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The streets of Warlyn are rife with activity even in the twilight hours. The damage from the great explosion was immense and much of the populace works round the clock to remove the damage from the merchant quarter. The royals walls are still intact and they remain safe within their fortified structures, leaving the repairs to the stewards and working class. This has left many citizens upset that no action has been taken due to the immense loss of life and many riots have simmered and dissipated since the blast. It is a time of chaos within this once affluent city and those needing order to get their ends, look for a way out before civil war erupts.

Lillyandra Gromfrost, a human bard, had made a bit of a name for herrself keeping spirits up around the city. Making good coin from those needing their spirits up and her charismatic voice has caught the attention of one such man of order. A well dressed half-ling approaches her in the mid-class in she currently resided. "Greetings, Lilly was it? Can I have a moment of your time?"

"For the right price my time is available," Lily replied with a smile setting the lute she had been tuning down.

"In that case business will be smooth between us I can imagine." The man sat across from her at the table. "My name is Varnum, and i'm a seller of trinkets. With all the chaos going on around the city I feel it is high time for me to look elsewhere but with the garrison so full of activity I'm looking for a more discreet exit. I've heard tell that you can have the ear of a room and hours later the hearts of those within. I'm asking for your aid in hiring me escorts and aid to remove myself from this city."

"That is no cheap accomplishment. My time is valuable and that would take some time," is all she said.

"You will be well compensated for your troubles." He pulls out a thick pouch and drops it with a dull thud onto the table. "Within you'll find 200 gold pieces, freshly minted mind you. If you accept you're to use that to hire any you find reliable enough, whatever is left over consider a bonus. Once i'm safely out of fthe city you'll get another 100. Is that acceptable?"

Taking up the bundle of coins she took out one to look it over, a couple coins taken out to check their weight. "How much danger are you looking to get into? I'm a lover and creater of music, not a fighter. Plus, I need to know what to tell these folks when I go to hire them."

He nodded and laced his fingers together under his chin. "There will be a moderate amount of risk, but not on your end. You are merely my acquisitioner of the muscle needed, no risk to you other than during the escape if things go sour. It wont if the people you hire are worth their salt. As for what to tell them, use discretion. The garrison isn't allowing any to leave until the mystery of this catastrophe is solved so what we plan to do is quite illegal. They should be willing to break their morals for some coin freely."

"Alright," the coins were pocketed. "I'll get the help and we'll me back here?"

"Perfect." He stood and dusted himself off, extending a hand towards her. "A pleasure Lilly, I'll be here in 3 days time at dusk. Make sure you're ready by then." Satisfied Varnum walked out of the Inn once more. Lilly got to work soon after searching for prospective help to make good on her word. Such help would surely be found, but it remained to be seen what kind of help that would be...


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 12:46 am 

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Entering the tavern, Lily scanned the area taking in the crowd. There was a man she was looking for, one that was infamous in his own right and perhaps eager and stupid enough to take a somewhat dangerous job.

Sitting down near the bar, Lily took out her lute and set it on the table. Often a fun conversation piece for people who enjoyed to learn more about her, she used to engage people without having to be too obvious about it. Waiting to be served, she tuned the lute and hummed a few bars matching the pitch of her humming to tune the lute.

An accompanying hum made it's way through the air. Within no more than a moment's notice, a man with a soft smile and an intrigued look had made his way to the table. He gave a small chuckle and shook his head "First day on the job in a fancy new place and I get to serve talent? I must be on a lucky streak."

Smiling back, "You must have a pretty good ear to hear my humming from across the room." Tuning a bit more before she went on, "Anything good to eat? And any need for a bard in this place?

Without missing a beat, the man hummed thoughtfully "that's actually quite a tough choice... but if I had to recommend anything to you specifically, I'd say the honey bread." He looked at the woman impishly "A rich taste with just a hint of sweetness and the soft bouncy texture will have you singing."

"Are you a performer too? I think I may have caught you a time or two out on the streets? Like...illusions? Or slight of hand?" seeking to keep him engaged in the conversation.

