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Kori and Yuki spent the next few hours in the bar, eating and drinking far more than a normal human could handle. Once they had their fill, they bid Cait and her sons farewell, heading home for the night. Considering how much they had both had to drink, one might have expected that walking home was ill-advised, if not impossible. Whether fortunately or unfortunately, however, the twins had long ago discovered that their bodies metabolized the liquid much more quickly than humans did, so it took significantly more alcohol for them to feel the effects, and it was damn near impossible for them to actually get drunk, let alone fall-on-your-face drunk. As such, the two walked home with little to know stumbling.

As they made their way home in the darkness, Kori caught the sounds of music playing in the distance, not far from them. It was the sounds of a guitar, accompanied by a male voice. As soon as she heard it, she stopped walking, instead standing and listening. Yuki groaned slightly, grumbling under her breath about how she wanted to go home and how Kori was always too absorbed in music. "It's probably just someone listening to music too loudly," Yuki mumbled one last protest, which Kori ignored, quite positive that her sister was wrong. It was unmistakably someone playing somewhere close by.

She listened for another moment before she started walking again, but this time she wasn't walking towards their home, but rather towards the source of the music. Yuki sighed but followed her sister, knowing that it was useless to try to stop her when she was like this. Best just let her get it out of her system. Faster that way, and Kori would undoubtedly be happier this way, anyways.

It didn't take too long before they found the source of the voice. It was a young man with honey blonde hair that lightly framed his face, sitting on the bench of a picnic table beneath a large tree in what appeared to be an old playground. He was pretty cute, which was probably the only thing Yuki really noticed. His eyes were slightly closed and, despite the slight melancholy displayed on his face, a smile graced his lips, making it clear that he enjoyed playing and singing. Kori walked closer before standing behind the tree, hidden by the shadows, hesitating to actually approach until he had finished the song.

Once he was finished, she stepped out from behind the tree, a hint of shyness in her expression, which quickly faded once she started talking. "You're pretty good," she observed as she approached, stopping a few feet from him. "A beautiful song, too," she added with a small smile. She hesitated for a moment before speaking again, somewhat uncharacteristically. "Do you come here to play often?" she asked before shaking her head. "That's a dumb question. Why would you? And if you did, I probably would've heard you before now," she rubbed the back of her neck somewhat nervously. "Sorry. I should probably at least introduce myself if I'm going to keep yammering on. I don't usually do that, by the way," she added with a somewhat nervous laugh. "I'm doing it again. Sorry. I'm Kukiko Kitagawa. You can call me Kori. If you want to, that is," she introduced herself with an unusually timid smile, holding a hand out for him to shake, if he chose to.

"Don't mind her, she's not very good at this whole social thing, especially when cute guys are involved," Yuki spoke up, poking her head out from behind her sister with a bright, friendly smile. "She's usually quiet and anti-social, but she kind of geeks out about the whole music thing," she explained with another smile. "I'm her sister, Yuki," she introduced herself, holding out a hand of her own. Kori glared at her sister, but she couldn't really protest, given that she wasn't exactly wrong. "Way to make me sound like a complete loser," Kori grumbled, "I do that well enough on my own, thank you," she added in a self-deprecating manner, a small smile on her lips as she spoke. The two then fell silent in order to give him a chance to speak.

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Ashley was rather worried, she had opened her big mouth, made a fool of her self, and was rather sure she would be getting kicked out of the car. Yet the woman would just play it off, as it turns out her name is Amber, yet once more her voice would draw in Ashley. In truth Ashley couldn't tell if it Amber doing this to her or not, she just knew with every word she was being pulled further and further in. She was like one of those woman from ledge, **** what where they called? The blue hair girl would think, only for a moment before Amber pulls her back in.

they were all set to leave soon, though before Ambers husband got back to the car the older woman would say she had never met anyone like him before, and that she would see. Though at this point the spell broke for Ashley, it was clear she was much more into the man. "Sorry, but I'm not into.. well men.." she softly rubbed the back of her neck, she wasn't sure why she had told the woman that. So far only Micky knew that she gay, Sam was more then likely to figure it out, or at the very least she would tell him. Yet this was a random woman, yet she felt like she could trust her.

