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PostPosted: Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:30 pm 

Sort of back.

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March 3rd, 2017 - 6:30 PM - University of Texas

Janet "Jinny" Price

"Oh, man, I'm late", she muttered to herself, checking the time on her phone. She had arranged to meet her friends for dinner and drinks at a mom and pop place near campus, but had gotten caught up in the campus library, doing some research for a new project she was working on for her course. Well... a part of her had gotten distract with other books not related to her topic, but that was something Jinny wasn't about to admit.

Oh, well, it was a Friday, everyone should have a little time to stay out late. Maybe they could even pull an all nighter today, who knew?

Fishing her phone from her pocket, Jinny kept on walking, half of her attention on her feet and half on the screen.

Opening her messaging app, she pulled one of the contacts, named simply as "Phil".

'You at the restaurant yet?', she typed quickly.

A few seconds later, a message came back.

'Not yet, why?'

Jinny sigh and rolled her eyes. She should have known.

'Never mind. I was gonna ask you to let everyone know I'll be right there. I just need to drop a few books off in my room, and then I'll drive, so maybe about 15 mins', she sent.

After a few minutes - and when Jinny was already walking into the dorm - the message came back from Phil.

'I'm just getting here, I'll let them know'.

Reasoning that it wasn't worth wasting time sending another message, Jinny went up to her room and dropped off the books, taking a few extra minutes to jump in a shower and change into something nicer for dinner.

Phillip Allerton, Jr

Like he had told Janet, Phillip was just outside the restaurant where their small group of friends usually met for dinner on Fridays. They usually chose that place for their weekly meetings for two reasons. One, the food was pretty good. Two, it was cheap. Two was probably a very strong deciding factor, if they were to be honest. Not everyone had a lot of money available while going to college, after all.

Still, time with friends was important, be it in a small restaurant or someone's place. As long as they could get together, it didn't matter where.

Pushing his thoughts back to the present, Phil walked in the small restaurant and looked around, trying to find out who was already in and where they were sitting.

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 30, 2017 5:40 pm 
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Quinn Bradford

It was unusual for the blonde to be the first to arrive to planned events, usually she was the latest one - she was never good with timekeeping, which everyone knew by now. When Quinn arrived she grabbed a booth by the window, the groups usual spot. She began to look over the menu whilst she waited, sighing and fanning herself with it and staring out the window. How could everyone be so late? Had she gotten the right place? She pulled out her phone, scrolling through their group chat to check the details before she decided to message everyone.

'Is this revenge for all the times I've been late? I'm not appreciating it!'

When the message had sent, she put her phone on the table, pulling off her leather jacket and slinging it over the back of the booth. Now she was just in a white tshirt and black ripped jeans - which showed off all of her chest tattoos and sleeve.

Stanley Black

Stanley had gotten distracted during his music practice, having locked himself up for the week to write some new songs for his assignment that was due soon. When he had realised the time he cleared up as quickly as he could, rushing to the bus stop and waiting impatiently. He hadn't bothered to text anyone, he wasn't one for using his phone much. It was more of a battered brick compared to the new, fancy smartphones everyone else had - it was mainly used to give his parents a message once or twice a week, keeping them informed of how he was still alive and not in trouble.


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:09 pm 

the stars look very different today ★

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Tanner Braeburn

"Son of a ****ing," Tanner growled in frustration, slamming her fist onto her laptop's keyboard. This was the second time in a week that it had stopped unexpectedly for seemingly no reason. She had always been meticulous about saving her work and backing up her important files, but it still stress her out immensely. While she could easily navigate the internet, she knew little about the hardware that allowed her to do so.

Reluctantly Tanner decided to do a hard reset, pressing her finger firmly on the power button until the screen flickered to black. Maybe Jinny or the others would know how to fix it. As she slid the laptop into its carry case, she began biting her cheek. She hadn't been avoiding her friends, but it had been a while since she'd seen them. Tanner tended to choose studying over spending time with friends, but even she had to find a time to laugh and relax.

Sliding in her rolling chair towards her phone and charger, she checked the group chat. A new message from Quinn displayed. She was already there waiting, which was a big surprise. It wasn't that Tanner didn't like Quinn, but her attitude and choices sometimes made Tanner uncomfortable. She had to bite her tongue quite a few times to avoid saying something that might ruin their otherwise amicable friendship. Even so, Tanner was often referred to as the mom of the group.

Tanner lived walking distance from the restaurant, which was convenient as she didn't have a car and didn't like paying for public transport. The food at the place cheap enough that it didn't bother her.

After texting the group chat that she was on her way, Tanner grabbed her laptop bag and left her tiny apartment. A couple minutes later, she was at the place.

Tanner's eyes quickly scanned over to the booth they usually took. Sure enough, Quinn was sitting there. No one else had showed up yet. Tanner took her usual spot close to the window. She didn't need to see the menu; she was the kind of person to have the same thing every time. Tanner thought it was more a reliable decision than a boring one.

"Hey," Tanner pulled her laptop bag up to show Quinn. "Do you know anything about computers?"


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PostPosted: Sun Jul 09, 2017 1:12 pm 

I got a job, I'll be busy

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Logan O'Neill

Logan quickly checked his phone when he heard it vibrate. He raised an eyebrow at Quinn's text and smirked. Before any of us? That's priceless. Logan laughed to himself before hearing a voice from the other side of the room. He quickly shoved the phone back into his pocket without sending out a reply when a young boy with unruly blonde hair and pale skin ran into the room faster than any race car. Compared to Logan's tan skin and dark jet black hair, no one would realize they were related at all.

Logan quickly caught his younger brother, who was only 5 and a pain at times, hauling him up into his arms and tickling him until the laughter filled the small apartment living room. Logan thought for a long time he would be the only child but then Colin became the best surprise for all of them and filled the empty quiet house he grew up in with a lot of chaos and disaster but it was all worth it in the end. Though Logan lived near campus in Austin while his family lived in Dallas his parent drove down to visit quite often. They always complained about his small place but he didn't have the money for anything else right now. His parents couldn't help pay for his college let alone his living arrangements, not with the current economy, and his job at the Irish Tavern near campus as a late night bartender only covered so much. So he did what he could to get by.

He dropped Colin down, watching him zoom out of the room to do whatever younger kids did these days. Logan grabbed his backpack, swung it over his shoulder and smiled when a large older man twice his size came into room, trying to squeeze through the small door from his bedroom. He gave his family his bedroom whenever they visited and slept on the couch. They always fussed over it but he wouldn't accept it any other way.

"You heading out?" His father, Brian, asked. For a man with such dark hair like his, the Irish accent caught a lot of people off guard, but when you met his mom with the pale skin and blonde hair it was the complete opposite.

"Yeah, meeting up with some friends. I'll be back later. Make yourselves comfortable!" He called out, waving a quick goodbye to his dad who returned it as he left.

He jumped into his truck and drove to their regular Friday meeting place, jumping out of his truck just in time to catch Phil walking in. He walked into the restaurant, slapping a hand on the back of Phil's back with a grin. "Yo, Phil. How's it going?" He dropped his hands into his jean pockets, his blue eyes scanning the restaurant for the others but he already knew where they'd be sitting. He spotted Quinn and Tanner from the entrance at their usual table by the window and began walking towards them.

"Hey guys. What's this about computers?" Logan eyed the computer bag before taking his place next to Tanner.

Together We Stand. Divided We Fall.

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