The man looked away with mock thoughtfulness "I suppose some people believe that I'm quite the server. I can't say I see what they do," he waved dismissively for a moment before turning to look at the woman again "I leave the crowd awing to angelic voices such as yourself, I'm sure."

"For a server you are quite the charmer and rather...stimulating to my muse," the lute strummed a bit more purposefully now. "I look for a partner that can appreciate the arts such as myself, with the stamina, charm and wits to help me wow the crowd for bigger tips. A man such as yourself that makes himself known as just a simple server may just be the partner I've been searching for," humming turning to a bit to soft singing in an almost thoughtful manner.

The man's gaze shifted left and right conspiratorially. He pushed back a lock of loose hair, a genuinely pleased smile coloring his features "Well, the atmosphere in here could use a pick me up. And good partners are hard to come by..." he took a step back and tilted his head before extending an arm out as if to say 'after you' "I say you lead. I'll follow,"

Taking the offered lead, she moved toward what would be a "stage" area to get a small performance going. Taking her time to feel out the crowd a bit, while she adjusted her song and performance to suit them. Though as luck would have it, her lute descided to give out and fail on her a string snapping and abruptly ending the song.

"The stage is all yours," she bowed out as if this was part of the show trying to recover the moment the best that she could.

Instead of gracefully moving on. The man gave a horrified expression, covering his mouth with a hand and shaking his head disapprovingly "Now that surely can't be all can it?" he motioned toward the crowd of people. Some had turned their attention; others were unfazed.

"After hearing such a sweet melody, we can't let it die now can we?" a few murmurs and affirmations followed. The man motioned toward the lute, a pale glow faintly illuminating it's wooden body almost as if it were weakly pulsing with life.

"Look! Even the lute agrees!" he said proudly. Much chattering and oohing passed among the tavern as they watched in amazement. He turned to the woman with pleading eyes "though your instrument has fallen, its spirit demands you go on. As does the lovely audience, right?" A much stronger affirmation followed by hoots and whistling ensued. The man gave her a look before nodding his head to the crowd.

"Let us hear the instrument that will never fail so long as you stand!"

Eyeing the bit of magic, she smiled and took the stage once more and recovered from the faulty start. By the end of it, she had won the crowd back and took a bow with the charismatic server. "Can't tell me that didn't feel good?" she asked him. "Look the life of a simple server is nowhere near as fun, or..." a patron came over and handed her a couple of gold coins. "pay as well." Splitting the funds with him, "How about you join me? I have this job and I need someone who can think or their feet and play to a crowd. Better paying than this job could be. I have 25 gold pieces for you right now to come with me. What do you say?"

For a moment he was horrified of the thought of leaving work early. He could be fired of course. A moment later, he was appalled with himself for thinking he'd be staying here long enough to settle down with a stable job. With a moments hesitation he'd made his decision. The orb of light condensed into a coin- sized white ball of light and slipped from beneath lute strings to linger above the man's head. "I say its awfully suspicious how quickly you'd go about dropping that much money on a someone who can make a floating candle." he remarked with a smirk.

" but if that's what you need, then I'm your man, angel. As long as I'm not offing someone in a dark alley."

"Dark alley, no," she teased. "Though there is the chance of someone getting off," she winked and gathered up her lute and walking with him out of the tavern.

"bards really do know all the magic words"


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PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 2:03 pm 
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In a dimly lit basement in the middle of the Residential District, amidst travellers, mercenaries and the lingering smell of pipe smoke and stale sweat, Veri found herself enjoying the company of a variety of individuals. Sat crowded around tables of varying sizes the inhabitants amused themselves with dice and cards, spurred on into giving the owner more money by the ample supply of drink that he had acquired. She had momentarily recused herself from the game of cards she had been involved with to secure herself another pitcher of wine from the hairy arms of one of the halfling employees. It was simply to keep her mind occupied, but she still needed out of this damned city and there was a fat chance of an elf of all things getting through the gates without being arrested on suspicion of... something. She leant against the makeshift bar and waved the barman over, wordlessly thrusting her empty jug at him, and then leaning some more while he was off doing it. Smoke everywhere. Damn this city.

