since he was after all suppose to be in exile but he wasn’t going to be deterred. Besides, they were in public amongst mortals and he very much doubted she would try anything on him with so many witnesses. It didn’t help her either that he was technically on the cusp of archmage level power and he could counter most things she could throw at him. He, on the other hand, had spells that almost no one had any true defense for.

He just looked at her with his dark brown eyes as he waited for her response. Would she step up face him, would she be flustered, or even enraged? All these thoughts swam about in his head as he mused internally over each and every one of them as well as a few extras.

eferhilda 11-04-2008 09:08 AM
Shey closed her eyes for a moment taking a deep breath, though upon opening them there was nothing but pride for him and understanding in her gold eyes. "Perhaps you were right all along about this whole fighting thing, but some actions can not go unpunished. I wish I could just let it go and continue with our lives, but as long as they are out there they are a danger to us all and my honor does not allow me to stand by and just wait for when they come at us again. I'm going to flush them out and end this once and for all, for all our sakes." she said softly though her eyes remained hard as she crossed the small expanse of space between them. When Brian rose from his chair she embraced him in a warm hug, one shared by those who had been through similar pain that was only about to get worst. "I will try to protect you, your pack and this church. You continue to try and fix the harm that they caused and that I will probably add to in the coming battle." she said to him as she held him close for a moment before ending the embrace, looking up into his eyes with smiled, "But seeing how its me waging war there really is no worry....right?" she winks at him before turning on her heal and heading out the door casually throwing up a hand to wave farewell. "See you later Brian." though to be honest she was not fully sure she was going to survive this war in order to see him again.

With a heavy heart and mind Shey stepped into the city, her face darkening in hate as she looked at all the disgusting and weak humans who could never hope of ever defeating a lycan in a fair fight. Always they had to resort to trickery and their technology, at the moment she actually hated them more then the vampires. At least with them she knew where they stood and almost never trusted any of them because of this, they came at you with hidden agendas and so she was never surprised by a double cross. Humans though, they had souls and had the potential to be either good or bad, so that left her with the moment of hesitation that the bad ones took advantage of and used against her. Her human part warred with her wolf part constantly as she tried to decide on what to do when it came to humans, now though they were both in agreement that the humans needed to suffer the same if not worst then how her pack had suffered. With this though in mind she set out to go and speak with Viktor, the alpha of the City Lords. Something she was not looking forward to, but knew she had to do if she was going to be wagging war within the city. If not to get his support then to at least get his permission so that she does not offend him by accident, though with Viktor it was easy to offend him because he already thought of himself as so very high and mighty.

Still she picked up his scent easily enough and began to head through the city toward where he kept his residence. Though as a side thought she reached into her pocket and took out her phone, dialing Jack's cell number to check in with him and see how he was doing. Also mainly to hear his voice which always made her smile something that she felt she needed at the moment.

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:42 pm ]
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Ladypuppet 11-04-2008 04:22 PM
*Cutra watched Dherris, and noticed that no one would approach her shrugging half-hearty she didn’t really care. She sipped on her seven seven slowly and watched Dherris to open his mouth to speak. She had truly forgotten what his voice had sounded like. Her memories swirled around in her head

She remembered when she first had meet Dherris. She had a crush on him at one point. That was before she hardened her heart to the chaotic chasms of the world and its surrounding. Her mind had been morphed and she destroyed all emotions that were good. The best she could do to make them be known is to act how she would think they would be used. This being since she had not used them in such a long time.

Cutra looked down into her glass as Dherris spoke and shook her head slightly to make the memories of what she had once felt to him go away. The ice cubes clinked on the side of the glass. Not like anybody around her could hear over the noise being produced in the small club. After Dherris finished speaking she knew he was plotting something due to his vacant expression in his eyes no matter how much he tried to hide it from her.

Her face was slightly reddened from the tears of frustration she had earlier. During her earlier mental break down but she had to bring herself above that and push forward seeing that this wasn’t the time to think in depth about her past. It had been such along time since she had thought of it she had developed blank spots there where times she had been with family or friends. Not being able to recall names or faces. Only a black face chasms with doom and despair the shrieks and terrors that there soulless face conveyed to her in her dreams.

Being brought back to the present being from a cough of the bartender, she turned her face way from Dherris. Then felt her face reddening in embarrassment had she been staring at him this whole time. Immediately she moved her head so her black hair fell in front of her blushing face. She though over what Dherris had said and gave out a sigh and then set her glass down.* “Maybe I have decided to come out. I need not be so high strung all the time…Do I Dherris? Is there a problem with me coming to a club to get a drink?” *Her voice questioning him. Then she opened her mouth to speak again in a softer quieter tone.* “Seeing that I’m away from my friends, family and so called ~servants~. I decided to go and see if I could find a club or something to hang out and find someone to talk to.”*

*Sighing softly she knew that she could not attack him here at least not here there were too many mortals around it’s not like she had come to kill him. At least not yet anyways no not yet she still me be able to work out a deal so that he wouldn’t have to be killed or even exiled anymore. She giggling softly * “What is it a bad thing for me to let my hair down, and relax?” *She looked back into the glass, and gave a softly sigh and took another sip. Then she looked back down into the nearly empty glass. Then she pushed her out of her face. “You know why I have come haven’t you Dherris. I know that you’re supposed to be exiled, and all. And I understand the reasoning behind the council.” She paused to think about her next wording she didn’t want him to find out that she had a crush on him long ago. In the past she was young, and naïve. “To answer your question, I came because I sensed you, and the fact that I found the young boy you oh so made bash his head into the wall and die.” She drank what was left in her glass and then sighed again softly. She pushed her hair behind her ear and looked over at him.* “Would you like to go somewhere more private to finish this little chat were having?”* She looked up at him wondering if he was going to refuse her offer, and tilted her head waiting for and answer.* “I’m not asking to get you out and away so I can try and attack you I’m not that stupid. Just to talk and catch up this place is a little stuffy and cramped don’t you agree?”* Then she waited for him to answer her. * “Well Dherris what do you say?” *She waited and moved slowly and slipped of her chair waiting for him to join her. She left the money for drink under her glass and head toward one of the back private room.*

