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Shades of Eversprings
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Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 11:30 am ]
Post subject:  Shades of Eversprings

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3 A.M. " The Witching Hour"

In the "Red Eye" woods. There had been a cabin which belonged to a Mr and Mrs McKinney. A retired couple. Both wife and husband had lived in Eversprings for almost a decade and a half now. Well into their late 60's to early 70's. The couple had spent a good portion of their lives as decent, honest people. Whom worked and raised their children as good Christians do. Said children grew up to become themselves decent people, and raised families of their own. Which of course has lead to both husband and wife to feel rather satisfied with their lives. Even when the kids had begged their parents to leave that old cabin up in the woods, and both parents said no. It was something about the mountains. Something about the peace and tranquil landscape. The parents had lived very blessed lives, and this small cabin was where they were to live out their golden years.

So with all of this in mind, what occurred on June 12, 2017. Was probably the most "blessed" thing to happen to the lovely couple.

Sheriff Matthew C. Andrews had just arrived at the Sheriff's department. "Alright Matt. Second week in, and so far so good. Maybe I really can hold down this whole "civilian life" after all." He said to himself as he sat parked outside the department. Indeed he had been doing a decent job as a Sheriff. After being overseas for so long in different places of the world. Doing things that he could never tell a living soul. The idea of being a nobody again. Being just a simple civilian, even a Sheriff. It had been a surprisingly terrifying idea in his head. Yet, he was doing it. He was really living the simple life as a town Sheriff, and he not as stressed about it as first thought.

He let out a light sigh. Before opening the driver's side door of his own personal vehicle, an old Dodge ram pickup-truck from the 1980s. "Hey Matt! Driving that old death trap again!?" Inquires one of the deputies whom had been standing outside the station, smoking. "You call it a death trap, but this old truck has a better chance of saving my life. Then the damn piece of cancer you so lovingly suck on each day." Matt responds as he steps out of the truck, and shuts the door. The deputy lets out a chuckle. "You got me there Matt, but at least mine brings me pleasure." Matt walks up to the deputy with a smile. "Think about that response you just gave me Jim for a moment wont you?" He places his his hand on the right side of the man's shoulder. The Deputy gives Matt a "what the **** look", and then shakes his head. "Go to Hell Matt." Matt smirks. "Already been in Hell Jim. It has shitty beer, but loose women. You should visit it sometime." Both men laugh. The Deputy then disposes of his cigarette by dropping it to the floor, and stamping it out with his boot. Matt sighs. "You know that is littering right?" The Deputy gives him a **** eating grin. " You know I don't give a **** right?" Both men shrug it off, and make their way into the department.

Once in the station. The familiar faces of the department look up towards Matt. Noticing his presence. Most of them give him a nod. While others just simply turn back to what they had been doing. Ah the warm welcome of the local department. How Matt has grown to admire it. Ok so a part of that was bull crap, but he could understand the thinking of these officers. Matt had stepped in the boots of a man who was beloved by the department. Sheriff Doug E. Jones. A Eversprings Sheriff for almost 30 years. He served the town faithfully, and only just recently last year retired at the age of 58. The department took it hard, and many of the folks in the town still would rather a local like Doug remain Sheirff. Then a outsider like Matt. Even as a fellow Virginian. Matt had faced quite some opposition in his taking over the mantle as Sheriff. Though to be fair. Matt had faced harsher opposition before. So this was just another bump in the road. One in which he would eventually overcome as he always did.

"Hello Matt. How was the drive over?" One of the dispatchers calls out from behind her desk. Matts smiles. He knew that sweet sounding voice. It belong to a ever so perky, and ever so sweet Miss Suzy C. Lee. A pretty, 20 something year old blond who had picked up an easy gig as one of five dispatchers for the town. By her looks alone. Matt has sworn she should of been a damn model, or a Miss damn america. Yet she choose a simple life, like most people in this town did. It seem like a lot of the locals in this town whom maybe could of better themselves. Choose to stay in Eversprings. That was one of the oddities of this town, and Matt could feel it's hold even on him grow stronger each day. Maybe it was in the mountain air, or maybe it was just in the water. Who could tell? As he thought about this. All of a sudden Suzy's phone rings. "911, what is your emergency?" A loud, and rather panicked voice can be heard over her headset. "It killed my wife! My sweet gutted her wide open..Please..Stay away you son of a ****ing!" A shotgun blast roars over the headset. "I said stay the hell away!" Another blast goes off. Matt could tell by Suzy's expression that it sounded serious. She looks up to him, and he could already tell he was about to receive his first call of the night. She stays calm though, and tries to get some form of address out of the man. "Sir where are you located? Sir!? Sir!?" Silence, never a good sign. After a few seconds. The sounds of heavy breathing and incoherent mumbling broke through the silence. "Red eye..our cabin in the Red Eye woods. Please hurry...I think it's still out there..I can hear footsteps.." A loud smash of what sounded like wood. Followed by the growing from some type of unknown animal finally causes the man to cry out, and drop the phone. "Sir!, Sir! Damn it!" Suzy exclaims as she rips off her headset. "A cabin in the redeye forest..who lives in..Wait! That one couple! She turns to Matt. " You know where the McKinney place is!? " Matt nods. "Yeah, I think I do." The whole station had heard that call, and already before Matt could turn around. Sheriff deputies were grabbing their coats, and running out of the station to their cars. Matt too had raced out of the station and to his department vehicle. He could only hope as he starts the car up. That he wasn't too late.

There was a chill in the wind that early morning. One that had caused most people to close their windows, and turns on their heaters. It was the middle of summer, and yet it felt like a fall morning. A eerier silence had fallen over the town. Only when the sounds of the Sirens roaring out into the night was that silence broken. About 3-5 squad cars rushed through town at accelerated speeds. Their destination. The Red Eye woods. A place rumored to be haunted, and filled with some of the most obscured a person could run into. Creatures, monsters, demons, wraiths, banshees and much more was said to live in the woods. Matt didn't buy into any of it of course. He thought of it as simple superstition. The ever so creative folklore that the town has grown famous for. Infact from his point of view. The forest was gorgeous as hell. A undisturbed, unspoiled natural landscape that covered much of the outside of the town. Pleasant on the eyes, and when near. Felt welcoming, and filled with wonder. "Matt, you alright back there?" One of the deputies radios over to his car. Matt reaches for the truck's radio mic. "Yeah I'm fine. Just following the circus of lights." He responds with a soft chuckle. The deputy radios back. "Good, I'm glad we small town lawmen can entertain you. The turn up to the old dirt path is coming up on your right. Just follow our cars, and you will be fine." Indeed there was a small dirt path on the right that cut through the woods. The deputies and Matt's vehicle races up the path, and up towards the McKinney's cabin.

It wasn't hard to spot said cabin. Do the fact it had been built in a decent size clearing. Now with that in mind. All 5 squad cars arrive on scene without even crashing into something for once. Yes that sometimes has happened in these woods. The state of the cabin was not a pretty one. Windows had been shot out. The front door had been ripped apart, and the smell of death filled with the air. "Ah damn.." One of the deputies says as he stood up from out of his car. "Matt!?" He said turning towards the Sheriff. "Not sure..." Matt responded back. He was not sure what to prepare for when they finally arrived, and now that they were. He was even more unsure of what to prepare for. The other deputies had wasted no time, and already equipped for their shotguns and rifles. Matt too had reached for his M4. That had been placed between the driver and passenger's seats of his car. "Ok folks, standard procedure." He orders the deputies as he places the butt of his rifle against his armpit. They slowly approach the cabin. The smell of death grew stronger as they grew closer to it. Matt calls out about 8 feet from the steps. " This is the Sheriff's department! If there is anyone in the home that is injured or need of assistance. Please stay in the home, and do not move. We are armed, and coming in to assist you!" No response. None at all. That was either a good or bad sign.

Matt could tell by taking a quick glance over the deputies faces around him. That they felt uneasy about this one, and he could not blame them one bit. He felt the exact same way. They had a job to do though, and each man and woman that night knew it. They finally reach the steps of the house. both Matt and the deputies prepare for entry, and in within moments file into the cabin. Weapons drawn. Blood. Lots and lots of blood had been smeared across the walls. Even thrown about in what look like every nook and cranny of that house. Signs of a struggle, maybe even a fight possibly. It was hard to make out. Matt and the deputies began to sweep through the house. Clearing each room as they did. Not one single location in the house had been left unstained by blood. Add the fact that the
pungent smells of gun powder and death permeated through out the cabin. In a rather " really not wanting to be here right now" moment. That one could be sure that each deputy, and including Matt felt. So when the grotesque, mutilated, torn to high heavens bodies of the McKinney's was discovered. Well it was not the best sight in the world.. Matt could even recall one the deputies running out the cabin to throw up. It was great.. So the next few hours after that incident was really fun. After the C.S.I units had been called in from a county away, and paperwork had to be written up. This was a night that was pretty hard to get out of one's mind.

Later that morning about 7am. After doing his best to not think about said incident. Matt was in town at the local dinner. Sitting down to eat a piping hot plate of what almost could be conceived as eggs and bacon. A tall mug of coffee had been placed near his plate by the waitress, and he was left alone to his meal. Besides the incident that night. Nothing really seems to be out of the ordinary in town. The sky was a lovely shade of blue. White puffy clouds floated overhead. The sounds of birds chirping could be heard all around town. People were waking up. Getting their shops ready for the days events. Just another charming day in the cozy little mountain town of Eversprings.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 7:29 pm ]
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As the morning lights started to stir, so too did the inhabitants of the city of Eversprings. Some woke earlier, some woke just as the sun started shining, and others liked to stay in bed a little later, sleeping the morning away in a state of bliss. Everyone had their own preferences of times in which to rise from their slumber, and the Tirakura family was no different. A family of three brothers, their father, and mother had passed away quite a while back lived in a two-story home on the edge of the town. They were close enough to the town to be in the safe zone, but just far enough out to have privacy. It was a big change from the small apartment they'd been living in when they'd called Japan their home. Klaus, the oldest brother, age twenty-two, liked to get up early, making sure that everything was in place and making breakfast for the other two. The second to rise would be Lucas, the youngest at ten years old. And lastly was Samuel, the middle brother, who was seventeen. He would probably wake around ten o'clock since until recently, he's been having to get up early for school.