Entering the establishment, Lilly, scanned the room. This was a place to get some muscle, cheaply. People here were at the bottom of the social order and thus had little way of a moral compass to keep them from getting most jobs done. All Lilly needed was to find someone who looked like they were in need or work and then go from there. Making her way to the bar she ordered a drink and then turned to look about the crowd. Noting a few potential faces here and there, before taking notice to the elf down the bar from her.

When the bartender arrived she took her drink and asked him a few questions. Apparently, she was off her game a bit because rather than get the usual amount of information she would get he appeared to be more **** off than anything. The short performance that she did, which was more along the lines of humming and singing a short tune just made the people know her a bit better but did not get the answers that she wanted or needed. Taking her drink she sipped on it and just watched the crowd.

Heh, bards. This one had been trying to wrangle information from the bartender for a good few minutes, irritating the stolid man all the more. She could certainly carry a tune though, even if the smoke made it almost impossible to breathe clearly in such a way as to make the most of it. As if by magic the empty jug she had relinquished earlier appeared next to her elbow, wondrously full. It couldn't have been magic though, right? She must have drunk more than enough already tonight if this was going on in her cranium. Shaking her head to clear the fuzziness, short black hair swishing into her eyes, she focussed on the bard again. Why was she here? Well, maybe she should ask her then. Veri grabbed the jug and sauntered over to the woman.

“Well, you buggered that up, eh?” She proffered the jug, making as if to refill the bard’s cup.

“Want some? I’ve had too much already.” Veri giggled before slamming her unruly mouth closed, internally cursing herself for losing her carefully crafted demeanour even if just for a second.

Grinning, "Yeah well the smoke does not always agree with my voice. However, it was not terrible, though I'm not stuck trying to find some help and with no-one to ask for it."

Eyes widening, the she-elf sensed the blood in the water. Metaphorically speaking.

“Help? What kind of help? Need something found? Someone killed? Someone found and killed?” Her smirk widened,

“Need help scratching an itch? I’d do that one gratis.” Whatever reason in this world that caused her to wink at this woman, she couldn’t have been more disgusted with herself, if only momentarily.

"Well, I may take you up on the offer another time, " she grinned. "But I need a guide. I don't have much, but I need a guide. I have a trip out of the city and need someone that knows the wilds better than me."

"A guide... out of the city? One who knows the wilds? This might just be your lucky day, girl! I'm a ranger by trade when I'm not **** my earnings away anyway..." She turned pensive for a moment.

“Ah, bugger all that. Point is, I can do that. For the correct price obviously, but I’m willing to waive my premiums to get out of here.”

“What’s the job anyway? I like to know beforehand how much trouble I might be about to step into.”

"Just a simple escorting job. We get the client out and we get paid. I have 10 gold for you and passage from the city. What do you say?"

That raised an eyebrow. Ten gold?

“Ten gold? Not bad. Could have been better, but I’ll take it.” She took another swig of wine, pondering her options.

“Well, not like I’ll be able to leave here by myself anyway. Too suspicious according to some. All right, can do.” She spread her arms wide, a cheeky grin crossing her features.

“When and where do you want me?”

"In about a days time, there is a tavern," She gave directions. "I'll be there with the rest of our party. Until then," she slid a couple of pieces of silver over. "To pay for the rest of your evening drinks." Winking, she left the building to hunt down her next party member.

The silver clinked in Veri's hand as she picked it up. Huh, well... She was... nice? The table called to her again, the allure of alcohol and some risk drew her back. Her mind didn't leave the bard though. What an interesting human. Either she was going to hate her or they were going to end up best of friends. For a moment, Veri found herself wishing for the former. But only for a moment. She had a day to dry out after this, so she intended to make it count.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 23, 2017 6:49 pm 

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Seeking the final member of her crew, Lilly decides to pay a visit to an old friend. Entering the inn, she walks to the bar, orders a drink, and asks the bartender how the crowd is today.