Scambo 11-04-2008 08:08 PM
"Jack, now that the 'normies' can't hear us, if you don't give your old teacher a proper greeting, I'm going to turn you inside out by your ass."
"Alright alright, relax Jonas. Good to see that years of sitting behind a desk have finally mellowed out that temper of yours." Peeling his right sleeve down, he spoke the rote that sent magic coursing through his body, causing the blue arrow to glow fiercely. The mayor did the same and they pressed their marks together. Jack spoke slowly and with conviction as the two stood, embraced in an age old bond.
"It's good to see you again old man. Sorry I forgot to drop by and say congrats on getting re-elected."
"Well, it helps to have an old friend do some digging every now and then." He smiled as the two sat. Jonas dug into a coat pocket and popped a cigar into his mouth before producing a lighter and sparking the cherry. Jack spoke quickly and with a wave of his hand, the cigar's cherry suddenly flared and went out.
"Don't forget who taught you to do that butthole."
"Hey, I'm just trying to help you out. At any rate doesn't your wife want you looking after that whole 'hypertension' issue?"
"Listen, we both know thats just a crutch for voter attention. At any rate, I need your help. What happened last week, we both know that was no accident. Whoever they were, they managed to put a serious dent in the werewolf population, bring down the Elysium and make an attempt on my life all in the span of several hours. I don't need to tell you how important not existing is to the supernaturals. This is far too well executed and supplied to be some local witch hunting group. No, whoever they are they reeked of Spec Ops."
"Alright, so what exactly do you want me to do about it? Last time I checked, I have no real authority to work with and I can't exactly ask around about something that probably has more classification than bigfoot."
"I hope they parole him soon. Nice guy, just liked to drink too much. At any rate, we do have a lead."
"Is he the 'Tell you what you wanna know' type or the 'I drink a lot and don't take pain well' type?"
"The latter." He sighed.
"Is nothing easy?"
"Never." The two parted ways then, the mayor leaving for his home, and Jack, with a somewhat heavy heart, for the house he had grown up in. After climbing the steps, he used the reflection off of his screen door to straighten his hair and try to force his beard into some form of tidy. The door swung open and standing there was his older sister Eve. Her bright green eyes beamed as she threw her arms around his neck.
"Jackie! I'm so glad you made it!"
"Are you kidding, I wouldn't have missed this for the world." His younger brother Darrel shoved Eve out of the way and went to tackle Jack. Tightening his grip around Darrel, Jack lifted and flipped Darrel onto his back.
"I thought you'd of learned now little bro."
"I kinda hoped you'd forget by now...." He kicked his brother in the ribs lightly before continuing inside. A short woman well past her best years came out of the kitchen holding a small tray of chips and dips.
"Jackie! Home for five minutes and your already beating up on your little brother. Nothing ever changes does it?" Stepping over his fallen brother, he embraced his mom and kissed her on the cheek.
"Hey ma. Its been a while, but I'm glad I made it. This is the first time the family's gotten together since dad......."
"Your da' was a good man Jackie.....I always knew that being a cop in Solace was dangerous but....I never thought it would end the way it did. I pray that it won't happen to you too Jackie...." He was silent for a moment, enthralled by old memories when his phone started ringing. He glanced at the I.D. and smiled. His uncle Ronnie crept up behind him and ripped the phone out of his hand.
"Ah, Jackie me boy, it warms my heart to see that theres still a lass that do pity herself enough to be seen with your sorry backside." Grinning he kicked the big irish man hard in the chest and snatched his phone back. Flipping it open, he raised it to his ear and laughed before speaking.
"Hey babe. Uh, when was the last time you ate a good home cooked meal?"

eferhilda 11-04-2008 08:42 PM
Shey had to actually stop and think about that question, seeing how the last time she could about this would have to been when her parents were alive, “Not for sometime love. Why do you ask?” she says as she stops walking now, focusing on the conversation. “I'm not sure that meeting your family is a good thing....I mean I am a werewolf and they are human not too sure how they would feel about us seeing one another.” she said slowly into the phone. She was apprehensive about going to meet his family she had not fully accepted this relationship and was not sure what they were to one another. Lovers, definitely, friends, most assured, but were they mates? The jury was still out on this one and so she was content to just go with the flow in the relationship, now he was asking her to meet his family which was not something that one did lightly. This meant a lot and would add a new dimension to their relationship she was not sure she was prepared to accept. Still his voice was so warm and compelling, she found it hard to resist. So with a smile on her face she changed her plans for the day, having to settle with meeting with Viktor tomorrow or perhaps later this evening if the dinner did not take too long. “Fine. I'll be there in about twenty minutes.....No need for directions I already have your scent and will just track you there, no big deal. See ya in a bit.” she hung up her phone though she spent a few moments looking at it in her hand, wondering why she had felt compelled to saying that she loved him? Did she really? Sucking her teeth in annoyance at her own irrational emotions she stuffed the phone in her pocket and began heading in her new direction. Her war would have to wait while she dined with her boyfriend's family.....hmmm.....boyfriend......that was a term she was comfortable with for the time being. Yep, Jack was her boyfriend and nothing more, at least for the moment which was enough to put a part of her mind at ease.

In about twenty minutes, as she had promised she stood outside the house that belonged to Jack's family. Suddenly she was more afraid and nervous then if she had been facing a small army of vampires alone, in fact she would rather be doing that right now rather then about to face his family. A wave of worries like What if they did not like her? Or she embarrassed Jack and he would then leave her? Washed over her almost making her turn around and leave to retreat to the safety of her woods, though then she remembered that the woods was no longer safe and she only really felt content laying in his arms at night. Taking a deep breath and combing her fingers through her hair she reached up and rang the door bell, trying her best not to fidget with her hands or her cloths as she waited for someone to answer the door.

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Forgotten Wolf 11-05-2008 10:38 AM

Brian returned the hug and spoke as Shey left the building, “I’ll do my best… Stay alive Shey and be careful.” After that he just fell into the chair again. He Who Watches From the Leaves came over to him. “You need to get some sleep Brian…”

“I know,” He responds as he gets up and starts dragging himself toward the sleeping area. “Hopefully the nightmares won’t plague me to bad tonight…” The chameleon just watched the Alpha walk away. Being a crescent moon werewolf and a member of the Bone Shadow tribe made Brian particularly sensitive to the turmoil found in the Shadow. It was the main reason why he looked so terrible… and why his mind felt like it was ready to snap.


Dherris’ face fell, “I killed him?... I thought I only had him hit hard enough to get a concussion so he wouldn’t remember what happened.” He sighs and closes his eyes for a second before speaking softly so other couldn’t hear, “Well… at least I didn’t expose our existence.” He was only in that slump for a moment longer before returning mostly back to his normal self. He watched Cutra slip off her stool and talk about using one of the private rooms… as interesting as the thought was, Dherris had another idea.

“Come on now Cutra, we both are apparently having rough times… How about a dance before we discuss anything?” Dherris said when she turned to see if he was coming with her to the back room. He smiled and leaned back against the bar tapping on of his fingers slowly. “I mean we’re here, we might as well enjoy it. When was the last time you really enjoyed something?” He shrugs, “If you still want to see me in private first then I would like two things. A promise for a dance later and… which do you prefer red or black?” His question was asked in a strange curiosity.

Ladypuppet 11-06-2008 09:38 AM
*Cutra shook her head slightly as she looked at him.* “When I smelt the blood and death about the air I went to check on it. When I came about his body he had no pulse and his body was cold with death. He soul had left his body…there was nothing I could do to bring him back. His left was gone from him.” *She looked at him slightly surprised at the look on his face…” What you thought he would survive the blow you inflicted onto his skull…I’m surprised you even care… Then again you’re not as heartless as I am.” *

*She pushed her hair again out of her face. Her dark midnight blue eyes turned upon him as she turned around. Her face not flushed with the redden heat that had haunted it early. She looked and blinked with a surprise…A dance with her…Never did she think he would ask her to dance with him. Soon after which she tilted her head before speaking again.* “A dance with me Dherris…I don’t know how to dance. I’ve never danced in my whole life.” Which was only half true…She could dance a little but not really well. She was just slightly hesitant about dancing with him. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to its just that she was scared to she almost felt the red fluster come back but she fought to keep it away.*

*She leaned against the bar stool in which she was next to. She thought about what she was going to say the situation that Dherris had posed for her. It also brought up questions about the meanings of what he wanted if she didn’t agree to have the dance and then go to the private room what was the meaning of the red and black that he had asked in his earlier question. Soon another thought swam into her mind as she narrowed her eyes and brought her voice down to a dangerously low level.* “And what do you mean by dispose of our existence?!” *She looked at him before relaxing slightly against the stool and let out a tried breath.*

*Soon after which she began to speak again.* “And what is your meaning of black and red, as in sexual or what? I have no objections to the dance but until your motives are clear I cannot truly give you a reasonable answer at this moment and time. Another thought swirled through her head, had she ever really enjoyed anything, or even that fact would she every enjoy anything. This caused her to hesitate again. Why did he have shut a new interest in here one that he never had soon before. This confused her like no other but she pushed the thoughts our of her mind to await his answer.* “Well are you going to give me and answer or not?” *A glimmer of amusement hinted in her eyes before she pushed her hair back again out of her face.*

braioch8201 11-06-2008 09:41 AM
Enoch rubbed his forehead, he'd heard nothing in regards to the other leaders of the city.