It had only been a couple of months, as Klaus didn't want them to move during school, so they waited until summer break before heading to their new home. Lucas didn't want to move at first, but once they'd arrived, he eventually began to love the place. As for Samuel, he was glad to get out of that small apartment and into the bigger house they lived in now. All three boys got their own room, and Samuel's cat Kiyo-kara got more space to roam.

From the kitchen, Klaus could be found making pancakes, eggs, and bacon, standing at the stove. As he stood there, watching the food to make sure it didn't burn, he looked to the front of the newspaper, wondering if the front page would show anything at all as to what had happened the night prior, or at least some small hint. He'd been woken up by the sirens blaring as the police cars and other emergency vehicles had roared past his house in the middle of the night, heading further out of town and into the woods. He'd heard rumors about that place, people had said the woods were home to an abundance of nefarious creatures, some more dangerous than others, but all quite deadly. Even though most had spoken of this to him with a smirk on their faces and disbelief in their eyes, Klaus tucked the information away in his mind, not wanting to easily forget it. He didn't doubt that banshee, wraiths, demons, and so many others might truly live in the woods. He didn't often admit to it, but he's seen the paranormal before, especially so back in Japan.

He hoped that no one had gotten hurt in any incident, but the way it had sounded, so many cars and all, he was sure that someone had either been seriously injured or worse, had been killed. As he was thinking this, he heard the sound of small footsteps coming down the stairs from the second floor, looking up from the paper and turning to see Lucas coming through the kitchen doorframe, rubbing a hand to his eye and yawning widely. "Good morning Lucas," Klaus says with a smile, laughing softly as Lucas just waves a sleepy wave, pulling out his chair from the table and climbing onto it. "Will you be having the usual?" Klaus asks this with a grin, picking up Lucas' Cup, and once he was given a nod of confirmation, pours a bit of milk into it and adding strawberry syrup and a straw, before setting it down on the table in front of Lucas.

"I'll have breakfast done in a bit, so hang tight, okay?" He turns back to the food that was cooking on the stovetop, glancing out the window. Like so many mornings before, he sees a pretty girl walk past on the dirt path that headed down from some hills next to the woods. All that Klaus knew was in that direction was a small clearing that had a whole bunch of flowers growing, the grass having been let go wild and was at least up to his waist in height. A tree or two, flowering, and a small creek were all that was up there, no houses, nothing. So he couldn't help but wonder where this woman was coming from. Maybe she lived further up, past the field? Shaking his head, he focus's once more on the food, not wanting to burn it. He'd have time to ponder about other topics later. For now, he needed to get breakfast together.

She didn't even notice the eyes that had followed her as she walked down the dirt path, leading into town. The morning was still new, and the dew on the grass and flower petals still remained, dotting each petal and stalk of green with a pristine glisten, each drop perfect in every way possible. They shone with something magnificent, and Feign couldn't help but be amazed by them. Even for as long as she'd lived, the world and all its glorified wonder didn't ever cease to stir excitement in her heart. Dew drops and butterflies, shiny rocks and birds that soar in the blue, blue sky.

In her hand was a large wicker basket, holding an assortment of different jars and such, and sticking out from underneath the closed lid was a large variety of flowers, freshly picked from the meadow. For the longest time, as long as she could remember, Feign had always held a love for flowers and things that grew from the ground. So colorful, so unique, and they all smelled so grand. Donning her usual appearance, a young woman with fair skin, cropped hair and wide eyes, she wore a simple dress that had a floral pattern on the cloth. Her shoes were brown boots that reached just above her ankles that tied with ribbons.

She was heading into town so she could open her store, the only time she ever really entered Eversprings. Faeries and Flowers was the name of her shop, and by the title, in itself, one would be able to tell what they could get there. Flowers. She also sold handmade flower pots, of all sorts of sizes and designs, garden sticks with little decorations on them like butterflies, frogs, snails, and dragonflies. And what they were made of was an assortment in itself. From crystals to stone, shells, and porcelain, Feign took pride in her craft and took extra care to make every piece, every petal, and every customer, extremely happy.

It didn't take her long to reach the medium sized building, that was actually made out of a small cottage house, the bottom half having been converted into her shop. A large spread could even be seen outside in front of the building, along with a couple of chairs, and even a fountain. Unlocking the front door, she steps inside, taking a deep breath of the scents of all the flowers that were inside before setting the stand-up chalkboard sign outside by the door, letting customers know what they could find inside, and what was for sale that day. She gathers up her gardening supplies before turning the sign on the door from 'CLOSED' to 'OPEN', and then picking up an apron from the chair behind the checkout counter, placing it over her dress and tying the strings into a bow at her back.

Since it was still a bit early, she sets about to water all the plants, first starting in the side area that had been made into a sort of glass greenhouse, the sun beginning to filter inside. Everything within the place was colorful and bright, just like how Feign wanted it to be. Even though she knew she could take care of the flowers in alternate ways, she couldn't do so here. Not with the humans around. She didn't want to risk being found out, so she did what she could to blend in with society, not wanting to lose her place here, nor lose the things she'd gained. Her flower shop, her connection to the humans through flowers, and the sense of accomplishment. Before this, when she'd had nothing...she just felt like her sole purpose was to exist. But not now. As she stood out front, watering her plants with a soft smile on her lips, she couldn't help but feel like she was the luckiest girl in the world.


Author:  The Creator 7 [ Tue Jun 27, 2017 10:50 pm ]
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A tall slim female was quietly walking through the woods. She paused as she heard something….then felt something…something very evil. Very evil meant that they were out again. The Beings that should be left alone were hunting. She quickly went to a tree leapt up on a lower branch silently. She climbed to the upper limbs were she was semi safe from The Beings. Not that they were afraid of climbing and some climbed very well. It was so that she could see better and further from this advantage point.
An inner voice woke and alerted her to stay strong. A voice she had lived with for a very long time. It used to dominate her but now she ruled most of the time unless she was caught off guard.
'They are awake and hunting. I want to be in charge NOW' Came a growly voice from the depths of her mind.

‘No. It is too dangerous for you to be out. You would only want to attack them so you can find out what they taste like. I won’t allow it.’ She spoke back to the inner voice in a no nonsense way.

‘Oh you are no fun anymore. You should not have read everything that you have read. It has made you so no fun.’ The inner voice spoke in an attempt to catch her off guard.
‘Go back to sleep. You ate a huge meal and don’t need to eat for a couple meals.’ She spoke rather sharply to her inner self.
As she watched, glowing red eyes began to show up and heading to the old people’s cabin.
‘Oh no not them! They are kind to me and give me sweets and talk to me. Please not them…’ she female pleaded silently.
‘Humans, humph. Who needs them anyways? I hate sweets. Give me any nice bloody meat and I’ll be your friend for life. Or as long as the meat holds out, which ever gives up first.’ The inner voice spoke nonchalantly.
‘I said go to sleep before I put you to sleep.’ She spoke sternly for that was the last warning and usually shuts the inner voice up.

The female crept quietly through the trees, keeping behind the glowing red eyes. She needed to know if it was the old couple. If it was the old couple, she would leave a tainted meal out for them. It would show her displeasure. She normally gave them good meals but if they angered her, she gave them bad meals. She had some advantages that they did not have. But she would have to be very careful for a few days after this. She was glad that she didn’t give meals every day so the Beings wouldn’t be alerted to anything.
By the time the female arrived, The Beings were nowhere to be found. It was them at the old couples’ cabin. The Beings did not use guns. They used their teeth and claws. They could not read or write either. They were defects from the past. She read things about them. These were Things that are to be avoided at all costs.
She heard the old couple screaming and more shots. She took one last look and left the area. She headed towards The Road to see if the noisy cars were coming. Soon she heard the sirens and wished they had been there earlier. Maybe they could fight Them off but they never arrive soon enough. They were slow as usual.
She followed them back to the cabin and listened with her extra sharp hearing. She was right. The old couple was dead. No more sweets here…. Nothing more she could do here so she left quietly and went home in the tree top pathway.
Home to where she made sure to lock the doors as she entered the home. There were many locks and doors to do but she checked each one as she went through. She had a hiding spot for each key but kept the outside door key around her neck at all times. She was tired and upset which meant that she cried herself asleep in her own bed.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Thu Jun 29, 2017 12:36 am ]
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It was rear seat to see, the morning sun cresting over the snow capped mountain tops. Well it was rear for Micky to see such sights, as he was rearly up before ten. Yet, this was a rear day in the small town. Even though it seems like any other day to most, to Micky it was rear. As the night before he watched a number of police cars race past his house, off to the Red Eye woods. Which for a small town, usually meant the biggest event of the year just went down. Of course Micky thought it might be a murder with that many cars, that or they ran out of donuts.

It didn't really matter to the young man though, he was out of school, at least till next fall. Having failed his last year due to the fact he didn't go to class, though that didn't really matter at this point. As the only thing that did matter, was how would he spend his day? At the moment Micky was more or less walking around what most would call down town Eversprings. Most of the shops were down here, along with the police station. Which, was acting as nothing happened.

As Micky pass's the police station, he noticed the sheriff's trucked parked across the street. He has only meet the new sheriff a few times, seen him a few more so he knew that was his truck. With a devilish smirk the teen crossed the street, quickly moving to the truck before any of the deputies saw what he was doing. He would check if the door was unlocked, and to his surprise it was. "Oh my dear sheriff, you should know better then that." He slipped into the truck, putting his bag down on the other seat. Reaching under the steering wheel, he pulled out a bunch of wires. "Alright, now let's see if that video was any good.." he pulled a few wires out from the bunch, pulling on them hard enough to spilt them in two. He would then touch them together a few times, bringing the car to life.

The young werewolf couldn't help but peel out of the parking lot and onto the main road, making the truck and him bounce as he went off the curve. The truck rips down the main road, which was quite as it was still early. Micky couldn't help but let out a howl, not a fake one, but a real, wolf howl. He would then pass the diner, heading out towards the only road in and out of the town.