As the man got into the car, he would apologize for the wait, but then stare into her eyes through the review mirror, after a minute she would bring her hands up and out to the side. Softly waving them back and forth, trying to see if he was alive. "Yo, dude, you don't stop staring, I'm getting the cop." She said, yet he would snap out of it. Maybe he just spaced out, **** can happen often and at the worse times.

"Ahhh can you just drop me off at the gas station in town? I got to meet a few friends of mine, I mean thanks, but I got better **** to do." The young woman would say rather bluntly with a shrug, though the mans next question was a bit of a odd one. Ashley didn't really know the sheriff, she knew the last one rather well because of Micky. "Nah, but I bet my buddy Micky knows him. He's always getting in trouble with the cops for dumb ****, more often then not I'm beside him. But I've kept my head down, you know?" She once more shrugged, before leaning back in her seat, crossing her arms kber her chest as she stared out the window. A moment after that she would quickly text Micky to meet her at the gas station/7/11.

Once they stop at the gas station, Ashley would get out, grabbing her board. "Thanks for the ride man, maybe I'll see you two around town!" With that she would close the door, heading into the convince store. Waiting for Micky and Sam to show up.

Micky smiled as they slowed to a walk, laughing as Sam can barely contain him self. "And that's the second crazy thing I have done today. You gotta keep up Sammy." He smiles, before his phone would buzz in his pocket, luckily it was Ashley finally telling what was going on. "Looks like we're going back to the gas station, Ash is back there now. So come on man."

As the two walked to the gas station, Micky would notice a lot of the cops in town, well weren't anywhere to be seen. With a smirk on his lip he would pull open his backpack, pulling out a small bag with five joints in it. "**** man, the town is ****ing ours!" Pulling out one joint before tossing the rest back into his bag. He would then look down to his friend. "Eh, listen man, don't feel like you got to take a hit or anything just cause me and Ash do. We are pot heads, so don't feel any pressure." The wolf would say before sliding the joint between his lips.

Micky and Sam would meet up with Ashley after ten minutes of walking, Micky having finished his first joint in that time, at the gas station he would buy a few snacks and drinks as the trio would then discuss what to do. They would all settle on just wondering through town till they felt like going back home, or toicky's place since he lives in town.

As the three walk around, Micky would be the middle, flicking his eyes back and forth between his friends. Smiling as they just hung out, at some point they would wind up in the park. Where Ashley would climb a tree, followed by Micky doing the same. Luckily the branches were quite thick, which meant the two were able to chill up there. "Sammy! You coming up or what?" Micky would shout down, followed by Ashley. "Yeah! Get your skinny ass up here!" She would laugh, one leg dangling free in the air.

After her little accident, Astrid would head back to her shop. Cleaning up in advance of Feign, as she cleans, her employees would notice that it was a bit odd. She was humming, moving around the shop like she was on ice, though they didn't know what to say to her. So they just enjoyed having a clearly happy boss, as far as they could tell it was because business was good.

In truth she was rather happy that Feign seems to like her, plus even when smoke was curling from her lips she didn't freak out or anything. Maybe she would be different then the rest, yes this town was meant to be a safe heaven for people like her, Micky, and so many more. But he long history with humans have thought her to not trust them, she has seen what they can do to each other and others like her.

Once Feign was there, Astrid would simply just watch her, leaning against a counter, her head in her hand as she watched the smaller woman work. The shop slowly turning more colourful and less dark as she works, though a thought would slip into her mind. It had been a long time since anyone, human or not, had been able to so easily take her mind off of everything else. The last todo that was a Siren back in Greece when she was traveling through the area, she always found it sad what happened to the great Greeks. But back to the siren, she put on a rather conceiving act of loving her. Yet in the end, all that was left was a broken heart, a dead man and a village left in smouldering ash, probably something a siren was use to.