"Hey Lil. Nothing unusual aside from couple new faces. In particular, that one over near the door" he points towards a well built male individual.“Doesnt talk much but has kept the attention of the barmaids since he got here. He might look like pretty, but trust me, he's tough."

Falyn is in the middle of enjoying a very relaxed morning in the inn. Reclined in his chair he gazes lazily around and smiles at anyone that catches his eye or his fancy.

Turning to eye the man near the door Lilly smiles, “Just what I was looking for.” she strolls up to him boldly, “Hello, might I buy you a drink and steal your ear for a second?”

Slightly surprised at the woman's forthrightness, Falyn is momentarily taken aback. "Certainly, but you'll have to give it back when you're done. I only have two and I'm rather attached to them."

“Oh, I promise that I’ll return you in mostly the same condition that I got you in,” giving a playful wink she walks with him over to a table and orders them some drinks. “So, might I ask what brings you to the city?

"It's a lot warmer than the side of the road," he responds with a smile, "And the company's better."

“I do agree that the company has definitely improved since I walked in here,” she smiles, “So, you’re here alone?”

"You're rather bold, do you treat all strangers this way?"

“Only when they look as good as you, maybe?” She grins, “I’m a woman who knows what she likes and goes for it. And you are not only what I like but what I need. That is, if you’re interested?”

"My, my, cutting straight to the chase," says Falyn, an amused expression on his face, "And what makes you think I would be interested?"

“Well, for one the company would include me which you already said was good. The other would include a bit of gold to line your pockets.”

"A bit of gold to line my pockets?" he feigns a hurt expression, "You don't think I'm in that sort of profession do you?

“Oh no, honey. I never pay for that and I think we can both agree that neither would need to pay?” she arches a brow “I’m talking more about putting that muscle of yours to work with a bit of adventuring.”

"Well, before we get to that, I think I'd like to see you put to work, particularily your hands." Falyn pauses a long moment before adding, "That instrument on your back, can you play it?"

”Lucky for you I’m skilled at both,” she winks but pulls out her instrument and begins to play a song. Simple but pleasant to the ear.

Falyn's eyes grow far off as he listens to the music, a small, genuine smile forming on his lips. When it's finished, he looks back over at the bard, "Very well, you have my attention."

“Glad to have,” she places the instrument away. “I need some muscle to get a job done. It pays 10 gold and then you keep what loot you get along the way. What do you say?” She begins to explain the job to Falyn, stopping occasionally to answer his questions.

“There will be six of us,” she says, “It’s a simple job and we get all the loot, plus there is supposed to be a bonus 100 when we get to our destination. “

"That's a lot of people for a simple job. Have you seen what it looks like out there? If I'm going to risk my neck, I'm going to take a job that pays more than that."

“For you, because I think you’re so cute I’ll give you my 15 gold pieces. So, that gives you 35 gold pieces. More than anyone else in the party.”

Falyn thinks about it for a moment then says, "Okay, I'll tell you what. If any action happens I'll be the guy in the front, so the biggest danger is to me. If you give me the 35 gold to start, and 120 gold on completion, I'm in."

“I don’t handle the final price. It’s 100 gold at the end, you’d have to talk to the merchant about that. All I handle is the upfront payment. So, you in for 35?”

Falyn laughed, "You're quite the negotiator aren't you. It would seem you have a talent for many things indeed. But do not try to take me in on this. I may be new to this city, but I'm not new to escorting. A merchant doesn't unload his gold on guards unless he plans on being attacked- and he did unload gold. You wouldn't be throwing around money on drinks like the way you are if he hadn't. You'd be taking in the cheapest rabble you could find off the streets. Are you going to stand in front and take the hits with that pretty face of yours? I'm not asking for something outrageous, I'm asking for fair pay. When we get the reward at the end you can take 20 off your 100 and give it to me. I've got a feeling that a clever girl like you will still be making far more than me off this job."