What does it take? A personal invitation?

He sighed, he knew he couldn't send Memnoch after them, but nonetheless he needed something, that and Romstrahd couldn't be found either. First week and everything was not going according to plan.

No matter, it would be done and with that he stood up.

He nodded towards Memnoch, "Memnoch, go and find VonZarivich, and bring him here. I seem to only be able to trust your tracking skills, bring him here immediately."

He pushed the small button on the intercom as Memnoch swept from the room, "Sean, give me the contact information for each of the Lycan leaders and the Mages council, it seems I will have to contact them myself."

So, he sat down, phone in hand and made the personal calls.

"Hello...this is Enoch the newly appointed Prince. I'm calling in regards to the new threat upon our species'. It is in my humble opinion that we all need to come together once more to join forces to destroy this new threat. Should you be interested, return contact with me at the earliest time."

He sighed, hanging up the phone for the last time, he hoped it was enough, otherwise they would all be fighting seperately.


Memnoch slid from the room, the assistant giving him an uneasy glance as he walked out of the office. He was all to used to the terrified glances from other immortals, or the whispers behind his back, but he didn't really bother with them.

The cool air of the city night brushed on his face as he stepped outside. He smiled to himself as he closed his eyes. He knew one way or another he was going to get what he wanted, in the meantime he would merely have to help things along, and that included VonZarivich.

With that he took off, speeding down the street to the last known location he'd heard he was at. Within a few moments of searching, there he stood. Tall and quiet as much as Memnoch had suspected.

Cliche? Perhaps...

He smirked inwardly as he only strode forward without a thought, ignoring the strong Lycan smell in the air. He cocked his head as he looked at the new immortal.

"Romstrahd VonZarivich? The Prince of us all extends a hand of greeting, and requests that you immediately follow me, he has much to discuss with you."

Forgotten Wolf 11-06-2008 12:31 PM
Dherris just sighed and shook his head for a second. Apparently she hadn’t heard him correctly with some of his comments. He leans over so as to whisper in her ear so she could hear him clearly this time and make sure no one overheard. “I didn’t say dispose, I said expose. The kid had a gun and if he had shot me it would’ve just ricocheted off me… not exactly something a human normally would encounter thus putting the secrecy of our existence at risk.” He slips back and looks her to make she understood this before ceasing to lean on the bar.

His grin grew slightly and small chuckle left him at her distrust of him. “No it’s nothing sexual Cutra… but I can’t exactly explain without giving away the surprise.” He pauses in thought for a few seconds before an idea pops into his head. “Tell you what, I’ll give you both, we finish our discussion in the back room, and then I get that dance okay?” He didn’t give her a chance to question what he meant as his hand snapped up suddenly holding out a rose for her. It wasn’t a normal rose though, instead of being the standard deep red it also was black. Or rather it change back and forth between red and black depending on how the light struck it giving it an almost mesmerizing appearance as the two colors dance around each other. The sudden hand motion was just to make mortals think he just pulled slight of hand trick rather than the idea of a rose actually materializing out of thing air… They’d probably think the rose was synthetic instead of really being alive because of the color but Cutra would know the truth.

He hands the rose to her with a smile, “My second request was just that you accept a small gift from me. As for my motives…” Turns and starts to walk off towards the back room, his head turned so he can finish his sentence over his shoulder to her. “I’m just out to enjoy life.” He continues for the room and doesn’t even bother to check to insure she’s coming, in all honesty he didn’t even need to look if he so wanted. He could just as easily track her movements through sensing her lifeforce.

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Ladypuppet 11-07-2008 07:43 AM
*She looked her phone went off but she ignore it. She looked at him and shivered softly feeling his hot breath brush against her ear as he leaned in to whisper to her. She looked over to him and blinked several times. Her mouth fell agape and looked.* “Dherris that’s a lie and you and I both know that… There was no gun on that child Dherris…Are you just trying to cover up the fact that you killed that child…So stop trying to cover it up and just admit that you killed that boy…Cause both me and you know that its true…What is lying to yourself going to get you?”*

*Shaking her head she tilted her head at him as he moved back away from him. And sighed softly…Blinking again at him and giggled softly to her. Then she looked at him slightly surprised slightly at his at his sudden interest. She looked and shook her head at him and looked at the floor and scuffed his feet. She looked and nodded slowly and looks at him and tilts her head.* “ Are you giving me much of a choice are you?!” * She looked up in surprised at the rose and blinked several times. The colors of it made her smile and as she took the rose into her hands and slipped it into her hair behind her ears. She always had been impressed with what he was able to do with his magic, do to that he had life magic.*

*She smiled softly and looked at him.* “Very nice cover on your little trick, Dherris you always amaze me with your sharp mind she said shyly.” * She looked she knew that he if she didn’t fallow him he would move she leaned against the bar and thought about following him. She looked at him and slowly moved toward him and tilted her head. And followed him slowly to the back room. Her mind thought about his motives but she decide to ignore it and tried have a good time. She slipped through the back door into the room and smiled softly as she shut the door. The light in the room was dim, she waited until her eyes adjusted before continuing through she went and slipped onto a couch and blinked at him.* “Join me Dherris and lets catch up?”* Her mind again wondered this was secluded and such and the fact was he could easily do anything to her. His power surpassed hers and she knew it she would have to be careful and not let her guard down to much. She sighed softly and propped her feet up on the table and snuggled back into the black leather couch. Again amusement hinted in her eyes as she waited on Dherris to sit down with her so they could chat and so she could see his so called -surprise-.*

Forgotten Wolf 11-07-2008 09:30 AM
Dherris took her up on her invitation and sat next to her on the couch. “We could go back and forth regarding what happened in that alley but it would be pointless. I could be lying to myself in order to calm me conscience and you might be lying to yourself to try and convince yourself that I really am a cold blooded killer. We both have skewed and incomplete views, so lets let the issue rest for now.” He started off as he relaxed back into the couch, leaving a little space in between him and her so has to not completely crowd her or make her uncomfortable.

In regards of magical powers, they both had strengths over the other. Cutra could easily kill Dherris with only so much as a thought and leave nothing behind but a pile of dust. She could also use her Matter magic to bind and restrain him beyond whatever physical enhancements he could gain could break. Dherris, on the other hand, could take control of her body (but not mind) for a few seconds, manipulate/create emotions, and summon creatures if he so chose.

