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 Post subject: Base 6D2 IC
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 10:46 am 
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Monday 7th June, 2149

The heat from the summer sun sizzled on the edges of Base 6D2's walls. With the world in it's current state, the heat was nearly unbearable to be out in. Luckily, the science & medicine faction had created an antidote for such weather, ensuring that anyone who had to leave the base would be comfortable enough to do their job without dying. Well, without dying of heatstroke or dehydration. There were plenty of other things in the wasteland that would kill a person.

Food sources had began to get low again, which was normally the case when the temperature picked up. The farm that the base had created normally failed to keep most vegetables and food alive in the heat, there was never enough water to keep the plants and humans satisfied. Meals had gone down to once a day, unless you were a child or elderly, then you could have two. Of course, snacks were provided inbetween to keep members of the base as comfortable as they could possibly be.

Soldier Faction
| +

Finn stepped out of the shooting range and removed her helmet, taking a deep breath as she tried to ignore the hunger that grew in her stomach. She shouldn't have pushed herself so much in her training today, knowing that there was only one meal waiting for her today. She picked up her journal that she'd left on the side, writing down the date and everything she'd done so far that day. She liked to keep track, otherwise days felt long and weeks even longer.

The woman closed it shut before heading over to her locker and placing a thumb on the scanner. Number 5920 was hers and had been since she joined the soldier faction at 14. She was now 21 and still felt that this was her place. She placed her journal inside her locker and took out her actual guns. The ones they used in the target range were practice guns with small pellets the technicians made so they wouldn't waste actual bullets on a wooden target. She normally carried round a .45 caliber handgun in her leg holster and an AK-47 that she carried on her back. Unless she was on duty, if that was the case, she held it in her hands, ready for any threat.

A siren rang round the base. One beep. That meant lunch time - if that was the meal you wanted to have that day - which Finn had decided it was. She needed a hefty meal midday to be able to get through the rest of her duties afterwards. She pulled the hairband out of her hair, letting her short blonde waves fall down around her face. The 21-year-old put her helmet in her locker and slammed it shut before heading out towards the canteen.

Scavenger Faction
| +

"Alright guys, that's a wrap!" The base leader called to his class, clapping his hands after the siren had finished it's beep. He walked around the tables of the classroom, looking over the kids work as he spoke. It was a class of age 14 and 15 year old's, all of which had been learning about the dangers of the wasteland. In front of them, they had pictures of each of the creatures and had to list the dangers and normal habitats of each one. Their workbooks were recycled from the previous years class, all answers rubbed out. It was the only way they could save resources whilst also giving the students the training they needed. "Please leave your sheets on my desk and if you wish to have lunch, head over to the canteen. If not, keep yourselves occupied until your next class, which I believe is combat training? Next session with me will be learning about what kinds of scrap the base can use and what they can't use!" He called out, watching as each kid hurried out of his classroom, trying to escape the boring hour they'd just had.

Xander felt the exact same, he'd much rather be teaching the fun stuff. Like fighting, climbing and all the rest. He knew that they had to learn about the world they were going to be working in before they could get to the fun bits of being a scavenger, though. Looking over at the clock he decided he would go for lunch, knowing his next couple of classes were going to be more vigorous.

| +

It wasn't particularly busy in the canteen, most people saved themselves for dinner, which was understandable. It was mainly soldiers and scavengers at this time as they had overly physical jobs that needed plenty of energy to do. Though some others from each faction lingered on the tables as they ate a small snack. Finn waved to a few people she knew, a couple of the science members that she had taken out onto the wasteland for research purposes. Technicians she'd guarded whilst they tested out new machinery just outside the Bases walls. Most people knew her because of her brother, Xander, who was the Scavengers leader.

She grabbed a tray and queued up behind some archive students. They must have been only 15 or 16 and were giggling over something or other. When it was her turn, she ordered the jacket potato with some kind of meat and sauce. A carb-filled meal to get her through the rest of her duties. Once she'd scanned her thumb to confirm she'd had her meal for the day, she sat down at one of the long tables and tucked in. Taking a gulp of water to quench the thirst she'd worked up in the shooting range.

Finn was only on her own for a couple of minutes before she saw a tray get placed down opposite her and her brother taking a seat. "Got here early. Shirking your duties?" Xander teased, knowing his sister would never do anything of the sort.