“I could, but I don’t have to, just as I don’t have to hire you. I gave you the offer that we were given and the terms as such. Already sharing my cut with you, so sharing even more is a bit much for me. Like I said you can ask the merchant for more, though I plan to make twice that along the way by snatching up the goods as they fall,” she stands and gives a short bow and a wink. “You can sit here and wait for a better deal, though in this city in these times you would be hard pressed to do so. If you change your mind, we'll be here at 10 sharp tomorrow morning. Big guy like you sure could be useful in helping little old me carry all that loot. But, I suppose if you rather not I’ll just make do without you,” she blows him a kiss and begins to leave.

"Hold on, hold on," Falyn says, waving her back. "Twice that amount in loot along the way, that's a pretty hefty claim." "If you speak the truth, then that's quite a bit to pass up on."

“Well, I know my skill set and I know what to take that’s worth a damn,” she remarked. “I mean let’s say someone sends some goons off to kill our client but we get them first. Their payment is our payment, along with their gear and everything else valuable. So, it would stand to reason that by the end of this we would and could make twice what he was paying us.”

"Another team sent to kill us, the stakes keep getting higher," says Falyn, "Alright, are you prepared to put your money where your mouth is?"

“I’ve put many things where my mouth is and have yet to disappoint. But what are you getting at? You’re cute and all but this back and forth game is not ending in either of the ways that I would have preferred.”

"Alright, how about this. If half of what you say is true and I make 100 gold in gear or coin by the end, then we'll call it even at 35 gold now, 100 at the end. Hell, I'll buy you drinks on top of that." "But, if we make less than that, you give me the 20 from your share at the end." "Think about it," Falyn said with a wink of his own, "If you're really as confident as you sound you could be walking out of this very, very rich."

“I’ll agree but I want something more should I prove to correct...”

"More than drinks with a 'cute' fellow like me?"

“I want your pants too,” she grinned. “What do you say?”

Falyn spills his drink and howls with laughter, "I'll toast to that."

“Make sure you get those pants and that butt to the inn by the morning? Or we’ll leave you and you won’t get to see what I had planned for you out of your pants,” she winks again and takes her leave.

Falyn leans back in his chair and takes a deep breath. It looked like things were finally turning around for him. Placing his cup on the bartenders counter, he leaves to prepare his gear.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 24, 2017 1:21 pm 
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Lennon - Lennon Slowly made his way past the guards still scowling under his scarf annoyed he had just come from a hunt that had turned out a worthless and cost a lot of time and B the customs check that seemed to last forever I mean most the place was blown up why would anyone want to sneak anything in, the only reason he found himself here was people often got desperate in times like these and desperate people often liked people in their way dead and that was his business to track and kill people for usually good coin. Lennon's eyes darted left to right taking in the faces at the gates counting the guards avoiding the pickpockets he had decided he wanted a meal a good drink and a bed sleeping in the woods although fresher and a hell of a lot cleaner than in a **** hole like this had its advantages such as warmth and alcohol Lennon swiftly and nimbly made his way to the Inn reflecting on the idea of trying to pick up some business in the morning.

Lilly - Just when she had given up and was bored out her mind, in came a grumpy looking man. A ranger by the general gruff nature of his attire and that fine layer of dirt that always seemed to cover them. Not wanting to make a scene there in the open, she opted to follow him a bit to see where he was heading. Making sure to keep out of his line of sight and not let him see that she was tailing him. After a bit she knew there was only one inn in the area, so she peeled off and used a short cut or two to get there before him. Setting up at the bar she waited.

Lennon - Lennon finally found his way to the Inn the stench of stale wine and old food hung in the air pushing the door open he saw what you'd expect some older men playing a card game drunken people scattered around a harlot propped up against the bar in a funny attire he moved his way to the bar and summoned over the bar keep, "I'll take a jug of wine and a large stake and if possible a room for a night or so" he said in a rather flat voice

Bartender - The bartender gave a stiff nod. "3 silver and you got what you wish."