By the time he had gotten out of town, a pair flashing blue and red lights. Even though Micky thought he got away clean, someone spotted him probably a deputy. "Awww, **** me man.." Micky would push his foot down, the truck engine would roar as he tried to outrun the cop car.

As the two race down the highway, the teen dispiritly trying to find a way out of this. He spots a small, dirt road that leads out into the cabins and what not that lived out here. stepping in the breaks he tried to make the turn, though what happened was much different. With to much force still pushing him forward, the trucked flipped. Rolling twice, before crashing against a tree. The passenger door being crushed into the body of the vehicle. "****.." he held his head, a good gash in his forehead. He would then look around, spotting the deputy getting out of his car. His eyes going wide, so he does the only thing he can think of.

The deputy wasn't sure what todo really, he stopped his car back on the highway, crossing over both lines so no one could pass by. Stepping out of the car, the officer held his breath. Apond seeing life move about in the truck he let out a sigh. Picking up his radio. "Ugh... So we are going to need some more cars out on the highway, and the E.M.Ts." He stopped for a second, still trying to wrap his head around what happened. "So, yeah, the sheriff may want to get out here as well. His trucked his totalled, but the kid in side looks fi-" the deputies jaw dropped as a large wolf brust from the driver side window.

Micky at the moment, was moving as fast as he could on all fours. Since at the moment, he was a full fledge wolf. Moving through the woods like only animal could, once he was rather far, he turned back into him self. Stopping to catch his breath. "Wow... that was a close one.." he laughed softly, starting to walk towards the edge of the woods. Once he came out of the woods, he spotted a house. He was pretty sure Sam, a kid he had talked to a few times lived in said house. Though he didn't really want to have to explain anything to, well anyone. So he walked out to the road, about to turn towards town. He would then remember that he had a back pack. Looking down the highway towards the crash he sighed. There was no way he could go back to get it now. So instead he walked back towards town.


Astrid yawned as she sat up in bed, a few coins falling from her chest. The rest of the gold coins being pushed from her chest, she would yawn out. "Mmmm... another day.." she would swing her legs over her large bed, her clawed feet coming down with a small thump onto the wood floor.

Astrid lived rather deep into the woods, there were a few reasons for that. One was thatvher house was much bigger then most, since she was over eight feet tall. Of course she has been updating the house every twenty or thirty years as to keep it up to date. She had a deal with one of the construction companies, they do the house, ask no questions why everything is so big, and in return they get some extra on the side. Plus a good discount on anything from the forge. So at the moment her house looked like it was built in early two thousands.

Another reason she was so far, was that she used her own fire breath to smelt a lot of things, and it's easier to do that when the next closest neighbors were three brothers a couple miles down the road.

After a moment, Astrid would stand her self up. Going about her usual morning routine, shower, dress in whatever the weather called for, make breakfast, get into town with any workings that were complet, then maybe go say hi to some of the other shop owners. Once she had her breakfast, Astrid went out to her forge. Collecting two short swords, special made claymore, and a set of armour, which had to be shipped out. She would carry out everything in one go, loading it into her truck and strapping everything down.
At about seven thirty, Astrid pulled out of her driveway and made her way down the highway. Having to stop as a deputy flagged her down.

Rolling down the window of her truck, Astrid looked to officer. Jennifer O'Neil. "Morning deputy, what's going sweet stuff?" When Jennifer looked into the truck, she would see a much more human Astrid. Being only six two, with purple eyes. Though Astrid has also been flirting with the deputy ever since she came into town, it was always friendly, Astrid has never thought anything would come of it. The two were just friends. "Ahh, well we got a crash.." she shrugged softly, looking back down the road. "Between me and you though? Some kid took the sheriffs truck, it's totalled. The new kid is freaking out, we are pretty sure he hit his head." She smiled, before standing up straight. "Go on through, just keep to the left lane till you get past the last car. Catch you later beautiful." She backed away, Astrid driving onwards.

She would pass the crush, not slowing down as, well she didn't really want to see some dead kid. She would past the last cop car, pulling back into the right lane. She would also pass a teen walking down the road, making her ride a eyebrow. "Who the **** walks from out here?"

At seven forty, Astrid got to her shop, pulling around to the back to load the the few things into the shop. "Yoo! Jimmy! Get your ass out here!" She said in a New York accent. From inside the shop, a mans voice can be heard. "Hey, you know my name isn't jimmy."
"Yeah I know, it's just fun to say, now get out here and help me." She huffed

Author:  HyrulianPrincess [ Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:49 pm ]
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Mercy shot straight up in her bed, her breathing was jagged and a bit fast as her forehead dripped with sweat. Her eyes scanned around her small room, noticing that her husky-wolf mix had picked up his head and tilted it in curiosity at his owners sudden actions. He whimpered softly and crawled in her lap. Though the dog was as big as a wolf, he acted like a puppy and thought himself smaller than he actually was. Mercy giggled and scratched his ears, a smile on her face as she loved how her dog cared for her. "I'm alright Echo." Echo licked her face before standing on the bed, shaking his fur and then hopping down, happily trotting into the kitchen for breakfast, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth.

After making breakfast - and giving most of it to Echo - Mercy got dressed in her shorts and usual polo and apron for work. She tied her long, black and blue hair into a messy bun and nodded to Echo. He followed her down the spiral stairs and sat in his usual spot behind the counter as she started to open up her shop. She co-owned Lisa's Café since she moved there, the shop owner, Lisa is the only one who truly knows who she really is and what she is capable of. The older lady was kind enough to take the starving, younger woman in and put her in the apartment above the shop. As years passed, Mercy earned the trust of Madame Lisa, seeing her as a mother she had never had. Madame Lisa of course, loved Mercy like a daughter and cared for her more than anything. She would often say how proud she was of her "daughter" for coming so far from where she was when she first arrived to Everspring, and that the young woman gave her long life meaning.

Echo trotted next to Mercy as she flipped the sign on the door from closed to open and set back behind the counter, ready for the day.

Author:  TheRottenLeprechaun [ Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:42 pm ]
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It said everything about Billy D. Blayde that his first thought to waking up with a cranium-splitting headache was to consider the rhythm and beat. Da-dum dum da-da-dum. Only after this consideration did the pain gain priority.

The van was toppled over in a ditch, but the music was still screaming from the windows. His mouth tasted of iron and dirt, which was fitting giving that he had apparently been sleeping face-down on the ground, and judging from the sticky, crusty feeling on his head, and the accompanying double dosage of pain when he touched it, he was, or had been, bleeding.

Billy D. Blayde, musician, show-man, and currently complete idiot, shakily got to his feet and tried to remember how everything had gone so completely tits up. He remembered the fear well enough, and he remembered getting into the van and driving off at entirely unsafe speeds. It didn't matter where he drove to, just as long as he got away. What had he been afraid off again? Bermuda-Nazis controlling the government and spying on him through his teeth? Sentient rhomboids propagating through his music? Or was it fear that the government not just controlled everything, but had always controlled him, and only now, with the exact right combination of drugs, had Billy regained his autonomy, and used it to promptly drive off into the night?
Billy did not even dare remember what he had taken last night. It had probably been a cocktail of pills, acid and more pills, all floating in Danny's own moonshine, which had fermented next to a radiator for probably longer than any of them had been alive.

At least the car hadn't caught on fire.

Billy staggered to the back of the van, and leaned against it. He felt his forehead and winced. The blood was dry and he did not think he was concussed, although he could not remember how he had gotten injured. The car tipping over was a pretty reasonable bid, though. His clothes were covered in mud and it was becoming more and more clear that his life was officially over!

No, don't panic. The hardcore do not panic. Granted, he was currently supposed to be promoting the release of the band's new album, The New American Cuntstitution, being interviewed, ****ing groupies, and generally just not being stranded in who-knew-where, just because he got paranoid and stole off with his own van.
Best case scenario, he'd be reprimanded, hard, and sent on a detox wellness centre for six months, which meant Danny Dangerous, the hulking drummer and co-founder of their band, Sins From Skins, would do most of the talking, and Danny, for all his many admirable qualities, was not a talker. Nor a charmer or singer. Truthfully, he wasn't that much of a drummer, either. Billy was the face of the band, the fuzzy-haired, grinning rebel, who could manage to look bored even while having the time of his life.
Worst case scenario, the studio would drop him like a hot potato. Danny wouldn't, but he would be **** if Billy ruined their chance to make it big. A broken nose was the least Billy could expect on that front, and a lifetime of regret.
No, no regrets. The hardcore do not regret. Live fast, and die young. **** the headache, **** the blood, **** the very real possibility that he was seriously injured. In the distance he could hear sounds, a town, and that meant possibilities. The sane thing to do would be to call his manager, apologize, beg for forgiveness and face the consequences. **** that. The Blayde thing to do was to raise the stakes and bullshit his way out of the mess.

He opened the back of the van and entered - more easily said than done since the car was flipped on its side - and looked at his available resources. The instruments had fortunately been removed the day before, but the costumes were still here. The mini-fridge contained a few cans of non-exploded beer, and a bottle of vodka, which he used to clean his face in. It stung on his forehead wound. He lacked a mirror to see how bad it really was.
He changed clothes. He was going to go to town and turn it on its head, make his disappearance mean something, turn an idiot mistake into the publicity stunt of the century, and for that, he needed to not look like a rat drowned in raw sewage. His new outfit consisted of an white shirt with nearly invisible grey skulls on it, opened to show off his bare chest (he washed the dirt off with the vodka) and purple pants that had a significant portion of the lower left leg torn off by ****ing, Danny's Rottweiler, who had the heart and soul of an overgrown puppy, but the look of a particularly savage hell hound.
His sunglasses were intact, which he considered a good sign, and hidden somewhere in all mess, Billy found an unopened packet of cigarettes, but no lighter.
He had his sunglasses, he had smokes, he had mostly clean clothes and golden rings on his finger. In the hidden compartment where the first-aid kit was supposed to be, Billy found the emergency 5000 dollars, cash, that he had stored away for a day just like this. Billy did not like using a credit card; it was one of the ways The Man kept tabs on you.
His phone was missing - likely, he had thrown it out the window several miles down road, if people had kept calling him while he was drugged up and freaking out - but that was not a bad thing. It made it all the easier not to call anyone for help.
He felt more clear-headed than he had any reason to think he actually was. And so, Billy D. Blade set off to take the town by storm. Or, at least, take it by a strong gust of wind.