The sister looked up at him, rolling her eyes and smiling. "Yes, infact I haven't done any work today." She muttered sarcastically, looking over the meal her brother had. It was some kind of casserole dish, though the portion looked smaller than usual. He'd managed to get a coffee with his meal - the perks of being a faction leader.


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 Post subject: Re: Base 6D2 IC
PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:22 pm 

My life is uninteresting :3

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"What do you think?"

"Doesn't look too bad. Kinda impressed you managed to haul that stuff back for yourself."

"I made a deal with the group so we could bring any souvenirs for ourselves so long as we carried it back on our own expense."

"Don't they take everything you bring home though?"

"Not when its not useful to them."


"Alright, so maaaybe there were some 'arrangements' made and some sleight of hand involved sometimes."

Felicity leaned back on the metal chair as her feet were hoisted up on a work table. She may have switched from being a Techie, but that didn't mean she broke ties with the friends she had made there. Normally, scavengers weren't allowed to simply lounge about in the techies' workspace unless they were listing down the junk they needed or dropping them off, but so far she had evaded the wrath of whoever was in charge of overseeing operations. To be honest though, she was more of a fixture now on her old friends' station than anything else. When she wasn't licking her wounds or drinking herself to sleep, she was here with three of her closest amigos: Nero, Roy, and Wolfram, however only the latter was currently there.

He was a large guy who would have decimated everyone if he chose to be a soldier, but he didn't like seeing blood at all. It got him all queasy. He had no interest in setting up rules for everyone to follow, nor did he enjoy the thought of handling fragile pieces of paper for the rest of his life, so he was only left with either being a technician or being kicked out the base. Fortunately, he enjoyed working with machines, especially the big heavy boys that needed real muscles.

Felicity on the other hand preferred the finer art of smaller devices which she puts to work when she's out in the field. Sure, soldiers and scavengers were trained how to take care of their weapons, disassemble and reassemble them within a minute, but a technician could do so much more than that. Give them two broken weapons and they can Frankenstein up a new one with the bits and pieces. No doubt a useful skill to have.

"So you planning on using that on something, or just put it up as a trophy on your shelves?" the technician asked, gesturing to the broken, rusted, dirt-filled rifle stashed inside Felicity's bag. She found it on her last mission under a pile of rubble. It was old, and would probably explode if they tried to fire a single bullet, but she thought she could make it work again.

"Thinking I'd clean it up, make it shiny again. Hopefully get it back to working order."

"Oof, that's a tall order. But if that's your plan, it might be better to just leave it here so the others and I can fix it and add that to our armory."

"Do you really think they'd let you guys waste resources on this thing?"


"Thought so. Don't worry, the four of us can work on this when all of us find the time. Pretty sure my stash of junk and your scraps can turn this into something useful."

"Sounds like a plan."

The signal for food reminded the scavenger of the recent changes in their rationing. What a pain it was to starve for half the day, but admittedly, she got it easy. She was only active when she was assigned a shopping list, unlike Wolfram and the rest of the gang who had to keep working through it all throughout the day.

Patting her friend on the back, she excused herself to grab her share of food. Wolfram had already had his, and relied on the snacks that were distributed around the base to keep his stomach from digesting itself. Waving goodbye, Felicity left the Technicians' department and headed straight for the canteen. She took the most filling item on the menu despite it not being the most savory to her tongue and chose to sit where the other scavengers gathered. After greeting each other, Felicity dug into her meal. It wasn't the tastiest, but at least she'd last longer on it.

As the group ate, they were talking about just about anything that came to mind, whether it was the best resting spot on the outside was, stories of hostile encounters, or even life inside the base. The table was more diverse than Felicity initially thought, so she got some insights on what was happening to people in the different departments. Was it even surprising that the people working in the archives got the most gossip to share?

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 Post subject: Re: Base 6D2 IC
PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:33 pm 

Contemplating existence

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"And so she walked with him, and the deer's milk kept them alive just as each other's company kept them going," he finished with a heavy sigh.

Phoneix's mother had fallen asleep five minutes ago, before he had finished the story. Just like every other time, however, he had kept going on till the end. He liked to believe that his words cast an aura over her that soothed her deeper into her sleep, and gave her pleasant dreams. He reached out a gloved hand to brush the green-tinged skin of her cheek.