“So what did you want to talk to me about in private now?” Dherris said gazing over at her, “I very much believe the words you said about not wanting to kill me because no matter how much you try to convince yourself and others… you are in truth not that heartless.” He said with a small smile to her in the dimly lit room.

Scambo 11-07-2008 07:17 PM
He smiled as he dropped the small weight of the cell phone back into his pocket. He felt a heavy hand on his shoulder, and he turned to see his uncle Ronnie tightening a headlock around him. Gasping for air, he flailed against the iron grip with little effect.
"Oh, so litt'l Jackie be invitin' his girlie friend to dinner eh?" He elbowed the burly Irishman hard in the ribs and felt the grip loosen. Working a hand inside the hold, Jack propped his shoulder beneath Ronnie's and gripping his elbow, twisted and threw the man over his shoulder, sending him crashing into a wall. His mom rushed out of the kitchen, waving her arms and shouting at the two of them.
"I swear Jackie if you don't stop fighting with your bro- Oh. Its only Ronnie. Just try not to kill him son, if you go to jail who'll buy a poor old woman her groceries?" Sighing, he donned a sardonic smile and shrugged.
"He started it....."
"Alright, just take it easy; I swear you just seem to get stronger each time I see you, and your uncle is gettin' on in years." Rising slowly, Ronnie shouted back.
"Oi! I'll show that wee bastard ah yours that no crazy kung-fu can keep me down!" A sharp ring cut through the impending wrestling match, and Jack turned in time to see his little brother rushing for the door. Bounding up, Jack caught him just as he layed a hand on the door knob, wrapping his arms about his younger brother and slamming him into the adjacent wall.
"Listen to me you little ****! You screw this up for me and I'll ****ing' brain you got it?! Go help your mother with the table. Now." Nodding, his brother staggered back, and Jack ran his hands over his head, trying to straighten his messy hair before opening the door and facing Shey. Leaning forward, he kissed her lightly before whispering in her ear.
"Sorry for calling in so late....I needed to talk to you about what happened last week." He took in the way she seemed to be ridged and smiled.
"Don't worry, my family is easy to deal with. My big sister Eve is a fantastic person, works for a children's hospital and spends a lot of time at those fund raisers. My little brother Darrell is pretty easy to deal with, my uncle Ronnie is a psycho but he's alright and my ma.....well you'll see. Don't worry, you'll do fine."

eferhilda 11-07-2008 08:39 PM
Shey relaxed a bit when he kissed her and spoke to her about his family, though the warmth of his breath on her ear made her blush slightly. "We will talk about last week later when we are home...." she leaned up and returned the kiss, "But now is not the time or place. Lets just hope I can get through this dinner without embarassing you too much." she says taking a deep breath before she slips her hand into his giving it a gentle squeeze. "Let's pretend for this night that we are a normal couple without any special worries or supernatural concerns." With those words she allowed him to enter the house first and introduce her to his family, still silently wishing for to be battling a horde of vampires instead being here. Dating had never been something that Shey had really done at least not with a human male before.

Dating another werewolf was not too difficult because they could understand all the emotions and instincts that came with being one. Humans though there was always that risk of exposure followed by that fear of rejection from someone you had grown to care for, perhaps even love. So whenever Shey had a relationship with a human it was always just physical and whenever she would begin to feel something she would end it. Yet Jack was different, he was human and not knew what she was but also accepted it completely and honestly. When he looked at her, when he touched her she felt more alive then she had ever felt in her entire life. It was probably love that she felt from him and for him, though she thought that both of them were hesitant to say anything for fear of somehow ruining what they had going. It was probably these unspoken feelings that made her come to the dinner, that made her continue the relationship even though it was against her nature and habits. With her best smile on she greeted his family and silently hoped that they liked her and that she did nothing to ruin this evening.

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Elvenoff 11-08-2008 03:40 AM
Moments seemed like days to Romstrahd as the two lycan centurions stood there in complete control of their desire to leap forward into battle, but they held their ground and stood there amazed as he was himself for his control. “There is no need for an encounter at this time.” came the hastily, and heavy ladened tone. Romstrahd's eyes narrowed and searched the lycans body language for any sign that something was up. But their posture was still one of strong demeanor, standoffish but not surrendering to the stare of the kindred.

The air grew quiet and the world seemed to come to a halt as the presence of another kindred raked across Rom's nerves. He slowly took a side step from his position to look at the coming newcomer and to keep an eye upon the centurions. His eyes narrowed at the stranger as he moved up and came to a stop, his reactions to the lycans was one of restraint as well. This confused Rom for according to the call from the prince it was a blood bath here, but this was not the case at the moment. He wondered if this was not an all out war but maybe a war between certain clans of kindred and lycans.

Pulling his hand away from the pommel of his sword he turned to face the kindred folk that called out his name. 'Yes, I am Romstrahd VonZarivich.” he replied with a tone of power behind his name. He nodded his understanding that he was to follow. “So tell me what is going on?” Rom asked guessing that he would get the same line that he always did in Europe, and that was 'you will find out soon enough'.

Not waiting for the reply, Rom began to walk the direction that this newcomer came from. His eyes scanned over the shadows looking for any support that this messenger brought or if there were lycan opportunists lurking about.

braioch8201 11-08-2008 06:21 AM
Memnoch smirked at the apparently ruffled Lycans, their gaze shifted over to Memnoch, and while he didn't think it possible, they stiffened even farther, he could practically see their hairs literally bristling at the sight of him. He cocked his head in wonder, he knew his name and face were well known in the Vampiric group, but he had no idea his appearance was also known within the Lycan circles as well, curious.

He winked at the two sentries, and turned back to his charge. "I believe the Prince will be able to explain everything to you a little bit better, in the mean time, I have to return with haste, to return yourself, merely follow the scent or by any other means if you are incapable of that."

With that, he was gone, as cold as when he had been there, leaving his curious charge, and two wary Lycans.


Enoch glanced up as Memnoch walked into the office. Enoch contemplated commenting on Memnoch's lack of courtesy but then he remembered who he was dealing with, so he left it alone.

"Any luck?" Enoch asked his eyes to Memnochs.

Memnoch smiled, "Yes I located him and delivered your message."

Sean looked around the room, "so....where is he?"

"I would imagine on his way."

Sean sighed, figures, "you didn't bring him with you?"

"If he is incapable of finding this place, then he's useless and doesn't need to be here."

A loud thunk echoed through the room as Enoch's head fell to his desk, he should have expected no less from Memnoch, but still the man could be so difficult, then again he should be glad, Memnoch could be SO much more difficult.

"Memnoch...if he doesn't make it here within a half an hour, you will personally fetch him, no arguing."

Memnoch snorted, "If you say so..."

Sean sighed, lifting himself up off the desk, "now we wait I suppose, while the legions get ready, we must only wait..."


Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:43 pm ]
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Elvenoff 11-08-2008 11:04 AM
The midnight wind began its whithering expansion claiming all, even the cities darkest streets were no match for the invisible stalker. Strands of white hair floated across the cold, staring eyes of Romstrahd VonZarivich. He stood glaring into the night as if there were some secret message floating about the small swirls of wind. 'Why would the prince send this haphazard messenger to give him a message that he already knew?' His mind wondered, but came to no conclusion. Then there was this simpleton test of seek and find, something that is issued to newly embraced kindred. A chuckle escaped the three hundred year old pure breed. “There is something amidst here and I shall find out what it is.” he whispered into the creeping midnight air.