Well… the town was charming, he had to admit, in a provincial sort of fake way. The kind of quaint little fifties idealization, that would pride itself of being all-American, while shunning anyone even slightly differently-looking, while the women were kept in the kitchen, the blacks run out with pitchforks and literally every single household having its own dark secret.
Okay, not all the women were in the kitchen. There was a flower-lady with her own store, who looked… cute. Billy was not a fan of “cute”, but he was in need of… well, an audience, And a bathroom with a mirror and faucet. He still had no idea how his forehead looked, except that it was almost certainly still bloodied.
He gave the flower-lady his best detached-but-charming smile, raised an eyebrow above the rim of the sunglasses and tried to look like his likely-dishevelled appearance did not concern him in the slightest. He took a cigarette out of the packet and popped it in his mouth.
“Oy, love, chuck us a light?”

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 8:56 am ]
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Matt had been seated on the front bumper of his squad car. A thermos filled with coffee held in his right hand. In his left hand was a picture he was able to save from the wreckage of his truck. The picture, a small reminder of his childhood. "Anyone special sir?" Asks Deputy O'Neil as she places a box donuts on the sheriff's car. Matt's abruptly breaks concentration from the photo. He turns towards O'Neil, and then down at the donuts. He smirks. "Really? That tired cliche?" O'Neil giggles. "Hey! The baker in town make some damn fine puff pastries, and it be a darn shame not to offer our new sheriff some." Matt chuckles and places the photo inside his break pocket. He then takes a powder donut out of the box, and takes a bite. As he chews. He gives a nod of confirmation at the quality of the tasty treat. "Damn fine donuts indeed." He takes a sip of his coffee, and then peers over at the wreckage.

"Deputy Chambers still on scene?" Inquires Matt towards O'Neil. He cringes for a moment. As he watches one of the highway crew members drag a piece of his truck away towards a junk pile. "Indeed he is Sheriff." She responds back as she too had been watching some of the highway workers and emergency personal clear some of the wreckage. "Good. Radio him over here so we can chat." She nods, and gets on her radio. "Hey Jim, Matt wants to talk to you." Chambers, whom had been assisting with the clean up detail. Had gotten on his mic. "Alright" A few moments later. Here comes the deputy slowly strolling towards Matt and O'Neil. The look of uncertainty on his face read loud and clear. "Yeah Matt." He says, his hands on his hips, and with his head titled towards the ground. "I wanted to ask you about what you exactly saw getting out of that truck when you pulled up on scene." Deputy Chambers takes a deep breath. Knowing that what he was about to explain would probably make him sound like mental patient.

The expression that fact is stranger then fiction is almost a staple for the residents of Eversprings. Almost all their lives. The locals in this town have grown up knowing that Eversprings was not your everyday town. They knew that their town had some unique quirks to it. These quirks being of a mysteries, and sometimes confusing nature. Such is the case with what happen to Matt's truck. Even as the deputy did his best to explain what exactly he saw as he searched for whomever had been in Matt's truck. You could tell that even he had been unsure of what he saw. Yet uncertainty or not. His Sheriff asked him to share the information, and he shared. Once he had been done explaining said event. He let out a sigh. Matt. Whom had still been seated on the edge of his squad car. Sat there in silence. O'Neil couldn't help but feel a bit concerned for the deputy. For they knew that Matt was a man who took things with a grain of salt. He was also a man who was a die hard skeptic, and probably thought they were all just a bunch of dumb hillbillies. "Matt. Before you say a word." She said, but before she could finish. Matt raises his hand. "Ok, so you saw...a creature. A creature of wolfish form jump out of the truck. That about right Deputy?" Chambers nods. "Yes sir." Matt sat there in silence for a moment, before continuing his words. "Are you certain you saw this? Didn't imagine it?" The deputy nods in confirmation. Matt turns towards O'Neil, and back towards Chambers. "I believe you Jim. Damn me for saying it, but I believe you"

The deputy's expression changes that to one of surprise. "You do!?" Matt nods. "I can't say that I believe a man would come up with that far fetch of a story, and not mean it. That was unless you were drinking on the job. Were you Jim?" Matt says with a smirk. "Jim shakes his head with a chuckle. "Matt, I have been sober for about 2 years now. I told you that." Matt nods. "Indeed you did Jim." As Matt was contemplating what course to take at this point. The slamming of a car door causes him and the two deputies to quickly turn around. "Who the hell?" Matt says as he glares towards what seem to be a rather attractive woman in a expensive looking suit. O'Neil sighs. "Miss Wilson. The Mayor's personal aid." Matt nods, and takes another sip of his coffee. "I can't say Iv'e had the pleasure." O'Neil shakes her head as she places her hands on her hips. " Oh Sheriff. There is no pleasure when that ****ing is around." Matt laughs. "O'Neil!" The deputy turns and gives Matt a broad grin. " Did I say ****ing? I mean a cee you next Tuesday. Better?" Matt nods. "Better." Miss Wilson surveys the scene for a bit from her car, and then reaches into her pocket. She takes out her smartphone, and makes a call. Probably to the Mayor to explain to him about what the scene looks like. Once off the phone. She spots the three officers, and approaches with a slight strut in her step. "Hello there Sheriff. How are things?" Matt shrugs. " Well my truck got smashed into woods, and something of a wolfish nature escapes the hell out of it. So yeah. Just dandy." Miss Wilson smiles. "Sounds like quiet a story." Matt nods. "Indeed it is." Miss Wilson turns towards O'Neil. "Hi Jen. How have you been? Gained a little weight I see? Expecting?" O'Neil gave Wilson a **** you glare. " Nice to see you too Amy. Went to the plastic surgent to hide those crow's feet again?" It was not hard to sense the tensions between both women. Matt decided to defuse the situation was interrupting. "How may we help you Miss Wilson?" Miss Wilson takes her attention off O'Neil, and on the Sheriff. "The Mayor would like to personal apologies for the mistreatment of your personal Vehicle Sheriff. He will fully reimburse you for your lost, and offers to even have this vehicle fully restored if you like." Matt raises a brow. "Really? That is mighty nice of him. What's the catch?" Wilson smirks. "To the point Mr. Andrews. I can respect that." She pauses for a moment, and then continues. "This incident is to stay with the Sheriff's department, and not to be investigated. Just a classic case of stupid teenagers having some fun. Fair enough?" Matt shakes his head with a chuckle. "I figured as much. Alright Miss Wilson. You have yourself a deal." Miss Wilson smiles. "Glad to hear. The mayor was certain you understand. Due to your extensive background in situations like this." Matt nods. "Of course." The two deputies were somewhat in shock. What exactly just happen? Had the new sheriff just allowed himself to be bribed by the Mayor? What the hell?" Miss Wilson turns back to O'Neil. "Take care Jen." Miss Wilson then walks off, and heads towards her car.

O'Neil turns to Matt. "What the **** was that?" Matt once again raises his hand. "I will explain later. For now I need some more coffee, and there is a cafe in town I have been wanting to try." He stands up from his car, and hands the box of donuts to O'Neil. " Don't worry about it Jen. I promise you that this case, and the other case won't die here." O'Neil nods slowly. Still a bit confused of what just transpired. Matt gets in his police car, and starts it up. "I will catch up with you guys at the station later." He waves, and drives off towards town. The two deputies wave back, and could only just stand there. Still dumbfounded. "Jim..." O'Neil says. "Yeah Jen." He replies. "You feel like breaking that two year streak?"

Matt had been a good ways away from the scene. When he spotted someone walking down the side of the road. "Now who is this?" He asks as he drives past the person to get a quick look at him. He could already see some signs of damage on the boy's face, and wondered. He decides to stop the car, and pull over to talk with the teen. He pulls to the side just a couple feed ahead, and steps out of his car. "That looks like some decent sized scratches. Do anything really dumb today?" Matt says as he approaches the teen. He wasn't sure if this had been the kid who took his truck for a joyride, but even if it wasn't. The kid looks hurt, and Matt had a job as an officer to assist anyone in need.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 12:10 pm ]
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Micky sighed as he continues down the highway, a cigarette hanging from his lips as he searchs for his lighter. "****ing hell, did I loose my.. Oh.." He pulls the lighter from the chest pocket of his flannel. In all truth, the young man looks like he would be more at home in Canada. A black and red checkered flannel, with a white shirt under it, blue jeans and skate shoes. Though he may also fit in with most states that border with Canada.
As the young man lit his cigarette, a cop car rolled past him, only to stop on the side of the road. "Oh **** me.." Micky rolled his eyes, stopping as the sheriff stepped from his vehicle. "What? Oh, yeah." He rises his hand to his fore head. Wincing softly as he touched the wound, fresh blood sliding down his fingers. "Just slipped on something, hit my head. You know how life is." Taking a drag from his cigarette, blowing the smoke away from Matt. "So, what can I do you for Sheriff? Something happen?"

Micky was trying to play this as cool as possible, give the new sheriff no reason to think he was the one who took his truck. Unfortunately he did forget his bag in the truck, though only a few cans of paints were in it. A few more things did sit in his bag, but he was pretty sure one of those things was a chocolate bar, a empty bottle of something, and a school book he forget to return.

In all truth, Micky had been in this situation more then once. It was with the old sheriff or some of the deputies who usually just told him not to do it again. Though with Matt, he wasn't sure what to do. As the new sheriff was somewhat of a mystery, he knew his name was Matt, and his truck was just totalled. But that was all that Micky knew about him.

"So, can I go now? I don't need any help from you, town is pretty close, and I'll be fine once I get there." Of course by the time he gets into town, the wound on his fore head, along with any other scratches, would be healed. Hell, some of the wounds were already starting to heal.


In town at her store front, Astrid was setting up the special made armour in the window front. Putting a small "not for sale" sign against its leg. The person who had her make the armour would be picking up the armour that day. The person would also be paying the rest of the ten grand that day.