Astrid would pull her self back to better times, though her face still showed anger, sadness, and regret. She would look down to Feign as she came up to her. Putting her best fake smile on, though it did turn genuine. "Feign, you are to kind for your own good." She would laugh, reaching into her pocket and pulling out something. She would quickly reach down and take Feigns hand, dropping something into her hand. "Now, I understand that this is a gift, so this is a gift." She would step back, a old gold coin in her palm. "Don't worry, I have like a thousand of those things at home." In fact, Astrid knew exactly how many she had. One thound, one hundred twenty two gold coins, well twenty one, many of them from different places around the world, she knew exactly how many of which coins she has as well.
Later that Night.

Micky and Ashley were still in there tree, both higher then the moon from the amount of pot both of them had, and still had on them. Micky probably has two left, Ashley, well she always has a lot so she doesn't even know. Sam was still with them as well, but Micky had lost track of him as he got lost in his own head, Ashley had just drifted away with music, though she took her headphones out when she got board. Though after a few minutes she would hear singing and a guitar. Though long before that, Micky was able to smell and hear the man coming, once he sat down Micky would have looked down at him. The man looks and smells like Sam, so Micky would have to assume that is Sams older brother, as he plays Micky would notice two girls below them, he would point them out to Ashley and Sam. "So, looks like someone's older brother has a admire, and said admire had a sister."

Ashley would look down, noticing both of the sisters. They were both rather cute, though knowing her luck they were both not interested. So she would just stretch her self out, gripping a brench as she would start to get up. "Come on you weirdo, let's get out of here. I would rather be at your place stoned, where there is snacks, tv, and most importantly, my ass isn't asleep." She would laugh, slowly, and quietly making her way down, well Micky had a different approach to it. Seeing as his bones were much stronger then Ashley's and Sams, he would stand up, then take a step off of the bench, landing on the ground a good twenty feet below. Well for humans that would differently have broken there legs, and worse, for a werewolf it was a bit of a pain in the knees if he doesn't bend them right. Though luckily for Micky, Sam, and Ashley, they were far enough from the others that only the sound of Micky landing should bring attention if any noticed the sound that is.


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If I die...Make sure you don't burry me in a damn pet cemetary.

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The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings

8 years ago...

"Lieutenant Andrews?" Inquired a woman dressed in a white suit and black slacks. Matt, who had been seated behind a steel desk, gave her a slow nod. "Yes Ma'am." She smiled, and giggled. "No need for formalities Lieutenant. I'm here simply as a friend. You can call me Aimee." Matt smirked. "Sorry Aimee, but I'm not really the type let my guard down so easily." She sighed and walked over towards the desk. "I was warned about that Lieutenant. That were a tough nut to crack, and even a tougher person to gain the trust of." Matt nodded with a slight snicker as he glared up at the camera that motioned side by side above their heads. Aimee too glared up at the camera, and back towards Matt. "No worries Lieutenant. I made sure that anything shared in this room. Stays in this room." The room she spoke of was a standard white washed cube of a room that had been designed for interrogations of "vital" personal.

"So Matthew, if I may call you Matthew." Matt acknowledge with another nod as he began to study this woman a little bit more. She was attractive enough. She was causation with some winkles here and there. He imagined her to be about late 20s to early 30s. Her dark auburn shaded hair was tied up in a neat bun. She even wore a pair of checkered glasses that covered her hazel eyes, and from the looks of her hour glass shape. She must of worked out. Though this was all at face value. There was something about her that caused Matt to feel a bit uneasy, and he could already guess she knew it. "So Matt, I am sure you are already aware of why I am here today." Matt sighed and once again nodded. "Yeah, I think I do." Aimme took a seat across from Matt. "I want to make something very clear Matt before we begin. You are not at all in trouble, or have anything to fear about little old me. I understand my words may seem hollow, but in all truth. I am your only real friend at this moment, and this is why I need you to be honest with me. Do you understand?" Matt glared at her in silence, but also could tell that in some weird way. She did mean what she meant. "I want you to tell me everything that occurred during operation Shadow Vale."