Turning back to the lycan centurions to ensure that the peace still existed between them, he slowly turned away and walked into the darkness. It was time, it was time to let the kindred know that he was here. Releasing the shield that concealed his powers, he allowed it to flourish into the midnight air. It was time to bring this nonsense into a more organized perspective.

The city darkness fell to his senses as he walked down the back streets of this hell spawned city. His thoughts were only on what was needed to bring order back into the grasp of the prince. This place reeked of renegade kindred, untrained Neonates, and the scent of many other supernaturals. He shook of the Hellspawn effects and proceeded to where the prince was staying.

The three block building loomed over the other buildings that surrounded this monoliths structure. Rom's eyes glared over the black marble structure with a slight shaking of his head. “The center of operations.” he gestured to himself as he eyed the several sentries that were looming about the shadows. Making his way to the guarded entrance. “Romstrahd VonZarivich, I am here to see the prince.” they nodded, for they knew he was coming.

Walking into the complex, he slowly made his way where the prince was awaiting for him. Gently he rapped upon the door and awaited for his approval to enter into the room.

braioch8201 11-08-2008 03:24 PM
Enoch sighed, it seemed for the most part that the Vampiric population of the city was within control, and they were actually getting ready for the coming storm. He was glad for it, but still a little unnerved by the lack of response from all of leaders he had contacted, he would have the this fought with only his kind, but it still would be more comforting to have others to aid.

He glared at Memnoch for a moment, it was ridiculous that he had left his invited guest out on the streets. If it was anyone else but Memnoch he would have all but verbally, possibly physically blasted them, but Memnoch was Memnoch. He shook his head, his brow perking at the sensing of a new presence within the complex.

A sharp rapping at the door announced who he had been waiting for, he sighed again with relief this time. He gave Memnoch a warning look who promptly ignored it.

He turned towards the door, "Come in brother, come in, and make yourself comfortable for god's sake."

Elvenoff 11-09-2008 03:14 AM
"Come in brother, come in, and make yourself comfortable for god's sake." Echoed past the large oak door, giving Rom the permission to move forward. Stepping into the large plush office, Romstrahd's gaze ventured forward and about the room, noting the location of the prince and the messenger that was sent to meet him.

Stepping just in front of the prince, Romstrahd's offered his respect by giving a small bow of the head, “Greetings, Milord.” He stood straight and strong, his eyes focused upon the prince. “I have responded to your call from the Ventrue clan of Europe.” his form didn't change even as he stood before the prince. His gaze drifted from the prince to the big office window that gave a perfect view of the city. “The streets that I ventured down this evening seemed to give a false pretense that all is well, but I take it that is not the case.”

His gaze returned to the prince briefly, “Is there anything in particular that you want me to do?” His gaze drifted from the prince to the messenger that was sitting down on the far end of the office table before taking his seat respectfully. “For if there is milord, I wish to perform this task immediately.” Romstrahd's didn't care for some of the kindred's need to prolong things so that they could daunt their powers in front of everyone.

Ladypuppet 11-09-2008 01:19 PM
*Cutra looked over to him and tilted her head. She looked causing reality to bend to her whim and then as a she picked up a glass with a black wine filed the glass. She gave a sigh and leaned slowly against him and looked at up at him.* “Dherris why have you taken a sudden interest in me one that you never showed before.” *She looked up questioning him her eyes dulled in the dim light she sipped softly on the blood, that had filled her glass a blood wine died black. She looked up at him. Again and curled her feet under her slightly picking them up off the floor.* “I never thought that you would ever take interest that anyone would ever take interest in me.” *She looked and felt a tear slip down her cheek she never showed her emotions to anyone why was she letting them show now.* “I’m sorry I didn’t want you to see me cry please don’t think less of me for it.” *She whimpered out softly as she snuggled slightly closer into him.*

*She looked down slightly liking to be able to be this close to a man, one that didn’t think she was a ****ing, or a whore, or anything ill mannered about her. She aloud the warm tears that followed down her cheeks. She had meant what she had said about not wanting to kill him. Dherris was the only man she felt comfortably around and didn’t feel like she was just a toy or some pretty girl to look at. She closed her eyes softly and took another sip of her wine.*

“Dherris, I don’t get it why did I have to have this fate…Why did I have to be a mage?!” *She asked not expecting and answer and gave a small sigh.* “The only reason why I asked to the back room is so that I could be with you. I was the only one that didn’t vote you off the council… the only one that wanted you to stay…” *There she had finally said finally let him know how she felt she buried her face against him crying shuddering hard and shakes softly against him.* “Forgive me for being so weak…Dherris.” *She shudders, she only wanted what she never had she had never felt. She looked down and curls slightly as her knew that her life was calling her back but she didn‘t want to lose this moment.*

Forgotten Wolf 11-09-2008 03:30 PM
Dherris wrapped his arm around the sobbing archmage and held her for several seconds. He brought his head down to whisper to her though it was quite unnecessary due to their location. “I’ve always been interested with you. It’s just now there is no need for you to wear the mask you put up for everyone… maybe even yourself.” He planted a light kiss a top of her head.

He didn’t have an answer for her as to ‘why she had to be a mage’ but he had possibly an understanding as to what she was feeling in that regard. He had asked himself that question many times after he discovered what he was… After his Awakening made it impossible to defend himself against allegation thrown at him by his superiors in the police force. His memories of the necessary times were completely gone because his astral self was signing his name on the walls of his tower. Ultimately this caused him to be thrown off the force. Funny that he was later thrown out of the Arrows because of the use of his magic powers.

He brought his other hand up ran it lightly down from near the top of her head, down the side of her face till it reached her chin. With gentle force, he brought her face back up till she was looking at him again. He carefully brushed the stray strands of hair from her tear streaked face. “You are not being weak Cutra.” He said with a small smile, “As a matter of fact…” He slowly and carefully came forward to place gentle kiss upon her lips. He broke the kiss a second later with a slightly wider grin upon his face. “I’m glad to see you actually have that heart I hoped you were hiding from the world… next time don’t be so selfish.”

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:43 pm ]
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braioch8201 11-09-2008 04:53 PM
Enoch smiled politely at the sight of Romstrahd, he shot a subtle last warning towards Memnoch who was still pretending he didn't see it. Romstrahd was straight to the point which was good since he had little time to waste on small talk.

"Ah yes, before we begin I would like to apologize for my...friend's behavior, he is...difficult at times, but nonetheless he is irreplaceable in a fight. As well, the previous Prince, the one who sent the invitation to you not to long ago met an unfortunate departure, as such as his second in command I have taken on the reign of prince."

He leaned back into his chair and closed his eyes for a moment, thoughts running through his head. True there was a lot ahead of the preternatural creatures of this city, but first things first.

Knowledge is power

His eyes snapped open, instantly focused on his guest. "I'm sure by now you are quite aware of how still this city is. As we all know there has been a longstanding bloody rivalry between Lycans and Vampires, as well as the Mages. A new threat has come to our city it seems. As far as any of us can tell it's a group of highly trained and heavily prepared and armed mortal humans who seem to know far too much about us. They are a threat to us all, as a matter of fact, their latest move resulted in the destruction of the Elysium. Now as far as I can tell, since Aviose was quite tight-lipped about you and your nature, I have a task for you, and perhaps more after. For the sake of all our kind, because I believe this threat either has or will go beyond this city, I need anything and everything you can find about these humans."

