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 Post subject: Hogwarts: The Magic
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Just imagine. Receiving a letter, confirming your spot at one of the most elite magic schools in the country. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. How elated you must feel, holding that yellowish parchment in your hands, the smile that is slowly growing on your lips. Excitement, joy, the overpowering sensation of adventure and new things that are waiting for you behind those castle walls. Close your eyes, picture it in your mind. You can do that, right? Or, don't feel this way? It all depends on what kind of person you are, what you are like. But for must of us...we would probably feel great.

What will you do? Who will you become? What kind of friends will you make? How will your adventure progress? Will you become the ace of the school, or maybe a Quidditch champion? Will you be popular, make lots of memories? There is an endless road of possibilities for you to choose from, side roads spindling off in another direction, choices to make, missions to accomplish, people to meet, and things to do. So, off you go, new student of Hogwarts! Get ready for one of the most exciting adventures of your life!

A small figure darts back and forth among the figures that dot the road of Diagon Alley, seemingly lost, but at the same time, almost looking as if they knew exactly what they were doing. Silvery white hair glimmered and shined like freshly fallen snow in the sun that shone up above, for once not dotted out by clouds in the sky. This was quite the small fellow, clutching a list in his tiny hand, and a string of parcels in his other.

At one point he stops, and goes into one of the buildings that line the road, taking about five or so minutes, before appearing once more outside, this time with one more box added to the things he was carrying. Then, mumbling to himself, he would be on the move again, like a busy little bee, scurrying from one flower to the next, never stopping in one place for too long, afraid to miss out on an opportunity that might be waiting elsewhere. It was obvious by the way he was moving that he didn't have a lot of time, and was in a hurry.

Pale, icy blue eyes flicker from the writing on the parchment, then up again, constantly back and forth. "Okay, one last place, then I'm done..." He murmurs to himself, scurrying off to another place. It was not much longer until he had to get going, or else he would be late. And that definitely would not have been a good start to a new year at the school he was going to that very same day.

Time passes, and as the clock hand ticked, he was moving as fast as he could. He'd made sure to get up early enough, but it seemed that even that didn't help. By now he was practically running, dodging people who were walking up and down the platforms at the train station, trying to keep control of his trolley that held everything. It was a good thing he had that all ready and waiting for him, or he would never have made it. As he rushed forth, he tried to remember how to get on to the platform he needed, but it was shown to him by a family of four, two identically looking boys, except for their eyes, and their parents. They slip through the wall between platforms nine and ten, disappearing from sight, the other people all around not even noticing.

Taking a deep breath, he mimics what the family had done, and within seconds he was on the other side, now in the place, he needed to be. Platform Nine and Three Quarters. The bright red train that was waiting there had the words 'Hogwarts Express' on it and was quite magnificent indeed. As he stared at it in awe, a wheel of his trolley hits a bump, and in the blink of an eye, it spins out of control, his possessions flying everywhere, as well as himself. He comes to a stop only due to the fact that he had run into a pair of legs. Squinting, he looks up to see himself looking at the person he had run into. Quickly he scoots away, ignoring how his scraped knees and palms hurt. "Sorry!" He gasps, before hurrying to collect his things, a pure white raven coming to settle upon his shoulders, as the door to the cage it had been it was popped open. This wasn't good. He only had about ten more minutes to get his things together before the train left.

Just as he'd passed through the gate that led to platform nine and three quarters, a cat firmly held in his arms, Jasper glances back at the white-haired boy that was looking desperately at them, almost as if he was confused. Raising an eyebrow, he focuses on staying with his parents and dreadful twin brother, Atlas. His parents were talking to them, as they walked, looking for somewhere to load their belongings, and talking at the same time. "Don't forget to write dears. We would love to hear what you've been up to!" His mother says, smiling cheerfully. His father nods in agreement. "Yes, and stay out of trouble. We'd hate to hear that you're causing any problems for such a school."

They reach an empty spot, and after storing their things, they get on the train after their mother and father give them a hug. "Bye mother, bye father. I'll write as soon as we get to school! And I'll make sure Jasper stays out of trouble." Atlas says, nudging his brother rather hard in the ribs. The smaller of the twins only growls and grumbles, mumbling a goodbye as well, before going to sit down, or at least, trying to find a place. His brother goes the opposite way, leaving Jasper relieved. He loves his brother, but at the same time, he hated him. He was more outgoing, cooler, had a friendly personality, made friends easily, and was pretty much awesome. And then there was himself, Jasper. Not so outgoing, kind of a nerd, and way shy, so it was hard to make friends.