Astrid usually didn't price her work so high, hell most of the short swords were just two hundred and fifty. As a lot of her metals came from the junkyard, she did order steel and iron from a place that still makes such ingets. She also buys any old jewelry from people around town, some of it being made into things, the rest just being added to her collection. Though the only reason this armour was so much was that it's full steel armour, chainmail, engravings, along with a few extra things. It took her a long time, a lot of metal, it all it was just a lot even for her.

Once she had put everything else in the proper spot, she turned to john, who she had called jimmy. "Ok, Alice should be soon. You two can hold down the castle, I'll be back later. If you or Alice need the truck, the keys are on the seat. Also if the guy who's armour is the window comes in, tell him we take cash, checks, and card. If he wants the stand that would be extra five hundred. Thanks John!" The tall woman called out, before she walked out of her store.

Astrid would walk down the street, walking into Lisa's cafe. "Morning Mercy, how's it going?" The dragon asked, looking down at the woman who was almost a foot shorter then her. Taking a seat in one the booths, she would look over the menu. "So, how's your life going dear? Find any cute boys you like?" Smirking as she said so.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:08 pm ]
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Time passed as the girl disappeared into the body and the tiger came out as the girl slept. It was his turn to be in charge of the body. The tiger crept along the side of the road where he could get some easy prey that liked to cross the road. The problem was that it was day time and most prey came out at night. She was happy that the girl was in deep sleep for that meant for a good 6 or 7 hours of peace and quiet.
As the tiger walked, he saw a young man walking along the road. She didn’t like the smoke that came from that smoke stick in his mouth. It smelled horrible. That was enough to make her growl softly. She started to come out of the high grass behind the male just to make her point of displeasure. Not to kill just a quick nip on his leg. Then she would go back into the tall grasses.
She slowly crept out of the grass behind the male but a monster thing came running up to the male.

Hissssssss was spoken out loud as she slipped back into the tall grass a ways to watch and see what was going on.
So not fair…. Male needs to learn not to put that smoke stick in his mouth. Smoke stick is no good and stinks…… Monster thing came and ruin my fun. I wanted to make him run until he dropped. That would be so fun to do.”
Hidden in the tall grass gave the tiger a feeling of safety and gave her the confidence that after he monster thingy goes away, she could leap out and scare the water right out of him.
But if she jumped out while the monster thingy was there, it would make her adrenaline soar. She had not ever done this before but it sounded fun. She crawled to where the make was standing but she waited and debating… and debating….and debating…..she could feel her adrenaline begin to soar so she debated once more……with a running start she ran out and hit the male in hopes that he would fall down.
The tiger ran a few feet away before slipping into the grasses for a quick escape. The rush of adrenaline filled the tiger more than it ever did before in the life of the tiger or maybe when she was a child it was like this but this was the most adrenaline she ever felt ran in her brain as she was running.. She was heading towards a special hiding hole where she could recover her breathe and feel the adrenaline flowing through her veins.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Wed Jul 05, 2017 2:01 pm ]
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Sitting in the small chair that was set out in front of the flower shop, Feign had sat down after finishing watering all of the flowers. She wasn't sure when, but at some point, she'd nodded off, eyes have been heavy, and fell asleep with the wide brimmed hat she'd put on covering her face so that it was hard for anyone to even tell that she was no longer awake. Her chest rose and fell softly, with one of her arms resting gently over her stomach, the other dangling down the side of the chair. her skin warm from the sun that was shining down. This was probably the best spot in her shop to catch snoozes in the sunlight, during the early hours anyhow.

She didn't hear the footsteps that came close to her on the sidewalk, continuing to sleep on. Why someone could probably have robbed her dry and she wouldn't have even noticed. Well...maybe that was an overstatement, but that doesn't really matter at this time. Only when the person had come to a stop in front of her and spoke up, asking for a 'light', does she open her eyes, sitting up straight in the chair and nudging the brim of her hat with her forefinger so she could look in the direction of the suit wearing male that was standing there.

Her eyes scanned upward slowly from his shoes to his pants which slightly dirty as if he'd been walking down a dusty road or something of that sort, to his shirt and suit coat, noticing that there were more than a fair share of small cuts in the most likely expensive fabric. And lastly, her wide, lusciously lashed purple eyes rose to look at his face. She blinks, several times, giving the man a blank look, almost as if she was confused as to what was going on. There was only one word that could describe her expression though. Ditzy.

She didn't even register the fact that he had dried blood on his face, in need of attention most likely, but the fact that he had asked her to 'chuck him a light.' Slowly, she stands up, leaning slightly to brush down the front of her dress and to straighten the apron that she was wearing, before standing up straight. She was strikingly shorter than him, and there was at least a whole foot difference. But that didn't matter to her. She simply tilts her head back so she could see his face clearly.

Only then, does she finally speak, her voice was very different, a unique accent that couldn't quite be pegged to any particular place, the only thing one could really say was that it sounded like she was from Europe. Where to be exact, that was anyone's guess. "I am so very sorry, but I do not have any spare lights to throw at you. Though, to be honest, I am not quite sure why you'd want to have a light thrown at you in the first place." She blinks a couple of times, her face completely void of any reaction, just that same, simple oblivious look, before after a moment she cracks a shining smile, giggling softly. "I'm just kidding. However, before you smoke, let's get you cleaned up. Come, come."

She turns and gestures for him to follow her inside the shop, guiding him past the gated counter top to the staircase that led up to the second floor of the house store. Once they had reached the top of the stairs, she shows him the way down a narrow hallway, opening a door to show the bathroom. It was averagely sized, not too large, not too small, but decent, with a sink and toilet of course, and an old fashioned bathtub and shower fixture. It smelled like flowers of course and was very clean, the design is done up to look like a meadow by a bayside, with flowers in a vase, seashells, and designs on the faded wallpaper. Looking to him, she points towards the toilet. "Please, take a seat." From what she could see, he wasn't bleeding at the moment, but that didn't mean the wound couldn't open up again, so she wanted to take care of it right away. "Oh, and by the way, you may call me Feign." She gives him a smile, before waiting for him to sit down.


It had been a long night. Samuel Tirakura was tired, but for some reason he just couldn't fall back asleep. He could already smell the food that his older brother was making for the three of them waiting underneath the door to his room, and his stomach growls. Sighing softly, he decides to give into the struggle, and sits up in bed, stretching his arms over his head and groaning softly. Yawning, he steps onto the floor, the wooden tiles slightly cool beneath his bare feet, causing small chills to run up and down along his spine, goosebumps forming on his skin. Shivering, he pulls off his nightshirt, glancing out the small window to outside. His room was actually located in the attic of the two story house, so technically one might call it a two and a half story house.

Something moving in the yard caught his attention, and he narrows his eyes slightly, leaning over to see better out the window. What he saw wasn't too big of a surprise, but it was still a surprise nonetheless. He could see Micky, a new friend he'd made since moving here to the small town (or at least he hoped Micky was his friend), was walking through their yard, heading back into town. The older teen had never made a house visit before, so there was probably some uncertainty to the other as to whose yard he was walking through, but that didn't matter.

"Huh...wonder what he's up to?" Sam mutters to himself, rushing to change into a pair of dark brown cargo shorts, that were a bit long on him, the bottoms reaching to about the middle of his shin, a blue and white striped short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of old white Converse sneakers, with a fair share of scuffs and dirt marks on the outside and bottoms. Tucking the laces into the insides, he runs his fingers through his hair really quick, making sure he had his phone and wallet, before trudging downstairs.

Lucas and Klaus were in the kitchen, enjoying pancakes and sausages. When Klaus saw Samuel he got up to get a plate for the second oldest, but Sam just shakes his head. "Nah, it's alright, I'm gonna go out. I saw one of my friends pass by and don't wanna miss him. Thanks anyway." He grins at his older brother, who just shrugs, having a small smile on his own lips. It was good that Sam had already made a friend, even though they had only recently moved to the place. To compensate though, Samuel drinks a quick glass of orange juice and grabs a pancake of the stack, shoving it in his mouth and waves bye as he pulls his backpack on. Klaus and Lucas wave goodbye as Samuel leaves through the back door, heading in the direction he'd seen Micky heading.

Turning his head this way and that as he walked, a smile on his face and one of his earbuds in as listened to music as he looked around for his friend. It didn't take him too long to before he spotted Micky walking up ahead of him, about a block from the house. A bigger smile breaks forth on his face. He begins to jog at first, then breaks into a run, and when he got right behind Micky, jumps up onto his back like some sort of monkey, laughing as he hung on, knowing the guy could hold his ground and stay standing, Micky was a strong dude. "Hey man, how's it goin'?" He drops down from Micky's back and pats him on the shoulder, looking up at him with a bright smile. "I saw you walking by my house a couple minutes ago, what are you up to?"

He then blinks, finally looking at what was in front of Micky, seeing a police man standing there. Or...sheriff? He wasn't quite sure, but the guy was definitely authority type. He swallows gently, and gives a weak smile to the grown man, trying not to look at Micky and ask what the hell he'd done, or had supposedly done, to have someone like this talking to him. For now though, he kept quiet, turning his eyes elsewhere, listening to the music that was blaring from his headphones.

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The morning was slow, which Mercy found odd since it was a cafe in the middle of the morning. Then she realized there was a sale going on probably down at the bakery. "Dammit..." She cussed under her breath. It was starting to look like a pretty boring day when she heard the bell to the cafe chime, a few customers came in and seated themselves. She grabbed the pad out of her pocket and jotted down what they wanted and sent it back to the chef. She was just about to sit back down behind the counter when she saw a familiar figure stroll into the cafe and sit by herself at a booth after greeting her.

She kept forgetting just how tall Astrid was until she was actually standing by her. Then again, she was shorter than pretty much every person in this town, save for Madame Lisa herself. She pulled her pad out once again and walked to the booth Astrid sat in, she slid in on the other side and put her pad down on the table, leaning back and tilting her head towards the sky. She gave a small groan and rolled her eyes, head still facing the ceiling. "Nope. Can't seem to find a guy who like women who wear gloves 24/7 365." She said sarcastically as she held up her hands. Covering them were black leather gloves, the kind of gloves you would see a serial killer wear. But they weren't for murdering, though sometimes she wish she could get away with it. They were for concealing her powers that she still had little control over. The only person who knew about her abilities was Madam Lisa herself, but she trusted the older woman to not tell a soul.