Enoch sat for a moment before beginning, "In other words anything you know now would be of help, and anything you can find out will be of great use. Since I know this may be outside of norm to ask of some of us, if you need a form of payment, I am not above doing so."

Ladypuppet 11-10-2008 07:51 AM
*She looked up slightly confused at his words. She shivered softly and nods slowly.* “Then why did you ever approach me or come around me before…you always acted like I’m not there.” *She blushed softly and looked up at him blushing softly as he kissed her forehead and shivered softly again.* “I never wanted to hide myself from everyone I was just to afraid I would hurt someone again…”* Looking down she remembered when she first discovered her powers she had nearly killed her younger brother.*

“I just didn’t want to hurt someone I cared about again.”* Her voice trailed off she knew that Dherris understood what she meant by what she had said. Everyone around her had outcast her and called her a freak of nature because of what she had down. When she first started learning how to control her powers, all of the friends she had known from childhood had even turned on her even her own family. She had no one left there for her but herself she was always scared to open up to someone…she was always scared about being hurt again.*

*She felt him tilt her chin up to look at him her midnight blue eyes met his and she looked away, she was unable to look him in the eyes. Her heart skipped a couple of beats as his lips touched hers in the kiss it sent chills up her spine as she felt him pull away.* “I knew I have a heart I just don’t show it … I’m scared of being hurt.”* She looked up and leaned softly to him her head being buried deep into the nape of his neck.* “I’ am not being selfish. Maybe I am…”* Looking down she knew that she had been selfish for many years…She didn’t want to lose someone else…she wouldn’t let the council stand in her way.* “Dherris if I want to you to come back to the council but I know that you can’t they won’t let you… And I’m not the only one that is selfish you had killed a man for looking at your girlfriend I would call that selfish as well.”* She commented, she snuggled to him and sighed softly.* “I think that are time is coming to an end I need to get back to my life…I looks like the new prince wants to have a meeting. Would you care to join me?” *She looked at him standing up and wiped her tears away and gave him a true smile not a forced one. She held out her hand and offered him up. Before letting him up she leaned down and kissed him tenderly before blushing softly and looked into his eyes.* “Well come on slow poke, I don’t have all night, and I still owe you that dance so shall we.” *She was going to push off the princes request for a little longer…Just to have this time with Dherris.*

Forgotten Wolf 11-10-2008 09:25 PM
Dherris shook his head, “I can’t believe that slander is still flying around… I have never killed anyone without good reason. The incident they keep twisting was because of the weretiger I was dating at the time… You know the head bouncer over at that vampire’s club The Haven… Any way she didn’t like how someone was looking at me and got a more than a little angry… She was… is very temperamental. So anyway some how the blame got put on me for the entire thing, and I would have just used my magic to terrify the man rather than kill him if I was that possessive.” He sighs and closes his eyes for a second, “… Of course that was the club that later got me exiled for making the patrons ‘enjoy’ themselves (and others) a bit too much…”

His eyes open as he looks up at Cutra with a smile forming back at her sight and smile. He takes her hand and returns her kiss. “For tonight Cutra, I am all yours.” He says charmingly before putting a small kiss on the back of her hand. His smile just grew at her little taunt to him and let her help him slightly get up from the couch.

Once he was standing though, he didn’t let go of her hand and didn’t go to follow her out or head back out to the club. Instead he pulls her back and spins her (using a little of his magic to influence her body so she wouldn’t lose her balance with the sudden action) back into him. He wraps his arms around her and holds her lovingly in place with her back against his chest as he bring his face beside her. He kisses her neck before whispering a light tease in her ear, “but I thought you didn’t know how to dance?” He wore a smile through the whole thing.

Ladypuppet 11-10-2008 10:03 PM
*Looks up at him and sighs soflty.* "Aye it is people don't know how to keep there mouth..."*She looked up at him and sighs soflty and shook there head.* "I know the story i have heard the story for so long its not funny Dherris."*

*She smiles sodlty and purred at him as he returned her kisses.* "Are you sure that could be dangerous..*"She cooed out playfully at him and snuggeld to him soflty.*

*She was quiet supprised when he didn't realease her heand and looked up at him she felt her body move forward and up agaisnt him and shivvered. Looking up at him she quivvered soflty against him as she blushed at him slightly.* " I can but i'm not very good at it thought. so if i step on your feet not my fualt."* She giggled at him playfully as she moved up and teased his neck kissing it soflty.*

(Sorry kind of a crappy post)

Forgotten Wolf 11-11-2008 08:37 PM
((Don’t worry about it… If you think you are running out of ideas for this romantic interaction then feel free to skip ahead to meeting with the prince.))

Dherris just smiles back down to her and lets her tease his neck a little longer. “Then how about we keep this private?” He loosens his grip before spinning her again like a dancer but this time stops her expertly so she is facing him. “I’m sure with a little of your magic you can adjust the soundproofing of these walls to let the dance floor’s music in. That way you only have my feet to worry about instead of the other dancers and we can enjoy each others company to the fullest.” He says quietly close to her face, slipping in a quick peck on the lips before she could answer.

“… And don’t worry about stepping on my toes… It would take more than that to deter me from you.” He states smoothly as he takes one of her hands. He brings it up to about chest level on him and covers it as well with his other hand. “So, what shall it be milady?” He questioned the archmage softly and mentally prepared himself for what he might expect in this night’s adventures…

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Ladypuppet 11-11-2008 09:04 PM
(No was half asleep)

*She looked and suddenly her body when limp in his arms and her eyes closed...She fainted for no reason, and she wouldn't come to. Soon after which she moved slighlty and her head rolled to the side. She wasn't quiet sure where she was. Looking up she saw Dherris.*

*She propered herself up she had no idea what had happened she remebered using magic to sound proof the room and then everything went black she looked over.* "Dherris did I faint?" *She asked looking at the time the meeting was very soon she looked and whined to herslef she didn't want to go but she had to. She pushed herslf up wobbley she was.* "Dherris come with me to the meeting?" * She didn't really ask she more less told, as she looked over walking and leaned on him to keep from falling. This was odd for her. What had happened to her.*