Operation Shadow Vale had been a particularly harsh mission for Matt. One which tested not just himself, but the entire existence of life as he knew it. " I am sure you already are aware of who our target was." Explained Matt as he glared down at the table. Aimee nodded. " Jaffer ̣Sabbāgh. An all american born extremest at his core. Grew up to a semi traditional Arabic household. Below average grades, no real athletic abilities, and from personal background. He terrified the **** out of women. Perfect candidate for our extremest friends to turn against his own country. At the age of 19, while in college, he began to follow the teachings of who else but the jihad. In fact he discovered he had a knack for ancient relics, and dead languages. He was able to get a flight over to the middle-east with a student visa, and from there. He apparently went underground. Resurfaced some months later as a right hand contributor to the jihad, and also head of some of their more "stranger fanaticism." Aimee sat there in silence as she continued to allow Matt to speak. "He was accused of sacrificing not just animals, but women and children upon hand crafted alters. Even many of his own men found their selves too the victims of his cruelty."

Amiee, defiantly showed interest when Matt mentioned the occult. Matt could tell this by the hues of her eyes as they grew big, and fact that she was leaning against the desk a bit. "And your squad was tasked with capturing him correct?" Matt nodded. "Capture of kill. As long as we brought his body back for identification. Though there were two squads sent on that mission." Amiee glared down at her paperwork and back up at Matt. "Right, but the second squad went M.I.A?" Matt had motioned his head up at the ceiling for a moment. "The official reports say they went M.I.A, but the truth is. They were eradicated by a damn beam of energy..." Amiee frowned at those words, but knew she needed to continue her questions. "Matt, what really happen that day?"

It was about 0300 hours when my squad and my buddies squad landed about 8 klicks out from the target. A little too close for comfort in some regards, but it was far enough where we wouldn't get spotted by enemy anti-air. My squad was a 5 man standard assault team. Doc,mike, dodger, lee, and Garfield. My buddies squad, I never had a chance to ask their names. I'm **** at myself for that one. Anyway, boring **** skipped. Cause I'm sure your not here for that. Mission went pretty much as planned. Witch was funny cause you know the saying about military intelligence. We met with light resistance. Couple tangos here and there. Took em out without any real problems though. The compound it's self was nothing too fancy. In fact is was pretty clean cut. I guess our friend didn't want to draw much attention to himself. Couldn't blame him with the **** he was doing.

Infiltration of the compound went just as smooth. Once again. A couple tangos here and there, but nothing to raise a brow to. Yeah I can see that look on your face. I thought the same thing, "trap". My squad and my buddies squad felt the same thing. Once we secured the camp. We decided we radio in back to command, and see if there were any tangos moving in on our position. A drone was sent over a few minuets later, but they picked up nothing. It was weird calm that night when that camp was secured. One which left with chills that ran down your spine. The type of calm that just didn't feel right. We decided though, against better judgement, we had a mission to accomplish. Our target was not secured, or confirmed. So we pressed further into the camp. It wasn't until we reached what looked to be a large cave section cut out from the face of a mountain by the camp. Look man made. Which only meant one thing. We were going in. We switched on our night vision goggles, and proceeded to enter the cave. Standard procedure as always. My buddy's squad headed up the assault. While my squad provided cover from behind.

It was dark as hell in that cave, but those sand loving bastards love the dark. A constant fear of stepping on a damn land mine was the biggest concern for us in that cave. Though again, no landmines, booby traps, nothing..just nothing. We continued in our mission, and as we went deeper into the cave. Things started to get weird. Cave drawings..depictions of what looked to be ritual sacrifice...imagery of mass murder were etched into the very surfaces of that cave. Even more obscene **** that to this day I can't get out of my head. I mean we were two teams of fully grown men, T1 badasses that had been through hell and back. Yet this **** was too damn much. We soon started to meet with some of the more physical artwork deeper in the cave. I don't like describing this ****, but it was ****ing up. Corpses of victims decorated the halls of that cave. Put into several states of decay, and worse of all. Some of them were kids..It got even worse. Somehow that cave started to become a hall..a ****ing hallway..Paintings of faces, people, creatures, more bodies...We wanted to say **** it then, but we couldn't back down. We had to move on...