Mercy crossed her arms over her chest and straightened her head back out, looking at Astrid. Even seated the woman was still taller than her. "You know, I think I'm just gonna give up on finding someone you know? I'll just live with Echo. He's the only man I need, right boy?" At the sound of his name, Echo raised his large head and tilted it to the side at his master. Mercy patted her knee and beckoned him closer, which he immediately obeyed and laid down under the table by her feet.

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" Yeah town is pretty close, ain't it?" Matt responded back as he placed his hands on his hips. He glared at Mickey. The gashes on the young man's face told a story. One which Matt could read like bold print on a page. There was a fine tuned sharpness in the young man's eyes. A tell tale sign that Matt stood in front of someone or something he needed to be extra cautious around. Matt had stood firmed in his stance. His eyes locked with Mickey's.

Even though Matt had been older then the young man. He too shared a sharpness in his own gaze. A gaze he had acquired through years of practice. To those who drove past the two men. This would of seemed like a random conversation between a sheriff, and probably someone in need. Though to Matt and Mickey. This had been a test of will. Of Matt's will in particular. He allowed himself a brief moment of pause before he had spoke up once again. "Well if that be the case young man. I can only hope you have a good day, and arrive in town safely."

Mat nodded to Mickey. "Take care now." Matt turned his back on the young man, and headed back to his squad car. As he had opened the car door of his squad car. Matt turned his attention once more on Mickey. He had given the bloodied kid one last nod. Before he seated himself back inside into the driver's seat. As he started the squad car, and drove off down the road. He had to think about some of things that had occurred just today. There had been more to this story. Matt had known it. This brief introduction to Mickey would not be his last, and Matt had been fine with that. As Matt would get on in his years, and looked back to his days of as a Sheriff in Eversprings. The day he met Mickey was one of those occasions that still makes him laugh.


"What time is it?" Asked Issac's patient as they laid seated in their chair. " It is almost 11pm." Issac responded as he noted something down on his tablet. "What did you just write?" The patient asked in an nervous manner. "Nothing to be concerned about. Just some random thoughts." Richard smiled. "Now tell me about your childhood." The patient, a somewhat attractive, 30 year old housewife. Trembled in her chair as she mustered some form of courage. "It all started when I was 10. No, 13." Isaac nodded, and continued to listen. "My father would.." She paused. Richard could tell she had been deeply traumatized by the event. "If you do not feel comfortable?" Issac asked as he sat in his own chair across from her.

"No, I want to continue." She responded back. "He started to come into my room, things." Issac raised a brow, but had once again staid silent. "It was only small things, but they still felt wrong. It wouldn't get bad until I got older, and more developed. He forced himself on me several times in the day. It depended on how many beers he had consumed." Issac nodded, and asked in a soft tone. "Did you try to fight back, or call the police?" She glared at him. "He said he would kill me if I fought back, and if I ran to the police. No one would believe me. Because I was just some poor, white trash nobody." Issac frowned a bit, but had kept his composer. "When did it finally stop?" He inquired. She looked down, and picked at her skin. "When i was 18 I moved out, and went to live with some friends. I never went back home..I.. Couldn't.."

Issac sighed. "Well I think that is enough Mr's Blake." He stood up from his chair, and helped her from the one she was seated in. "You did very well today. I am proud of you." Mr's Blake smiled. "Thank you Dr. Richards." Issac smiled back. "Same time next week?" Mr's Blake nodded. "Yes. These sessions have been helping me a lot with my social anxiety." They both walked towards the door, and as Issac reached for the knob. He realized something he forgot. " Oh Mr's Blake. Awake." He said, and turned the knob of the door. There had been no change in Mr's Blake when Isaac ordered "Awake". In fact she had not even realized he had said anything after goodbye. It had just been a normal session with one of his patience. One in which Blake had grown a custom too. Isaac walked over towards his desk, and seated himself down in his chair. For him. This had been just another sunny morning in the town of Eversprings.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:08 pm ]
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As Micky and Matt had there stare off, all Micky could think of was that this was wasting his time. Either Matt should arrest him or let him go, yet the sheriff was just standing there. After a moment, he would rise his hand to his lips, pulling the cigarette from his lips. Once more blowing smoke into the sky, lucky the sheriff had started to say that he would be leaving. In all truth, micky wasn't actually trying to size up the sheriff, he was just standing his ground against the man. The actual size up would come later, when Micky was more sure that he might be arrested.

As the two stood there, Micky would hear a pair of running feet, before Sam even jumped on him, he knew it was him. Some would ask how he knew, well that would have been the boys scent. Like a normal wolf Micky is able to pick up on such things because of his blood. Though as Sam jumped on his back, he rocked forward only a bit, standing tall.

Once Matt walked back to his car, as the sheriff looked at him, the young man would put to fingers to his bloody forehead and give him a small salute with a smirk. Once he was actually in the car, Micky would turn his hand up and flip the cop off as e drove off. He would then turn towards Sam with a smile, hooking a arm around his neck and pulling him in. "Ey Sam! Didn't know you got up this early." He laughed, letting him go after a moment. "Also, incase you were wondering. I flipped the sheriffs truck just down the road." He threw his thumb back, pointing back down the road, away from the town. "I jacked it earlier, but someone saw me." The way Micky said that, was as if he had done this dozen of times before.

After a brief moment, Micky started back down the road towards the town. "So, what you doing to day bud?" He would ask Sam, acting like this was just a another day in the small town. Though as the two young men walked down the road, a, well Micky wasn't sure what it was, attacked him. Knocking him to the ground before darting off into the bushes. "What the **** was that?" His cigarette laying on the ground infront of him as he stood up. Doing a quick three sixty, trying to find whatever was string enough to push him down.

When Micky could find nothing with his eyes, he would let out a soft sigh. Rubbing the back of his head. "**** it, let's keep going, whatever it is, is gone now." There was now scraps on the boys hands, his head wound starting to close up.


Astrid couldn't help but smile softly as the large dog come over to the booth. She would reach down and softly rub his head, before being her hand back up. "Hey, maybe what you need is a woman instead? I can take you out to my cabin and we'll have a good time." She would laugh, the laugh was deep, from the stomach. The kind that usually brought a smile to someone, she would calm down after a second.

The dragon-kin would look back to her friend, a soft smile on her face. "But in all truth dear, you'll find someone. Trust me I've been around a bit longer then you." She would then stretch her arms above her head. "Though in all truth, you could do a lot better then the men around here. Marry a big city guy with lots of money."

Astrid liked Mercy, she was a warm person who likely would have a good life ahead of her. Though she didn't know much about her past, though the same can be said about Astrid.

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Sun Jul 09, 2017 6:16 pm ]
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The tiger was ready to go check on the guy. Make sure that this new playmate was unharmed. The tiger walked back to the spot where the monster was and found the scent of the playmate. The monster was gone without a scent.
He followed the scent for quite a while until he saw his playmate. He ran up to him and gave the guy a swat on his butt end then hid in the grass for the guy to come find him. He wanted to play.
The girl inside of the tiger woke up and began to stretch out her limbs. She felt the tiger resisting once against her. She reached out and felt the shape of the tiger’s body to see what he was doing. He was crouching….in the attack position! No way was he gonna eat raw bloody meat while she was awake. She would wretch and feel ill at the thought of the taste.

*hey you big lummox! Don’t you dare eat that whatever it is that you are looking at to be chasing. I have no desire to taste that awful raw meat and have blood drip down my throat. That is so gross and that sound you make when you crunch those bones is horrible!* the girl inside punched the tiger in the guts which did hurt her but hurt him more because he wasn’t not expected it so he didn’t have a chance to tighten his muscles for the pounding that got.

*Settle down. I ain’t eating nothing! That hurts!* the tiger growls as he stumbles out into the road in front of the guy. He was not at all pleased to be out there so far onto the path that Monsters use.
If one was to observe the body of the tiger, you would swear that the tiger had just swallowed something whole and it was still live enough to fight back inside the body. You could see lumps of something lashing out or perhaps you may think that you are hallucinating from some drug that you have taken….

Author:  ChroniclesOfGrim [ Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:45 pm ]
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It had been about 1pm. When Matt found himself once again seated in the diner. After all that had happen so far today. This old diner seemed to be the only spot that made some sense. A little slice of 50's Americana. There were pictures that hung from the wall of patrons past and present. Catchy hits from popular bands from the 50's to present day played on the jukebox in the corner. The smells of meats,fries, soups, and other home cooked meals filled the air through out the entire diner. There was even a clear sense of camaraderie among the locals in the diner as they chatted about the days events.

"Sheriff, is there anything else you would like with your meal?" Asked the waitress as she leaned on the counter in front of him. Matt smiled. "Just that lovely smile of yours Louise is all I need." The waitress giggled. Louise had worked for the diner for about 10 years now. She was in her mid 40's, but had eyes that could melt any man. She was indeed a looker, and she also was married to a mountain of a man. A logger, and also a man who enjoyed his hunting. They were married in their late 20s, and been together ever since. They were a happy couple, but he had a temper. That temper of his was also one that caused many men who flirted with his wife. To wish they had left the waitress alone. "Be careful Sheriff. My husband eats here too when he is off work." She then turned, and looked up at the clock above entrance to the kitchen. "And he should be arriving here at the diner very soon."

She turned back towards Matt. "So anything else you need Matt?" Matt shook his head. "I think I am fine Louise." With that. Matt stood up from his seat, and tipped his hat in Louise's direction. "Have a good night Louise. Give your husband my regards." He said as he smirked, and headed towards the door. Louise waved, but stopped the sheriff before he left. "Oh Matt!" Matt stopped, and turned. "Hmm?" She walked out from behind the counter with a small box. " Chef's special. Apple pie with a spoon full of whipped cream on top." She grinned, and handed it over to Matt. Matt returned grin with one of his own. "Thanks Louise. Give the cook my regards too." He nodded one last time. Before he headed out of the diner, and into his squad car.