As he reached an open door, he hears a commotion outside, and peeks out a window, seeing that the boy from earlier had crashed his cart, his things going every which way. A small frown forms, and he shakes his head, sighing. He kind of felt sorry for the kid, he was tiny, and from what Jasper could see, was all by himself. But that was none of his business, and he moves on, reaching the open door. But, once again, he was out of luck. This spot was taken too. But he really didn't feel like searching any longer.

"Um, excuse me, do you mind, er, if I, uh...sit here with you?" His voice was shaky, as he tried to speak a little louder than normal so that the other could hear him. Solstice, the cat, meows softly, rubbing her head underneath Jasper's chin, making it tickle, so he laughs softly. "Stop it Solstice..." He murmurs to the cat, glancing down at her, before looking up again at the person once more.

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 Post subject: Re: Hogwarts: The Magic
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Avery smiled brightly, her green eyes practically sparkling as she stepped through to platform nine and three-quarters after her mother, followed closely by her older brother and a middle-aged maid who was in charge of the two children's luggage until they neared the large train bound for the school Avery had dreamed of since Xander had gotten his letter years ago: Hogwarts. The younger girl could barely contain her excitement as she took in the station, green eyes wide. It took every ounce of self-control she had not to spin around happily, but her mother was there, as was her brother, and that certainly would not be considered to be proper behavior for a young lady such as herself.

"Honestly, Av, it isn't that exciting," the taller boy noted to the small girl who narrowed her eyes and huffed, "Well, of course, you wouldn't think so. You've only been here a million times," she pointed out, crossing her arms. "Now now, children," their mother interjected, "No time for arguing. Go on now," she gestured towards the train. Avery's smile quickly returned as she gave her mother a quick hug, took her luggage from the maid, and turned to hurry off towards the train.

"Keep an eye on her for me, Xander," she requested of her older child, "Make sure she doesn't get into too much trouble," she added with a smile. "The task you ask, dear mother, may prove too much, even for me," Xander replied with a hint of a smile and just a touch of sarcasm, turning to walk towards the train, "Good luck!" was all the encouragement she could give him as she waved good-bye and sent both of her children off together for the first time.

After storing her luggage, Avery quickly boarded the train, waving goodbye to her mother one last time before finding herself a seat in an open compartment. She took a seat and looked out the window, hearing some commotion outside. There she saw a young boy, small and pale, who had crashed his cart. His things were scattered all over the place and it didn't appear that there was anyone with him. She frowned slightly and was considering helping him when a voice pulled her attention away. "Hmm? Oh, sure," she nodded, giving him a small smile and gesturing for him to come in "I'm Avery. Avery King. Nice to meet you."

She smiled when the cat made an appearance, "Hey there," she greeted the cat. "Is that her name? Solstice?" she asked, tilting her head and eyeing the little creature. She really wanted to go over and pet it, but she remembered her manners and stayed where she was. If he offered, though, then all bets were off.

Gabriel wasn't outwardly as excited as Avery was, but he, too, had been very excited when he had received his letter and he was happy to join his brother at Hogwarts. Unlike Avery's mother, who had encouraged the older sibling to keep the younger out of trouble, Gabe's mother did the opposite, telling Gabe to keep his older brother out of trouble. Gabe made no promises but responded with an affirmative "yes ma'am," before giving her a hug and waving goodbye.

The two brothers began to head towards the train when all of the sudden someone lost control of a cart, sending it careening right into the back of Gabe's legs. "Ahhhh!" he exclaimed as he stumbled forward and fought to regain his balance. Tison was lucky enough not to get hit and grabbed his brother's shoulder to stabilize him. "Thanks," Gabe thanked him before turning to look at the cart that had hit him. "I'll grab the luggage," Tison replied, moving to gather Gabe's things while Gabe dealt with the kid that had run into him.

Gabe walked towards the smaller boy who scooted back away from him and apologized, "Don't worry about it," he waved off the apology, holding out a hand to help the boy up, should he choose to take it. Tison, who had already gathered Gabriel's things then proceded to pick up the other kid's things that had been scattered when the cart had collided with Gabe. "Are you hurt?" Gabe asked as he looked at the boy, seeing the visible scrapes. "We should hurry," Tison pointed out as he righted the cart and placed the items back on it while Gabriel picked up the bird's cage and held it out to that the bird could be placed back in the cage.

"Right," Gabe nodded, gesturing to the boy, "Come on, we should get on the train. We can find someone who can heal those for you once we get on if you want," he offered. The two brothers didn't really wait for him to reply, they simply began heading towards the train, Gabe toting their own things while Tison pushed the cart with the smaller boys things. They deposited all of the luggage and then boarded the train, Tison going off to find his friends from his own house and leaving the two younger boys behind. "Alright, let's go find someone to heal those for you and then we can find a seat," Gabriel offered. " Oh. Right. I'm Gabriel McCollen, by the way."

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