The halls, which began to glow a bright crimson, ****ing with the light sensitivity of our goggles. We had to take em off, and when we did. We were greeted with just a glow. A bright glow of light that seem to call out to us. Dragging us closer, and closer. That was when i started to hear the faint whispers in my ears. None of the other guys ever heard it, but i did. The whispers were comforting in a strange way.Reassuring everything would be ok. Even though our current situation said other wise. The other guys though. They started to become a bit uneasy, and could sense a bit hostility among them. A lot of them were cursing beneath their breaths. Couldn't blame em. The hallway eventually ended...corridor lead to some type of grande exit. A exit that we weren't even sure was earth. It was strange, i mean we were outside, but it was just as crimson. Just as unnatural, and obscure. That was when we saw it. A huge obelisk that protruded from out o the earth, and towered over us as if we were ants.

It was this massive, black as coal, construct with glowing symbols etched into it's surfaces. We discovered dozens of bodies laid out across the base of that alter. Bloody, ripped apart, it was bad. My buddy tried desperately to radio in to command, but to his dismay. It was met with static. Even our watches were stuck at 3am..this strange phenomenon just halted time. It was then though that we were met with something very old, and very powerful. A black mass of tendrils...claws...power..and just fear crept out from behind the obelisk. It was terrifying as it approached without sound or regard for anything. It was this massive ball of darkness..that was not of time or space, or even our buddies team open fire, and so did mine. The next thing i knew...they were there, guns a blaze, spit foaming from their mouths like wild beast, and then a bright glow of energy came from the beast. They were gone..wiped from existence as if they were never there. My squad retreated, but were intercepted by the bodies of what ever was left of those who sacrificed themselves to that thing. I could hear them scream as they were ripped apart..I tried to help, but i was slammed aside by something big.

When I looked up to what had hit me. I saw her. A being dressed in armor that was just as dark, just as twisted as the creature that floated before me. Yet the whispers now became clear, and the voice of a woman calmed my fears. It was this being, she was communicating with me the whole time. Watching me, and eventually saved my life. She carried a grand shield and spear, which i found laid across my feet as well. Something inside me automatically knew to pick these up, and like an old friend. They felt right in my hands. It was there on that alter that i fought side by side with this protector. She stood against the darkness. Her own darkness just as powerful, even grander. I didn't even know at this point what i was killing, but all i knew is whatever stood in my way that day. Died as I stood shield raised, spear piercing the bodies of my enemies. We fought our way back towards the exit, and with the help of some grenades. I was able to seal the entrance to that cave. We had stopped the creature, whatever it was from entering our world, but we couldn't destroy it. It was trapped there, brooding in it's darkness. I never knew how i made it back out of the compound, i don't even remember leaving the halls of that cave. I just remember waking up back at base in a hospital bed. The rest, well you know the rest. Now I sit here at behind a metal desk. Probably about to be medically discharged, claimed as unfit for duty. Maybe even court marshaled, and sent into a jail cell for the rest of my days.

This was when Amie chimed in. " No Matt, in fact this is why I am here. I was contacted by your commanders about this entire ordeal. I represent a group of people who work for the united nations. We operate outside of standards rules and regulations, and we are very good at what we do. We could use a man with your talents, and for now that is all i can share." Aimee reached for a card from out of her bad she had placed on the table. "Call us when your ready, and we will talk more." Matt smirked, and took the card. "C.U.L.T?" He read out loud as he glared up at her. "We will talk soon Matthew, I promise." With those final words she took her leave from the room, and left Matt to think about what choices he had.


Present day..

October 9th, 2017

8:30 a.m

Matt's first summer as sheriff was anything but calm. In fact it was an headache and a half. Missing people, children showing up out of nowhere, murders of elderly couples, crashed cars, you name it. This fall seems to be no different. It would seem that Eversprings is in the midst of an expensive festival that has the entire town talking.From the sheriff's department all the way to every shop in town. This " Grand fall festival" the mayor has planned has every single shop owner running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Decorations have been hung up. Tracker trailers have pulled up with new items for the store owners. Apparently even the entire fairgrounds have been transformed into something more presentable. A new stage, carnival tents, attractions, and even a giant ferris wheel has been built these last few months. The entire area has been transformed. The mayor hasn't spared any expenses.