Scambo 11-11-2008 09:27 PM
He put his forehead against hers and smiled.
"Listen, I spent 3 years wearing a tight blue uniform, standing in the center of the road, waving my arms and whistling to tell people to drive. I think it would take a lot more than the woman I love to embarrass me." Grinning, he gave her a peck on the cheek before putting his arm around her shoulder and introducing her to his family, starting with Eve.
"Shey, this is my big sister Eve. When we were kids, she was always trying to keep me out of trouble. Never worked though." He said with a wink. Turning, she planted her hands on her hips and glared up at him with mock seriousness.
"Well, all this coming from Mr.' No sis, we won't get caught' and 'Officer, its not vandalism, its art'. God, when I think of all the trouble you put me and the rest of the family through..." She reached up and grabbed his ear, pulling him down roughly so they were eye level.
"Listen Jackie, I won't always be around to keep your ass out of the fire so be careful ok? Losing dad was hard enough, don't make me lose my baby brother too." Shoving Jack's head back up, she turned her attention to Shey.
"Oh I can't believe how rude I've been! My name is Eve, I'm Jackie's big sister. Its so nice to finally meet one of Jackie's girlfriends who aren't twice his age or being paid. Two years ago he brought a stripper to the family reunion just so we wouldn't think he was a loser." Jack turned his eyes on his older sister, blue orbs alight with rage and embarrassment.
"Eve, mom made me swear on our father's grave that I wouldn't kill you, or Darrell but I'm more than willing to go to hell for this.." He leaned forward, raising his hands menacingly when a shoe flew through the air and hit him squarely in the head. His mother stepped out of the kitchen, sneaker held high like a weapon.
"Jackie David Hayden! I swear if you raise your hands to your sister again I'm going to kick your ass so hard you'll be vomiting shoe laces for the rest of your days!"
"I...but she....Forget it." As his mother looked on Jack assumed a look of placated defeat but when she turned her back he took hold a balloon that floated just over his shoulder and after grabbing his sister in a headlock and covering her mouth proceeded to grind the balloon against her scalp. When he finally released her, her hair seemed to be fleeing the top of her head and she spluttered before storming off towards the bathroom. Turning back to Shey, he offered a guilty but throughly amused smile.
"I wasn't raising my hands was I?" He cleared his throat as he thought of the desperate measure he had resorted to years ago.
"I guess I embarrass a lot more easily than I thought eh? Whatever, a little frizz in exchange for taking me down a few pegs. I think I got the better part of that deal." Though he put on a cavalier attitude, on the inside he was almost panicking over what she might think of him now that one of his skeletons had broken out of the closet.

eferhilda 11-11-2008 11:00 PM
Shey just smiled as she watched the whole family scene play out thinking that it reminded her very much of pack life. With the packmates messing with one another and then the alpha stepping in to make them behave themselves and play nice. It was all very relaxing to her, making her feel less out of place as she smiled at his sister liking her almost instantly even feeling a bit bad for her when Jack exacted his revenge for her divulging secretes of his past, that he obviously did not want her to know about given his body language and the way his scent changed to mixture of anger and fear. When his sister left she turned to him and shrugs, "True, though I have to wonder what she will plot as a means of getting back at you." she says with a smirk, not even asking about the stripper thing. His past was his past and if he chose to share it with her that was fine, if not that was fine also that would not change their relationship; they both had secrets that they would rather not bring into the light again. She leans up to give him a quick peck on the lips, "Good thing you're coming home to sleep with me or else you would have to sleep with one eye open." she whispered in his ear then smiles as she waited to be introduced to the rest of his family. There was still a little brother, an uncle and a mother to meet officially.

Elvenoff 11-12-2008 10:07 AM
A slight nod was giving as the Prince made an apology for his underlings behavior, but that was something that wasn't needed, for in his European clan, there was the same kind of behavior from the younger generation as well and he always believed that in time that behavior would materialize into a strong willed individual that would stay firm on their beliefs and would not sway back and forth like a spoiled child's whims.

Rom only swallowed hard under his breath when Enoch informed him that he took the reign of Prince, Rom always believed that if all the clans would send their strongest and wises warriors to engage in combat and intellectual challenges, the winner of all test and trials would become the prince, that way all clans would follow this leader for he would have defeated all clan representatives that was sent, and what would end this internal fighting among clan leaders.

He remained silent as Enoch leaned back and closed his eyes momentarily to gather his thoughts and organize what was needed to be done. His own mind wondered about events that he was fully uninformed about like what had happened to the previous prince. What kindred clans were following this prince and which ones were contemplating on how to overthrow him. There was just not enough information given to make an assessment at the moment.

His head gave a raise into the air when the Prince resumed to look upon him and began to inform and issue his request. Rom nodded his head in understanding in what the Prince wanted him to do, “Unfortunately Milord, I do not know of the human hunters of this city, however, in Europe there is an order of humans that have began to engage the Kindred clans and tribes of Lycans, they are called the Order of the first Knights. I do not know if this group of humans that you are engage here is affiliated with them or not, but I shall find out and get this information you need about whom you are dealing with here.”

His gaze moved from the Prince to the view of the city before continuing, “If that is all Milord I shall get started on your request.”

Forgotten Wolf 11-12-2008 11:54 AM
Dherris felt Cutra start to manipulate reality and then all of sudden she went limp. Dherris was able to catch her before she hit the ground but seemed unable to wake her for several minutes. He was careful to lay her on the ground though he cradled her head in his arms until she started to stir.

"Dherris did I faint?" *She asked looking at the time the meeting was very soon she looked and whined to herslef she didn't want to go but she had to. She pushed herslf up wobbley she was.* "Dherris come with me to the meeting?"

He looked at her with some concern, trying to piece together what happened but didn’t have a full comprehension. “Yes, I’ll go with you.” He says putting an arm around her to give her some support and stability. “Are you sure you’re still up to it?” He knew she wasn’t going to let her responsibilities slide for that night so he just kept close to her as they left the club…

Ladypuppet 11-12-2008 12:04 PM
*She nodded slowly and leaned against him with much of her weight. She looked and still wobbled slightly as she walked feeling light-headed.* Thank you ...*She said her voiced strained and faints as she walked through the club some people staring as she headed to the door. She didn't know what had fully happened or why she had fainted...Her body ached from having hit the floor..when it happened.* you have any clue what cuased that.* Little to to her own knowledge she had summoned a demon and was now in control of an unknown person.* Dherris you know i have to go to this meeting weather I'm ready for it or not. *She moved slighty in guideing him back to the council hall in which the meeting was to be placed.* Weather the elder spirits like it or not your going to be in the council for the time being as my underlying..I think I will be needing the help. *She felt her knees weaken as she felt sick to her stomach and her body shivvered with chills even though the air was warm.*

Author:  Forgotten Wolf [ Wed May 19, 2010 12:44 pm ]
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Scambo 11-12-2008 05:27 PM
"Eve? Revenge? I don't think those two words can even be said in the same sentence. Though, she did shave one of my eyebrows off when we were in high school......" He rubbed his beard thoughtfully, remembering the months he had to redraw it on with styling pencil.
"But I did get her back. She never saw furbies the same way after that...." He grinned ferociously as Darrell walked by and taking in his older brothers grin, he immediately turned away but Jack clapped him on the shoulder and spun him around.
"Hey Darrell, don't be so anti-social, say hello!" As he begin speaking, Jack moved just out of Shey's peripheral vision and mimed the words 'Remember what I said' and made a slashing motion across his throat with his thumb.

"Uhh hi. I'm Jack's brother Darrell." He reached over and shook her hand before leaning in and whispering in her ear.
"When he was younger, the butthole got into a fight and broke his bottom right rib. Poke it and watch." As he bounded away, Jack moved to wrap his arms around the boy's throat and extract the contents of his hidden message when a shoe sailed by his head, striking the wall behind him.
"Fine, run away, just remember I know where you sleep and I always keep my promises!" He shook his head and steeled himself for the final test.
"And for the last side show in this runaway wreck to hell, is my uncle Ronnie. See that drunk bear in the corner? Thats actually a person."
"Oh aye, and the wee string bean thats got his arm draped on ye looks like he needs 'nother lesson in not ****ing with the irishman." Jack laughed embraced his uncle and laughed.
"Its good to see you again Ronnie. What happened to Auntie?"