It was only Monday, and the week already had started off with a bang. A double murder. A car accident. A visit from the mayor's personal assistant. What else could happen? Matt thought about this as he stepped out of his squad car. He had arrived back at the station. By the looks of it. The station was dead silent. Most of the other squad cars were out for the day. Only maybe a small handful of cars had been parked outside the station. He shrugged, and continued to hold the box filled with the piece of pie in his hands. "Well might aswell take this as a slow day, and enjoy my little snack." He chuckled to himself, and entered the station. A little while later in his office. There had been a knock at his door. "Who is it?" He asked. "It Deputy Edwards sir. The Mayor is here to see you." Matt raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? Alright. Bring em' in."

The door opened to a man in a bright white suit. A big man with the type of presense that caused those who witnessed him to become awe struck. "Well HOWDY Sheriff Mathew!" He exclaimed as he strolled into Matt's office. Matt stood up from his desk. "Mayor.." He had been interupted before he could finish his words. " OH! No need to stand up for little old me sheriff! I am a simply a guest in this fine establishment!" Matt sat back down in his seat, and watched as the mayor took a seat across from him. There was no way around it. This loud and proud southern gentleman. Was indeed the mayor of the town. "Now Matthew! I heard you had yourself one hell of a adventure today." Matt chuckled. "I don't know if you call it an adventure." The Mayor laughed. "Right! Oh believe me son! I know what exactly you mean." He sat back in the chair. His weight pressed against it. It squeaked as he learned back. "So how are you settling down in the town!?" Matt shrugged. "Besides my truck being totaled by some damn kid. Pretty good." The mayor grinned as he raised his hands over his head. His slick, black hair glistened with maybe grease? Matt couldn't tell. The man that sat before him was defiantly something else. A man who resembled a bear, or some type of damn boar. That was Matt's thoughts of the man at least.

"Well as I promise son! I will have a new truck to replace it in the morning!" Matt nodded. "Yeah, I appreciate that." Matt was pretty sure the Mayor could do that, and infact he was sure that this man who sat before him. Could do anything he wanted. There was a strange aura to the man. A glow that wasn't so much one that cause Matt to feel unsettled, but welcomed. As if this man had a hold on whomever he was around. Maybe a gift of the gab, or just the presence of an expert showmen. Either way, Matt accepted the man's offer. Though that was not the other reason why he accepted it. There had been something dark beneath the smile of the mayor. Something unnatural, and Matt knew it. After there had been a few more words between the men. The mayor saw himself out of Matt's office. After Matt was once again alone in his office. He decided to take out his phone, and placed it upon his desk. He glared at it for a moment or so, and wondered if he should make a call. He just stayed there for a while. Seated at his desk. His eyes focused on his phone, and pondered what he should do.

Author:  JDizzle383 [ Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:42 pm ]
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Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. It was only 3:00 PM, and Alexander "Alex" Roth had only had one smoke break, which aggravated him. From an on looker's perspective, he supposed he looked a little off. Maybe jittery was the right word? Honestly he was just low on fuel for his "Core" which was of a fiery origin due to his stupid decision when he was what you could call a "normal" teenager. And then there was that voice that was urging him to set the gas tanks on fire so the place would blow up...

"I said NO." he muttered to himself.

"You haven't let me out since we killed that-"

"Don't remind me." Alex muttered under his breath, interrupting the voice in his head.

Alex looked at the clock wishing to whatever god was out there he would either get a customer, or his manager would find it in her heart to let him on another smoke break early. Then again it was an hour before his day shift ended, with no one in sight. "Maybe I should look at what manga the latest shipment brought us." He sighed, a passively calm look on his face as he made his way over to the shelf that the convenience store had stocked yesterday with his favorite method of escaping his hellhole of an existence. "Not a lot new, but at least enough of my favorites to-"

*DING DING* came the chimes of the door as a man came in to pay for gas and most likely a sugary snack as well. Alex's eyes flashed red for a second before he composed himself and walked behind the counter. "Morning sir. can I get you anything?" He asked in a bored tone. "We have a twenty percent off deal for our sub sandwiches at the moment."

The man smiled, but Alex could tell this was not a happy go lucky smile. "Something wrong?" He asked. "Nope." was the response, though due to his years as a Host, Alex knew the man was lying. He shrugged it off though, deciding not to question him further. In hindsight he probably shouldn't have let him leave like that.

"Alex! your shift is over!" He heard as Miss Bridges, his manager came out of the back. He nodded and forked over the cash for a pack of cigarettes. "Thanks miss B." He said in a more jovial, though still bored sounding, voice as he ran out and towards the diner, pocketing the cigs. He wouldn't admit it to a lot of people, but there was something other than the food that made him like the place... But he was a monster and she was...

"You should stop staring before she notices again."

Alex quickly looked away from Mercy, who was conversing with the mountain giant of a blacksmith. That was another person he had to be wary around. He was pretty sure she had seen him flying before, though he couldn't hazard a guess as to how she saw him. Her house was in the woods for pete's sake! Nothing to do now but wait for Mercy to see her 3:20 regular customer and ask what he wanted he supposed.

Author:  TheRottenLeprechaun [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 3:35 pm ]
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It was a nasty gash. It would need sowing and it would leave a scar. Well, scars are cool. Nothing wrong with a good scar, especially one that did not ruin his handsome face, but just stretched across the left-upper side of his head. It was probably good he could not remember how he got it, so if anyone asked, he might as well claim it was from a broken bottle. Perhaps, hint he got it from a bar fight.
Billy was not a fan of lying, but he was entirely for framing narratives. Let people come to their own conclusions, believe what they wanted to believe. If Billy claimed he got slashed with broken glass during a wild night of partying, it was true to a certain extent, and if others thought that meant it was a bar fight, that was their own fault.

He really needed to get it professionally cleaned, though. Getting a nice scar was one thing, getting an infection was another entirely. There was dirt in the wound which he tried to clean, but he was not in any capacity a nurse. The flower lady, Feign, would no doubt clean his wound too, but this seemed like a time for antibiotics and a trained nurse, or better yet, a doctor. Was there a nurse in this tiny town? He wasn't much for getting anything recorded about him at the best of times, and certainly not now when he was still figuring out how to turn his shitty situation into something amazing. If he was reported missing and a mountain doctor updated his online medical records there'd be police here within hours. This was not an option.
**** the antibiotics out of a bored nurse looking for a bad boy, perhaps? Not likely, but it was an amusing thought.
Which transitioned too...

"Thanks, love. How's it looking?"
He turned from the mirror to the flower lady and posed a bit, showing his mostly-cleaned forehead gash.
"I appreciate your time. Real sweet of you. How's about I repay you with dinner and you can tell me all about this place? Interesting people and places I gotta see?"
He paused a bit, looking her over. She had not been shocked at the blood or his general appearance, so perhaps there was more guts to the girl than he'd first thought. She had not skipped a beat to set up a joke, neither. Billy had mentally awarded her a point for that. And then there was her accent. He hadn't spoken to anyone else here, but unless he had driven his van far further away than he'd thought, it was not the common hillbilly dialect of the area.
"And you could tell me where you're from and how you ended up here. I asked for the interesting people, and I've a hunch you're top of the list, love."
He lighted his cigarette and inhaled. Christ, he needed that. He offered the flower lady the packet and wondered how likely it was she knew him. Not his target audience, but many a sweet person have a wild side.
"I'm Billy. Billy D. Blayde."

Author:  The Creator 7 [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 4:22 pm ]
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*Langorn, you know that I am superior to you in many ways so you might as well give up sooner rather than later.* Tanya spoke as she did a few double kicks to the kidneys.
*Never! I want to play with my new playmate. He is more fun than you any ol’ day* Langorn spoke as he fought back by trying to tighten his muscles.
The body made a sudden roll as the kicking continued and being in the middle of road, Tangorn was in danger of being seen. Number one rule was broken unintendedly. Also they were in danger of being run over. Now that was a true health hazard for if they had internal bleeding or needed surgery, Tanya could not do anything about it. She could stitch up wounds and do the bandages for sprains as well as the common ailments like when Langorn over ate a meal. But never could she do surgery on herself even if she knew how.
The body was sucker punched with both fists to the lungs which push out the air and both feet to the low abdomen at the same time. A loud burst of air from both ends deflated the tiger so that it was nearly a tiger skin rug. Then there was no movement at all.
Slowly with a lot of cracking and snapping of various joints, a transformation took place. The body rolled over to the stomach as deep breaths could be heard as the body reinflated but into a different form. The limbs stretched out straight. The tail shrank into the tailbone. The hair grew as the shape of the face change. The nose shrank as the whiskers disappeared. The mouth took on a humanistic look as the face soften into a young girl. She audibly sighed as she looked up to see that she was in the road.
Panic was in her eyes as she looked about to get her bearings while her long slender well formed female body could easily be seen as she pulled herself up into a crouching position……

"Langorn, just what have you done? You broke Rule Number 1 for which you will pay dearly for. Placed us in a dangerous place. And I do not know where we are. Just how far from home are we? " Tanya whispered out loud as she tried to place this place. She couldn't because she never went to the road. It was too dangerous and they could get themselves killed.

She slowly stood up revealing that she had nothing on but the orange skin and black stripping. Not that she ever had a bit of clothing in her life nor did she know what clothing was. But she did know that she must find cover or someone who would be kind enough to help her which was very doubtful.

Author:  CanadianWolf [ Sat Jul 22, 2017 9:57 pm ]
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Ashley yawned as she rolled out of her bed, having to actually roll over onto her left side before she would swing her bare legs over the side of the bed. Throwing the light blanket onto the ground as she stood up. Stretching her arms above her head, her back arching forward. "Ahhh.. That's much better.." The girl said to her self, letting her arms drop as she looked around her messy and somewhat destroyed room. After a moment she would bend down, picking up a rather baggy tank top with a skull on it, quickly throwing it on before she grabbed a pair of blue jeans from the bean bag chair at the end of her bed. She found that they were the one pair that had yet to be ripped or destroyed. Happy with the look, the girl would go grab something to eat. Greatful that no one else was home, after a quick snack she would grab a red flannel and her skateboard from the living room. As she got to the front door she would slip on her skate shoes.