"Sheriff!" Called out Eli as he approached Matt who had been seated up against his patrol car. "What do you think of my grande little festival!?" Matt smirked and sipped from his coffee mug. "I think it's something interesting Mayor, but the question is what are we celebrating?" The Mayor grinned and pointed up towards the old windmill that rested on top of the hill above the town. "We are giving old Mother Netta her proper festival she needs. It's the only way to appease her, and keep her from exacting her revenge on the town." Matt glared at the mayor with a raised brow. "Appease some evil spirits from exacting their revenge? Well I guess Iv'e heard everything." The Mayor chuckled and placed his hands on his hips. "Sheriff I sense some doubt in your voice." Matt grinned and raised his cup. "Nope Mayor, no doubt at all." Miss. Wilson, who had been in the middle of some of the chaos. Had noticed the Mayor and Matt in the middle of their conversation. "Hello Matt." Greeted Miss. Wilson who was now on her way towards the two men. "Hello Miss Wilson. How are things?" She smiled and looked towards the mayor. "Going as planned."

"Mayor!" Exclaimed a man dressed in a long brown coat. "You do realize that this is a PAGAN holiday, and festival!" Matt recognized that voice. Pastor Alfred T. O'Corner and not far behind him was his wife, Lisa A. O'Corner. "You are celebrating a holiday that spits not just in the face of god, but also in the face of this fine town! This is blasphemy!" His wife, who held a bible wrapped in her arms, nodded at her husbands words. "This is going against all that we have raised her children to believe! Sheriff!, how can you stand there and allow such crimes to go unpunished!" Matt shrugged and took another sip of his coffee. "It's all legal in the eyes of the law Pastor."

The Mayor chuckled and turned towards the Pastor and his wife. "Now I understand you are are upset with this Al, but its all in good fun! Believe me, as a humble christian follower. I would never commit such acts against god. No! This is for a little fun! Gonna bring some life into the town as I promised." The Pastor glared over at Matt, and back towards the Mayor. "Greed is a sin by the words of the lord Mayor. Abuse of greed will only lead to hell." The Mayor smirked at those words. "Believe me Pastor. I am very aware of the threat of hell. By the way, how is your daughter? Exploring strange places as always?" The Pastor glared at the Mayor with a look of disgust in his eyes. "Careful where you tread Mayor. God is always watching." He stormed off with his wife back down the sidewalk. Matt couldn't help but give the Mayor a chuckle. " A way with words..." The Mayor turned towards Matt. "Oh hush! I am a man of my word Sheriff. This town will flourish, and it will be all thanks to my vision of the future!"


Issac stood outside of the coffee shop with two cups of coffee gripped tight in his hands. One had been for himself, and the other for his secretary turned assistant, Lerisia. Since the day she first witnessed his "condition" reveal itself in his office. Dr. Isaac Richards had decided to keep her on as a full fledged assistant in his work. It had been hard at first, for him allow a stranger into the the more interment side of his life, but he knew he had no other choice. It was even harder to explain to the poor woman what exactly he was.

"I am what you could call a "dream walker" of sorts." That was the was the simple explanation to it. " I can tap into the minds of my patience, and see a world that only exist when you are asleep, and yes all minds are linked to this world." He continued to explain it that day, and it was even stranger as he went into detail. "This "world" is one of a vacuum. It seemed to be shared by both living and dead. It's a strange plain of existence that in some weird way is shattered, yet almost perfect. If you promise you keep my secret. I can show you this world, and maybe with your help. You can help me map it."