"Ah shes right as rain me' boy, she just didn't want to make the trip. Bless her heart, I do love that woman. Besides, somebody had to watch the pub an' I don't trust those McKinry boys."

"Are you familiar with the term stereotype?"

"Are ye familiar with the term eating through a straw?" The two laughed before the big man turned his attention to Shey, extending one large paw he spoke with a trademark grin.
"Seeing as me nephew be lackin' the wits to introduce me, hello, names Ron Murray, but just call me Ronnie." A voice called from the kitchen.
"Dinner's ready, wash up and get her before it gets cold!" Jack sighed, leaned in and whispered in her ear.
"Now comes the hard part."

eferhilda 11-12-2008 06:51 PM
Sasha awoke with a long slow yawn, as she stretches feeling the caress of the mortal wind across her flesh making her shiver with delight. Taking a deep breath she smiles as she licks her full pouting lips her senses drinking in all the wonderful pain, terror and lust that was filling the streets. She loved mortals so much for their weaknesses and imagination for the depraved and decadence that would even do a demon proud. Unable to help herself her hands slowly caress the curves of her body, marveling at the way she feels in the mortal realm. So vibrant and alive, "Hey there honey? Ain't you a bit early for Halloween?" came an unmistakable lust filled male's voice, making her shiver with desire. "Yeah babe. You want us to help you find your way home?" came another and Sasha almost lost her composer there with desire and need. It had been so long since she had tasted mortal flesh, to feel their soul being pulled into her at the breathtaking moment. "Why don't you two boys show me where the fun is?" she said not even trying to hide her lust. "Oh yeah we will definitely show you where the fun is...." came a hot male voice on her neck. "Yeah baby, just relax and let us show you a good time." said one now in front of her, his breath smelling of cheap beer, "Oh I'm relaxed...." she purred to him as she drew a claw down his chest, "I'm more then relaxed." her glowing red eyes opened to look into his who seemed to not even care about her eye color. Grabbing him she pulled him into a deep kiss, her tongue seeking his while her other hand trailed down the front of the other guys pants behind her. Already she could feel the heat of their souls and her body crying out to be fed. Silently she thanked the mortal who was foolish enough to summon her into this realm, this world was in for a quite a treat once she began having some real fun.

Shey could not stop smiling as she met one member of his family after the other. His brother she shook hands and smiles when she sees Jack making the funny faces, then arches an eyebrow as she makes a note about that spot on his chest to poke later to see what happens. Next was his large and even she had to say slightly intimidating uncle, whose huge hand swallowed hers in his meaty grip. Still his eyes were kind and she loved how Jack and him played around with each other getting a bit more respect for them because she herself had Irish blood in her, fairly ancient that could be traced back to some of the most noblest families. Once this meeting was over his mother, whom she had yet to meet properly, called them to dinner. Just as she was starting to relax a bit, Jack had to whisper in her ear about this part being the hard part. Silently she prayed to Gaia to give her strength and courage for this next part, but so far it was actually looking like his family was accepting her. Taking a deep breath she wrapped her arm about Jack's waist and then walked into the large kitchen where they would be eating.

Forgotten Wolf 11-12-2008 07:43 PM
“Are you sure you are all right?” Dherris asked with real concern at seeing how bad Cutra seemed to have become. He was careful with aiding her to council hall and eventually just scooped her up into his arms after a while instead of risking her falling over. “Me? In the council?....... Well, I guess if I’m going to be under you it won’t be all bad.” He teased her quietly as they drew closer to the hall.

Once inside, he set her down softly into a seat and took a moment to look her over. “Wait here just a second.” Dherris walked off to the inner sanctuary, where the mana from the Supernal Realm leaked through and saturated the air. Taking a deep breath, Dherris started to draw the mana out of the air and store it in his Pattern. Finally fully restored he hurried back to Cutra. “Here…” Was all he said before laying a hand on her and started to channel the powers of Life, focusing into Cutra in hopes to help her recover from whatever had happened to her.

With the spell finished, Dherris caressed the side of Cutra’s face while he asked nervously. “Feel any better?” He was kneeling next to her seat to be able to look at her directly.

Scambo 11-12-2008 09:20 PM
He walked into the kitchen arm in arm with Shey before sitting down in one of the wooden chairs that ringed a large wooden table. Ceramic plates with floral impressions were set across the table, glasses and silverware inlaid with complex curls and whorls. He held a chair out and made a mock bow to Shey.
"Milady." As he took his seat, he noticed a strange numbness in the back of his head followed by a faint throbbing. He figured that it was just a headache and discarded it as such. As the rest of the family seated themselves his mother rushed in holding a large circular platter containing a large roasted turkey. As the smells of cooked food wafted into his senses Jack could feel himself salivating and suddenly wishing that he had learned to cook when he had had the opportunity; one could only live on pizza and takeout for so long. The turkey was soon followed by mashed potatoes, peas, stuffing, cranberry sauce and other essentials until the people seated had barely enough room to shift their plates and unwrap their silverware from the elaborate napkin holsters.
Ever since I was a kid I've always wondered just how the hell she managed to do that to a napkin......The meal started then, the clinking of forks and knives on plates droned out by easy conversation and requests for specific delicacies. Midway through the dinner, Jack began to feel a strange sensation in his stomach.
Probably that hot dog from earlier, damn street vendors. Not long afterward he felt light headed and felt heat radiating off his skin. There was a dull ringing in his ears. It felt...familiar, like he had experienced it once before.
Probably from all those 'late nights' up in the woods. I outta buy some nightclothes or something because now is not the time to be coming down with something. Absently, he realized that his mom had been calling his name and he turned to faceher with a jerk.
"So Jackie, now that I got your attention, tell me how you and Sheyera met."
"Uhh.....well we first met a couple of years was a work thing. Whats funny, is that......" He trailed off as something in his mind clicked.
No......No that.....that can't be what it is......oh God please no..... He cleared his throat and pushed himself away from the table.
"I need to go to the bathroom real quick....Had a city hot dog a few hours ago and it doesn't agree with the wine and actual food." He pushed his chair and did his best not to stumble as he climbed the stairs to the second floor, taking the first door on the right, the door to his old room. Collapsing onto his bed, he felt the ringing increase in pitch and he wanted to cover his ears even though he knew it would do no good. He had experienced what he was feeling now once before, when he was still just an initiate in the Arrows. A mage had used a vast amount of magic for something they weren't allowed to know, a demon had come through the vacuum of paradox left in the spell's wake. For most mages, it could be disregarded but to those who were infused with Prime, who had felt and worked with the life force and soul of living creatures ranging from humans and werewolves to trees and bushes. Even vampires had a life force, if not a soul. But abyssal demons were creatures beyond mortal understanding. They not only lacked souls, but they were like a dark void, dragging the life force of what was around them and devouring it. The shriek in his ears was the pain and suffering of an entire world as something unholy was born into it. Then, just as quickly as the bizarre symptoms had come they were gone, leaving him shaken. Slowly, he rose, flushed the toilet and returned to the table, resuming dinner and trying to act as though nothing had happened. He gave Shey a concerned glance before he reached under the table and squeezed her hand. When they were finished there, he had to speak with her about what had happened.

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