"I'll see you soon," he whispered to her. He stood up slowly, feeling the usual heft to his limbs every time he left his mother's hospital rooms. Hospitals always had an oppressive feel to them, and though they were meant to cure the sick, he could never shake the feeling that they were incredibly stifled of real life. Perhaps its more permanent residents were not truly living. He could not say for sure that his mother was, and that edged him towards despair sometimes. But the cure was out there. Somewhere in the wasteland was an oasis of lush landscape, untouched by the radiation and poison that clouded the rest of the world. He was sure of it. He had to be, if he wanted to keep going.

As Phoenix made his ways through the hallways of the hospital, he saw people muttering to themselves, casting sideways glancing at them. No one seemed to be quite able to face him directly in the hospital, and it made him despise the place all the more. At least outside of it, people had the decency to say what a disgusting creature they thought his mother was to his face. At least then, it gave him an excuse to punch them in the face. Here, it was only an ever present wave of discomfort, as much for him as for the people that whispered behind his back.

A rumbling sound came from below him, a rumble Phoenix no longer felt so much but whose noise he recognized. He had plenty of work to do in the evening, and decided that it'd be best to operate on fuller stomach. He'd have a snack before bed if he felt too hungry afterwards. It wasn't like his hunger ever truly went away.

As he made his way to the canteen, a lanky man about his age strode in his way. "How's monster momma doing?" he asked with fake bravado. Phoenix looked over at a group of other soldiers who were laughing softly among themselves, looking at what they clearly assumed was about to be a scene.

"Find better friends, please," Phoenix said, pushing his way roughly past the man. Clearly he was being goaded into making fun of him, and this time, he wasn't going to take the bait. He could tell the poor guy didn't even want to be there, and Phoenix could sense when someone truly meant their jibes. Those were the only moments when he really let loose.

He opened the door to the canteen and let the smell of food wash over him. It often helped uplift his mood on the rare occasions it was soured. He got into the line, grabbed some potatoes and bread with broccoli, then went to sit on a random table. He noticed the scavenger leader sitting at the other end of the table.

He had only managed to get a few mouthfuls of food in when the same group of soldiers that had been laughing set their plates roughly across from him.

"So what's it like," the one at the center of the group said, "to know that you're wasting base resources by bringing a monster and trying to revive it?" he asked. He had blonde hair, a well-set jaw, and striking blue eyes. A complete tool, by the looks of it.

"She's not a monster," Phoenix responded shortly. He took a bite of the broccoli and ignored the blonde.

"Oh-ho," he said, extending the word with a long chuckle, "I'd beg to differ. Unless you dyed your skin brown and are hiding some green underneath you, and you have some tentacles floating around under that armor."

Phoenix didn't look up until he felt a splatter of ketchup slap his cheek. He wiped it off slowly before looking up at the culprit, who laughed.

"Look lads, he has a penchant for drama!" he said dramatically. Phoenix would have rolled his eyes if he wasn't already so angry. Instead, he started to stand up, and the other man mirrored him. "Look, pull the plug and you won't have anyone bothering you. Your hopes of finding a non-existent cure for this woman are foolish and a burden to us all." His voice had suddenly stopped its mocking tone and turned angry.

The table was separating them, and Phoenix didn't want to cause a scene, but his temper was flaring.

"I'm not giving up on my mother," he said leaning close to the other man. "But I'll gladly pull the plug on you."

The man's companions hooted, and it was all the invitation the blonde one needed to grasp Phoenix by his shirt's collar and pull him across the table and throw him across. "Try it," he hissed, before crashing down to the ground himself.

Phoenix had hooked his legs around one of the blonde one's when he hit the ground, making him fall a mere spli-second after he had finished talking. Phoenix quickly rolled over and started to pummel at the man's face with his fist, getting in three hard punches before people started pulling him away. He spat at the blonde man's face, seeing with satisfaction that his punches had left him a bleeding, broken nose.

Check here if you'd like to read some of my own original poetry and/or stories!

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 Post subject: Base 6D2
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2017 3:12 pm 
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{Base to B-Tower. Motion sensors indicate movement approximately one hundred and twenty three yards out. Confirm.} A distorted radio voice broke the silence that seemed to linger on in the early afternoon.

"Affirmative." Spoke the tower guard through his helmet. He adjusted his binoculars and saw a few dark blots take shape on the horizon. "Confirmed. Three targets one hundred and eighteen yards out. Approaching slowly. Looks like Scavenger Felicity and her group."