Taking In a deep breath, enjoying the, checking her phone, noon sun. "Damn, slept a bit longer then I should have." She would shrug, dropping the skateboard and stepping on it. She would ride till the end of the drive way and down the main highway into town. Like most family's, Ash's lived a bit out of town, just fair enough that even driving took about half a hour.

As Ashley road down the road, changing her stance to push a few times, she would pull her headphones from her pocket. Putting them in and hitting the button, in a moment all other sound was lost as the heavy sound of Metallica replaced it.

Picking quite a bit of speed, the girl would crouch down a bit, seeing on the sharper turns up ahead. The turn was easy to make, she had done it hundreds of times before, the hard part of all of this was avoiding the girl standing in the middle of the road. The wheels squeaked and squeaked as they were turned hard so they were more or less facing the side, Ashley hoping that she could slow down enough to stop infront of her, or at least so it wouldn't hurt to bad if she had to jump.

Once the board came to a stop, ash would have to throw some of her body weight back as to not topple forward. Putting her right foot down on the road, she would then finally have a good look at the girl who was in the middle of the road, and that was she more or less naked.

"'Ey, what the **** are you doing?" Taking a ear bud out, but not stopping the music. In all truth Ash wasn't to sure what to make of this situation, a girl was standing before naked beside, what seems to be a tiger skin, a few miles from town, in the middle of the road. If she had to guess though, weird sex stuff. Yet that was only a guess, maybe she actually needs some help.

Author:  Shadow_Heart [ Sun Jul 23, 2017 3:00 pm ]
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Sam gave a big grin, more out of relief than anything, when the police officer took off in his vehicle, leaving the two of them standing there on the side of the road. He was pretty sure he'd seen some shape moving in the shadows of the trees and brush nearby, but his attention was shifted away from that when Micky wrapped his arm around his neck, pulling him in close, greeting him in that usual way of his, sounding as if nothing was going wrong, despite the blood that was on his face at the moment. "Ha, I don't usually but I couldn't sleep anymore." He grins again, standing up straight when he was let go, running his hand over the top of his hair, flattening any hairs that happened to decide to stick up after that short headlock Micky had given him.

When Micky spoke again, it was an explanation as to what had happened, and at first, Sam could only stare. He blinks a few times, and uncertain smile cracking on his face, and he starts to laugh, a chuckle at first, then louder, until he just suddenly stops. Staring wide eyed at Micky, who seemed to be completely serious. "W...WHAAAAT?!" He couldn't believe his ears, but if he'd learned anything about his few months living here, he had learned to believe that anything could happen. And with Micky's personality, it was far from disbelief that the guy would do something like that. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more it made perfect sense. After a moment he reaches out and punches Micky in the arm, the grin back on his lips, and a playful fire in his eyes. "You shoulda brought me with you man! Let me tag along next time, k?" He laughs softly, reaching up and placing his hands behind his head, linking his fingers together. For a while, he'd hated his brother for bringing them here, though he was not as obvious about it as his younger brother, though after a while he realized what a cool place this was, especially after meeting Micky.

The two young men began to walk along the road, back towards town, and Sam was about to answer Micky's question as to what he was doing that day when he was interrupted by a flash of movement, followed by Micky being knocked over on the ground. He could only stare at the spot where he was sure the figure had dashed off to, glancing down at Micky, offering a hand to help him back up. What the heck had that been? Was it what he'd seen earlier? Probably...but he really didn't want to stick around to see what it was, so nods in agreement when Micky said for them to keep going. He sure hoped it was gone...if that thing could knock Micky down, he wasn't too sure what would happen if went after himself.

From the corner of his eye, as they walked, he glanced at Micky, noticing that the gash on his face seemed smaller...Weird...but that didn't mean there was any less blood on his skin. "Oh...right..." He opens the flap to his bag, and rummages around inside, pulling out a couple packets of wet wipe towelette, the kind you'd find at like a hospital or something, in those paper foil packs and smelled like lemon sometimes. "Here." He holds out the packs to Micky, in order for him to clean up the dried blood off his face. If he'd been a girl no doubt he'd have offered to clean it off himself, but since he wasn't, the guy would have to do it himself. He couldn't help but grin at the image that popped into his head, amused at the things his brain could come up with on the fly at times...

"As for what I'm doing today...Nothin'. Hanging out with you if that's cool. My bro is gonna stay at home and clean, and I really don't want to babysit Lucas, though...he's old enough to take care of himself." Besides, though the two cared for each other very much, they often clashed due to personality differences. Lucas was more serious, contrary to Samuel, who was relaxed and happy-go-lucky. He liked to have fun, hang out with friends, while Lucas...well, was Lucas. Even though it wasn't even school time, he was probably going to stay at home and study. Such a book-nerd. "Oh, right, you haven't met my brothers have you?" He could only imagine what both of his brothers would say, meeting someone like Micky. "What about you? What are you doing today? Besides hijacking the sheriff's truck?" He grins at this, still amazed that Micky had done something like that. They were nearing the town, much closer to this point, Sam had moved his hands from the back of his head to shove them in his pockets.

In the flower shop, Feign listened to the man talk, smiling softly as she took care of the wound on his forehead. She couldn't help but wonder how he'd gotten such a gash but knew better than to ask something like that. With every touch, even though she wasn't consciously thinking about it, bits of energy siphoned from herself to the male, healing him ever so subtly. It wasn't like one might think, with the glowing hands and the sensation of something flowing through them, but instead, something that couldn't be felt, or seen, nor was it even noticeable. The only thing was that it would heal a bit faster. She made sure to clean it properly, and added antibiotics before placing a sterile pad over the cut, gently using a couple pieces of tape to hold it down. Stitches would not be necessary, and Feign was sure there would barely even be a scar left as after effects.

"It looks shouldn't need to go to a hospital, and if things go well it should heal pretty well. No scar to mar that handsome face." She grins at him, chuckling softly as she turns to put away the medical kit she'd pulled from a cupboard. As she stood back up, she looked to him, surprised to hear the offer for dinner in payment for her services. A smile forms on her face, and she tilts her head to the side, a faint blush forming on her face. "Why, thank you. I would love to go out for dinner, it has been quite some time." Though his inquiry of her to show him interesting places and tell him of interesting people was amusing to her. Interesting was pretty much the vibe of this town, and the mascot word to describe it. There wasn't anything that WASN'T interesting here.

She gestures for him to stand, reaching up and pinching the end of the lit cigarette, ignoring the offer of the packet towards herself. "No smoking in the bathroom." She showed no signs of being burned or anything, instead absentmindedly wipes the ash off the tips of her fingers on a towel, stepping out of the bathroom and having him follow her. "As for your question earlier, I'm from Europe. As for WHERE in Europe, and how I ended up here..." She turns to face him, a teasing expression in her eyes. "You're going to have to do a lot more than buy me dinner to get that information." Walking back down the stairs to the shop area, she heard him say his name. Billy D. Blayde. Facing him again, she tilts her head. "Well, that's an interesting name. Are you sure it's your real one? If it is, well...I like it. Unique. Nice to meet you, Billy." She grins, though her attention was shifted when the bell to the front of the shop rang.

"Ah, Mrs. Hemmings, so good to see you. I have your order ready. Wait here a second." She moved around Billy to go into a back room, shuffling around looking for the flowers that the elderly woman had ordered for Feign to put together in a wreath design. Feign was pretty sure that it was for Mrs. Hemmings' husband's grave, who had died over twenty years ago. Feign remembered very well that rainy day. It had been quite depressing, especially for such a kind old man, but humans died...and everyone had their time. Feign remembered, but no doubt others wouldn't, as she looked a bit different then. The old woman stares at Billy but looks towards Feign when she returned to the room, placing the wreath in a box to keep it from falling apart, wrapping it with a bow and tying it beautifully.

They go over to the register, and the woman pays for the flowers, exchanging a bit of word among themselves, and eventually, Mrs. Hemmings leaves, Feign waving to her receding back as she goes out the door. "Such a nice woman. Her loss is still painful, even now." She murmurs this, before turning her eyes to Billy again. "I don't know you very well, but I can tell a stranger from the you have a place to stay? If you'd can use the space upstairs." She smiles at him, understanding if he chooses to say no to her offer. After all, like her not knowing him, he didn't know her that well either.




The clock seemed to go ever onward, not stopping, not quitting. A constant event, something that would always move. The hands on the clock, the ticking of the time. Seconds would turn to minutes, minutes to hours, hours into days, days then turn to weeks, and months, then years...and years go on forever. Tens, hundreds, thousands...millennia. There was no end. No end at all, no end in sight. Nor was there a wish for that to happen. Everyone wanted to live...everyone wanted to keep going...No one wanted to die.


A world of black and white, a world that seemed to only do one thing. move forward. Always. No one seemed to have the time, no one seemed to have the time to stay. To live. But they all said goodbye in the end. None stayed. They all eventually left him behind. Yes...they were always abandoning him in the end. But that was what he wanted. And yet, even though he felt so sad. Saying goodbye...was what he wanted, and what he hated.


Kneeling in a small corner off to the side of the police department, in an old parking lot to a store that was no longer open, knees to his chest, arm wrapped around his legs, he stared at a bug that was turned on its back, legs flailing, trying to get itself upright again. Red eyes stared intently at the insect, bottom lip slightly sticking out as he gazed upon the will of nature. Should this tiny little spark of life fade away, or would it fight on? It all depended on its strength and longing to live. If it was to would. That was all there was to it. And that was all there was to them dying. They didn't live...because they were not strong. Like the fire.

The fire was strong.

They weren't.

That was all there was to say, no matter what. He sighs, remembering. The internal fight. The struggle to escape. The pain across his skin. The pounding of his heart, the screams, the sound of fire. His throat tightening, the gasping for air. Though the sense of guilt...had been the strongest sensation. He could hear the voices, and then he couldn't. They had gone away to a place never to return, leaving him behind...becoming...this.

Reaching out, he pokes the bug softly with the tip of his finger. It gets to a point where it was just about to be able to right itself, but then he moves his hand away, making it fall back, rocking back and forth. A half grin forms on his lips, as after a while the legs of the bug slowly come to a stop, curling inward towards its body, before coming still. "Sore wa shinde iru...Dead..." He mutters, sighing softly, the frown replacing his grin once more. Dead. It was dead.

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