Those words were all it took for Issac to really realize that his secret was now someone else secret. He hated putting someone into this situation, but it was the only way to keep things under wraps. Now he stood with two cups of hot coffee in his hands, and a ever watchful eye on those he saw as dangerous. The Mayor and the Sheriff. Both men were mysterious, powerful, and held with them secrets that even Issac feared. He never trusted authority, and he had good reason to. Back in the days of his childhood. His aunt was always harassed by the local law enforcement. His aunt, who had taken him in after his parent's passing. Had been a strange women, some called her a "gypsy". Yet to him she simply aunt Shirley. A simple women who once lived the life on the open road with a grande circus. She would tell him tales of her adventures. The places they saw, people they met, worlds that existed only maybe in myth. She was a bit extravagant and maybe too much of a eccentric. Yet she understood him, and his gift.

Yet it was too her misfortune for being a "gypsy" that she was never allow to live out her life. For it was she who had been accused of robbery, harassment, and even a few deaths. Even when he turned 18 and went to college. Things only got worse, and by the time he had reached his final year. He received the tragic news that her house had burned down with her still inside. He never believed the reports that it was an "accident", and by all means he knew who to blame. It was the ignorant bastards of citizens of the town he grew up in. The local "authorities" who abused their power. It was because of this that he hated and disprove of all "authoritarian" bastards.

" I don't trust that sheriff or the damn mayor." He said as he arrived at his car where Lerisia had been seated. "Their too...I don't know..weird." Yeah that was an easy way to describe his thoughts of the two men. "weird." Then again, he was about to go visit a woman who dreamed of murdering her husband with a frying pan. Yeah not all of his patience were all there in the head. Even if it meant he had to go visit them at their home. " I tell you this. Celebrating a damn holiday about a vengeful spirit that takes people's children. Yeah that doesn't scream crazy as hell hillbillies."

The Wailin' Jennys - Storm Comin'

Out in the Red Eye woods there is a small grove where the ruins of an old well sits. It's here in this grove that the grass never grows too tall and the large oak trees block out what sunlight they can. It's also here where a uneasy chill can be felt as it sweeps across the open meadow and up towards the ever watchful "eyes" of the forest. This is a hollow place that has served as yet another unmarked grave for one of Everspring's forgotten souls. Though for those who do not know their local folklore. This location would simply come off as an old rundown well. Except it is more then that, and there is one local in town who knows that very well.

"Hey old man! Got you some more junk to sell!" Called out a rather lonesome bastard of a man. Ezekiel Longfield, a local "handyman" and all around backwoods redneck. He and his twin brother Larry had picked up a nice gig working for one of the only pawnshops in town. "Can you stop yelling every damn time you enter into my establishment!?" Exclaimed an dark skinned, elderly gentlemen by the name Robert Cross. "I swear you boys have no damn understanding of the word "courtesy!" Now old Robert Cross was a foul tempered, fast talking, sly old bastard that could sell anything to anyone. Though you couldn't tell it by looking at him. Robert was a crippled 68 year old Vietnam vet who lost his right leg to a landmine. Who when he arrived back home from the war was a very active person. 40 years of back problems, constant drunken fights, and a onslaught of "unsavory" activities later. You end up with a rather shady old man who has a taste for all things strange.

"Now you said you have something for me?" He inquired as he limped over past his counter towards the brothers. His cane, which he gripped tight onto with his right hand, made loud clacks as he stammered foreword. " A brick from no other but "Alice's Well!" Exclaimed Zeke with **** eating grin on his face. Robert glared at the brick with his own two eyes. "Now how the hell were you able to acquire something like that?!" Zeke turned towards his brother who too shared the same **** eating grin. "We took it!" Robert sighed and uttered an incoherent phrase underneath his breath. He then turned back towards the two brothers. "You just took something that didn't belong to you? Without even offering something in exchange?" The two brothers expected the old man to offer them a price for the brick. Not to scorn them like they were children. "Now hold up old man!" Larry yelled from behind his brother. "You always buy into this ****! Why is this brick so damn different!?" Robert sighed, and flew up his hands in defeat. "You damn youngins are all the same! You don't respect your damn local history!" He once again sighed, and limped back towards his counter. The two brothers were left silent for a moment or two before they asked the old man about the well. What he replied back with was simply a brief and confusing phrase to the both of them. "You ever make your way back to her well. Be sure you bring her a red rose."


“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

H.P. Lovecraft



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