"Lunch time." A low masculine voice spoke up from behind the tower guard, who all but shrieked in surprise as he fumbled to keep from dropping his binoculars. He muttered curses as he regained some composure, only to lose it again upon seeing who had startled him so.

"Cole!" He stammered before saulting smartly. "Apologies Sir! You startled me is all." The guard rambled but was silenced quickly by Cole's raised palm.

"Easy Wessen. And don't salute me, I'm not a captain. You know that." Cole hated it when some of the soldiers did this. They respected him of course, but Cole hated being the center of anyone's attention. Such was the bane of any respectable sniper. "As I said, lunch time." Cole repeated. But the guard quickly shook his head.

"I'm good. You go on ahead. I ate yesterday." Cole simply nodded and patted the man on his shoulder.

"Fair enough. But don't run yourself down. Get a snack soon, yeah?" Cole proposed as he made his way down the tower staircase. Wessen shuttered slightly at how silent Cole could move, then nodded firmly before scouting the horizon again.

It was easy to go long periods without a full meal. Most soldiers and scavengers knew this particularly well in the field. But today it was time to cash in on a good hot meal. Through the doors to the canteen something that smelled of meat and starchy potatoes almost brought a fit a drool to Cole's mouth. It was always a pleasant sight to see people at peace just eating and lounging. It was a stark contrast to their situation outside of the base. And Cole thought that's what made it all the better.

After grabbing a plate of food Cole began making his way towards a table when he noticed the commotion. He inwardly sighed. "Phoenix...". It was easy to walk up to small group with as much noise their mouths were making. Cole silently placed his tray down on the table and watched his fellow soldiers berate Phoenix again. He kept his distance for now as he knew the scavenger could handle himself. Cole was considered a bit of a loner and wasn't outwardly close to anyone. But he knew Phoenix, Felicity and Xander and he respected the Scavengers and the dangers they were exposed to. The blight on Phoenix's mother was indeed a mystery and Cole could sympathize with mysteries involving parents. Cole inadvertently made quite a name for himself just to get to any rank that would give him some access, ANY access to further solve his own parent's mystery. He loved Soldier and what it stood for, but what this rabble was doing, was not part of it.

As the fight, or lack thereof finished, Cole made his way to the injured soldier. He glanced at Phoenix with a hint of approval in his eye. A lot of these new soldiers underestimated the trading Scavengers got. And Cole knew that Phoenix stood out amongst even the best of them. But after glancing around and not finding their Faction leader around, Cole reluctantly took it upon himself to settle this unruly unit.

"Attention!" He boomed with all the authority in his voice he could muster. The soldiers instantly stood at attention as Cole finally came into their vision. To them it was like he just appeared and it always unsettled them; something that usually vexed Cole but for now, it took some effort to hold back a smile. Cole bent over and lifted the bloodied man off the ground and made a show of looking him over. The scrutiny made the soldier shift with discomfort. Finally Cole grasped the sides of his head and held it firmly to look into the man's eyes. They were partially glazed over from the punishing blows Phoenix delivered.

"Explain." Cole demanded in a harsh voice. And as he began to gurgle something like a response, Cole abruptly pressed his thumb hard onto the mans broken nose, forcing it back and forth making absolutely no attempt to actually realign the mangled thing. The soldier shrieked in agony. "I didn't catch that.." Cole prompted as he waited for the soldier to attempt another response. When he did, Cole administered another debilitating thumb press to the man's face. Still weeping in pain, Cole shoved the soldier back into his cohorts and pointed to the door of the canteen.

"Get that out of here and into med-bay! Report to the Faction leader afterwards. I'll know if you don't." And with that the group shuffled away, hauling their broken friend. Cole sighed again and grabbed his tray and made his way back to Phoenix. "I apologize for their behavior. Real soldiers do not conduct themselves in such a manner." He spoke the last part loud for the other soldiers in the room to get the hint at his example and they quickly went back to their own meals. Cole gestured towards Phoenix. "May I join you?".

"Told me to prove to them what I was worth
We’ll teach you to move without mercy and give you the tools to go after the causers of hurt
You'll become death. You will take breath
This is for everything you’ve ever loved
Use all the pain that you’ve felt in your life as the currency go out and trade it for blood
You are not you. You are now us
We are the only ones that you can trust
You’ll become fear. They’ll become dust
Before this moment you didn't mean much
You are the smoldering vessel of punishment born to do nothing but justify us"

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