Lennon - "and how much for a hot bath in my room tonight?" he asked as he saw his own filthy hands pulling out the coins

Bartender - The barman laughed slightly. "If you wish have a barmaid warm a bath for you after the dinners served behind the kitchen. No charge, you'd be the first to ask. You from the artisan quarter or something boy?"

Huntress-Today at 12:13 AM

Lennon - Lennon's eyes shot around seeing the multiple heads turn at the mention of this Artisan Quarter setting his blue eyes on the barman he lifted his filthy cloak sleeve up showing his callused hands "do I look like I'm from a rich part of any ****ing town, no all I want is some warm water but if you can't do that I guess I'll keep these three extra silver" he said his voice getting slightly firmer.

Bartender - An eyebrow raised curiously but nothing more. "Have it your way boy. Like i said, ask a barmaid if you're so keen on it. Aint got but the one basin wide enough for a bath as it is."

Lennon - "fine not a problem do I wait here for my food and wine or do I wait at a table" he said placing the three silver down on the counter in front of the barkeep

Bartender - "Choice is yours. Food'll be out when its ready. Your rooms up the stairs at the far end of the hall on the right." A key was put in place of the given coins.

Lilly - Watching the exchange was amusing, that they thought him anything but a wild man. It was insulting to the arts. When the bartender left the two alone, Lily decided to make an attempt at conversation. “Been outside the city long?” She asked while she sipped at her drink.

Lennon - Lennon looked at the what Harlot as she slide along the bar asking if he had been out of city long "I prefer it out of city's and I'm afraid I'm not after your company" he gave her a curt nod he had nothing against woman who sold their body it was an honest living just not his preference although this one was dressed very strangely, he grabbed his jug of wine and the cup and he went to make his way to the corner furthest away from the door.

Lilly - Lily arched a brow and shrugged, “Well it is not like anyone would want the company of a dirty ranger anyway,” finishing her drink and standing. “Anyone in the bar looking to make some easy coin and have a bit a fun at the same time?” She our the call out the room.

Cheers around the inn sound out with questions galore as to how easy the coin in question was

Lennon - Lennon made a quick smirk under his scarf at her remark "I'm not looking for company so we are good then" as she stood and asked if anyone would want some coin and some fun at the same time Lennon made his move past her up to the table he wanted he had no interest in doing silly jobs he worked on bounties and personally preferred to stay away from jobs overly advertised too much notice, to many people interested he liked to keep a low profile and what's more he had never truly earned any "easy coin" as she put there was always a catch sitting with his back to the corner he watch the girl as the drunken men bombarded her with questions while filling his cup none but a very few select people would he trust with a job in this place half of them won;t even remember the conversation in the morning and those who did would probably spill there guts to all of there friends about this easy coin.

Lilly - “Looking for a couple if able bodies who can follow direction and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty. Nothing illegal,” she assured the crowd. “And there is the promise of loot as well. I mean what is adventure without some treasure along the way? Right?”

Agreements arround were heard as around 5 men stood and walked towards the bar. "You got our attention lil, how dirty we talking?" Said the largest of them. Lilly you recognize him. Former guard captain of a trade town far north, he is a regular at this inn.(edited)

Lilly - “Tarkus!” Lily greeted the man. “A fine man such as yourself would be perfect for the job. It’s just the right amount of dirty to be fun but you can still sleep at night.”

Lennon - Lennon slowly started to drink his wine through the slit in the scarf he had made so he can eat, drink and smoke his pipe, Lennon sat there waiting on his meal watching as she discussed with the man she obviously had met before but scoffed slightly remembering the fact she had said nothing illegal no one would look for an "able-bodied person" in this Inn unless it was illegal work

After eating the food Lennon made his way to his room unlocking the door with the key before turning around and promptly locking the door again in the room was a bed and a chair that didn't quite sit evenly one leg slightly shorter than the rest being the un-trusting person he was he moved the chair and placed it under the door handle blocking anyone from entering unannounced he took his cloak off hanging it up along with his scarf allowing his long back hair to fall removing his swords he gently placed them down against the bed before removing his armor and letting out a long stretch before rolling into bed letting his body relax.


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